How Much Do Fitted Golf Clubs Cost?

If struggling to get the perfect set of golf clubs, one option is to go for a custom set that is then cut or lengthened to fit your height and stance.

But there’s often a problem.

The problem is people automatically think this ‘custom-made’ set of clubs is going to cost them a lot of money. However, that’s not always the case.

Also, people will often go for specific clubs to work on instead of a complete set. A single custom-fitted driver, as an example, will cost a lot less than expected.

So, what can you expect to pay, and why would you bother with having this done to your clubs in the first place?

The Reason for Fitted Golf Clubs

Golf is not a one-size fits all type of game. People of varying heights, stances, swings, they all play a role in how we get around the course and central to that is the golf club.

Then, factor in distances from shots along with accuracy. If a club is not the perfect size, then all of this is potentially thrown out of alignment, and your game suffers as a direct result. Can you afford those extra shots that will undoubtedly appear throughout the round due to the wrong club length?

Understanding Your Needs

So, we know the reasons behind going for fitted golf clubs, but what should you look out for?

Begin by thinking about the clubs you wish to focus on. A fitted driver is kind of essential, so include that in your plans. Also, if purchasing new irons, the surprising thing is you shouldn’t end up paying a lot more for fitted irons compared to the stock set.

It’s important to note that fitted golf clubs do not focus purely on length, even though that’s the main change people make. Instead, even the lie is changeable as well as the shaft that comes with the club, and also the grip.

So, the Cost

Drop the idea of fitted golf clubs costing you the earth. If you contact either the manufacturer direct, or a company that specializes in golf club fittings, then you should not expect to pay over the odds for new clubs.

Take a brand-new set of irons as an example.

Let’s say you notice a set of irons on sale for $699, but you need the clubs half an inch shorter than the stock size. Those clubs should still only cost you $699 even though some companies may add on a little bit extra.

However, even if they do, you should not be paying even $100 more than the original price. If they try to charge those kinds of figures, then walk away as it’s not worth it.

The same principle should apply to drivers, wedges, hybrids and putters. An alteration to the length should not increase the price.

But wait, it’s not as clear-cut as that.

So far, we have only spoken about the length and that you should not face any surcharges to have the length altered. The same does not apply when talking about shafts or grips.

With those, you need to understand that prices will vary depending on your selection of shafts or grips. Different brands, different tensions or grip requirements, it all plays a role in the end cost.

Dealing with Upcharges

Upcharges occur when you start playing around with those different shafts or grips. A manufacturer will begin to increase the price when you stray away from the stock set. 

Always make sure you understand the upcharges before going ahead. That set at $699 could easily climb above $1000 with various shafts and other alterations. 

But that’s not where the most expenses can occur.

The Cost of Retro Fitted Golf Clubs

Retro fitted golf clubs is where you could end up paying a fortune. 

By retro, we mostly mean an older set of clubs released by a manufacturer. Say in 2021, TaylorMade released a new set of irons. They automatically drop the price of the 2020 set as they want to clear the stock.

The problem is they also stop manufacturing the 2020 set at the same time, and this is usually repeated with the different brands.

It’s not uncommon for sets from the previous year to drop in price by around 15%. However, if you want that 2020 set customized, then you will not get that 15% discount.

The problem is they will still customize it, but the price will generally go back up to what it was originally sold for as they are having to deal with the manufacturing of it. At this point, it’s worthwhile looking for the new version and going with that range instead.

Fitted Before or After Purchase?

So, what’s best? Should you have clubs fitted before you complete the purchase or should you buy them and then start messing around to see what works best?

Well, it tends to be more expensive to mess around with them after you have purchased the clubs. Generally, you have bought that driver and then start to change grips, lengths, or shafts and before you know what’s going on, that $499 driver has actually cost you $699 or more.

Buying a driver already customized for you will often cut the cost, but only by a fraction. 

If you know exactly what you need, or what you prefer, then buying them custom-made is certainly the easiest option. You will find everything is more precise, and the only issue you have is getting the perfect measurements.

For this, we recommend getting help from your club pro. The other alternative is to check out your local club fitter. They can help with measurements and will take other points into consideration including your swing to help you identify what you need.

After that, go ahead and get those clubs custom-fitted. 


We cannot turn around and tell you exactly how much fitted golf clubs will cost simply because of the sheer number of options from brands, types of clubs, shafts, grips, and lengths.

However, these clubs will not always come with a hefty additional price tag attached to them. Simply having the length altered should cost the same as the stock set. For different shafts or grips, check out the cost of them individually to see how the price will change.

Ultimately, you should have no surprises with the cost of fitted golf clubs as long as you do your research first.

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