Best Womens Golf Shoes That Are the Most Comfortable to Wear All Day

Just like every other sport, even golf has its own unique, specialized apparel/equipment. Likewise, dressing a certain way is also a must in the case of the majority of golf clubs. And golf shoes, needless to say, are a part of the formal yet athletic dress code. So it’s time to find out what are the best womens golf shoes.

Female golfers now don’t have to make do with men’s shapes and sizes. There are plenty of performance-driven shoes specifically made for women golfers that offer all the traction, protection, support, comfort, etc. that is demanded on the turf on the most unfavorable or toughest of days.

Complete Buying Guide for the Best Womens Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes For Women

What is More Comfortable – Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

With comfort as the topmost priority, it’s no wonder that spikeless golf shoes are the better choice. But then keep in mind that spikeless outsoles are slippery on wet turf, even though more durable than their spiked counterparts.

One way to get at the issue at hand here is to choose a spikeless pair equipped with some traction technology. For instance, Grip Zone Traction of spikeless Puma Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe.

Then many golfers also opt for spiked shoes with the innovative BOA closure system. It consists of a dial and laces that boost stability in every unfavorable weather condition. The crank, in particular, keeps the shoe secure and tight throughout the entire round of golf. In fact, the special technology here even keeps dirt and water from getting into the shoe.

What Style of Golf Shoes Do You Prefer?

There are traditional leather-made golf shoes that have been around for many, many years. And continue to do so, despite being too stiff (which means they have an uncomfortable break-in period).

On the other hand, a more breathable, thus more comfortable alternative is a pair of golf shoes constructed using a combination of synthetic leather and mesh uppers.

Then there are more athletic-looking high-tops for golf that we’ve all seen on Michelle Wie. Plenty of brands now design these types of golf shoes for not just women but men too. Such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and more.

There also golf sandals, which are certainly a more suitable option if your summers are unbearably hot.

Would You Be Better Off with Waterproof Golf Shoes?

It’s only common sense to want to choose golf shoes with waterproof or at least water-resistant properties. Golf courses, after all, consist of greens, fairways, and also water-based hazards. And it isn’t a sport limited to any one particular season. So buying a weather-resistant pair of shoes is actually a wise decision on your part as a frequent golfer.

What Makes Golf Shoes Lightweight? (and why is that important?)

To be more specific, let us tell you all possible features that can be lightweight in a pair of golf shoes.

  • Mesh uppers
  • Ortholite insoles
  • Foam cushioning

These open the door to long-hour comfort and breathability. So you can play your round or rounds of golf without any pain, swelling, discomfort, or smelly, sweaty feet.

Do You Have Any Foot Conditions?

The list includes plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoe, high or low arches, and the like. More often than not, the solution is choosing golf shoes with a wide toe box. Because if it’s anything too constricting, your game is sure to be marred by a ton of pain and discomfort.

Another important characteristic that matters here is how supportive the shoes are. For example, the low-profile EVA outsoles of Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Shoe are shock-absorbent to keep your feet safe, secure, and comfortable.

The Quality and Price of Golf Shoes for Women

So here’s the deal – there’s no limit to how much one can spend on golf gear. Be it man or woman! Then does that mean you can only get premium quality stuff after paying an exorbitant price for it? Well, not always. There are many bargain options too that are also quite competitive in terms of quality.

At this point, it all depends on what your budget is. It’s also based on choosing between spiked and spikeless golf shoes. The former, needless to say, is more expensive. And, not so coincidentally, more durable too.

Top 12 Ladies Golf Shoes Reviews

1. Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe

Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe

Wearing the tennis shoe type is not always the most comfortable thing to do when struggling with foot conditions or plain, simple pain, swelling, or discomfort. Even if we keep that aside, these Skechers are the perfect solution in every other way. They have a more forgiving and lightweight construction, so you can golf the most comfortably.

Golfing could also mean walking on dewy grass, right? So, once again, a less tennis shoe type and more waterproof athletic shoe. On top of that, Skechers Max Golf doesn’t even show signs of being wet. Even the grip on wet turf is amazing!

Technically speaking, the pair is designed with ultra-light and responsive midsoles, which contain plenty of comfortable, ultra-flight cushioning. Then there’s the synthetic plus mesh upper for all the breathability during and after a long game of golf.

Most importantly, you choose Skechers here because of their exclusive GOGA Max technology. What this does is provide high-rebound cushioning. No doubt, these shoes are very comfortable with good traction and support for golf.


  • Ultra-lightweight midsole cushioning
  • TPU outsoles offer long-lasting grip
  • GOGA Max technology produces high-rebound cushioning


  • Slightly small toe box
  • Spikes are not very long-lasting

2. Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for lightweight, then once again, you’re just where you should be. These Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes feel ultra-light yet are abundantly cushioned for comfort and support. Tech Response features low-profile Thintech for keeping your foot closer (i.e. less injury-prone) to the turf.

The lightweight structure consists of Adidas’s exclusive Cloudfoam sock liner, Adiwear outsole, and 6-spike Thintech construction.

The width of the shoe seems like the most fitting choice for women golfers with long foot sizes, not necessarily wide though. More often than not, big shoes have a wide base as well. But a longer length and wider base don’t always go hand in hand.

The metal spikes are also a huge plus, along with the snug, comfortable, and well-cushioned fit.


  • Lightweight, breathable microfiber leather uppers
  • Cloudfoam sock liner for lightweight cushioning
  • Adiwear outsoles offer exceptional traction and stability


  • A bit too narrow and stiff

3. ECCO Women’s Soft Hydromax Golf Shoe

ECCO Women’s Soft Hydromax Golf Shoe

Now here’s a brand that actually studied exactly what golfers demand from their shoes. Doesn’t that seem like the only logical explanation to how on-point the whole design and construction are of these ECCO Hydromax Golf Shoes!

First off, you don’t have to worry about the turf being damp or wet because the pair here features water-repellent uppers. Speaking of which, the ortholite insoles are removable, hence washable. And no matter how much time passes, they hold their original, enhanced breathability and cushioning.

The brand also studied how much traction is needed for producing a solid, seamless golf swing. So just for that, they installed E-DTS Traction. This includes TPU traction bars, 100 of them, that support 800 different traction angles. So you don’t have to worry about stability or grip.

To be honest, there are no major complaints except for a slightly narrow toe box.


  • Waterproof, breathable golf shoes
  • BOA lace closure – dirt-repellent, durable, and adjustable
  • E-DTS Traction for grip in every playing condition
  • SPYDR-GRIP and TRI-FI-GRIP build a strong foundation


  • Slightly narrow toe bed

4. FootJoy Women’s Fj Flex Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women’s Fj Flex Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

FootJoy has always designed some of the best ladies golf shoes. And the Fj Flex is a part of that list. Just wear them to your driving range once and you’ll see how comfortable they feel plus how athletic and well-made they look.

FootJoy is indeed a very dependable brand, even in the case of wide sizes. The wide width offers ample room, especially in the toe area.

Traction elements are also a part of the golfing experience. The shoe features soft EVA midsoles that hand out all the stability, comfort, and cushioning you demand during gameplay. And lastly, there’s lightweight performance mesh in the uppers for long-hour comfort and breathability.


  • Laser sport fit golf shoes with lightweight, breathable mesh
  • Versa-Trax outsoles for on-course traction
  • EVA midsoles are very soft and well-cushioned


  • Not very comfortable for those with high arches
  • Slightly bulky in appearance

5. FootJoy Women’s Fj Leisure Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women’s Fj Leisure Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

If the previous FootJoy design is a more suitable choice for female golfers with wide feet, this one’s directed more toward narrow feet. But, mind you, the narrow width of Fj Leisure is in no way uncomfortable. Simply because, despite the narrow construction, the golf shoes have a wide enough toe box that delivers optimal stability.

Your foot, not a single part of it, feels cramped in any way. And this is nothing but great news in the case of long rounds of golf. Speaking of spending long hours at the course, it’s a relief to also know that the shoe consists of lightweight, breathable, soft mesh uppers.

You can also celebrate the fact that every Fj design has a waterproof construction. All in all, the shoes are just perfect for golfing and also incredibly lightweight (that means no physical discomfort while playing, no matter how long your golf round).


  • Waterproof golf shoes with athletic styling
  • Soft, lightweight mesh uppers for comfort and breathability
  • Rubber compound outsoles offer optimal turf interaction


  • The uppers look like they’re made of cheap plastic

6. Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

A golf shoe that can easily survive the muddy and wet conditions of a golf course. And it is also very accommodating of wide feet, bunions, and other such not-so-normal conditions. After all, the brand is Adidas, right!

Sometimes, with athletic shoes, a little bit of breaking in is required. But that’s something you don’t have to deal with at all in this case. Just put them on and hit those links! The slightly wider toe box is large enough from the beginning itself.

Another praiseworthy feature is Adipure, which consists of a lower ceiling and a more rounded toe. In comparison to the others, this kind of construction takes the comfort level to a whole new height.

As an avid golfer, who wants to be less susceptible to injuries on the turf, prioritizing traction is also a part of the deal. So it’s a relief to know that these spikeless golf shoes are outfitted with highly flexible pure motion lugs. Even traction couldn’t get better than this!


  • True to size and extremely comfortable
  • New Adipure construction for superior comfort
  • Spikeless, flexible outsoles offer great traction
  • Fitfoam polyurethane sock liner provides long-lasting cushioning


  • Only made for golfers with wide feet
  • A bit too rubbery, thus prone to bending

7. Adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

Adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

A different model but with the same features talked about in the previous Adidas shoe reviews. Such as microfiber leather uppers with water-resistant properties, Cloudfoam insoles for lightweight comfort and cushioning, and Thintech outsoles for durability and traction.

These golf cleats are super comfortable, there’s just no denying that. Even the quality is unparalleled given that the manufacturer is none other than Adidas. And most important of all, the shoes are true to size, which means no complaints regarding the fit.

To be honest, for the price you pay for Adidas W Response Bounce, they’re a genuine steal. Your feet remain dry throughout your whole round of golf.


  • Tour-performance golf shoes for wide feet
  • Climastorm water-resistant properties in the uppers
  • Spiked, Thintech outsoles offer long-term abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight cushioning in Cloudfoam insoles provide comfort


  • A little stiff with no ventilation

8. New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance is always and everywhere providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with lightweight, comfortable solutions in the form of the most supportive shoes. And for female golfers, they have the Minimus Sl Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe.

It’s the most comfortable choice even for those who have to play an 18-hole round of golf with conditions like hammertoe, bunions, etc. Meaning these golf shoes, with their wide toe box and a wide overall construction, are perfect for walking the whole length of the course within any foot pain.

At the same time, the sports brand has incorporated their running technology into the pair. There’s the REVLite midsole compound for maximizing not just the responsiveness of the shoe but also the durability factor. You get a comfortable, lightweight ride with all the much-needed underfoot stability and cushioning.

The New Balance shoes have also been praised for the inclusion of NDurance rubber compound in every high-wear part of the outsoles. In simple words, that’s just exceptional tolerance against regular wear and tear.

Another characteristic you might appreciate, even more so if you’re an avid golfer, is the ortholite insole. It wicks away odor, moisture, and other such unwanted elements. Plus, because the material is polyurethane, you get long-term cushioning as well.

There’s just no denying how very comfortable and well-constructed these New Balance athletic shoes really are.


  • Lightweight synthetic overlays with breathable mesh uppers
  • Ortholite insoles keep the feet fresh, cool, and dry
  • Lightweight, cushioned REVLite midsoles for athletic responsiveness
  • Flexible, durable NDurance rubber outsoles


  • Neither waterproof nor water-resistant

9. Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Shoe

Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Shoe

Callaway is indeed among the top list of Tour-approved golf brands, right? So it should come as no surprise that this giant manufacturer of the most technologically advanced golf clubs designs golf shoes as well. Expect nothing but superior comfort from Callaway Solaire for women.

Right out of the box, these golf shoes are true to size, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Just in a few visits to your driving range you’ll notice how high-quality and even attention-grabbing (in a good way of course) the pair is.

Although it’s a little disappointing to find out that the toe box is slightly narrow, which could be a major hassle if you have wide feet. So keep that in mind at the time of buying.

Other than that, no such significant concerns. Just lots of support and comfort even for high-level performance. After all, the well-engineered traction spikes are built to grip all types of terrain, so your swing movement doesn’t get compromised.


  • Low-profile, athletic golf shoes
  • Mesh uppers offers breathability and comfort
  • Comfort inserts for underfoot cushioning and stability
  • EVA outsoles are shock-absorbent
  • Traction spikes grip all types of terrain


  • Narrow toe box

10. Puma Women’s Sunnylite V2 Golf Shoe

Puma Women’s Sunnylite V2 Golf Shoe

The combination that Puma has designed here with their Sunnylite V2 consists of waterproof properties and lightweight comfort. These golf shoes you know are high-performance because of the brand’s use of revolutionary, technical innovation.

The overall weight is not at all heavy, even when your foot size is wide. In fact, the shoes are perfect for female golfers with wide feet. Even the lightweight comfort brought about by the microfiber synthetic leather is a characteristic you’re bound to appreciate.

The pair is also the most ideal for playing rounds of golf on wet turf conditions. So your feet remain dry throughout the game. So you can place your trust in this global sports brand, which gives other top athletic brands like Adidas, Skechers, etc. a run for their money.


  • Microfiber synthetic leather offer lightweight comfort
  • Molded textile collar suitable for all occasions, even off the course
  • Waterproof design and made for wide feet


  • Not true to size
  • They look slightly cheap in terms of quality

11. Puma Women’s Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

Puma Women’s Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

It’s irrational to think that golf shoes can actually improve your game, right? So then why buy the top-rated ones in the first place? Because shoes like Puma Sunnylite V2 (above) and now this Puma Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe are built with features that help you establish a strong, stable foundation that paves the way for success.

Super light, good grip, superior comfort, long-wear breathability, and lots more. That’s precisely the reason why such top choices garner attention, as they should indeed.

The current Puma pair is all about exceptional cushioning and energy return. That’s the result of EVA Fusion Foam and its excellent responsiveness. This spikeless performance also consists of waterproofing benefits. Thanks to performance mesh!

Now here’s something you may not get with another brand. Puma shows how distinctive their golf shoes are by including strategically positioned hexagons that deliver multi-directional traction. Along with 24 chevron-shape lugs for boosting traction in areas that need this boost the most.

In our opinion, Puma Laguna Fusion should rank among the most comfortable as they’re outfitted with great cushioning. So much so that you’d want to buy another pair just for casual wear.


  • Ultra-responsive, soft EVA foam
  • Breathable, waterproof mesh uppers
  • Grip Zone increases traction


  • Not very supportive golf shoes
  • Poor quality soles

12. Skechers Women’s 600 Spikeless Golf Sandals

Skechers Women’s 600 Spikeless Golf Sandals

Playing golf as much as 3-4 times a week, in hot weather that too, sounds like a week well spent indeed. But then your feet may not feel the same way. In that case, how about buying golf sandals for a change? And since Skechers ranks as one of the top brands when it comes to designing athletic golf shoes, why not go for Skechers 600 Spikeless Golf Sandals!

Just so you know, all the straps are Velcro-adjustable. And the soles of the sandals are super comfortable, spongy, and soft – just like Crocs. This means you can even wear them off the golf course as everyday sandals.

As for what size would be perfect for you, you can just use your regular tennis shoe size.

Also, just because these are golf sandals doesn’t mean you don’t get the same kind of performance as with Skechers Max Golf Shoes (reviewed as the #1 choice). Needless to say, the shape of the two different models is different. Even so, the sandals feature the brand’s phenomenal Goga Max insoles for handing out high-rebound cushioning.


  • Spikeless golf sandals perfect for hot weather
  • Lightweight, highly responsive 5Gen cushioning
  • Goga Max technology in the insoles offer high-rebound cushioning


  • Very little arch support
  • Not made for narrow feet, thus feet can slip and slide

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Ladies Golf Shoes

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Shoes?

The truth of the matter is, and this not many golfers know, that there isn’t any other difference apart from the width of the shoe. For women, their athletic shoes, all of them, have a wider toe box and forefoot with a narrower heel.

Aside from that, things like materials, colors, styles, manufacturing process, technologies incorporated, etc. are pretty much the same.

What Are the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Women?

If you want a brand name specifically, then (hands down) the list includes Ecco, Skechers, and Footjoy. These three companies go out of their way to design the most comfortable golf shoes.

Features like Goga Max technology for high-rebound cushioning (Skechers), E-DTS Traction for grip in every playing condition (Ecco), and rubber compound outsoles for optimal turf interaction (FootJoy) make quite compelling cases.

The Wrap-Up

This brings us to the end of this article, which is a combination of top reviews and a very comprehensive, useful buying guide of the best golfing shoes for women. Just remember that nothing beats comfort and support when it comes to athletic shoes, not even looks. So make sure you choose a pair that’s well-engineered to provide all that AND MORE.

Back in the days, women golfers didn’t even have golf club options to select from, let alone golf shoes. But that has changed over the years, so why not take advantage of it!

A comfortable pair of shoes on the turf may not improve your technique, game, or scores. BUT it certainly sets up a solid, stable foundation (literally!) for you to swing to the best of your abilities. Even when the turf is muddy or wet!

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