How Far Will Electric Golf Cart Go?

How Far Will Electric Golf Cart Go?

One of the best things to happen recently is the rise in electric vehicles. We of course want to do our best to be environmentally friendly, so why not make one of our favorite hobbies “clean and green” as well?

An electric golf cart has a range of around 40 miles on a full battery charge. You can extend the run time by adding more batteries to the golf carts battery bank.

An electric golf cart will allow you to play a round of golf environmentally friendly. No need to waste your money on gas polluting the planet when you can easily charge your battery powered golf cart.

I actually have a couple solar panels and charge my vehicle batteries along with my golf cart batteries. Running an electric golf cart has been so much easier than my old gas powered golf cart. I live in a norther climate and sometimes a carburetor does not want to get going in the morning.

Batteries these days actually do great in colder climates than previous models. That was one of the worries I had when it comes to battery powered golf carts. I didn’t want to get stuck out on the green, if you know what I mean (-;

How Long Does It Take To Charge Golf Cart Batteries?

I have a great set of 6v batteries for my golf cart. I used to run 12v batteries until I realized the difference in charge times as well as run times when it comes to battery voltage and amperage.

Normally I charge my battery banks at night since my solar panels have had all day to fully charge which gives me the most bang for my buck. You can of course just plug in a battery charger to any plug in your house or garage and charge your golf cart in a matter of hours as well.

The time it takes to fully charge your golf cart batteries will depend on the voltage, amperage as well as the age and condition of your batteries.

How Many Batteries Are Need For A Golf Cart?

Most golfers run 6v batteries and to get the most out of your golf cart will set it up for a 48v golf cart. You can get away with a 36v but you will lose acceleration and overall run-time.

The best golf cart battery setup is a 48v system using 6v batteries. That means you need eight 6 volt batteries to complete the battery bank. This setup is better than a 36 volt system when it comes to speed as well as range.

You can easily add as many batteries that you want. If you can find a spot to put a battery then you can put it in your golf cart. I would love to see some high voltage electric golf carts and see just how fast people have gotten them to go.

What Type Of Batteries Are Best For Golf Carts?

Just like with vehicles, there are a couple of battery options. There really are not “cheap” battery options but there are various price points that should be looked into before building or buying an electric golf cart.

There are four types of golf cart batteries currently available in the golf cart market:

  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • AGM Lead Acid Batteries
  • Gel Lead Acid Batteries
  • Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

If you can afford it, I would 100% recommend going with the Lithium batteries for your golf cart hands down every time.

How Do I Know If My Golf Cart Is 36 Volt or 48 Volt? 

The funny thing about this is that when I got my first used golf cart I had no idea where the batteries were. It was a modified old gas cart so the batteries were actually housed in a homemade “basket” which is about the best I could call it LOL. There were 3 12v batteries and were the first projects I wanted to upgrade on my “new to me” golf cart.

Most golf cart batteries are in one of two spots. The first is in the front of the golf cart and the second is under the seat. Open up the battery section and you simply read the top of one of the batteries and it will tell you if it is a 36 or 48 volt system. You can also check the batteries voltage and multiply that by the amount of batteries in the battery bank to get the total voltage.

No matter which voltage you want to run, I will still always recommend going with 6v batteries compared to any other voltage batteries. If you already have 8 volt batteries or others then by all means run what you brought!

How Many Volts Is A Full Charge On An Electric Golf Cart?

Since I live in the north where it can get pretty cold during the winter, my batteries can take a real beating each year. I try to keep a battery tender on my golf cart when possible to extend the life of my battery bank. While I enjoy the electric golf cart, there is a bit of an upfront investment when going electric versus gas.

One thing though, with gas prices getting weird in 2022 electric golf carts might end up being far more cost effective than even I realized.

The full charge voltage amount will depend on the battery bank of the golf cart itself. For example a 48 volt golf cart battery bank will average 50 to 56 volts fully charged depending on the type of battery used. A 36 volt battery bank averages around 38 volts when a healthy battery is fully charged.

The brand of battery does matter and when it comes to golf cart batteries buying cheaper is not better. I like to go with brand name batteries from a local store ( if possible ) that offer a warranty of some sort.

This saves me on shipping costs ( buying online ) as well as any issues with my batteries since I can bring them in to one of my local stores to fix or replace them as needed.

How Many People Can You Fit On A Golf Cart?

Well now, this question can have many different answers and it will depend on what sort of golf outing you are shooting for. If this is a bachelor party golf game then I would say that you can fit a solid 10+ bros in a golf cart no problem lol.

On average a golf cart can hold anywhere from 2-4 people. There are larger stretched golf carts that can easily hold 6 or more people no problem.

I have a smaller 4 seater golf cart BUT I have crammed 7 people on mine. I know it isn’t a record BUT it really did build some solid memories for all of us and that is exactly what golf is all about.

How Much Do Electric Golf Carts Cost Online?

 You should totally look into broken down gas golf carts first. Those can be found locally, on craigslist or local facebook groups. Take out the engine and convert it into an electric golf cart. Most people are happy to get rid of their gas golf carts especially if they can’t get them to run or more importantly KEEP THEM running.

A new electric golf cart will cost anywhere from $5k to $10k delivered straight to your door. There are various brands and styles to choose from but right now most are very affordable.

I have seen some cheaper electric golf carts for less than $3k brand new. Not sure if I would jump on those versus going for a more established electric golf cart brand.

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