How Often Should you Replace Your Golf Driver?

How Often Should you Replace Your Golf Driver?

Many people wonder how often they should change their golf clubs, specifically the driver. But, in the end, when you play golf, you want to get the effect from the club you are looking for. So, how often do you need to change your golf driver?

It gets recommended to change your driver approximately every 5 years if you play 30 to 40 rounds a year. Do you play more often than, changing the driver within 3-5 years would be a good idea. If you play less often, you can replace the driver every 5 – 7 years. 

The moment you are standing at your favorite golf range and you are ready to hit out a golf ball that needs some distance, it is often the driver that you want to do the job with. When you use this specific club, you also want to hit it correctly and for the golfball to go the whole distance. If you have the correct technique, but the driver is not giving you the effect you want, considering a new driver might not be such a bad idea. We will explain further below.


What is the Amount of Times that I Need to Replace my Golf Driver?

The driver is the golf club specifically designed to produce distance. It is the longest club and has a low loft.

How often you should change your driver has to do with different circumstances. Like the golfer’s technique, how hard you hit the golf ball, how often you play, etc. To give you an idea, there are some numbers below.

5 years

The standard time that a driver lasts is usually 5 years. This gets estimated by the number of rounds people approximately play a year. It is said that most amateur golfers play about 30 to 40 rounds a year. So if you change your driver every 5 years, you should not be in any trouble, and you should be able to hit the distances you are trying to hit.

3-5 years

The more fanatic, and maybe even semi-pro golfers get recommended to change their golf driver sooner, between 3-5 years. Needless to say, when you play more often, you use your clubs more often, and this automatically means your driver will wear out sooner.

Also, golfers that don’t have a good technique and hit the golf ball wrong may damage their club quicker than others. In the paragraph below, we will dive deeper into factors that allow you to know when to change the driver

5-7 years

If you are not out on the golf course that often. If you play less than 30 rounds a year, you can get away with changing the driver approximately every 5-7 years.

Golf equipment has gotten a lot better over the years. They are more sturdy and should last longer than, let’s say 15 years ago. Keep in mind, though, that equipment evaluates. Golf clubs, including drivers that were made 10 years ago, are most likely not as good as the drivers made today.

When Should I Change my Driver?

As mentioned above, there is no rule or law on when to change the driver. They are estimates and are established by other experienced golf players.

If you are not sure if you need to change your golf driver, then there are a few factors that can help you decide.

  • Age
    As described in the paragraph above. The age of the golf driver will say something about if it is time to change it for a newer one. It is not just due to theyears and wearing out of the driver, but another reason is that clubs keep

    If you want to play with a newer, more evaluated driver, then changing it after a few years speaks for itself. 

  • Distance decrease
    More advanced golfers who play more often can feel adecrease in distance even though they are hitting the golf ball with the same speed and similar circumstances. If this is the case, and the golf ball is not going the distance it should, this can be another sign that it is time to change the driver.
  • Damage
    A bit more of an obvious reason is when you can seedamage to the golf driver. An example is a crack due to hitting the golf ball wrong or with a very high speed. The more often you use the wrong technique or the higher the speed, the bigger the chances are that your driver gets damaged.
  • New technique
    Another factor that you need to take into account if you are thinking about changing your driver is your technique. There are many different drivers out there equipped with different lofts, has different lengths, etc. So when youchange your technique or get better, then changing your golf driver could be very  
  • Looks
    The last reason that gets mentioned here is the looks. This is probably not the most important one, but it still makes different golfers decide to replace their old driver with a newer one. Looks are a part of the game of golf. “Look good, play good.” If you aretired of your old golf driver, and the way it looks. Then you are not the first golfer to replace its driver for that exact reason.


Do Golf Drivers Have a Life Span?

Yes, As mentioned before, the life span of a golf driver is approximately 3 to 7 years, depending on the amount you play, your technique, how hard you hit the golf ball with it, etc.

Often titanium is used to make driver’s heads. Unfortunately, this is more fragile than the iron or steel used to make irons, for example. Therefore, the lifespan of a driver is often one of the shortest ones in your set of clubs.

Although the above is true, compared to 20 plus years ago, the golf clubs have been made out of stronger material and are meant to last longer.


Does a new Golf Driver Make a Difference?

The simple answer is: yes, a new golf driver can make a difference. It can help improve ball speed and let you hit further and more accurate distances. The newer golf drivers have A thinner face. Therefore, it produces longer drivers. Using a new driver can completely change your game.

Keep in mind that when replacing your golf driver with a different one, there are many out there today. This means that not every golf driver will benefit your playing. Testing the driver first often gets recommended. Your swing is unique which is why one driver might suit you better than another.

Do Modern Drivers go Further?

Again, the simple answer is yes, a modern driver goes further.

The equipment generally increases and evaluates over time. These are not major steps, though. A driver from 2022 might go 1-2 yards further than the one bought in 2021. The more years the clubs are apart, the bigger the difference will be. For example, if you have a driver that was produced in 2006 and you are replacing it with a driver built-in 2022, it might save you 15+ yards.

 Due to the above reason changing your driver every year is not necessary. By the time you start playing better, your swing changes, or the driver is over 5 years old, then it is probably the right time to add a new driver to your golf club set. How Much Does a Golf Club Driver Cost?

The price of a golf club driver differs. This is due to different variables like the quality of the material of the driver and the brand. Therefore, a golf driver can cost anywhere between $200.- to $600.-

The more you pay for a driver will not necessarily say that the driver will also be better suited for you. Sometimes a different, cheaper brand might suit your swing better than a driver from a more expensive brand, for example. The higher the quality of the material will often benefit your swing, though. That being said, not everyone has that amount of money to spend on their golf driver. So don’t worry if a driver is cheaper. It can still help your game!

Should Beginner Golfers use a Driver?

The opinions vary.

A driver is more challenging to play with due to the long club and low shaft. In addition, the lack of control that a beginner plays with can cause the golf ball to go into a completely different location and with a different distance than intended.

Others say that every golf player needs a golf driver before heading out to the course. It is part of the game, and you might as well start learning how to use it straight off the bat.

It depends on what you aim for with golf if you should get a driver right away. Are you playing just for fun? Or do you want to play well? Do you want to play competitively? etc. These are all questions you should ask yourself before buying a type of club. If you are taking lessons, it could be advisable to ask your teacher what they recommend.

Some Last Thoughts

After reading the above, you hopefully know when to replace your golf driver. There is no set-in-stone rule. In the end, replacing your golf driver should help your swing and your golfing match. The more money you spend often means the higher the quality, but it does not necessarily mean that you will play better. Test the new driver before purchase!

We hope you enjoyed the article. We would love to hear what golf driver you’re playing with and why!  

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