Callaway Rogue Draw Driver Review

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver Review

With the unveiling of their latest Callaway Rogue Draw driver, it makes sense to go ahead and see what it’s capable of offering us. After all, whenever Callaway launches something, we kind of expect it to work pretty well. So, is that the case?

The Club

  •  Comes with their Jailbreak effect to increase ball speed

  • Weight distribution enhances draw effect

  • Carbon crown to enhance MOI

  • 9 degrees of loft

  • Different shaft options to suit your personal preferences

The Callaway Rogue Draw driver is different to the normal Rogue driver, and that’s something that people are often guilty of overlooking. That’s because it contains slightly different weighting that deals with the draw effect on the club, so you need to be careful when selecting this driver.

Actually, Callaway themselves have stated that this club is going to have a bias of around 7 yards compared to a normal driver, and that makes a huge difference.

This club is packed full of technology that’s all designed to help you out with your shots, and that means it deals with speed, trajectory, and also being pretty forgiving on top of it all.

By including their jailbreak technology, it means the ball is going to fly off the face of the club without losing as much energy. That leads to greater speed, and better distances as well.

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver


Even though this club is looking at increasing ball speed, don’t think that it will then translate into you having less control. Instead, Callaway has made sure that this club is also highly forgiving as well.

This is partly due to the head being exceptionally stable. Also, with the distribution of the weight, it means they have been able to include a massive sweet spot on the driver, and that allows you to just let rip off the tee.

One other point. The sweet spot on this club is located more to the heel of the face. While that won’t be a problem for most, it does mean if you are toe-heavy, then you could end up losing some of the ball speed as a result.

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

The Design

As this is a draw driver, it does come with a slightly different look compared to other drivers. In this instance, it has more of a triangular shape, and it’s clear that it has more of a bulge in the head that’s aimed toward the heel.

This can throw you off at first, but any doubts are dismissed as soon as you use the driver for the first time. 

Overall, the club looks slick in its design. It looks streamlined and it will look pretty darn good in your bag.

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

The Feel

You want your driver to deliver a reasonable amount of feedback in your shots, and this model won’t let you down.

As the club is so stable, it does mean you don’t really feel as if it’s capable of twisting and turning in your hands at any point. It feels stable throughout the swing, and that gives you the confidence to let go and allow the driver to do its job.

This stability is even apparent when you are aware that you have not managed to hit the ball in the heart of the face. It’s not going to give up on you, and you still get enough feedback to be aware that something was not quite right with your motion.

But then there’s the sound it gives off when you make contact. There’s a clear difference in sound depending on how you hit the ball. Hit in the heart, and it’s solid, but move off the middle, then it quickly becomes quite hollow.

That in itself is a good thing. You know exactly what has gone on, and you can then make changes.

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

The Performance

But all of this is fine, but how does the club perform? Well, it turns out that it’s pretty good. 

First, that thing about ball speed. Even when you have a mishit, it’s not going to reduce the ball speed as much as you would expect, and that’s huge. 

Also, the club does indeed have a huge draw bias. It allows you to really counteract a natural slice, and it will get the ball back onto the straight and narrow when a slice is a huge issue.

But there is a problem. If you have a tendency to draw your shots anyway, then the club is clearly going to be wrestling against you. That is something you really must think about before you go out and purchase this club.

Overall though, this driver performs well, and it’s just what you would expect from a Callaway.

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

Who is it For?

This driver covers a wide base. High to mid handicap players are going to enjoy how forgiving it is, but it is clearly aimed more at the individuals that tee off with a natural slice.

The Pros

  • It is very forgiving with a nice sweet spot

  • It plays consistently allowing you to let go with your shots

  • It does indeed have an impressive draw bias

  • It keeps ball speed even with mishits

The Cons

  • If you already draw your shots, then this club won’t help

Overall Conclusion

The Callaway Rogue Draw driver is an excellent club for anybody having difficulty with slicing their tee shots. It will counteract that with ease, and when you then factor in the way it’s highly forgiving with mishits, then this is a club that is firmly on your side.

It feels well-balanced. The sound it makes lets you know what your shot was like. Also, it looks pretty cool in your bag. This club is undoubtedly one that has been designed to do a specific job, and there’s no way that it’s going to let you down.

Overall, this is what you expect from a Callaway driver, and if you do struggle with your tee shots, then adding this model to your bag could make a huge difference to your end result. After all, anything that provides consistency in the way that this model does is certainly something you need to pay attention to.

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