Can Golf Carts Climb Hills

Can Golf Carts Climb Hills?

Everyone gets excited to see their first golf cart and is ready to have fun rides in golf clubs as well as other locations. Many readers might have already begun using it while others are thinking of purchasing one suitable for them. If you are considering learning about a golf cart’s ability to move on hills, then you are on the right page. It is an important aspect that e=people look for while searching for a variety of these vehicles. Different carts show different performances while climbing up a hill.

Golf carts have the ability to carry you through the hills. In this decade, several models have been introduced that manufacture both gas and electric golf carts. Both types show impressive results while traveling through the slope. In the case of older golf carts, it is better to prefer gas-driven vehicles over electric ones.

In this post, I have included some key pointers that will facilitate you in riding up hills without any difficulty. Moreover, I have also listed the main factors that do not allow a person to fulfill this desire and one needs to focus on them before taking the cart to that specific area.

Choosing The Perfect Motor And Parts For Hills:-


Several golfers try reaching the hills with their cart but then roll back since their vehicle cannot go further. One of the main reasons it happens is due to the volts that a motor needs to run. Generally, normal battery-driven carts that draw less voltage are used to face this drawback. There are high chances that several electric carts that cannot climb steep hills are older. The power supply of their motors is not more than 36V.

Therefore, it is better to choose a 48V battery-powered cart if you like moving up a hilly area. As I have mentioned earlier that this characteristic varies from one golf cart to another, the same is the case here. It is extremely important to know the voltages while looking at the specifications of several models.

Generally, the more the voltage, the higher the acceleration and the more the number of extra volts. These volts assist the cart in ascending. Thus, I suggest that a person should opt for a 48V electric cart that will easily move and save you from embarrassment.

Did you know that 72V golf carts are also available now in the market? They are extra powerful and require a lot of voltage. Unfortunately, a major portion of the energy is wasted during traveling. Moreover, these models are highly expensive and are not affordable. Therefore, I highly recommend motors that need 48 volts. It is a cost-effective option without compromising performance.

Modifying The 36V Golf Cart:

If you cannot upgrade to a better golf cart due to any reason, no need to feel disappointed. After certain changes, you can make a 36V vehicle move with more speed than before. Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO produce models that are widely used by players. Furthermore, their parts are readily available in online and other stores. If you own a cart from one of these companies, you can replace some parts with new ones and enjoy the same ride as others do.

Size Of Tires:

This might be a surprising fact for many readers that the size of tires also affects the capability of golf carts to climb up the hilly areas. It seems like small tires are more efficient and preferable here, but this is not the case. Usually, purchasing large tires is beneficial in this situation.

A standard golf cart has 8 inches wheels with 18 inches tires. This size is suitable when someone has a powerful cart with high horsepower. However, if the motor and engine have less strength, the cart’s speed will be significantly slow on hills. The perfect size range for cart tires to serve the purpose is between 20 and 23 inches. You will become surely overjoyed after seeing the outcome yourself.

Type Of Tires:

You might be familiar with the regular tires that fit in the golf cart. These are called street tires. They are highly suitable for routine and normal golfing and allow smooth rides. However, when it comes to moving up the hill and descending, will be a daunting task for you.

Sloppy areas are often rough with mud or rocky terrain. So you need more grip here. One of the best tires that offer extra and sufficient grip is knobby tires. They are also called offroad tires. As their name suggests, manufacturers have specially designed them for areas other than golf courses.

Battery Voltage And Current:

Before climbing uphill, it is necessary and beneficial to check the amperage and voltage. It will prevent you from facing any problems and avoid the sudden break in the ride. For checking, you have to read a voltmeter and ensure that the battery is completely charged.

Factors That Prevent A Golf Cart From Moving Uphill:-

Some major factors due to which you notice a struggling cart are old golf cart, extremely small tires, less voltage, and current. In addition, sometimes electric motors require resetting which results in fixing some issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Carts:-

Which golf cart is best for uphills?

Generally, gas golf carts perform better than electric ones while climbing hills since they have more horsepower. When it comes to electric carts, a 48V vehicle works more perfectly than a low-power cart.

Can electric carts go uphills?

Yes, electric carts go uphills when they are designed for a voltage greater than 36 volts. Moreover, current models are better in performance, while the older ones might not stay on a slope.

Final Thoughts:-

I hope that after reading this post, you are now aware of the golf cart p[roperties and aspects that help golfers to move through a hilly area. In addition, I have also listed some factors that can prevent a motor vehicle from climbing upwards. Keeping these pointers in mind proves beneficial when deciding on spending money on a golf cart.

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