How To Slow Down Golf Swing

How To Slow Down Golf Swing

Many newer players have a belief that more speed often equals greater distance. While this is true, the more important thing is having the perfect swing form that enables you to make clear contact with the golf ball. If you are to do this on a more consistent basis, the tempo of your swing is something you need to look at.

Excitement plays a huge part when it comes to the swing and this often leads to players neglecting the pause at the top of the swing and the club coming down rapidly. It could often lead to less control over the shot and you might miss-hit the golf ball. Sometimes, you simply need to stop and slow down when playing golf.

Adjusting your golf swing to find the perfect tempo is not always as easy as it might seem. It might be daunting for some players to find this perfect tempo and it could even reduce the distance they achieve on shots. You must figure out how to control your swing more efficiently when playing golf shots.

Why You Should Slow Down Your Swing

Your golf swing needs to be picture perfect if you are to maximize the results you want to achieve. If you do not have enough speed on the club, you will be losing some distance, but with too much speed, you are setting yourself up for miss-hits. To slow down your swing will allow you to look at possible mistakes you are making.

At first, you should slow down your swing to something stable and while it might not be fast enough, slowing down your swing allows you to find errors. As you find more errors in your game, you can start to make adjustments and rectify some of these issues. It could take plenty of practice.

Once you have the perfect swing and you can control your shots, you often need to add the right tempo to your game. This is when you will slowly start adding speed to your game, which could prove even more beneficial. You will notice that your accuracy and timing of the shots are much better when playing.

How To Slow Down Your Golf Swing

With all this being said, you might be wondering what you can do to slow down your golf swing. If you tend to hastily swing your clubs, the following tips will enable you to play slower shots and have more control. Eventually, this will build up and give you a more complete golf swing to play with come game time:

1.     Start With Short Targets

One of the ways that you can reduce the speed of your swing, especially your driver is to practice shorter shots. You can set up a target at 75-yards, and slowly move forward to about 100-yards. Due to the shorter nature of your target, you will need to complete the full swing range of motion. However, a fast swing speed will force you to over-hit your targets.

2.     Make Changes As You See Them

With such a slow swing, it will give you the perfect opportunity to make the changes that you need. You will notice that you might have a few niggles in your game and this will be the ideal opportunity to fix some of these issues. Having the assistance of a professional player to guide you or a coach, could significantly improve your gameplay.

3.     Slowly Increase The Swing Speed

Once you have identified the faults and you start correcting them, you should increase the swing speed incrementally. The more comfortable you become with a style or technique, the more you can increase your swing speed while playing. However, this will take some practice and often plenty of time for you to master.

4.     Focus On Tempo

Consistency is not only the name of the game in life, but it is also the name of the game in golf. You will need to make sure you can be consistent and once you have a certain shot set up, you need to hit that shot numerous times to establish muscle memory. You will need to focus on having the right tempo to ensure that all shots remain consistent.


Many professional players might want to argue when it comes to playing golf shots and reducing the speed of their swing. However, you will notice that a more controlled swing will enable you to get more distance and improve your overall range on the course. Besides the range, you will be hitting the target more consistently and this will help you reduce your handicap significantly.

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