Callaway Strata vs Wilson Ultra

Callaway Strata vs Wilson Ultra

Both Callaway and Strata are known for producing high-quality golf clubs even if they are sometimes at the opposite end of the price range. 

However, it’s always interesting to compare two sets with one another to see which one is actually going to be capable of producing the best possible outcome for you. 

Callaway Strata Overview

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete 12 Piece Package Set (Right Hand, Steel)
  • Can have an 18 piece set

  • Driver has a huge sweet spot

  • Woods designed for better control over the shot

  • Irons designed to help get the ball up into the air

  • Putter focuses more on distance control

The first thing we need to say about the Callaway Strata set is that it is primarily aimed at those starting out in golf, or those still struggling to get their handicap down.

This becomes apparent as you look at the different clubs that appear in the set, as they are all designed to help you out with different shots. 

If we look at the driver, then it has a massive sweet spot which allows you to really just let rip off the tee. There’s less need to worry about where the ball is going, unless you are seriously offline from the tee, as this driver will pull you right, to a certain extent.

But then there’s the irons. They come with the Callaway high flight technology, and that kind of gives the game away as to what you should expect from these clubs. 

Their irons also provide you with a real sense of absolute control over your shots, and this is something that new players will often struggle with. 

Moving to the putter, then Callaway has gone big on distance control across the board, and that’s going to determine how you make your shot. It does provide you with a reasonable amount of feedback from the shot as well, so making improvements to your putting game is easy.

Callaway Strata full set

Different Strata Sets

But the Strata does come with different set options depending on your needs or wants. As well as an 18-piece set, there’s a 16-piece set for ladies, and also another 12-piece set.

While there is little difference between the sets, the array of clubs you get will clearly change. However, it is argued that the driver in the 12-piece set is even more forgiving than most, so that may be something that’s important to you and your game.

Callaway Strata full set

Overall Impression of the Callaway Strata Set

The thing that stands out with the Callaway Strata set is that the clubs are certainly designed to make it very easy to strike the ball. Also, factor in those huge sweet spots, and there’s no doubt that this set is going to help people struggling with getting to grips with their game.

It keeps things nice and simple, so you won’t see too much about moving the CoG, or the MOI. Instead, this set is all about getting you around the course and helping you out as much as possible.

Callaway Strata full set

The Pros

  • The sweet spots on these clubs are impressive.

  • The clubs are well-balanced and give you confidence in your swing.

  • The putter helps you out with distance control enhancing your putting game.

  • The sets have a good array of clubs to cover all your shots.

  • The sets also come with hybrids that will become your favorite club.

The Cons

  • If you want a lot of feedback, then this is not the set for you.


The Wilson Ultra Overview

Wilson Golf Ultra Plus Packageset, Men's Right Handed, Regular Carry, Grey/Yellow
  • Simple complete sets available.

  • Budget option, but not budget in what it offers.

  • Driver has brilliant aerodynamics and sweet spot.

  • Comes with cavity back irons.

  • Low weighting on wedges and short game irons.

The Wilson Ultra set may not look the best, but what you have here is an impressive budget complete set that may very well help get you out onto the course. 

As with the Strata, you do have different set options out there, so look around to see which version offers you the right balance of clubs for your game. However, no matter which one you choose, this is a set that won’t let you down when out on the course.

The driver has a 460cc head, so it’s right up there at the maximum limit. However, it does have a huge sweet spot, and Wilson has used new aerodynamics to improve the way in which the driver will move through your swing. That alone should result in better distances.

Aside from the driver, it’s the irons in the set that are the most impressive. They are cavity backed, and their aim is to provide you with a whole lot of control over your iron shots, without you having to worry too much about the quality of your shot.

The blades on the irons are also undercut, and this is done with absolute precision. It does mean you should be able to achieve straighter, and longer iron shots than ever before.

Finally, there’s the short game clubs to talk about. They come with a low weighting, and the aim here is to make it easier for you to keep that control, and also get closer to the pin. 

These irons are also very forgiving, but they also provide you with the ability to really pick and choose your shots knowing the clubs will be there to help you out.

Wilson Ultra

Overall Impression of the Wilson Ultra Set

As we said at the outset, this may not be the best looking set, but that doesn’t take anything away from its performance.

This set is perfect for people starting out. Not only does it come in at a bargain price, but it will undoubtedly help you as much as possible on the course while you come to terms with your game and how to play it.

You do get a good balance of clubs throughout the set, and you should have no difficulty in being able to make your different shots as you get around the course. The clubs are all highly forgiving as well, so let your swing go, and see what happens.

Wilson Ultra

The Pros

  • The forgiving nature of the clubs is a huge bonus.

  • The balance of the irons in particular is outstanding in this set.

  • You should be able to see a difference in your short game.

  • The driver will add distance to your game.

The Cons

  • This set is really only for those starting out.


How Both Sets Compare

Both sets are pretty even as they do target the same market with a focus on players either starting with the game, or when they have a high handicap. That means we have some interesting comparisons to make.

With either set, you have clubs that are extremely forgiving. They are specifically designed to help you out with those mishits since there’s a decent chance you will be making a number of them. 

In that area, they are both pretty even, and that’s something that applies across the full range of clubs.

But with the short game, then Wilson actually has the edge here. They have made some slight changes to the way in which the clubs react around the green, and that is due to lowering the weight.

This gives you more feel with your shot than you may get with the Strata set. That leads to you having greater choice over shot selection, which is kind of key when you are in and around the green.

The balance from each set is also pretty even. These clubs are going to have a tendency to come square onto the ball, but then when you factor in the forgiveness aspect, then you don’t have to stress about the connection.

So both sets are pretty even in their comparison. Both clearly have the same ideas in mind with their design, and they each have the intention of making it easier to hit the ball as well.

Both the Strata and Ultra have the aim of making life a whole lot easier. They don’t overload you with technology or having to adjust the clubs according to your game. Instead, they focus more on just getting you around the course, and they both do it exceptionally well.

Their Scores

So, which option do we see as being the best? Let’s check out the scores to determine the winner.

Set Options: Callaway - 96  Wilson - 89

Ease of Use: Callaway - 94  Wilson - 94

Forgiveness: Callaway - 94  Wilson 96

Quality of Driver: Callaway - 93  Wilson - 92

Quality of Irons: Callaway - 90  Wilson - 94

Overall, it’s a close thing, and either set is going to be perfect for people starting out. However, Callaway Strata does edge it, and it’s primarily thanks to the set options that are available.

That’s not to say the Wilson Ultra is a bad set. It’s really not. However, the Callaway Strata just pips it at the post. 

Neither set is going to break the bank when it comes to buying them, so there’s no need to worry about that aspect either. But if you perhaps want something that is slightly more forgiving than others out there, then you would go for the Wilson Ultra set in that instance. 

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