How Long Does It Take to Play Mini Golf

How Long Does It Take to Play Mini Golf

How Long Does It Actually Take To Finish A Game Of Mini Golf?

Mini Golf is one of those games that is perfect for the young and old alike. Whether you are a skilled putter or brand new to putting keep reading to get the ins and outs of mini golf

The time it takes to finish a game of miniature golf does depend on a few variables. We have covered all of them below by researching and contacting various mini golf companies around the US to get an overall estimate for you.

How Long Does It Take To Play Mini Golf

The amount of time it takes to play mini golf depends on a couple things but lucky for you, we broke it all down so you don’t have to google anything. The below estimates are for 2 Adults playing 9,18,27 and 36 hole rounds of mini golf.

  • 30 minutes for 2 Adults to play 9 rounds of mini golf
  • 45 to 60 minutes for 2 Adults to play 18 rounds of mini golf
  • 60 – 90 minutes for 2 Adults to play 27 rounds of mini golf
  • 90+ minutes for 2 Adults to play 36 rounds of mini golf


How Long Does It Take For A Group To Play A Round Of Mini Golf

Most mini golf courses have a max number of players allowed per round. On average that number is a max group of 6 mini golf players. Since it takes 30 minutes for 2 adults to complete a full 9 hole mini golf course, you can average that out with larger group numbers.

  • 2-4 players – A group of 2 to 4 mini golfers in your group will take an hour to finish
  • 4-6 players – A group of 4-6 mini golf players within your group will take 90 minutes to finish
  • kids in group – If your group involves younger golfers then you can double to estimated A group of 2-4 players that includes 1 or more kids will take about 2 hours to complete the course.

Obviously as the game goes on, people start to get better. With that, the game will flow much better. Everyone needs to dust those cobwebs off their golf game ( I know I had too when I played last week LOL ).

How Long Does It Take To Play Mini Golf Behind A Group Of Kids or Teens? 

You also need to take into account a few variables that can make your round of putt putt longer or maybe go by far faster than you thought it would. You could have a group or two of nothing but kiddos playing and the parents are simply watching the kids as they play.

There are also plenty of weekends where the putt putt courses are filled with teenagers. These are great groups to get behind IF you are looking for a quick game compared to groups with younger kids in them. Most teens are competitive and will do their best to win OR attempt to lose their ball by swinging for the fences and end up with their ball in the drink.

Groups with younger players will make your game take a bit longer and the older the players in general relates to a much faster pace of game play.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with kids getting out in the sunshine and off the phones but if you do not have young ones in your group, it is best to choose a course for intermediate and advanced players which should remove most “very young” mini golf players.

If you are not in a rush then by all means play as many mini golf courses as possible and enjoy being outdoors enjoying that sunshine.

What Is The Best Time To Play Mini Golf?

Like most outdoor activities, mid week and mid day are the best times of day to play mini golf. Most people have weekends off and during the school year, most children are busy Monday through Friday.

The best time of day of play mini golf is right when they open up. On average, most mini golf course open up around 10 am. Anywhere from 10 am to 12 pm are the perfect times to go play a round of miniature golf.

What Is The Least Busy Day To Play Mini Golf?

Most mini golf courses are packed on the weekends, there are also plenty of school events and birthday parties that rent out the entire course. Like other industries though there are down times and slow days. For mini golf, that day tends to be on Tuesdays.

If you want the least busy mini golf course make sure and play on a Tuesday morning somewhere in the 10am to 12pm time-frame. This is the least busy time and day of the week to play mini golf.

There are obvious reasons why someone would want to play on the slow days BUT there are also great reasons to play on the weekends as well. You might be a single player looking to jump into a game. On the weekend you will have a much better chance on getting in on a group game versus trying during the weekdays.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Mini Golf?

Now, this can vary depending on your state and location BUT we have contacted a ton of different mini golf course owners when we wrote this article, and here is what we learned.

It costs $5-$10 per person to play a round of mini golf. This average is for 9,18,27 and 36 hole courses and when you have 2+ players discounts usually apply as well. Most mini golf courses all cost the same amount per player. The only thing that changes is the amount of time it takes for your group to complete the course. There are also veteran, senior citizen and young children discount at most locations.

Should Groups Play Singles Or As Teams?

For some groups, they might not want to play a huge 36 hole mini-golf game and would rather run a 9 or 18 hole game instead. You could also have a partner or couple games where everyone takes a turn and you have 1 or more teammates per team. Playing a round of 36 holes where the entire group is taking turns can make it fly by. Mini Golf tournaments and clubs are all over the place and worth joining for those looking to make some new friends and have a ton of family friendly fun.

What Are Mini Golf Pars?

The par for the course refers to the amount of “swings” or attempts it should take for the average player to finish the course. Most mini golf course pars range from 2 to 6. The higher the par, the harder ( or longer ) the course.

Now if you are playing for fun, the par is irrelevant but the rules are there for anyone in the group who came to win!

Where To Play Mini Golf Near Me

Now that you know how long it takes to finish a game of mini golf, go out there and get that hole in one. You need to google “mini golf near me” to find the closest places for you to play and don’t forget to check and see if a reservation is needed.

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