Golf Push Cart vs Pull Cart

Golf Push Cart vs Pull Cart – What’s the Difference & What’s Better?

You might think it a bit amateurish to really ask the question about what’s the difference between a pull cart and push cart in golf. So let me bring to your attention, in response to your question, that even I, for the longest time when I first started golfing, did not know the answer to this question. Golf push cart vs pull cart differences I learned about much later.

Now the most obvious distinction between the two is that one cart is pushed and the other pulled. You can tell which is which of course.

But then not many know that there are more differences. Such as the number of wheels installed, even though both types of golf carts do the same thing – carry your golf club weight, so you don’t have to!

But then which option works for you? Time to find out!

All You Need to Know About Golf Push Carts

Some golfers, when they say push cart, are actually referring to pull cart. And vice-versa too! So it’s pretty common to use both terms interchangeably. But then a push cart is equipped with 3 wheels. Two are placed in the back and the one in the front. You stand behind the push cart, which is loaded and angled with your golf bag, to push it along the course.

For those who love to walk the whole length of the golf course, push carts are the best (and so are hybrid golf bags that you can simply just attach to a push cart).

And in terms of price, this type is the most affordable to buy.

All You Need to Know About Golf Pull Carts

Much like push carts, pull carts have the same design except for the number of wheels. A pull cart comes with just 2 wheels. But your golf bag is positioned/secured in a similar manner, that is it stands angled on the cart. And this cart you pull behind you. However, pull carts can be pushed too if you like.

The base of a pull cart rests on the ground, which prevents the cart from moving. Meaning you have to grab its handle to lift the bottom and free the wheels for it to move.

So What’s the Difference?

The main, most notable difference is that you push a push cart in front of you and pull a pull cart behind you. But then pull carts can also be pushed, but push carts cannot be pulled.

Using Push and Pull Carts for Golf – Advantages

Let me get right down to it…

  • Be it push or pull, you’re walking the entire round of golf. And that act, in itself, is a very healthy and much-needed exercise for the body.
  • Using a cart, either one, means you don’t have to lug around your golf bag over your shoulders. So you can store all the golf accessories that might come in handy, such as a portable launch monitor, and carry them very comfortably and easily. Thus, all energy and focus will then be directed toward your game and game alone to play golf more efficiently.
  • With the push or pull golf cart doing all the carrying/lifting for you, all your energy and focus will then be directed toward your game and game alone. So you can play golf more efficiently.

So you see, there are benefits to using both. Likewise, there are advantages to using cart, carry, as well as stand golf bags.

What Is the Downside to Using Push and Pull Carts In Golf?

The main issue with push carts is that the front wheel, more often than not, is quite difficult and annoying to maneuver. Even their kick brake mechanism seems to become a potential nuisance.

While pull carts only problem is that it’s got just 2 wheels, and not the benefit of 3 wheels as is the case with a push cart. So with fewer wheels, carrying your golf bag as well as walking comfortably might be slightly less convenient.

And lastly, be it pull or push, both golf carts’ face frame is also likely to be a problematic feature.

What Is Better Then – Push Cart or Pull Cart?

Both carts serve the same purpose, right? Only there is the difference in how many wheels are attached. Pull has 2 and push has 3, hence the latter’s extra wheel makes the job of carrying/pushing your golf bag weight much easier. While the former is a bit more cumbersome to deal with.

Also, pushing has always been more convenient and simpler in comparison to pulling. With pushing, your arms and shoulders don’t need to exert a lot of force or pressure.

On the contrary, pushing provides more energy just through your natural walking movement. So the wheels are pushed quite effortlessly. Thus, you can carry your bag more easily up a hill with a push cart. And you feel so much less tired this way too, plus pushing is less time-consuming as well.

On the other hand, pull carts demand extra energy, effort, and time.

Quick FAQs About Golf Carts

Do Tour Golfers Choose Push Carts?

Golf governing bodies such as PGA and USGA do not allow golf carts during competitions and events for the simple reason that physical energy and stamina are important aspects of every professional competition. That is why pro golfers have to walk.

And of course, this is also why pros don’t use golf carts when participating in formal, competitive events.

Are Push Carts Really Worth It?

No doubt, a push cart is a worthwhile purchase because of its very practical benefits – no need to carry your golf equipment over your shoulders or on your back, hence energy saved. Also, push carts, unlike the pull kind, require you to use less physical pressure, and that also saves time.

How Many Wheels On A Push Cart Are Better, 3 or 4?

Well, there are 4-wheeled push carts as well now. These modern-day carts are designed with more space for storing more accessories (scorecard holder, umbrella holder, seat, etc.). Along with a folding system that’s way better in comparison to their 3-wheeled sibling.

However, at the same time, 4 wheels imply that the cart is going to be heavier and bulkier too.

In the End, Choose A Cart That Works for YOU!

No matter what you decide, to pull or push a cart, the focus here is to be an active golfer and get some extra exercise done during your round of golf by walking the course. Golf, after all, is not just about hitting longer, straighter, and with more precision. But the sport also consists of having fun playing outdoors in the open like that. It is a privilege indeed.

As to which is better, push or pull cart, in my opinion, it would be the former. Push carts, comparatively speaking, offer more benefits in terms of convenience and functionality.

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