Callaway Warbird vs Supersoft

Callaway Warbird vs Supersoft

If you thought that all you had to do was to grab a ball, and that was the limit of your interaction with a ball, then you would be wrong. Instead, there are a number of reasons as to why you need to pay more attention to the ball than you think.

Of course, that means working your way through the myriad of options out there on the market, but let’s see if we can make things a bit easier for you.

Here, we will compare two different balls. They are the Callaway Warbird vs the Supersoft

Callaway Warbird

2021 Callaway Warbird Golf Balls , White
  • Engineered for maximum ball speed

  • Contains HEX aerodynamics for reduced drag

  • Optimized ionomer cover

  • Ball designed for optimum feel

  • Comes with a 2-piece design

The Callaway Warbird is an impressive golf ball. It contains special aerodynamics which has the intention of reducing drag on the ball, so you should be able to go ahead and get greater distances with your shots.

But the benefits of the aerodynamics won’t end there. It also improves the hang time in the air, and that also has an impact on the end result you can achieve. Basically, this ball can add a few yards onto your shot, and that’s something that every golfer would want.

Also, they have engineered the ball to produce maximum speed off your shots, as well as reducing the amount of energy that is lost at the moment where you address the ball.

This is partly due to the compression on the ball. The compression rate is high, and that means the ball can unlock some additional speed when you make contact, and that speed leads to those greater distances.

Overall, the ball focuses on boosting speed and distance over added control, but that’s absolutely fine and there’s little doubt that the Callaway Warbird can make a significant difference to your game.


  • It will add distance to your shots

  • It will improve speed through the ball

  • It is highly compressed, and that improves your game

  • It will provide better aerodynamics


  • If you already have a fast swing speed, then this could be too much


Callaway Supersoft

2021 Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls , White
  • Comes with hybrid cover

  • Soft compression delivers maximum energy transfer

  • Contains HEX aerodynamics for better flight

  • Offers lower spin on the ball

  • Delivers high launch angles

The Callaway Supersoft promises to change your game, and it is certainly capable of doing this in a number of ways.

First, the soft compression does mean it is capable of delivering maximum energy transfer when you address the ball. Add in the aerodynamics, and that should mean this ball is going to travel through the air with ease.

But that’s not the only thing.

It also promises to deliver lower spin and better launch angles with your shots. All of those things will equate to better distance on your shots, while there’s also a sense of you having greater control over your shot as well.

The hybrid cover with the modern version of the Supersoft has been changed from older models. It contains an impact modifier, and it will give you better control around the green.

Overall, this ball is more about control and changing how the ball reacts after being struck over speed and distance.


  • It has excellent aerodynamics

  • It will reduce spin on your shots meaning it flies through the air more easily

  • It provides a better launch angle than other balls

  • It will give you better control over your shots

  • It can still improve distance


  • If you already hit the ball high, then this ball won’t help


Comparing the Two Balls

What is clear is that Callaway has created these two golf balls with different things in mind. You are looking at one focusing on distance and speed, while the other is more about control and getting the ball off the deck.

What that means is you need to be aware of the issues with your own game to then get a ball that is capable of making a positive difference.

Both balls are excellent in their own right. They are both capable of performing exceptionally well, but you do need to know what to expect from the ball before you start playing with it.

Who are They For?

The Warbird and Supersoft are aimed at two different players with different approaches to their game.

The Warbird is more for those individuals that need more distance and speed. This is best if you struggle with your swing speed, as you will be missing out on some distance on your shots as a direct result of that.

At the same time, the Supersoft is better for those players struggling to get the ball in the air, and where too much spin on their shots leads to losing distance. This ball will counteract both of those problem areas, and the end result you can achieve will be quite impressive.

The Scores

To help you see which ball is best for your game, we can see how they line up against one another.

Distance: Warbird - 95  Supersoft - 92

Speed: Warbird - 94  Supersoft - 90

Control: Warbird - 90  Supersoft - 95

Durability: Warbird - 92  Supersoft - 92

Overall Conclusion

Overall, it’s tough to go ahead and choose which ball is best between these two options are they both perform exceptionally well in their own right. 

As we said earlier, it depends on your own game and where you struggle as to which one is best for you. 

The wrong golf ball will have a major negative impact on your game. It will lead to less control, poorer shots, and added strokes to your round. Take time to understand your game, and how you can then counteract those problem areas, and you will see a significant improvement.

Callaway may be better known for producing quality golf clubs, but these two products show they are also fantastic at developing other products as well. You will certainly not feel left out on the course if you go for either of these balls.

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