Callaway Edge Review

Callaway Edge Review – Are These Golf Clubs the Best for Beginners?

Welcome to the Callaway Edge Review where I talk about the brand’s so-called “secret” set of golf clubs. Secret because Callaway did not really advertise these clubs – no traditional launch, announcement, promotion, etc. Don’t want to get into the WHY part of it, rather let me just tell you that these affordable golf clubs have turned out to be quite prodigious.

If you think Callaway adopted the marketing discretion approach because the brand was even in the least bit flustered about these clubs, let me just stop you right there and tell you that you could not be more wrong. The Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Set is anything but embarrassing or crummy.

But the oath of secrecy was maintained only for a short while. Once the sets started selling at Costco (yes, that’s where golfers came to know about the existence of Callaway Edge!), it was only a matter of time their full potential was realized. And that’s when these golf clubs gained popularity.

So how about I walk you through the set and its many amazing technologies and features?

Callaway Edge Combo Set – Who’s It For?

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set-Right Handed

If you ask me, the 10-piece set designed by Callaway here is suitable for all sorts of average golfers, and even beginners as a matter of fact. Simply put, if you’re someone who just wants to purchase an affordable yet top-quality set of golf clubs, unisex Callaway Edge is the option to pick for sure.

The perfect beginner-friendly set that also works for high handicappers and intermediate golfers. This means factors like accuracy, feel, AND distance are all well taken care of.

You can think of Callaway Edge as your go-to foundational set of golf clubs to which you can easily add more clubs along the way (such as 5-iron, 3-iron, 3-hybrid, etc.)

Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Set – Quick Rundown

It’s one of Callaway’s easiest golf clubs to hit. The hybrid irons are incredibly forgiving indeed, plus they look pretty neat too. Here are the specifications…

Golf Club Shaft Length Hand Orientation Loft (In Degrees) Lie In Degrees) Shaft Material
3-hybrid 39.5 inches RH and LH 19 58.5 Graphite
4-hybrid 39.5 inches RH and LH 22 59.25 Graphite
5-hybrid 38.75 inches RH and LH 25 60 Graphite
7-iron 37 inches RH and LH 32 65 Graphite/Steel
8-iron 36.5 inches RH and LH 36 63 Graphite/Steel
9-iron 36 inches RH and LH 40 63.5 Graphite/Steel
Pitching wedge PW) 35.75 inches RH and LH 45 64 Graphite/Steel
Approach wedge (AW) 35.5 inches RH and LH 50 64 Graphite/Steel
Sand wedge (SW) 35.25 inches RH and LH 55 64 Graphite/Steel

So it’s a 10-piece golf club set. And each club features Regular shaft flex, along with a driver with an oversized titanium head. Unfortunately, there’s no golf bag included (although women can buy one of those from these top cart and stand golf bag recommendations).

Callaway Edge – Initial Opinion

The first impression consists of immense appreciation for the inclusion of a very forgiving and playable set of 10 golf clubs. The set includes a driver, 3-wood, hybrid, 6-9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter. It’s just the perfect choice for anyone new to the game or someone who wants to buy a simple, affordable upgrade.

Oversized woods with their graphite shaft and low center of gravity to correct off-center shots (they’re more common than you think). Cavity-back irons to improve launch. And premium Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter with a traditional head shape to impart exceptional greenside feel and control.

Simply said, high handicappers and beginners are sure to benefit the most from a set like this. But what I also noticed at first sight is that the price, in comparison to another beginner-friendly set by the brand, Callaway Strata, is slightly higher. So does that mean quality, performance, and such factors are also slightly superior? Let’s find out!

Complete Breakdown of Callaway Edge Golf Set – What’s Included?

1. Callaway Edge Driver

Callaway Edge Driver

Most beginners will assume that a golf driver as good as this costs a ton of money because no club can be that forgiving without coming at a cost (draining your wallet). But none of those assumptions about the cost is true.

The Callaway Edge Driver features an oversized titanium head that boosts distance. Combine that with the graphite shaft, also lightweight, thus perfect for slower swing speeds.

And that’s not it because the driver is also outfitted with a low, back CG (center of gravity) placement, which is what takes care of launching the golf ball high enough to maximize carry distance.

Moving on to the driver loft, that number is 10.5 degrees. Now for beginners, a loft of around 12 degrees would be better since the higher the loft, the less likely you are to slice the golf ball. But then there’s the low CG that paves the way for a higher launch. Taking that into consideration, Callaway’s driver here is perfect for beginner and high-handicap golfers.

2. Callaway Edge 3-Wood

Callaway Edge 3-Wood

Just like the driver, even the 3-wood features a low CG to get your golf ball airborne easily and to get it to launch in the direction of the target. By default, a low center of gravity makes the club much, much easier to hit. And that’s why Callaway Edge golf clubs have that in common, hence are the most suitable for beginners and high handicappers.

Moving on, the 3-wood is also designed with perimeter weighting for promoting straighter shots. It’s important to straighten the flight of the golf ball because there’s just no sense in hitting farther when that shot is going to travel in the wrong direction.

And of course, there’s the lightweight, slow-swing-speed-friendly graphite shaft, along with an oversized clubhead for distance and accuracy off the tee/fairway.

3. Callaway Edge 5-Hybrid

Callaway Edge 5-Hybrid

Now here’s the golf club that occupies the gap between the previous club (3-wood) and the set’s first iron (6-iron). No doubt, a hybrid (long iron alternative), especially this 5-hybrid, is the easiest one to hit in the whole set. So it’s most likely to become your go-to golf club when on the fairway or in the rough.

The loft is such, 25 degrees, that you don’t struggle anymore with getting the golf ball airborne. Plus, it’s equipped with a compact clubhead that’s generously forgiving to allow your shots to fly straight and the most accurately every single time.

4. Callaway Edge Irons

Callaway Edge Irons

The irons included in the 10-piece Callaway Edge set – 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron, pitching wedge, and sand wedge. Now, these are all cavity-back irons, hence the easiest to hit plus they get the ball airborne with minimal effort on your part.

With a cavity-back structure and larger clubhead, off-center strikes feel less punished. So you can still expect your mis-hits to see the light of day.

What about the shaft of these cavity-back Callaway irons? They’re steel of course, like most golf irons out there. And even though cheap, their performance level can be pitted against just about any expensive set of irons currently available.

5. Callaway Edge Pitching Wedge

Since the irons feature a large clubhead as well as additional grooves, even the pitching wedge does. And that means even the PW of the set is extremely forgiving, which gives you the upper hand when it comes to getting the golf ball high up in the air the most easily.

Those extra grooves, just so you know, also produce abundant backspin, which is perfect for greenside approach shots.

6. Callaway Edge Sand Wedge

To hit out of the sand, for a beginner, seems like a very challenging and sometimes even impossible task. But then does that mean leaving out your sand wedge? I don’t think that’s the right solution, but only when the sand wedge is this one by Callaway.

Be it sand or tall grass, the wedge here makes it much easier for you to get under the golf ball while also making good contact with it.

Here’s PGA Professional Rick Shiels with his 3 most effective tips to get out of bunkers…

7. Odyssey White Hot Putter

Odyssey White Hot Putter

The basic beginner-friendly set that is Callaway Edge gets its ‘exceptional’ and ‘outstanding’ quality mainly from its Odyssey White Hot Putter. A putter like this in a golf club set is proof that the short game matters just as much as the long game. Because it’s the former, after all, that turns out to be the most effective when it comes to lowering your handicap.

So high handicappers are the most likely to benefit from a white hot putter like the Odyssey creation. But what does ‘White Hot’ really mean here? The putter is designed in such a way so as to generate a pure roll, along with handing out max. forgiveness on sub-optimal contact with the golf ball. And let’s not forget the amazing feel that also comes with all this.

Furthermore, the Odyssey White Hot Putter also features a substantial, chunky grip called Super Stroke. It’s simply the best for putting stroke consistency because the grip reduces wrist rotation. Just an exceptional feel in my opinion!

It’s a high-caliber putter that works for all kinds of golfers. In fact, even if you happen to outgrow the Callaway Edge set, this putter would still fit into your new one. So no need for recalibrating the feel of a new putter. This Odyssey putter, hands down, is phenomenal in terms of its performance level AND value.

So Is There Something Missing From the Callaway Edge Set?

If you have a preference, such as carrying 4 wedges, then you might benefit from buying a gap wedge separately because that’s not a part of Callaway Edge. It seems like the perfect wedge to fill the space between Callaway’s pitching wedge and sand wedge.

As for the fourth wedge, you may want to purchase a 58-degree lob wedge.

And lastly, if you absolutely must carry an entire 14-club golf set (although it’s not really necessary), then you can also buy a 4-hybrid.

Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Set – Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Reasonably priced set for beginners, high handicappers
  • Oversized clubhead for drastic distance improvement
  • Very forgiving, perimeter-weighted, cavity-back irons
  • Odyssey White Hot Putter – softer feel and consistent distance control

Any Negatives?

  • No golf bag included
  • Loft spacing between wedges isn’t the most ideal
  • Irons are steel-shafted, thus not for slower swing speeds

Callaway Edge vs. Callaway Strata – The Ultimate Comparison

It’s only common for beginners to be confused between these two Callaway golf sets – Edge and Strata. And just by the way, the latter is available in both male and female versions. Meaning there’s Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Set and Callaway Women’s Strata Golf Set. So how do you, as a beginner golfer, decide between Edge and Strata?

There are both differences and similarities between the two, no doubt. But it’s Callaway Edge that seems like a more worthy long-term investment. With this set, you get high-quality golf clubs at a reasonably fair price. However, Callaway Strata is cheaper than that, in terms of both price and quality. But then the brand is still Callaway, hence still a solid feel.

What’s So Great About Both Edge and Strata?

Both golf club sets are praiseworthy, that’s for sure. Beginners seem to love everything about them, especially their incredible forgiveness on mis-hits. The design of both Edge and Strata golf clubs is suitable for the slower swing speeds of amateur golfers. And then there’s the affordability factor too that plays a huge part.

How Is Callaway Edge Better Than Callaway Strata?

This is a 10-piece set of golf clubs, right? So there’s the driver, 3-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and the phenomenal Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter. This line-up, no doubt, includes some premium golf clubs for sure. Such as the Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter, which on its own costs around $150.

With these premium golf clubs, beginners can maximize their distance potential along with hitting more accurate, straighter shots even when contact is sub-standard (i.e. off-center strikes). Plus, your slow swing speed also doesn’t really hinder your performance and results – that’s how forgiving Callaway Edge Golf Clubs really are.

How Is Callaway Strata Better Than Callaway Edge?

The men’s Strata set and the women’s version both are available in 16-piece, 14-piece, and more. So in case you wish to buy a full golf club set since you’re only just getting started, you know where to look.

The common clubs are a driver, 3-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-9 irons, pitching wedge, and putter. Along with Callaway golf stand bag (not a part of Callaway Edge). Also, the sand wedge is missing unless you choose the 16-piece set, which also includes a 4-hybrid.

Callaway Strata too ranks among the top contenders for beginners. The feel of these golf clubs is extremely comfortable. And that’s something you’re bound to appreciate if you’ve only just begun playing golf.

So Which Golf Club Set Is Really Better?

To be honest, the choice is all yours. Both Callaway sets are the most suitable for beginner golfers. So what really differs between them is the price factor. Callaway Edge is a more fitting option if what you want is premium golf clubs at a fairly affordable price. Whereas Callaway Strata is even cheaper, hence so is its quality.

Callaway Edge – Time to Review Its Alternatives!

1. Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

Surely a very affordable offering by Callaway, the Strata Complete Set is primarily catered toward beginner golfers. But then keep in mind that the quality, hence durability of these golf clubs is nothing like the premium or expensive counterparts.

You can choose the 12-piece, 14-piece, or 16-piece set. With 14-piece, you get a sand wedge. While the 16-piece version includes a sand wedge plus 4-hybrid. Needless to say, headcovers and stand bag are included in all.

Moving on, the Callaway Strata driver, wood, and hybrids are much like Callaway Epic – oversized and made of titanium, thus generously forgiving and lightweight. But the loft is not the same. With Strata, the lofts are more elevated for tighter shot dispersion and higher launch.

Cavity-back irons make an appearance here too for promoting straighter shots. And then there’s the beginner-friendly mallet-style putter. In comparison to Callaway Edge’s premium Odyssey White Hot Putter, this is nothing but at least it accomplishes the basic task of unleashing max. forgiveness and stability.


  • Complete 16/14/12-piece set for beginners
  • Very forgiving titanium clubhead with large sweet spot
  • Two hybrids (4 and 5) replace long irons
  • High Flight technology irons for distance and control
  • Mallet putter sinks more long putts
  • Durable, lightweight golf stand bag included


  • Not the best quality or most durable set

2. Cobra Golf 2019 Men’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set

Cobra Golf 2019 Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set

It goes without saying that Cobra too is among top brands like Callaway for designing not only high-quality but also high-performing golf clubs. And their XL Speed Complete Golf Set is no exception. You can choose the shaft material and flex of your choice based on your swing speed and skills. Lightweight graphite and Senior flex for slower swing speeds.

Overall, the clubheads are oversized and forgiving with low back/heel weighting for boosting distance and accuracy. That’s how beginner-friendly the irons, woods, and driver are of this set. Speaking of which, it’s a 12-piece golf club set – driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, 6-9 irons, PW, SW, and blade putter, along with a 14-way cart bag.

Just like Callaway Edge, the irons have an easier-to-hit cavity-back structure. But with Cobra XL Speed, you can choose between steel and graphite shafts for the irons. Although the putter is not as superior as the one included in the Callaway Edge set. In this case, you only get a traditional blade design putter – good enough for sinking more putts easily.


  • Easy-to-hit, lightweight golf clubs for beginners
  • Oversized head shaping, thus very forgiving
  • Low back/heel weighting elevates launch
  • High-quality, soft, comfortable Lamkin grip
  • Customizable shaft material and flex
  • Headcovers and cart bag included


  • Quite a hefty price tag

3. Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set

Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set

In comparison to Callaway Strata, these Wilson golf clubs are certainly more durable. Although both have a lot in common. Such as the oversized clubhead that features an aerodynamic design and large sweet spot for improving clubhead speed and delivering amazing distance.

Then even the cavity-back irons are the same with their precision engineering for promoting straighter and longer shots. Simply put, all the scoring golf clubs are perfectly designed with low weighting, which means you can gain more greenside control as well as improve your shot-making abilities even as a beginner golfer.

What’s surprising is the impressive build quality and aesthetics of these Wilson clubs. Although the grips are a bit lacking in terms of their thickness. But then considering the price you pay for the golf club set (less than Callaway Edge), it’s nothing to complain about.


  • Fairway wood and driver with lightweight graphite shaft
  • Hybrid outperforms other clubs in distance and accuracy
  • Extremely forgiving cavity-back irons


  • Putter length may be too long
  • Golf bag included is not of the best quality
  • Grips could be slightly beefier

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Callaway Edge

Is Callaway Edge Good?

Truthfully speaking, the whole 10-piece Callaway Edge Golf Set is pretty awesome in terms of easy-to-hit, great value for price, and premium quality. It’s actually very rare to find a complete set like this that’s so affordable, high-performing, and long-lasting all at once.

Are Callaway Edge Irons Good?

I don’t see how Callaway Edge irons (6-9 irons) can’t be good given their incredibly forgiving perimeter-weighted and cavity-back design. No doubt, this type of construction is the easiest to hit, which is perfect for beginner and amateur golfers.

Even the pitching wedge and sand wedge help you a great deal as far as improving your game and getting out of trouble are concerned.

Is Callaway Edge Good for Beginners?

When choosing the best golf clubs for beginners, what matters the most is a blend of forgiveness and playability for improving the game. And Callaway Edge clubs fit that department really well with their oversized titanium clubheads, low, back center of gravity, perimeter weighting, and more.

At the same time, Callaway Edge is highly durable despite its reasonably fair price.

How Long Are Callaway Edge Golf Clubs?

These are standard-sized golf clubs, which would mean the driver shaft length is 45 inches.

As for the size of Callaway Edge clubs, it’s 10*5*25 centimeters.

The Summary

In terms of game improvement, Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Set is the best for beginners and also high handicappers. It’s a complete set with a premium Odyssey White Hot Putter. So it’s highly unlikely to criticize even a single thing about this sweet deal.

In the areas of distance, forgiveness, ease of launch, and value for money, these golf clubs are a great choice. And you don’t even have to shell out thousands of dollars for that!

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