How Much Horsepower Does A Golf Cart Have

How Much Horsepower Does A Golf Cart Have?

Are you interested in playing golf or have been enjoying this outdoor sport for the last few days? You must be aware of the golf cart you have seen on the golf court. If you are about to buy one for yourself, there are multiple factors and specifications that you have to take into account. It will help you choose one that best suits your needs. One of the main aspects is the horsepower of this vehicle. By horsepower, people usually refer to the speed of the golf cart. It is estimated by a term called revolutions per minute or RPM. moreover, it shows the strength and speed of an engine that propels the machine.

For a  4-cycle gas-driven cart, the mean horsepower is 12.38. On the other hand, the horsepower of a 48V electric or battery-driven cart is 4.17hp. Generally, the latter is associated with less horsepower than a gas one.

Several have questions in their minds about horsepower and its importance in determining the running speed and efficiency of a vehicle. However, the desire for a cart with the maximum horsepower possible can be different from the requirement of a person. This post discusses this factor for both gas and electric golf carts.

Horsepower Of Golf Carts:-

Horsepower Of Gas Golf Cart:

Although 2-cycle gas carts also exist, 4-cycle carts are more common these days since they are more effective and include a more powerful system. The average hp of a cart with a 4-cycle engine is 12.38, which is approximately 12.4. Carts with powers within this range are beneficial for most kinds of the land surface as well as off-road rides. Usually, the size of the machinery also increases with the increase in this number.

Some models have less horsepower than others. For example, the EX1 model by EZGO has 11hp, while the current version Onward manufactured by Club Car has an amazing power of 14hp. Here, it is not necessary to purchase the more powerful one if you are not much into specifications since the other models also work smoothly in routine. Furthermore, sometimes the model with a bit lower horsepower can impress more than the one with a higher power. It just depends on the overall outcome of different factors.

Horsepower Of Electric Golf Cart:

If you do not have to travel uphill in the future or looking for a less expensive option, electric carts might be suitable in this case. They comprise a battery with terminals which is rechargeable. Here, the torque or rotational force of the engine is more noticeable as compared to the propelling speed. As in the case of gas golf vehicles, these machines also have variable horsepowers that are different for each manufacturer.

For most of these carts that run in the range of 48-56V, the mean horsepower is 4.1hp. Those which run on 36 volts have less horsepower between 3 and 3.3. Companies have been introducing highly-powerful engines for their customers that require more voltage. The notable companies include Yamaha, EZGO, and Club Car. EZGO claims a horsepower of 22.4hp at 72V, while Club Car has introduced the cart with the same strength at a lower voltage of 48V. I recommend looking for and purchasing one within the range of 3.3-6.7 if you are a beginner.


Factors That Govern The Horsepower:-

Various factors determine the horsepower of any golf cart. These include the drivetrain (gas or electric), kind of engine in battery-driven cart (Alternating Current or Direct Current), 2-cycle engine or 4-cycle one, transmission capacity, and battery capacity. You might observe a 2-cycle cart somewhere with an experienced person or someone that has been using it for years as they are not common now.

The 4-cycle motors and gas drivetrains have more horsepower and run with speed on different terrains. Even some knowledge regarding these specifications is extremely helpful and valuable in letting you choose the correct model for yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions About Horsepower Of Golf Carts:-

How much horsepower is a 48-volt golf cart?

A golf cart that uses a battery for running on 48 volts has a horsepower of 4.17hp. Most of them have low hp of 3.0, while some models available on the market have power as high as 6.7hp.

What is a good horsepower for a golf cart?

Generally, the gas-powered carts with the horsepowers in the range of 11-12 show great outcomes. For electric golf carts, horsepowers in between 3.3 and 6.7 are best for regular and frequent use. Players can have multiple views about it. Usually, the more the horsepower, the more the voltage it will require.

How fast is a 13.5 HP golf cart?

The speed of a 13.5hp golf cart ranges from 17 miles per hour to 19 miles per hour. 19 mph is the highest that a cart model can reach with this power. Express L6 by EZGO is one of the examples of these versions.

Final Thoughts:-

Many confuse horsepower with another common term: acceleration. Unlike acceleration, horsepower is associated with the engine’s strength that produces speed. These days, a huge variety of carts are introduced by brands that opt for high horsepowers. A beginner might get attracted to these costly vehicles without thinking much. It is a significant factor that sportsmen should consider before paying for some cart. This post mentions the horsepowers of two main kinds of carts along with the factors that affect them. Here’s hoping that this information proves beneficial for you. If you feel like asking questions about this specification from a seller, you should not hesitate.

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