Cut Golf Ball review

Cut Golf Ball Review

In this post, we are going to focus on reviewing Cut golf balls. The scary part about reviewing golf balls is the knowledge that so many people don’t even pay that much attention to the balls they use and the difference they can make to a round.

So, let’s see if we can change that by focusing on this particular brand. How do they play? How can they help our game? These are the sorts of questions we will be answering as we work our way through the review.

So, we mentioned Dual Core and Cut, so what’s the difference? Well, let’s quickly look at their Dual Core

Cut Golf Cut DC Golf Balls, White

  • 4-piece construction
  • 105 compression rating
  • 360 dimple pattern
  • Ideal for experienced golfers
  • Designed for greater velocity

What you have here is a golf ball with a four-piece construction complete with a urethane cover and a total of 360 dimples. It also comes with a compression rate that fits in at 105. You can get this ball in both white as well as Atomic Yellow.

The company claims that this is their most advanced golf ball, and that it sits right up there with other premium brands and manufacturers.

The inner core is even designed to produce greater velocity, and this will push you to longer distances while also offering some control over the spin side of things. Of course, it does mean you need to be able to play around with spin via your shots in the first place.


  • The cover on the ball is of tour quality
  • Offers a solid sound upon connection
  • High compression rate means better for players with fast swing speed
  • Offers significant control over your shot


  • The outer core could be damaged if you tend to be rough with your shots


The Dual Core range certainly comes with a lot of hype, and it’s a ball that does tend to live up to it all. Yes, the outer surface can become damaged, but this is something they have improved upon when compared to older versions, so getting the newer brand would be advisable.

Overall, if you do tend to have a faster swing speed, then this ball could fit the bill perfectly.

2. Cut Grey Golf Ball

Cut Grey Golf Balls, 3 Piece Urethane (One Dozen)
  • 3-piece construction
  • 314 dimple pattern
  • Compression rate of 80
  • Urethane cover

When it comes to certain numbers, the Cut Grey is different from the rest. It has a three-piece construction while it still has the urethane cover and a 314 dimple pattern. 

This dimple pattern is more important than most people realize. It does deal with the spin and flight of the ball, but the dimple pattern with this range is in line with what you would expect from a ball that is designed to be softer than other options. 

With the Cut Grey, the compression rate drops to 80, and it does mean this ball is going to be suitable for individuals with more of a moderate swing speed. The softer compression rate does help those individuals with a higher handicap as it offers you better control over your shot.

Also, when working around the edge of the green, this ball is going to get some bite when it lands. This could help stop you rolling on past the pin as often as you have been doing, so time spent on the green should be reduced.

It does still have the same urethane cover that you would expect on the range, and it’s certainly durable enough considering the ball itself is slightly softer in nature compared to the Dual Core range.


  • Softer feel makes it perfect for moderate swing speeds
  • Dimple pattern helps provide some grip around the green
  • Reasonable cover that should last some time
  • Has higher spin rating than some giving you more control


  • If you have a high swing speed, then another Cut golf ball is best


This particular ball is the perfect solution for people with a slower swing speed. It does help push your shot through the air while the ability to get some extra bite around the green is a great thing. 

The high spin may put off some people checking out this ball, but remember who the ball is designed for, and the way in which it will help get extra distance when power is lacking.

Overall, this is a well thought out ball that could make a difference for those with that moderate swing speed.

3. Cut Blue

Cut Blue Golf Balls, 4 Piece Urethane (One Dozen)
  • Urethane cover as normal
  • 4-piece construction
  • Compression rating of 90
  • 314 dimple pattern

The Cut Blue range has a compression rating of 90, so while it’s not as soft as the Cut Grey, it’s pretty similar. However, this small difference does change how the ball is going to act after it has left the face of the club.

The Cut Blue does have a softer feel than most balls on the market, and that’s going to make it fit in with anybody that has a moderate swing speed. However, even those with a slightly faster swing speed may benefit from this ball.

With the compression, the ball will be pushed through the air in a far more penetrative manner than the Cut Grey. It may very well add a few extra yards onto your shot as a result.

However, this ball does come with a lower spin level than others on the range. With this lower spin, it does mean it rules out people with the slowest swing speed as you then need higher spin to get the ball higher off the ground.

Finally, this ball is going to do more of a roll on the green compared to other balls in the range. It’s worth keeping this in mind if you prefer to spin back with your approaches to the green as this ball will be less compliant with this.

Overall, it’s a quality ball that will get your shot up into the air and gain you a few extra yards. However, it won’t give as much control in and around the green if you love to use spin, so keep that in mind.


  • Low spin pushes the ball through the air with ease
  • Ideal for moderate swing speeds
  • Well constructed and easy to control


  • People with slow swing speeds will struggle with the low spin


This ball works well for pretty much everyone aside from those with the slowest swing speeds. At that point, you need a few other things to help your game. The compression rating covers a wide range of styles of players, and you will love the ball if you enjoy rolling the ball onto the green.

4. The Cut Matte Line

Insert Image

  • Available in various bright colors
  • Softest compression in the range at 65
  • Ionomer cover on the ball
  • 314 dimple pattern as standard

Finally, there’s the Cut Matte Line, They tend to come with brighter colors, which does appeal to some people, and even though the construction is the same as the Cut Grey and Cut Blue, there is one difference, and that’s with the compression.

With this line, the compression is down at 65, so this is a pretty soft golf ball. This will help people with a slower swing speed as the softer the ball, the greater the distance that can be achieved with the right connection.

The ball itself offers low spin, but it’s the compression that’s going to push the trajectory higher as a result. This is perfect for individuals with a slower swing speed as you need all the help you can get to push things up into the air and get the best possible distance.

When it comes to working in and around the greens, then this range does provide a certain amount of control. You are able to check the ball, if you have that control in your arsenal, but don’t expect it to get a lot of spin on the green as that’s not going to work out well for you.

Overall, people with a slow swing speed need some assistance from the ball they use, and this line from Cut Golf is not going to disappoint. 


  • Inexpensive balls
  • Soft compression does help with slower swing speeds
  • The ability to check the ball on the green is impressive
  • It offers a high trajectory


  • The compression means it’s not suitable for people with faster swing speeds


This ball does deliver on what it promises. It’s very soft, but that’s not always a bad thing since you can use it to your advantage. Overall, it gets good trajectory, and will help push your drives out to new distances, and who wouldn’t want that to happen to their shots?

The Cut Range

Most of those listed as being part of the Cut range will still come with the same urethane cover and a four-piece construction, but that’s where the similarities with the Dual Core ends.

Instead of a 360 dimple pattern, this is reduced to 314, and that’s a fairly big reduction. Also, the compression rate is 95, and that’s also something that will change the flight and overall reaction of the ball. 

The aim of the Cut range is to try to reduce the height that the ball will soar to as well as the height it achieves off the tee. If you have a tendency to hit the ball too high, and then lose distance from your shot, then this could be something that helps tame things a bit for you.

Introducing Cut Golf

Cut Golf hasn’t been around for that long, so it’s always tough for the new kids on the block to make their mark, but it does seem that they have been doing just that. Remember, they are up against some stellar names in the industry, so they need to be capable of doing something special to make a difference.

So, what are they offering when it comes to their golf balls?

Materials and Aerodynamics

Perhaps the first thing to mention is their claim of using different materials and really getting to work on the aerodynamics. Now, both are important with a golf ball as they have a direct impact on how the ball reacts as it goes through the air.

But they go one step further.

They have seven, yes seven, different golf balls on offer, and they are apparently designed to help different players with various issues. If that is the case, then these balls could have a lot of promise surrounding them.

The Main Features

So, let’s quickly look at the main features of these balls to give you some sort of an indication as to what you should expect.

First up, there’s the different balls. They offer the following:

  • Dual Core

  • Cut Blue

  • Cut Grey

  • Cut Matte White

  • Cut Matte Yellow

  • Cut Matte Orange

  • Cut Matte Pink

But that’s not all. These balls are also available in both trial sleeves and dozen options, so you can check them out without becoming too invested in them.

The one thing that’s clear is that this company is trying to cover all bases, and the balls we compared above are perfect examples of all of that. Each one only has a few subtle differences, but the way in which it can change your entire game is something to keep in mind when making your ball selection.

Overall Conclusion

So, what’s our overall conclusion regarding this range? Well, it’s good that they have different compression ratings depending on your swing speed. They do change how the ball is going to react to your shot, and they can make a difference to your game.

Usually with these sorts of posts, we choose an overall winner and another one that is worthy of a mention, but that’s not the case here. Instead, we recommend you look at your swing speed, and then choose the appropriate compression rating. 

Any Cut ball is well made, and it delivers on results without it breaking the bank. Focus more on the compression rating rather than anything else, and you should start to see some difference in your shots without having to stress about your swing itself.

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