Golf Insurance Buying Guide

Golf Insurance Buying Guide – Why Buy and What to Expect From It?

Golf courses are certainly not getting any less crowded these days, right? I mean more and more people are taking to golf, both recreationally and professionally. So is that bringing down the exorbitant prices we usually pay for golf equipment? Nah, sadly, golf gear isn’t getting any cheaper with the increase in golfing population.

To top that off, golf course memberships are also not subjected to the rule of high demand, hence low, affordable pricing. Furthermore, these membership costs, even though they offer public liability when on course, don’t cover all your golf equipment.

And this means an increased likelihood of your precious, expensive gear getting stolen, damaged, or lost. Thus, you may end up wasting your hard-earned money. More importantly, you may end up equipment-less for a very long time until you can once again afford to purchase new golf clubs, balls, etc.

Now you understand why this Golf Insurance Buying Guide is an important topic of discussion? Because you don’t just have to worry about theft, although that is a major concern indeed, there’s also the possibility of you getting injured during the game.

Golf insurance also covers the cost of situations where you accidentally happen to cause damage to another or his/her property. Third-party golf insurance is something that many golfers opt for to not worry about any such concerns on the turf when all they want to do is focus on their game and achieve their best scores.

So Why Buy Golf Insurance?

The fact that all golfers need golf insurance is understated. Because it doesn’t really matter how good you are at the game, how highly developed your skills are, etc., playing golf, or any other sport as a matter of fact, is always tricky business. Accidents and injuries are a part of that experience.

For example, your golf driver that hits straighter and farther, irrespective of how careful you are, can hit somebody else on the course. And the person it hits might get injured because of your shot. So, at such times, if you had a Golf Public Liability Insurance, then it would cover the cost of injury or damage to another’s property.

Then there’s the more obvious kind of golf insurance – Equipment Cover. As the term suggests, Equipment Cover takes care of your golf clubs, bag, and the like. This includes all your ‘replaceable’ gear that is likely to get stolen, lost, or damaged. Keep in mind that, more often than not, golf clubs aren’t a part of home insurance (more on this later).

Moving on to Personal Accident Insurance, now this protects you, the physical YOU. So in case you happen to get injured pretty seriously during gameplay, your welfare is covered by the insurance.

Plenty of reasons, valid reasons then to consider golf insurance, right!

Golf Insurance Cover – What All Does It Include?

In terms of policies, there are all kinds of them to fit your budget and personal preferences. So let’s find out the list of items that golf insurance usually covers…

1. Membership/Tournament Fees

Let’s admit that even though we find the membership fee costs too high, we still shell out big bucks for them. It’s the joy of playing at a first-class golf course with its scenic view, the vast expanse of land, top facilities, and whatnot that make the ridiculously high price of membership worth it, right?

But then what if you fall sick or get injured and aren’t able to go to the course? In such scenarios, your insurance policy will reimburse for the lost time in terms of fees.

As for your golf insurance covering any major trophies you win in competitions, that should be checked with the insurance plan provider.

2. Equipment Damage, Loss, or Theft

Needless to say, this is the first item on the list, right? Any golf insurance policy should cover the cost of all your replaceable gear. Golf watch, rangefinder, clubs, bag, and other such things you might have paid a fortune to buy.

3. Equipment Hire

What about hiring equipment like golf clubs? Whether the cost of hiring new golf clubs, for whatever reason, is included in your insurance policy or not is something that needs to be checked beforehand. Because if this is a priority, then you should choose an insurance plan that includes such items.

4. Personal Accident/Injury

Golf injuries are more common than you might think, no matter your skills. So it’s a relief is what it is to know that your golf insurance policy covers the medical costs incurred as a result of any such injury or accident. This is even more useful for those whose monthly income is not that high or those unemployed.

Hospitalization as well as dental cover is a part of the plan.

5. Third-Party Insurance

Accidents are bound to happen, right? But then this also means that you’re likely to injure another person as well, by mistake of course. In such a case, it becomes your responsibility to pay for his/her medical bills along with any legal fees required. So you’re looking at spending a HUGE sum of money. Why not let your insurance cover that for you!

Likewise, allow your third-party insurance policy to cover the damage you may have accidentally caused to another’s property. For instance, hitting someone’s car. So instead of spending thousands of dollars because of something you did not intend to do, make sure your plan includes third-party insurance to give you some peace of mind.

Golf Insurance Cover – What Is NOT Included?

No need to be surprised if your golf cart and golf balls are not covered by the policy because that’s normal. But then every golf insurance plan is different, which means you should check the details and then decide accordingly.

The thing about golf carts is that they’re expensive. So a general plan doesn’t cover such hugely priced items.

About Golf Cart Insurance

Golf cart insurance policies, on the whole, offer basic coverages that take care of the cost of any damage caused to your cart. These also cover the expenses in case you injure someone else or damage another’s property with or because of the golf cart.

Do You Really Need Golf Cart Insurance?

In America, some states make it mandatory to get golf cart insurance. For instance, it is obligatory in Arizona, by law, for every golf cart owner to procure liability insurance when using a small-sized vehicle on the road. So first check the laws of the state you’re living in, and then decide if you wish to purchase golf cart insurance.

Nevertheless, even if your state doesn’t require it by law, it only makes sense to bag cart insurance since golf carts are highly tempting items for thieves to steal. Even in terms of damage, a cart is very likely to meet with an accident and hurt a third party very seriously. So, at such times, it’s better if you don’t have to worry about bearing unwanted, high costs.

What Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover?

Here’s how this policy works…

Collision Coverage includes the cost of golf cart repairs, no matter who caused the collision or accident.

Property Damage Liability covers the cost of damage YOU may have caused to another’s property, such as his/her car.

Bodily Injury Liability is what comes in handy in case you happen to accidentally hurt someone else with the golf cart. So your golf cart insurance has that person’s medical bills covered for you.

Comprehensive Coverage consists of the coverage incurred by the insurance company if the cart is damaged or stolen as a result of anything apart from a collision. For example, because of hail or fire.

Needless to say, other extras can also be included in your golf cart insurance plan. For instance, your coverage could also add specific parts of the cart, such as stereo, headlights, etc. And it also goes without saying that you can up the liability coverage to increase the limit over the amount provided by the policy with the help of umbrella insurance.

Please Note That Home and Auto Insurance Doesn’t Include Golf Carts

Don’t be under the impression that your existing home or car insurance is going to cover your golf cart as well. More often than not, standard insurance policies do not include a golf cart. Either that or they provide very little to almost useless coverage for carts.

But even in the case of little coverage, once the golf cart leaves the boundary of your home property, there’s no backup of any kind. In that case, you have to separately purchase golf cart insurance. This is nothing but an “off-the-road vehicle” policy.

So check with your car insurance company; see if they offer plans for covering anything wrong that happens to or with your golf cart when it’s in use, along with the coverage of repairs needed during the off-season (that is when the cart is in storage).

Golf Insurance – Common Terms Included In the Cover

New Equipment for Old

Let me explain this with an example. Let’s just assume you lost your golf rangefinder or swing sensor. So, at such times, the insurance policy you’ve purchased will cover the cost of a new, more modern or advanced version and not the same old one.

Standard Excess

The amount you have to pay from your own pocket for any claim that crosses the insured sum limit.

Golf Insurance – How Much Does It Cost?

To be honest, there’s no one single cost of golf insurance. The policies start from as low as $50 per month and can go up to $1,000 per month. Obviously, this cost increases with the increase in the amount covered based on your budget and personal preferences.

Golf Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Golf Course Membership Include Golf Insurance?

Every golf membership features a standard public liability insurance plan at some level. Normally, you have to pay extra fees for more advanced and comprehensive coverage (there’s no shortage of packages for that).

Even though some standard level of golf insurance is a part of each golf membership, the coverage is usually not enough to keep you from getting stuck in a situation where you end up paying a lot of money in case you happen to damage something or injure someone accidentally.

So don’t place your complete trust in your membership as far as insurance coverage is concerned. Check beforehand what the membership includes in terms of what’s covered and what’s not.

Is Golf Membership Important for Golf Insurance?

Do you need to be a member of a golf club or course in order to get golf insurance? So that means can you buy insurance as a golfer who just plays as a guest or only during tournaments? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a member to purchase golf insurance.

Does Golf Insurance Cover Golf Travel?

If you travel to different golf destinations quite a lot, then you have to make it a point to choose an insurance plan that offers golf travel coverage as well. Insuring your golf clubs and other gear during travel and abroad, as a frequent flyer, is very, very important. This includes both domestic and international travel.

In that case, also ensure complete golf club protection with well-designed, tough yet lightweight golf travel bags.

Does Home Insurance Cover Golf Clubs?

Were the golf clubs in your home when the situation that caused you to claim your home insurance policy arose? If yes, then your home insurance does indeed cover your precious golf clubs. But if not, meaning if you were at the golf course playing or your clubs were in your car, then the answer to this commonly asked question is no.

What Is the Meaning of Hole In One Insurance?

Now this one’s more commonly used than you think. When you sink a hole during your round of golf, it is quite an achievement. And it is one costly achievement. It just opens the door to ridiculously high-priced traditions like paying for everyone’s drinks at the bar and other such costly prizes.

But there is a way where you can enjoy this fun convention to celebrate your “victory” without bearing the potential costs. And that is getting a Hole In One Insurance.

Does Golf Insurance Include Family Too?

You do have to pay extra if you want to include your family in your insurance plan. Take into consideration the risks and factors involved as far as your loved ones are concerned. If they are a part of golf or if they also travel for golf, then it only makes sense to include them.

That’s It, That’s All There Is to Know About Golf Insurance!

Golf may be fun and enjoyable and all. But, just like any other sport, golf is a risky game. And it becomes even riskier when the stakes are higher. Meaning when you’re using very expensive equipment that can not only get stolen or damaged but also cause damage to someone’s property.

There are plenty of scenarios where your superbly long and straight drive can hit a fellow golfer and injure him/her pretty seriously. So how about making sure that these kinds of damage costs are well taken care of by an insurance company that sells this type of golf insurance. Golf is all about mitigating risks, right? So why not mitigate this risk too!

And golf insurance is a must if you happen to golf A LOT. Because wouldn’t it be better for your state of mind, which only wants to concentrate on playing better, to not have to worry about spending any more money than you already have?

Just make sure you read all the details of the insurance policy of your choice and check if everything you have in mind is a part of the coverage plan.

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