How To Reduce Noise On Gas Golf Cart?

How To Reduce Noise On Gas Golf Cart?

Although gas golf carts are costly, they also come with multiple advantages. They last for more than 10 years, have appreciable horsepower, and are suitable for a variety of terrains such as hilly areas. Several golfers also use them for towing purposes. One of the common and main problems that one might have to face while riding a gas golf cart is its loud sound which can get irritating sometimes. Some readers might also feel embarrassed if it is just their vehicle producing noise in a peaceful environment.

Fortunately, a person can try applying one of some effective methods to reduce the noise of a gas golf cart. These include detecting the problem in the motor, checking the shocks, investigating the potential problem with the controller and adding a muffle, and modifying the insulation.

Here, one should not expect to eliminate the sound completely since it is not possible. Still, you can decrease it to a tolerable level with some adjustments. What else could one desire?


5 Ways To Reduce The Sound Of Gas Golf Cart:-

Investigating The Mechanical Issues:

Generally, every golf cart produces some sound. However, there is a possibility that your gas cart produces more noise than many models. If this is the case, then it can indicate some issues with the machinery of that vehicle. I have listed all the potential root causes here.

  • Issues With Motor:

A trained person can tell whether there is some problem with the motor of a golf cart after observing its sound. It is usually difficult for an owner to detect any defect as the same noise is coming regularly. It is better to spare some moments and take the cart to a mechanic for the early detection of the problem. If you have spent enough period with that cart, the reason for the loud noise can be the aging process. I recommend changing this part in this situation.

  • Checking The Shocks:

Note carefully whenever your cart particularly sounds louder than the average. If the gas cart produces more sound when you move through the bumps, chances are the shocks are not functioning properly. Shocks, like motors, lose their efficiency with time. I highly suggest replacing them with new ones to fix this issue.

  • Monitoring the Controller:

The task of a controller is to restrict and manage speed. If this important part has some fault, it can cause the engine to exert more power, thus producing a louder than usual sound. Another sign of the controller being the main culprit here is the irregular speed of your cart. Here, I suggest that you keep monitoring the controller to prevent the engine from making an excess sound.

  • Checking The Transmission:

Another factor that you need to focus on is the transmission of your cart. If it goes bad, the vehicle will not cover the distance smoothly. In case you have just bought the cart, chances are that transmission is not the cause of noise as it tends to work for a long time. It is suitable to take your gas cart to a skilled person for a timely solution.

Adding Soundbar: 

If it is not the neighbors or people passing by who have previously complained about the noise of your golf cart but you are not fond of it, you should opt for some masking system. Those who do not have a sound system or speaker available in the cart can easily make an addition of a sound system that is portable.

You know that while running your vehicle crosses multiple kinds of terrains. So it is essential that you choose a product that can endure the bumps and rough areas. Moreover, it will be better to buy a waterproof speaker that can be used for outdoor purposes for minimum chances of damage during rainy days. If you are having difficulty picking the perfect one, I suggest looking for speakers that sportsmen, campers, and mountain bikers use.

Searching For Muffler Alternatives And Changes:

One of the most common and widely-done modifications in gas golf carts is installing a muffler to suppress the noise. If your cart does not have this part already, you should consider purchasing one. However, in some situations, the muffler is available in the cart but it still produces loud sounds. In this case, your muffler is less quiet than other models.

You do not need to get disappointed here because several brands offer the upgrades of this component nowadays. These changes can assist you in reducing the noise level to some extent. Do not forget to choose among the ones that are compatible with the gas cart version. After that, get it installed with the help of a mechanic.

Installing Or Enhancing Insulation:

Like mufflers, insulation also functions to avoid the transfer of sound waves into the environment. Usually, golf carts have foam insulation around the engine to serve the purpose. However, there still can be the requirement of masking the sound more.

You can make some improvements by adding more foam material to the vehicle which makes a significant and prominent difference. This item is affordable and available in many thicknesses. The thicker mat has the capability to absorb more sound than those with less thickness. This information must be music to the many readers’ ears.

Observing Shock Absorber:

As I have mentioned earlier, the defect in shocks can be the reason for unusual loud noise coming from your cart. Shocks help keep the ride smooth and dampen the sound, they do not offer much protection to the engine. A rubber product called a shock absorber is placed near the front of the engine. It decreases the sound level during the operation.

Golf carts come with this material and are highly effective for a few years. Over time, the quality deteriorates as the rubber goes through some wear and tear. In this situation, I suggest you seek help from a mechanic to check the state of the absorber. If it needs replacement, the cart is ready for a new one.


Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Carts:-

How long does a gas golf cart engine last?

When someone properly maintains a gas golf cart, it can last for 20-25 years.

What kind of motor does a gas golf cart have?

Older versions of gas golf carts often have two-cycle motors or engines. Currently, the newer ones run using four-cycle motors or engines.

Do gas golf carts have mufflers?

Some models introduced by companies have mufflers but some are without this part. It is because it is not necessarily legal.

Final Thoughts:-

In this post, I have listed all the major ways that can prove beneficial in masking the irritating noise of a gas golf cart. They are not much time-consuming and most of them are cost-effective as well. I hope that trying one of these ways results in your satisfaction with the troubleshooting.

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