How Much Golf Is Too Much?

How Much Golf Is Too Much?

This question has come up a couple times in casual golf conversation over the years. I finally asked as many golfers this exact question, “ How much golf is too much? This is what I found out and to be honest I was surprised at a few of the answers I got so keep reading.

If you are playing golf and it is taking away from your career, family or other responsibilities than you are playing too much golf. Playing golf in moderation with other activities will lead to a balanced life versus it being the only activity you participate in.

For me, anytime I am thinking about skipping on events that I normally then I start to rethink my golf addition. I know that there are plenty of people who golf far more than me BUT it really depends on what sort of hours per week will work for YOU.

This answer is going to be different especially when comparing a hobby golfer in their 20s just starting to “adult” versus a retired person in their 70s with all the free time in the world they might ever need.

All that you need to do is just make sure it doesn’t take up ALL of your freetime. Spice that life up of yours every now and again with other hobbies or activities. Go skydiving or go drive go carts with some friends or family just to change it up.


Is It Possible To Golf Too Much?

You can say that playing golf too much is more than possible. One thing that I would keep in mind especially if you are getting older in years is to give your body a break from golf. You can throw your back out, hurt a wrist or twist an ankle from overdoing it and as we get older, healing from those small injuries tend to take much longer than they used to.

Golfing too much can cause wear and tear on your body. It is more than possible to golf too much and is best to give your body a break between playing golf whether weekly or monthly.

I actually dealt with this recently. I had an older pair of golf shoes that I loved and decided to go out with my buddies and their sons ( young 20’s guys ) and they kept our golf game MOVING. I have to admit that I was pretty sore after playing 2 days in a row with that group. Made me feel old but also made me realize something that slipped my mind for some reason.

Take breaks, wear better shoes LOL and know when too much is too much for you. That is the best part about golf for me. Anyone, any age, any experience level, everyone is literally accepted and that inclusivity is one reason why I love this game so much.

Is Practicing Golf Everyday Too Much?

Practicing anything everyday can be a great thing actually. There is no reason to put your free time to good use especially when it comes to improving your golf game. Swinging a golf club daily can be a great thing, just as long as you are honestly focusing on your stance, grip, swing and follow through.

If you are swinging clubs daily just to say you did then STOP because you are actually going to make your golf game get worse. Swinging clubs just to swing them can and will actually mess with your swing so IF you want to practice daily then take it serious.

This is what will separate those who are honestly trying to improve their game versus others who want to talk about what they do daily. I can think of a few “gym guys” who do this. Get all dressed up to go workout, lift a couple max lifts and leave. Sure it might help but at least try and keep your form the same each time so there is some benefits.

The same can be said for daily golf exercises. Even if it is a short golf practice session, why not take those 10 to 30 minutes seriously?


How Often Does The Average Person Play Golf?

According to google, the average person plays 10 rounds of golf per year. I think that is high when you put a full average together. I know I can easily know out 10+ rounds of golf each year no problem. I also know many golfers locally where it is like pulling teeth to get them out to the links with me.

An average golfer plays 6-10 rounds of golf per year. This number does depend on location and course availability. Semi pros and pros generally play 70-80 rounds of golf per year.

There is a reason why they are professional golfers and we are weekend golfing warriors LOL. I do not know if I could really knock out 80 full rounds of golf per year. Do you go golfing 70+ times per year or have you ever golfed that much?

Now our last couple  years has been weird as far as course availability and even being able to play on public courses and private membership only courses as well. I am trying to think about how many rounds I was lucky enough to play in 2021…

Luckily I keep my golf scorecards and unless I lost some I played 27 rounds of golf last year. Now that isn’t too bad at all. I also feel that my golf game has definitely gotten better in 2022. Has your golf game improved or degraded this year so far?

There is always time to turn it around!


How Many Hours A Day Should I Practice Golf?

What are you trying to achieve with this practice? If you are wanting to go pro then you will need to practice 5+ hours per day for the rest of your life until you go pro LOL.

If you are wanting to become a professional golfer than it is recommended to practice a minimum of 5 hours per day, 6 days a week. This equates out to almost 2,000 hours of golf per year. For average golfers, you should practice 1-2 hours per week to build a decent golf game.

I like to switch up my golf practice days. I like to change up where I practice as well when possible. Thankfully there are a couple golf courses to choose from locally for me. This might be different for you but for me, running the same fairway over and over doesn’t seem to improve my score.

Once I start trying out new courses and even new driving ranges ( surprisingly ) benefits my golf game. Maybe just a simple change of scenery has something to do with it OR maybe just by switching it up a bit on your body works wonders. This is still something I am trying to figure out.

What are your thoughts on changing where you play and if it hinders or helps your golf game?


Why Do I Get Worse At Golf The More I Play?

This was partially covered further up but this happens more than you might think. Just because you are swinging at golf balls doesn’t mean that you are practicing on your golf game at all. If you are not trying to duplicate and replicate your stance, grip, swing and follow through than all you are doing is hitting balls.

You can get worse at playing golf by practicing when you are not 100% engaged in the golfing exercises. Only practice when you are focused and have no other plans that might rush your golf shots.

This is something I do anytime I am at the driving range. As my range starts to drop or I start to see my balls hooking or slicing then I start to pack up. Why keep trying to improve as you know your game is dwindling.

Practice when you are 100% and as you see your shots not be as accurate, that is the perfect time to take a break for the day or week to rest up before heading out again. Trust me, this is how you can keep your game and your body ready for golf.

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