How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

I have had better luck with certain brands of golf gloves than others over the years just like most of you odds are. Below you will learn from my mistakes and get the right golf gloves for your style of golfing versus focusing solely on the brand.

Golf gloves will last at least 10 rounds of a standard round of golf ( 18 hole golf course ). You will also get a minimum of 10 hours of golf driving range time on a golf glove with a proper golf club grip.

Now it does matter how rough you are on your gloves. Some will keep their glove on when cracking open their beer or smoking a cig for example. I have seen people wipe the sweat off their brow using their golf glove which is not going to help a synthetic glove and especially a leather golf glove last longer.

Do Golf Gloves Wear Out?

Just like anything with normal use, of course, they will wear out on you. The sad part is, you can look at them almost like your favorite pair of jeans. Once they finally get nice and comfortable BOOM!!! They start to fall apart.

I bring it up because I suggest you NOT have a favorite or lucky golf glove. You will be doing yourself a huge disservice for sure lol. Now one thing you can do is make sure and buy a bulk set of golf gloves in your favorite size and brand so you will technically always have your lucky glove.

What Causes Golf Gloves To Fade?

Most times it is because we don’t take proper care of them. I know I have tossed them in my bag or even the back of my truck before ( lost a few that way on the freeway ) versus drying them out and airing them out like I am supposed to.

Leave a golf glove in the back of your truck when it is 107 on a Sunday in July and you will quickly see how a glove can fade on you. You can also speed up the fade by getting them dirty and then wet.

Once they attempt to dry ( especially the leather ones ) they will seem faded. This can happen with brand new gloves as well as well worn gloves btw.

Why Do Golf Gloves Not Last?

To be honest I think I have lost most of my gloves versus wearing them out over the years. I tend to buy a batch of them online or at my local big 5 ( sporting goods store for those of you without them ) and honestly love wearing a fresh glove.

I have a few gloves that are only used when I head to the driving range. Those are my workhorse gloves LOL and I really like wearing my leather ones when practicing. For some reason I prefer to wear a synthetic glove when I am playing 9 hole or 18 hole courses. I think they breath better for me and with a long game I like to not have sweaty hands when playing golf.

You can easily wear out your golf glove at the driving range since all you are mainly doing is swinging for the fences and trying to drive that ball as far as possible. Man that makes me want to watch Happy Gilmore now…

Most times at the driving range you will really grip and rip the club which will of course increase the wear and tear of your golfing gloves.

How Long Should A Golf Glove Last?

If you barely go to the range and only play a game of golf annually then a golf glove can last you years. All you have to do is make sure and keep it out of the sun and keep it dry. You should store them indoors and at minimum your garage. You can actually add a dehumidifier where you store your golf clubs and other golf gear or get a bucket or two of damp rid ( sucks up moisture in the room for you ).

10+ rounds for an active golfer 25+ rounds for a casual golfer 50+ rounds for an annual golfer

You will know within a pair or two of gloves how long they will last you. Another way to estimate it is by gauging it on other items like how fast do you go through golf shoes for example. Some people tend to wear things out faster than others. I know I am one of those types of people and you might be as well.

When Should I Replace My Golf Glove?

If there are any holes, the wrist wrap does hold or the gloves have stretched enough to where they feel as if they are “floating” on your hand loosely then you should REPLACE THEM.

I have replaced them simply due to seeing the new golf gloves for 2022. Who doesn’t tend to fall the latest and greatest especially when it comes to golf? How many drivers or putters do we all really need? I have to say though that gloves are pretty cheap, especially in the golf niche and tend to get new ones on a yearly basis.

Another thing I love to do is “gift” my older gloves to new golfers and anyone else who I try and bring onto the links to get addicted to the game. Just like lending someone a club, giving them a glove or two will really generate some solid conversation.

Why not make some new pals while putting on the green?

How To Make Golf Gloves Last Longer?

There are many different tricks that golfers use to have their gloves last longer. Here are the ones that have worked best for me.

  1. Play only when the weather is great and no chance of rain
  2. Keep them out of water, humidity, and mud
  3. Take them off to “air out” when putting and chipping
  4. Store them indoors and at minimum in a garage or shed

What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On?

This depends on if you are a right hand or left handed golfer. There are also many golfers who wear a glove on both hands. The pros and cons really depend on your level of play and the weather itself.

Golf gloves are worn on your weak hand also known as your lead hand. Right-Handed Golfers wear golf glove on their left hand and Left-Handed Golfers wear a glove on their right hand.

You can wear one glove, two gloves, or heck even three gloves if you can figure out a place for it to be worn (-;

Why Do You Take Your Glove Off To Chip And Putt When Golfing?

I tend to take my glove off when chipping and putting because I get sweaty hands. I have used a rosin bag ( bowlers use this to dry their hands between rounds ) and there are also conditioners that can dry them kind of like a deodorant.

Golfers take their glove off to chip and putt because you will get a better feel of the club. This will also decrease any chance of slippage compared to a sweaty hand in a glove when putting or chipping.

Why Buy Multiple Golf Gloves All At Once?

Testing different sizes and brands is exactly what you should be doing. I have done this with many things in my life including hats and shoes for example. You will never know what is the best fit for you until you try out a few different versions.

Buying multiple golf gloves will allow you to build your very own educated and informed decision about which golf gloves are best for you, your climate and your current skill set.

How Tight Should A Golf Glove Be?

You want a golf glove to be tight enough to where even if you tried to shake them off your hand they would not fall off. You do not want them so tight to where they cut off your wrists circulation with the wrist wrap of course.

You can find a happy medium when it comes to how tight your golf glove is by first picking out the correct size of the glove. A tight wrist strap on an oversized glove will not be a benefit for your golf game.

Focus first on the size of the glove before how tight it is. This is one of the reasons why you should test out multiple golf gloves. Some are made larger and some tend to fit a bit tighter even though they state the same size as other brands.

Golf Gloves Overall Lifespan

Results will vary based on how rough you are on your gloves. You can baby them and they could potentially last you a lifetime. You can be really hard on them and they might last you a couple of rounds of golf.

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