How To Park A Golf Cart

How To Park A Golf Cart

Parking a golf cart might seem a trivial matter to many players. They will park in a way that they consider the most suitable option. Unfortunately, this is also the case with those who have been playing this sport for a couple of months. For instance, some readers might have noticed that a lot of drivers pull off to the edge of the path which is designated for incoming carts. When a lot of players do the same, several empty spaces are created near the path which can be problematic. Some certain guidelines and steps are extremely helpful in parking your vehicle effectively.

A proper way to park your golf cart that has probably zero chances of causing any damage is to avoid cutting corners and keeping the cart on the cart part rather than pulling offside. Next, carefully engage a parking brake without pushing with excess force.

In this post, I have included the procedure to park a golf cart in addition to some examples of this process with different cart models since they have various parking brakes. Once you get familiar with these instructions, it will be convenient for you to follow them and develop a good habit of parking.

Procedure For Parking A Golf Cart:-

The initial step is to follow the path where other drivers are running their carts. If you don’t see any cart within your sight then you can also locate it yourself. This long area is made of concrete and items such as berms, fences, curbs, ropes, walls, and stakes are frequent along these paths.

When driving, make sure to keep all the wheels of the vehicle on the designated area. It is ethical as well as contributes to making the overall condition of turf better. It is a common act to make the cart stop off a particular spot to create space for other fellows to pass the vehicle. Though it seems courteous, it is not recommended since other automobiles such as mowers can simply ride around the cart by engaging a brake offside themselves. It also avoids maximum wear.

Another factor to keep in mind while going to the parking site is limiting yourself from cutting and moving through the corners. Use the lever to control the movement in both forward and reverse directions. One of the main reasons the walls, ropes, and fences are installed by golf course management is to keep the players from doing this and guiding them.

Moreover, you should not increase your speed when you are approaching corners. If the cart’s pace is fast than average, you should slow down. It is extremely helpful in maintaining complete control and prevents the incident of tripping toward the edge.

Once you reach the spot where you want to stop your cart for example putting green, you will have to use the parking brake. It appears similar to the regular brake and manufacturers usually install it a few inches away from the other brake. Using the front portion of your foot, push the pedal from above. Make sure to keep the force medium. You will hear a click sound which means you have successfully applied brakes. The last step is to turn your golf cart off.


Instructions For Applying Parking Brakes In Cart Models:-

EZGO Cart:

A majority of people prefer to buy EZGO carts these days. The parking system in these carts is simple and also allows one to park the vehicle on the slope. To park your cart, first, stop it completely using the regular brake and hold it till you are sure that it will not move. Using another foot, put some pressure on the parking brake which lies close to the other brake.

Keep pressing until the brake clicks and stays in the same spot. Then release the stop brake too and turn off the vehicle. Your cart might change its position a bit after engaging the brakes. Here, the wheels simply relocate themselves if they have been turned slightly. So, no need to be anxious about this shift. There you go﹗

Club Car Golf Cart:

Another famous brand is Club Car which has introduced a variety of luxury products till now. The brake system of these carts is the same as that of EZGO and Yamaha. However, the method of engaging the parking brakes is slightly different in this case. If you own one, these paragraphs might be helpful for you.

Stop the cart and switch off the system of ignition. Wait for a few seconds so that the vehicle completely turns off. Apply the stop brake and keep it this way. Now compress the parking brake to its fullest. Let the pedal return upwards slightly. Next, disengage the stop brake and allow the vehicle to settle.


Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Carts:-

Is the parking brake the same as the brake?

No, a parking brake is different from a regular or stop brake in a golf cart. It is operated via foot and is placed a few inches away from the stop brake. One should not use it for just stopping somewhere for a while. It is designated only for parking purposes.

How do you release the parking brake on a golf cart?

To release the parking brake in a golf cart, place the vehicle in the desired direction and compress the accelerator.

Why is my parking brake not holding?

Usually, the parking brake in a golf cart does not hold the unit while ascending the hill. The main reason is that it is not adjusted properly. Generally, these brakes can perform this task themselves, but some might need their drivers to do it.

Final Thoughts:-

Though golf cart drivers have to follow fewer restrictions than that running their vehicles on roads, still some aspects require focus and attention. Among these factors, parking the vehicle appropriately is also important. This knowledge is also necessary since it prevents any potential damage to the brakes. Hopefully, you will be able to successfully achieve this objective after understanding the procedure thoroughly.

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