C3i Wedge review

C3i Golf Wedge Review

Having the correct golf wedge in your bag is of the utmost importance if you want to be successful with your short game. However, there’s a problem.

The problem is connected to the sheer number of options out there on the market to choose from. It comes as no surprise that some individuals will struggle to then settle on the right one for their bag.

In this instance, we will focus on just one club, the C3i wedge.

The Club

  • Available in both left and right hand options

  • Available in three different degrees of loft

  • Made from stainless steel

  • Highly forgiving

  • No friction glide through the shot

The first thing to mention regarding the C3i wedge is that it does come in 55 degrees of loft, as well as 59 degrees, and finally 65 degrees. That does mean you can have a wedge for all occasions, and that’s a good starting point.

The club itself comes with a wide sole, and that’s where the concept of the no friction glide really comes into its own. The idea here is that the wider sole allows more of the base of the club to connect with the ground allowing more of it to push through the surface without a problem.

From the outset, it appears to be an approach that works. It certainly manages to slice through the sand without stopping, and the best part is you feel the wedge is pretty well balanced at the same time.

This sense of balance, and lack of friction, allows you to make more of a solid connection with the ball. That alone can give you some added confidence in your shot.

But there’s more to this wedge than just a wider sole.

The CoG

It is also highly forgiving when it comes to the face, and this is partly helped by the CoG being pushed lower into an optimum position. 

The aim here is to help you to get the ball up into the air and to give more spin to the ball at the same time. The intention is to offer you the opportunity to get better control over the shot, and to also be far more accurate at the same time.

With their approach to the CoG, it is felt that it allows the individual to achieve a far superior shot than what their actual golfing talent should allow. 

The Face

The face of the C3i wedge is sandblasted, and this helps when it comes to the alignment of your shot. Thanks to the face, you can adopt more of a square stance, which is pretty common, as opposed to opening up your feet.

This part is key as it fits in with the whole concept of this wedge being aimed very much at the high handicap player who is really struggling with getting to grips with their short game. The face also has a huge sweet spot, so it will partly correct those mishits on your behalf as well.

Who is the Club For?

So following on from our previous point, the C3i golf wedge is undoubtedly aimed at those individuals who are either starting out with the game, or still have a high handicap while struggling with their short game. 

Now that does cover a lot of people, but the wedge itself goes light on certain technology while going big on other areas directly related to the struggles associated with starting out with your short game.

It goes big on helping you get the ball up off the ground. It helps with spin. It helps with accuracy and being forgiving. Basically, all of those areas where you could struggle will be covered with this wedge.

Should You Buy it?

But here’s a big question, should you buy the C3i wedge? 

Well, this is an important point to make. Forget that it’s not a huge brand name that everyone has heard of, that is something that can prevent you from making an informed decision.

Instead, here are the facts associated with this particular wedge.

It has had numerous reports whereby players who were struggling with their wedge or short game have noticed a significant improvement in their short game ability thanks to this club.

It is capable of boosting confidence and taking pressure off your short game by practically doing all of the hard work for you. 

It keeps things simple and doesn’t confuse with technology, so you can focus entirely on just making some sort of contact and allowing the club to do the rest. 

It doesn’t bite back if you have a mishit. Let’s face it, the chances of a mishit are pretty darn high when trying to get to grips with the game of golf, so you need a wedge that is on your side, and this is one of those clubs.

If any of those points resonate with you, then it may be time for you to think about investing in this particular wedge.

The Pros

  • It is highly forgiving no matter which shot you are trying to play

  • The face makes alignment issues a thing of the past

  • It helps you get the ball up into the air without running into any problems

  • It helps with the accuracy of your shots by removing the stress of alignment

  • The wide sole leads to a better contact every single time

The Cons

  • If you are looking for an advance wedge, then this is not for you

C3i Sand Wedge & Lob Wedge–Premium Right Hand 65 Degree Golf Wedge- Escape Bunkers in One, Easy Flop Shots– Legal for Tournament Play, Quickly Cuts Strokes from Short Game- High Loft Golf Club

Overall Conclusion

Overall, the C3i wedge is a fantastic club for the money. It doesn’t break the bank, and yet the improvements it can make to your game far outweighs anything else. 

It just makes it easy for you to focus on other aspects of your game knowing this wedge is going to be on your side and seeking to correct those mistakes you will tend to make. It allows you to relax in your shots, and to build your confidence in your short game.

Any player with a high handicap could certainly be advised to add this wedge to their bag, and then sit back to see the vast improvements it could make in their game. 

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