How To Make Golf Gloves Last Longer?

How To Make Golf Gloves Last Longer?

Is it always better to purchase a new glove just after one or two weeks? Well, a majority of players do not pay much attention to the condition of their gloves and prefer replacing them early since the material gets damaged easily. Many, in a rush, tend to fit the hand protection in their bags after finishing each round. However, a better approach is to focus on their maintenance which increases their shelf life while still keeping the desired feel.

Some effective methods to keep a golf glove in good condition so that it lasts longer include purchasing the correct fit, storing it in its original shape, keeping it dry, and quickly drying it after playing, rotation, and washing it.

Golf gloves not only enhance the grip on a club by adding friction but also provide protection against painful skin problems such as calluses. I have included some convenient ways that will maintain the texture and characteristics of a golf glove. Moreover, these procedures are not costly or time-consuming.

6 Ways To Make A Golf Glove Last Longer:-

Choosing The Correct And Most Suitable Fit:

It might seem irrelevant that getting the right size of a glove can help increase its life. However, it is one of the major aspects one should consider while choosing among several items. If you buy a size that is too tight, the material will tear easily when you try to pick something up.

In another case, when you get a bigger one thinking that you will be able to keep it for a significant period, it will not work too. It is due to the fact that the material (leather or synthetic) is stretchable and the glove will increase a bit from inside over time. Moreover, there will be empty areas in the thumb, fingers, and palm. It will cause difficulty and excess rubbing which contributes to damage in gloves and holes. What will be the point of keeping those gloves?

Maintaining The Original Shape Of Glove:

Whenever you remove a golf glove, straighten it a bit so that it returns to the previous shape. It is also recommended to insert it into the packaging in which it has arrived. In this way, gloves last longer and do not stretch much with time. Furthermore, the protective covering around them keeps them organised while preventing the dirt particles from entering. There are gloves packs available in which you can fit 5-6 gloves easily.

Drying The Gloves After Playing:

It might seem weird if I suggest you keep your glove completely dry. They are easily covered in sweat during busy days or especially in summers. It also affects the breathability that gloves offer. Therefore, it is necessary to try your best to keep them dry. It is suitable that you take it off after playing a round for a few minutes in air. It will not be unpleasant for you and also help in maintaining the characteristics of the glove  for several months.

Rotation Of The Golf Gloves:

One of the common and effective ways to improve the durability of golf gloves is to rotate between 1-2 gloves. It prevents the gloves from getting excessively wet and maintains their freshness. I highly recommend trying this in hot and humid months of the year. In addition, your gloves won’t be as crusty after air drying. So it is better to carry two or three gloves with you in your bag.

Avoid Pulling On The Fingers And Wrist:

Frequently stretching the gloves around the wrist and fingers with considerable force can increase their length with the passage of time. Therefore, they will not fit the hands perfectly and rip easily. One should restrict himself from doing this before shots so that a glove stays in its shape which contributes to longevity.

Cleaning The Gloves Frequently:

Gloves do carry a lot of dirt and other particles which should be removed to make them clean and breathable again. One of the easiest methods to wash gloves is placing them in a bucket filled with cold water. Add a mild detergent into the water. Gently apply the pressure with one hand to remove the stains. Then, add leather moisturiser to prevent immediate drying since it can damage the material.

After all the dirt and sweat is removed, place them outside in the shadow to dry. Make sure to allow gradual evaporation rather than using a dryer or some heating source. Another quick method involves  simply submerging the gloves in lukewarm water and removing the dirt with fingers. Players can perform this activity during breaks too.


Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Gloves:-

What golf gloves are made from?

A common material in golf gloves is leather. It is naturally airy and also contributes to various advantages. High quality gloves are more durable than others. Some gloves are made from 100 percent synthetic material such as synthetic leather.

How tight are golf gloves supposed to be?

In an ideal case, a golf glove fits perfectly to one’s hand, that is, neither too tight and neither loose from some parts. You should be able to easily move your fingers and hold something while wearing a golf glove.

How often do pro golfers change gloves?

It is not necessary to change the gloves as frequently as the pro golfers do. However, you will need to change gloves after some time. It is suitable to do this after six to nine rounds. In warm periods of the year, you can do the rotation every five to six rounds.

Final Thoughts:-

It is not challenging to remember taking care of the gloves and applying the techniques that keep them durable and clean. However, it might  take some time to limit yourself from doing certain things that can harm the quality of gloves (e.g. pulling with force). It prevents you from spending dollars sooner and also helps develop a good habit of giving required attention to your possessions.I hope that you will notice the difference after following the instructions I mentioned in this guide.

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