How To Hit A Hook In Golf?

How To Hit A Hook In Golf?

There are tons of different shots in golf. However, beginners need to ensure they play the ball as straight as possible when aiming down the range. The hook shot is an undesirable shot for many beginners and might need to be avoided. However, it can be a handy shot to get you out of a sticky situation if you need to.

If you are new to golf, you might not know how to play the hook shot. The hook shot should be a last resort and if you cannot play it correctly, you might find yourself in far more trouble than before playing it. Fortunately, we will have a closer look at the hook shot and help you to learn how to effectively play the hook shot.

What Is A Hook Shot?

Much like the draw and the fade shots, the hook shot is often played in a straight line and once the ball reaches a certain point in flight, it will curl back to the opposite side of the direction it was played in. For a right-hander, the ball will start right and eventually curl into the left-hand side. The opposite is true for left-handed players.

How Does A Hook Shot Differ From A Draw/Fade?

You might have heard of players playing the draw and fade shot. The fade shot is straightforward and once you play it, the ball will go in the opposite direction when compared to the hook shot. The fade shot is often referred to as some form of a slice as well.

The draw and hook shots are often interchangeable, but some people believe that the subtle difference is that the hook shot is more deliberate. It also means that you should get some additional curve on the hook shot when played correctly.

How To Play The Hook Shot?

Once you know some of the fundamentals of golf, you can integrate some of these more advanced shots into your game. It is not always easy and you want to make sure that you are comfortable playing them. If you have never played the hook shot, here are some tips that should help you master it:

1.      Closing Your Stance

The first step would be closing your stance by moving your back foot slightly more backward by about 4-6 inches. Your back foot will also point in the opposite direction of where the shot should curve, but it will close the angle of the club impact to create an arch.

2.      Closing The Clubface

To add spin to the ball, you want to hold your club in the correct position. Once you have it gripped, you should slightly angle the clubface to your body. It should add some needed spin to the golf ball to ensure that you can have some spin in the air.

3.      Tighten Your Grip

If you can maintain the clubface at an angle, you don’t need to focus on tightening your grip. However, many players will open the clubface before impact. Once you tighten your grip, you should have more control to keep the clubface in the right position.

4.      Faster Swing Speed

Having a faster swing speed will not hook the ball by itself. However, once you are ready to play the shot, the hook shot can be enhanced and add more curve to the golf ball when you add more speed to the swing.

5.      Study The Angles

As a beginner, you might not know how to calculate how much spin you need to add to the ball. With some practice, you can determine the precise angle and the ideal connection you need to make to get the best curve. You should spend some time practicing these shots.


Playing the hook shot can significantly improve your game. There are often numerous obstacles like trees to go around. The hook shot can be your one-way ticket to beating lesser players. Let us know in the comment section how you play the hook shot and how it has improved your game.

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