Cadet vs Regular Golf Glove

Cadet vs Regular Golf Glove

The majority of golfers wear a glove every single time they play golf, but lots are probably using one that is ill-fitting without even knowing. 

A ‘cadet’ size golf glove might not even be a term that you have heard of before, but should you be wearing one? There is a good chance that these gloves might fit you better, because according to Vice Golf over 20% of golfers should be fitted for a cadet size.

This article will take a look at the difference between cadet and regular size golf gloves and how you can tell which you need. We will also discuss what the perfect glove fit should feel like as well as the importance of getting your glove fit correct.

Cadet vs Regular - What is the difference?

Cadet gloves, compared to a regular fit, have slightly shorter fingers and a wider palm area.

Do you find that your golf glove fits overly tight around your hand, yet you always seem to have excess room at your fingertips? Chances are that a cadet fit will suit you better.

Think of it similar to shoe sizing. Not everyone has the same proportions of feet, which is why there are narrow and wide fitting shoes. It is exactly the same with hands, hence the need for cadet gloves.

regular vs cadet golf glove

How tightly should a golf glove fit?

You will regularly come across the saying that ‘your golf glove should fit like a second skin’. This is about as accurate a description as you can get. What this means is that there should be no additional material, with a tight fit across the palm and a snug fit at the top of your fingertips. 

Ideally, the velcro closure on the back of your hand should also leave a small amount of room for readjustment. A leather glove may need adjusting as it gets worn in and you may find during play you want to make small tweaks for maximum comfort.

Why is it important to get the right golf glove size?

Your hands are the only point of contact between you and your golf club, so you need your golf glove to be the right fit to ensure maximum grip.

A glove that is too loose will cause unwanted movement between your hand and the glove. This will cause slippage during the swing, resulting in a loss of performance.

A glove that is too tight will cause you to unnecessarily strain your hand in order to grip the club. This puts extra tension in your hands and forearms, which can cause issues with your swing.

Getting the perfect golf glove size for your hands

FootJoy, who sell more golf gloves than any other manufacturer, estimate that an incredible 50% or more of recreational golfers are wearing the wrong size. The vast majority choose a size that is too big.

To get the perfect glove fitting you should measure the length of your middle finger and the circumference of your hand around the four knuckles. The FootJoy measuring tool is an excellent guide to find the right fit.

You might be surprised by the size recommended to you, especially if you are someone that has just always worn the same glove size without checking your fitting. The best thing to do is listen to the experts, but if it does not feel comfortable then try out a size above or below. Everyone has different hand proportions and there are even PGA Tour players that use women’s golf gloves, because they are the best fit for them.

If you find that you fall between two different sizes then you may want to find gloves from multiple manufacturers to see if you can get the right fit. When in doubt, in general, the smaller size is the better compromise.

Golf Glove Tips

  • Leather gloves stretch over time, so err on the side of slightly too small

  • If you rotate between a few gloves you will extend their lifespan

  • Always carry a couple of gloves and a wet-weather glove in your bag

  • When golf glove gets wet air-dry it at room temperature to avoid creasing

  • Synthetic gloves can offer a more durable and budget friendly alternative to leather for golfers not too concerned with a softer premium feel

  • The wear on your golf glove can help show you grip issues. For example, if you have palm wear this typically shows that you need to grip the club more with your fingers

  • When buying a new glove always check the fit, because sizings can sometimes change and will vary between manufacturers

Final Thought

Hopefully reading this article has helped you understand the difference between a cadet and a regular glove, plus given some useful golf glove advice. 

Not every brand offers their golf gloves in cadet sizes, so you might need to shop around slightly to find one you like. However, if you think you might have hands suited to a cadet size then it will certainly be worth finding. 

Many golfers take their glove size for granted without checking to see if they can find a better fit. Finding the perfect fitting golf glove can certainly help you grip the club and give you more confidence when hitting the ball.

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