How To Break 80 In Golf

How To Break 80 In Golf

While tour professionals consistently play in the 70s, beginners might find it hard to break the 80s when it comes to playing golf. If your handicap is not in the single digits, you might have a few excuses or reasons that you are not playing it under 80 on most courses. Once you manage to break 80, you will see much more improvement in your game.

Many players have excuses about certain parts of their game, which force them to play more than 80 strokes on the golf course. Some of these include not being able to drive the ball far enough, while others simply don’t know how to navigate the short game and get the ball on the green as soon as possible.

If you are one of these players, you have come to the right place and the article aims to help you improve to break into the 70s with your game. We will look at some of the fundamental tips that you can implement to ensure that you consistently make it into the 70s when playing golf on almost every course.

Common Myths Associated With Breaking 80 In Golf

For most beginners, breaking 100 is an important part of their golfing journey. Once they have broken 100, the next logical milestone will be breaking 90. However, breaking 80 comes with plenty of rumors and myths that you need to integrate. Here are some of the most common myths associated with breaking 80 in golf:

  • Players not driving far enough off the tee
  • Players not practicing all the time
  • Not hitting all the greens and fairways to break 80
  • Not having the newest clubs or a professional coach

While some of these might have a hint of truth about them, it is still possible to break 80 without these things helping you. These myths are a good thing to aim for when improving your game, but shouldn’t be leveraged as an excuse for not hitting 80. Many players create their paths to eventually break through the 80-shot mark.

7 Main Things You Should Focus On To Consistently break 80

With some of the myths and rumors out of the way, we can look at a few tips that will help you break 80 on the golf course more often than not. Keep in mind that your game might not need all of these tips, but there is always room for improvement in the game of golf. Here are a few tips to break 80 more consistently in golf:

1.     Comfortable Clubs

Instead of having the best clubs, you need to find something comfortable. You need to make sure that your clubs can consistently hit the work with your style and you don’t need to change too much. If you don’t like the driver, you should replace it with a wood perhaps. The main thing is being comfortable with your clubs.

2.     Consistency

One thing you will notice with players breaking 80 is consistency. They do not make too many adaptive changes and often choose techniques that yield consistent results. Most top players will have a consistent shot off the tee and even if they have some issues, they will eventually figure out ways to compensate for the weakness.

3.     Focusing On The Short Game

Many players lose most of their shots when it comes to the short game. The short game is by no means easy, but it is the most important part that could save you. When practicing your shots, you might want to focus on shots of 125-yards or shorter. This will help you be consistent and reach certain targets more effectively.

4.     Mastering The Bunkers And Rough

As a new player, chances are you will spend plenty of time in the bunkers or rough when playing your shots. You should try to focus on improving this aspect of your game. If you lack some consistency with the fairway and greens, you can always be a recovery player. This means that you can easily get out of the rough or bunkers on the green.

5.     Shot Selection

Understanding shots like the pitch shot and the “bump-and-run” shot could help you improve your game. If you always overhit the green, you can use some of these shots to drop the ball before the pin and have it roll to the hole. Additionally, the pitch shot is an effective way of getting over obstacles that are often lodged in your way from the rough or bunkers.

6.     Putting

Putting is one of the most important parts of golf and if you are looking to get under 80, you cannot spend all day putting the ball. You should try to improve your putting and you will find that you often save yourself more often than not. An impressive putting game, especially from distance can make up for any weaknesses.

Mentality Is Important

Many players simply have a hard time breaking 80 due to mental restrictions. If you constantly think about breaking 80, you might be putting too much pressure on yourself to do so. Playing with pressure and tension will not be the best thing for your game and you are best left focusing on making the game as easy as possible for yourself.


If you are serious about breaking 80, we would recommend that you focus on playing 1 shot at a time. You should focus on making the best decision with each shot that you are playing and this will help you improve your game. Let us know in the comment section how you have broken 80 or what strategy you are using to attempt it.

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