How To Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag?

How To Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag?

When I first started golfing I never thought that I would need a golf bag that carries 14 golf clubs. Once I played enough rounds, I soon learned that there is a club for “most” shots and sometimes 14 clubs feels as if just ONE MORE might be needed.

The correct way to organize a 14 slot golf bag is by using the following strategy. The longest club that golfers use is the driver. This clubs perfect position in your golf bag is in the top slot. This section of the bag tends to have the longest cavity compared to the other 13 slots.

I have only ran a few 14 slot bags and actually tend to bring my pencil bag ( a.k.a. Sunday golf bag ) especially if I am walking versus driving my electric golf cart. There are actually plenty of options that range from 15 slots down to a 3 or 4 way golf bag.

You really should take a look at a few different options before you decide to buy a golf bag. I went TOO BIG at first and over the years have dialed things down pretty well for myself. Now if I were in a local tourney, I would odds are bring a full bag with my 14 golf clubs in it versus a minimized golf bag.


How Do You Organize A 10 Slot Golf Bag?

You will organize the 10 slot golf bag very similar to the 14 slot actually. The main difference between them is the amount of dividers or slots available to place your golf clubs in.

The best way to organize a 10 slot golf bag is by placing your fairway woods and taller clubs likes your driver in the back slots. After that you can separate your hybrids and irons in the middle slots. Last you can place the short irons and putter in the front slots.

I enjoy the 10 slot versus the 14 personally. If I had higher end golf clubs I might prefer a bag that separated my clubs better or actually in individual slots or dividers. With most golf club manufacturers though, the quality is so high these days that actual damage from your clubs bouncing against each other would be very rare.


How Do You Organize A 7 Slot Golf Bag?

Now we are talking about golf bag sizes that I love. I will always keep trying to minimize my bag as much as possible as I get older ( who doesn’t want things to go smoother as we age??? ). A 7 slot golf bag is a great option for new golfers as well as seniors who might not need all the clubs of a full bag.

Steps To Organizing A 7 Slot Golf Bag

  1. Place your driver, woods and hybrids in the rear slot or 2 rear slots depending on bag
  2. Put all of your long and medium irons in the 2 middle slots
  3. Next put your short irons wedges and putter in the remaining 3 front slots.

Different bags are setup a bit different and others can actually be modified to your specific liking. I prefer a specific slot amount versus one I can modify. Most things that can be modified tend to wear out over time. I would hate for velcro, clips, buttons or other ways to secure the dividers to lose grip over time.

I had a 6 or 7 slot bag before and the reason I call it that is what my main issue has been with removable dividers. At times my 7 slot bag would turn into a 6 slot as I walked the course or bounced it around in my cart.

Just something to keep in mind when you head out to grab a bag. Feel it, touch it, smell it, TASTE IT, wait don’t do that… Well if you do will you send us the video of it???


How Do You Organize A 4 Way Golf Bag?

A 4 way bag is one of the easier ones to organize for sure. You don’t have 14 slots to mess with but there are some downsides to a 4 ways versus a larger bag.

The simplest way to organize a 4 way golf bag is by placing your driver, woods and longer irons in the back two slots. The front two slots are best for your short irons, wedges and trusty putter.

Now to the couple issues I have found when running a 3 or 4 way bag. If you do not KNOW your clubs then you will be doing the up down club dance all day LOL.

You know exactly what I am talking about…

You go into the back 2 slots trying to locate your 3 or 4 and end up “lifting up and putting down” club after club. It is actually pretty fun to watch especially if you do a bag swap match. Where in the heck did I put that dang iron (-;


What Is The Point Of A Staff Bag?

A staff bag is exactly that, a bag that normally a staffer, caddie or paid temp carries your clubs in for you. These bags are HUGE and will have everything a pro golfer might need when playing in a tournament.

The point of a staff bag is to offer the larger amount of space when it comes to golf bags. These over-sized bags are normally carried by the professional golfers caddies.

If you haven’t heard of staff bags then don’t forget to head over to and do a couple searches. I feel bad for any caddies backs especially after 18 holes. I mean, sure there are golf carts but we all know those caddies really put in hard work and know A TON about golf strategy.


Why Do Staff Bags Only Have 6 Dividers?

This can actually be dependent when it comes to the professional golfer him or her self. We can say that most staff bags run with 6 dividers but there have been plenty of exceptions over the years.

Staff bags are carried by professional golfers caddies. These bags tend to be over-sized compared to normal golf bags. Many caddies run 6 dividers due to knowing where each clubs location in compared to an average golfer who needs them separated to make finding a specific club easier.

I mean who doesn’t realize that caddies are CRAZY for golf. Why would anyone want to just watch a sport that close up without really being fully into it. It really is a great way for someone who loves golf but doesn’t have the skills to win the PGA anytime soon to be fully involved.


The Golf Question Of The Day

Q: How much do pga caddies make per tournament?

A: On average caddies will make anywhere from $1500 to $4500 per tournament.

I am pretty sure there are some golfers who have had long-term caddies who get paid pretty well. If I was raking in millions why wouldn’t I make sure and bring up the person who was literally there by my side the entire time WHILE offering great golfing advice and experience.


Why Do Cart Bags Have 15 Slots?

If I ran a cart bag or a push/pull cart I would go with a 15 slot all day every day. When I have to carry my clubs, I will do my best to keep my bag as light as possible.

Most cart bags have higher amounts of slots compared to a basic golf bag that you carry on your shoulder. Since most rules in golf have a max amount of clubs rule, cart bags tend to max out the slots at 15 which also includes space for an umbrella.

It just makes sense especially if you are not the one having to lug that big ol’ bag around. Why not have as many spots as possible for any golf accessories that you might want to bring.

I usually toss waters, snacks, extra tees, bluetooth radio and other random stuff in mine. Think if it as the man bag for golfers LOL. Now to find myself one that has a working fridge/freezer and I doubt I would ever leave the golf course.


What Is The Penalty For Having More Than 14 Golf Clubs In A Bag?

Remember this is only IF you are in tournament play or at a private golf club that has specific rules that must be followed. There are a few penalties that you could receive during a game and depending on how long you had over 14 clubs in your bag would determine your overall penalty count.

If a golfer is found having more than 14 golf clubs in his or her bag a penalty will be incurred. For each hole that the player had extra club(s) in their bag will trigger a 2 stroke penalty. If a player had an extra club in their bag for 3 holes then they would incur a 6 stroke penalty.

I know I have had more than 14 clubs in my bag especially when I was playing doubles with new golfers. I doubt I would ever call someone on this sort of penalty BUT it is for sure worth knowing about especially if you are dreaming of diving into the world of professional golfing.

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