Difference Between Mens and Womens Golf Clubs

Difference Between Mens and Womens Golf Clubs

So the point we are going to look at here is the actual difference that tends to exist between mens and womens golf clubs. We are sure that you will have noticed different listings for these clubs, but have you ever investigated what is going on between the clubs themselves?

This question is more interesting than most people realize, and it’s also a bit more involved than you would expect.

So, what is the actual difference? Let’s explore and find out.

The reality is that you will encounter several differences between the two, and we need to go through each part to provide you with a full picture of these clubs.

Difference 1: The Length

In general, the length of the clubs will be different. Typically, you are looking at womens clubs being anywhere from 1.5 inches to 2 inches shorter than clubs designed for men.

But it’s not as clear-cut as all that.

Instead, if you are female and taller than 5’ 9”, then the recommendation is for you to avoid going for ladies clubs. At that point, you are best switching to clubs for men as your typical ladies clubs will then be too short.

If the clubs are too short, then this will impede your swing. Your game will pretty much fall apart, and your handicap will start to climb as you struggle to get around the course.

Difference 2: The Grip

As the length of the club is shorter, it also makes sense that the grip on the club will also be a different size when it comes to ladies clubs. Grips on ladies clubs are designed to be slender than on a mans clubs, and that’s clearly due to the natural size difference when it comes to hands.

But even here there can be an issue.

A thinner grip is often advised for anyone who is wanting to play right to left shots. A smaller grip has the tendency of promoting more action through the swing, and that can lead to you hooking your shot.

If you want to avoid hooking your shot, then go for a thicker grip even if you are female. It’s just not worth hampering your shot just because you think you need to play with a smaller grip.

Difference 3: The Shaft

People are generally surprised to discover that the shaft is also different when examining clubs for men or women. However, there’s a good reason for this.

In general, a male player will generate greater velocity through the swing. That means you need a shaft that is stiffer than average, and the more speed you have, the stiffer it needs to be.

This is all designed to make sure that the head of the club is square onto the ball itself when it goes to address the ball. Anything else means you make a mess of your shot.

But ladies clubs tend to be different.

In general, as not every female golfer plays the game the same way, female players have a tendency to swing the club with more rhythm, and it’s all about timing. The absolute brute force is not something that ranks as highly as it does in the mens game.

That difference in movement does then lead to a change in the shaft requirements. With most ladies clubs, the shaft incorporates more flex than it does in the mens version. 

By including more flex, it means the shaft is capable of generating some additional force through the swing leading to better distances being achieved. 

Difference 4: The Club Head

This difference follows on from the previous point regarding the shaft of the club, and it’s to do with the club head that then accompanies the shaft.

Now, some brands will keep the same club head on both the male and female versions, but that’s not always the case. Also, it’s sometimes best to change things around to ultimately get the absolute best out of the club.

Thanks to the greater flexibility in the shaft, which is also often lighter, it does mean you can use a club head that is larger in size. This makes it easier to hit the ball at the same time, but it also changes the loft degree.

Look at your typical loft on a driver as an example.

The mens driver will usually have a loft somewhere between 9 degrees and 11 degrees. On the female drivers, the loft will tend to sit around 12 degrees, and that changes how it then goes ahead and plays off the tee.

This difference in loft degree is important. It means individuals with a slower swing speed will still be able to get the trajectory that then leads to being able to achieve better distances as a result.

This change in the loft degree, along with other differences in clubs for ladies, will all make a difference in what you can achieve off the tee. However, it’s not only with the driver where there can be a difference.

In general, the irons can also prove to be easier to hit thanks to subtle differences in the head. Once again, this is designed to counteract the slower swing speed, so you don’t miss out when it comes to distance on your shots.

Overall Conclusion

While there can be smaller differences between the clubs that exist, the four points mentioned above are certainly the most common when it comes to golf clubs for men and women.

However, our earlier point regarding height is an important one. Just because a club is apparently aimed at women does not then mean that all women need to use only those clubs.

Golf is all about finding clubs that are suitable for your game, and also your physical nature. Anything else will hinder your ability to play the game, and that’s not good.

In general though, there needs to be these differences in clubs, so pay close attention to the details of each club in question, and then see how it lines up with your own individual game. After that, wait to see the difference it has on your game to see if you made the right decision.

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