How to Store Golf Clubs Properly

How to Store Golf Clubs Properly

If you are guilty of falling into the trap of thinking your golf clubs are made of metal, so storing them is not an issue, then you would be wrong. Instead, there are ways in which you should be caring for your clubs to make sure they last longer.

In fact, there are several things you should be doing to help with this. So, let’s go through the key Do’s and the key Don’ts for storing your golf clubs.

What we want to do is to move you away from thinking your clubs are capable of putting up with anything. You see, this is really not the case.

Why Storing Them Correctly is So Important

Incorrect storage will only increase the chances of your clubs developing rust. You certainly don’t want rust to develop as that affects the way the clubs play.

Rust weakens the club. It means the ball comes off the face differently. You will also find that the club overall doesn’t manage to give off the same reaction as you had perhaps anticipated.

Overall, this would just spell disaster for your game, and considering it’s so easily avoidable, it seems insane to allow it to happen.

Remember you may have spent a fortune in buying your clubs, so to then ruin them by storing them incorrectly doesn’t make sense. It’s also surprising to learn that clubs can be more fragile than people realize. The chances of them being damaged runs amazingly high, but you can do things to counteract it.

So, onto the tips.

Tip 1: Make Sure Everything is Dry

Please don’t just go ahead and throw your clubs into storage before checking if they are dry. You need to check all over both the clubs and the bag, and everything should be completely dry before you store.

Any kind of moisture is going to encourage rust to develop. It really does not need that much to kickstart the entire process.

If you have been playing in wet weather, then take time to dry everything. Go back and double check a few hours after drying to see if they are not in perfect condition for storing. You may have to remove the clubs and dry the bag elsewhere since that took the brunt of the weather.

Tip 2: Make Sure the Storage Space is Dry

You must also make sure that the space where you plan on storing your clubs is also dry. It doesn’t make sense to check your clubs only to then put them in a place where there’s moisture of any kind.

Add into this the question of humidity. You want the storage space to be somewhere that doesn’t see even rises and falls in humidity. Also, it should be constantly low as that only encourages moisture, and then the whole rust issue comes around again.

Moisture can get in anywhere, so please do a thorough job of where you are storing your clubs. 

Tip 3: Don’t Store Them in Your Trunk

Even though you may think that it’s practical, storing your clubs in the trunk of your car is not the best solution. 

Your trunk will experience greater shifts and moves in temperature than you think possible. These changes in temperature will lead to the epoxy between the head and the shaft becoming weak, and it will break down as time progresses.

That means it will destroy your club. It’s as simple as that.

Tip 4: Temperature Controlled for Long Storage

If you plan on storing your clubs for an extended period of time, then doing so in a temperature controlled storage situation is perfect. That may not be too easy to find, but all it does is it stops those rises and falls of temperature, which then leads to moisture and humidity.

Check a local storage facility to see if they have such a unit. At least you know you won’t require a lot of space, which does help keep the costs down.

Tip 5: Store with the Ran Bag and Covers On

If you got a rain bag and covers with your clubs, then put them on when storing. This is going to help prevent dust from getting in, while it also helps to keep the metal dry.

The key here is in protecting the part between the club head and the shaft. You want that to be in perfect condition, or your club will quickly become useless.

Tip 6: Consider a Golf Organizer

One option to consider, and this is the perfect solution if using your garage, is to get a golf organizer. This allows you to get the bag up off the ground, while it just holds the bag in place.

Getting the bag off the ground is perfect as it stops any dampness coming through the base and damaging the bag. That would then also stop the grips from potentially being damaged. They are inexpensive, and yet the way they can help to protect your clubs makes it worth the money.

Tip 7: Check Them on a Regular Basis

The final tip is to check on your clubs on a regular basis. Make sure you look for any dampness or potential damage developing, and then take steps to correct it. 

Look at the bag as well for any signs of it being wet. If anything is damp, then go ahead and dry everything, and double check your storage solution. 

If you are concerned about humidity, then get a machine in the space that will tell you the humidity percentage. That’s a great way of knowing if the space is getting too wet, and whether there’s any need to try to remove some humidity from the area. 

And that is how you store golf clubs properly. There should be nothing difficult about it all, but at the end of the day it’s important that you do things correctly. After all, the last thing you want is to potentially damage your clubs.

However, follow our tips above, and you should have no problem.

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