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How to Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Toddlers – Complete Guide

For a child to buy his or her first golf clubs for toddlers is a big decision. And so you have to make sure you make the right choice. Most new kids start off with plastic golf clubs. They’re like child toys but at the same time, they’re entertaining.

If your kid wants to transition from a plastic toy golf club to a real one. You’ve come to the right place to figure it out. Buying beginner golf clubs for toddlers isn’t easy. But it’s not that complicated either.

This article talks about everything you need to know. How to select the right equipment? What is the right golf club that matches their swing? And how does a golf club transform a beginner into an advanced player?

Where to Begin


The first question you need to ask is this. Do you need a golf club set or a specific golf club?

There are plenty of junior golf club sets. They are affordable and versatile to use. And they even cater to the toddler’s growing needs as a golfer. From beginner to intermediate to more advanced levels.

If you purchase an individual golf club, however, it can be a waste. Your kid might grow out of its use over time. So you will have more abandoned and untouched golf clubs than ever.

Junior golf club sets are more adaptable and versatile. They include golf clubs for toddlers that will stay and be of use for a long time. Since junior golf clubs are lightweight and flexible. You can easily buy the best golf clubs for toddlers at an affordable price.

Having said that, here’s the right way to size golf clubs for toddlers.

Sizing Golf Clubs for Toddlers



Keeping length in mind is paramount to finding the right golf clubs for toddlers. It’s most likely that juniors play with golf clubs that are too long for them. This not only affects distance but it also ruins the kid’s confidence.

With a correct driver of the right length, you can come to grips with this problem. The butt end of the club’s grip has to come below the chest cavity of the player. This can easily be figured out by keeping the club right next to the player.

In most cases, the butt end of the grip is around 10 inches long. This is why swing and distance are seriously affected. It either slows down the swing speed drastically. Or the swing feels too fast, too awkward, and ends up dispersing the ball rather than hitting a straight shot.

Make sure the club length is appropriate for your kid’s height. Don’t just look for a golf club set depending upon age. Most junior sets come with age categories from five to seven years onwards.

Having said that, it will be difficult to find a golf club based on just height. So make sure that the driver caters to the majority of your kid’s height.

Club Fitting

When it gets down to brass tacks, measurements are king. You can never buy the wrong golf club for toddlers with the right measurements. With the proper metrics, you can be your toddler’s ideal club-fitter.

Three factors affect the club fitting - spin rate, ball speed, and launch angle. These factors are not only indicative of a player’s performance. But they also decide how well a golf club fits a player.

The right combination of spin, speed, and launch can track the progress of a player. That’s why it’s so important to consider club fitting for golf clubs for toddlers.

Ideally, for children, slow swing speeds equal a reduced launch angle and spin rate. Only then will there be better distance and lift. If the need for a high spin rate and launch angle, it will create reduced carry and shorter distance.


It is normal to think that buying more golf clubs means better performance. But in the case of toddlers, that is not so. If you want your kid to progress, you’ll have to start small. That means buying fewer golf clubs that are ideal.

Once your kid gets accustomed to certain golf clubs. You can then add clubs that help your kid get more interested in golf.

For a toddler, the only focus is to get the ball in the hole. But contact, launch angle, and distance are also important. That’s why professionals recommend a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 7-iron, sand wedge, and a putter.

Toddlers would make the most of these golf clubs. Offering them more power and control over their shots. And make sure they progress with the clubs they already have. Rather than purchase golf clubs that won’t be of any use in the long run.


Never buy golf equipment for a toddler on looks. Your kid might want something flashy but such golf clubs aren’t always high up there on performance.

Lots of golf equipment brands design clubs that cater to young children. So that it can catch a kid’s attention and pique their interest. 

And if an attractive golf club has a wonderful performance rating. Then there’s no doubt as to its effectiveness and game. That is why it’s always important to look both ways before buying golf clubs for toddlers. Especially when you want to make playing golf fun for your kid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I fit a toddler to the right golf club?


While it’s true you cannot find the right golf club for a toddler based on his or her age. Other factors such as height also play an important role here. Many times, a five-year-old swings a club that a nine-year-old is supposed to use.

So to avoid this, fit your kid to the right golf club by doing this. Measure his length from his knuckle to the ground. Professionals also recommend allowing your kid to swing a couple of junior clubs as practice. If there are any spare left for you to try out.

If that option is not available, you can stick to height and age.

A wrong fit can lead to awkward swinging motion. It also affects the kid’s posture and alignment between the club and his stance. 

2. What’s the right age to buy golf clubs for toddlers?


Though it’s not set in stone, there is no right age for kids to buy golf clubs. It all depends on how the kid learns to play golf. And the right equipment he or she needs to do so. It all starts at the age of four. This is when kids are more eager to better their skills and interest.

Meanwhile, it’s also normal for kids to start practicing golf from the age of ten. So on average, the ideal time for a toddler to buy golf clubs is between five to nine. This is also the time when children tend to develop hand-eye coordination and other athletic abilities.

So if you wish to yield positive results, that’s the best time and age to buy golf clubs for toddlers.

3. How many golf clubs for toddlers is ideal?


Even though it’s ideal to buy multiple junior golf clubs for toddlers. You can also buy just one to see if your kid is okay with it. What you ideally need is a putter and 7 iron to get started. With these two golf clubs for toddlers, they can practice the basics first.

And then as the kid progress in his or her practice, other golf clubs can bring better success. For a toddler to learn how to hit a golf ball, how to chip, and putt. All these are well taken care of with a putter and a 7 iron.

4. What is the best type of putter to buy for toddlers?


Speaking of putters, you will find yourself debating between used and new. Choosing the right putter depends upon the feel rather than its condition. If it feels right as you hit the ball or if the weight is balanced or if it’s more fitting. All these factors determine the type of putter you need.

For toddlers, however, purchasing a new putter is the right way to go. Junior golf clubs employ smarter and more efficient technology. Giving children a more confident feeling on the green.

5. Is the price of golf clubs for toddlers important?


When you’re buying golf clubs for toddlers for the first time, price is inevitable. It’s normal to think about your expenses. But it’s also important to consider what could help your kid’s game.

If you buy a golf club based on your kid’s height and skill. You won’t get confused thinking about the price or any other secondary factors. It’s a lot harder than it looks to find a golf club that suits your kid’s game. It’s easier to get stuck on the little details like fancy features and appearance.

If you are afraid of losing your money, think about buying used golf clubs. You can save money, buy in a bundle, and still support your kid’s game.

Final Thoughts

If your kid is enthusiastic about golf, buying the right golf clubs for toddlers is vital. Children get excited and interested in a new sport with new equipment. So buying a standard junior set of golf clubs is important.

The best place, to begin with, is a combination of irons, hybrids, wedge, and putter. If you want to scale down, you can stick to buying a putter and an iron. But your kid will thank you if you go that extra mile to buy only the best golf clubs for toddlers. This article shows you how.


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