Best Women's Golf Bags

10 Best Women’s Golf Bags – Both Cart and Stand for Your Convenience

It should have been as easy as simply getting one of the best women’s golf bags. Although, in this article, I have made it so as much as possible. But then you have to take so many other factors into consideration as well. How lightweight is the bag, how convenient is it to carry, how much storage space does it offer, and things like that.

More importantly, what type of golf bag is it (stand, cart, or something else)? But one particular truth remains the same. If the current bag you’re using doesn’t stand up anymore or is forcing you to strain your back or shoulders when you’re hauling it around from one hole to the next, it means you have to upgrade.

Also, the golf bags designed today are so much better than the old, boring, plain ones of yesterday. They’re highly functional, comfortable, and visually appealing too. So let’s get to the top recommendations – both the short version (in case you’re in a hurry) and the in-depth reviews section (further below).

5 Things to Consider At the Time of Buying

best ladies golf bags

1. Type of Golf Bag – Cart vs. Stand

The stand bag features a pair of integrated, retractable legs. This means stand bags can literally stand in the upright position on the golf course. The only drawback is that they are more compact and smaller in size in comparison to cart bags. This explains why the latter is a more suitable choice if you wish to carry more gear other than just your golf clubs.

Another point of consideration – do you prefer to walk the whole length of the course? Or do you use a pull/push cart? If you don’t enjoy the walk, then cart bags are made for you. Cart bags are also made for you if you want your golf bag to offer more storage and organization options that are usually not a part of lightweight stand bags.

2. Storage Space – Dividers/Pockets

The majority of golf bags are designed with 14-way or 15-way full-length dividers. These make way for more protection and better organization, no doubt.

But then what about golf bags with just a single opening at the top? They may be lighter in terms of weight. However, these types of bags not only jeopardize protection and organization but also make the simple task of finding the golf club you want to use much more difficult.

So why not buy a golf bag with fewer dividers instead of no dividers at all? There are 8-way, 5-way, and 4-way designs as well. This way, you stay away from both a heavier bag and one that creates a total nuisance when it comes to looking for any particular golf club.

Moving on to pockets now. Firstly, make sure they’re front-facing for the most amount of accessibility and convenience. Secondly, the pockets, especially the valuables pockets, should be water-resistant. Thirdly, if there’s a cooler or beverage pocket, which ought to be the case, then it better be well-insulated.

And finally, it goes without saying that the larger the size and number of pockets, the more space there is for your golf accessories. But then what about the weight, which is the next important thing to talk about…

3. Weight of the Bag

Whatever the basic design or add-on features, golf bags shouldn’t be too heavy. Otherwise, the convenience factor gets compromised. In that light, let me tell you that most stand and carry bags are lightweight. So they weigh 5 pounds or less.

But then if you lug around too many golf accessories, along with your clubs, balls, and tees of course, it’s only logical to buy a heavier bag. That would be around 7 pounds or higher, which, more often than not, are cart bags.

4. Carry Strap

The options are single strap, double strap, and backpack-style strap. Golf bags with an integrated carry strap make the experience more comfortable and convenient. They also prevent back and shoulder strain.

But superior comfort comes when this carry strap is also padded and adjustable. So you can customize the fit and enjoy the highest level of convenience during your long, challenging rounds of golf. Be it a stand or cart bag.

5. Material and Durability

When talking about durability, the material of the bag is the first thing that comes to mind. There’s nylon on one side and polyester on the other. Both materials are the most commonly used for designing golf bags for both men and women. So which one is better?

To be honest, both polyester and nylon are the best choices for durability and strength. However, the latter has a greater strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it stronger than polyester without adding any extra bulk.

10 Best Golf Bags Made for Women Golfers

1. Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain Women's Diva Cart Bags
TypeCart Bag
Dividers15-Way, Full-Length
Top Diameter10 inches
Carry StrapSingle
Handles2 Top Handles
Weight6.2 pounds

Firstly, the most important benefit of golf cart bags is that they can be easily pulled or pushed around the golf course in the cart. So no more having to strain your shoulders and back anymore during those long hours of golf fun.

Now let’s talk about Sun Mountain Diva. No doubt, this is a great cart bag with plenty of pockets for storing all your golf items and accessories. The top has a 14-club capacity, and each golf club fits into its own respective compartment that consists of full-length dividers.

These full-length dividers certainly protect your precious golf clubs. Plus, there are enough pockets, as I already mentioned before. Each one of them is facing forward to make accessibility more convenient.

There’s a rangefinder pocket in here too, which lifts by the way. This just means you can attach cart straps and also have access to that pocket. And it secures, with the help of Velcro, to the golf bag.


  • Full-length 15-way dividers for club protection
  • Valuables pocket is velour-lined and water-resistant
  • All forward-facing pockets for convenient accessibility
  • Matching rainhood and integrated lift handles included


  • None so far

2. Glove It Women’s Lightweight Golf Cart Bag

Glove It Women’s Golf Bag
TypeCart Bag
Dividers15-Way, Full-Length
Top Diameter9.5 inches
Carry StrapSingle
Handles2 Top Handles
Weight5.5 pounds

Since you like the idea of using a lightweight golf bag, you most probably might also appreciate the strain-free, burden-free concept of using a cart bag that can be the most easily pulled or pushed in a cart. Enter this Glove It creation that also gives you more storage and organization options.

It’s a super-light golf bag designed with 3 lift handles to make the experience even more convenient, even more comfortable. The 14 golf club dividers, once again full-length, are individual club holders that stand the test of time.

On top of that, there are plenty of well-placed and well-designed pockets for storage. For instance, there’s the soft-lined valuables pocket, zippered golf balls pocket, thermal-lined cooler pocket, and more. There’s a large-sized putter holder too.

Even the quality of the bag is plenty praiseworthy. But let me get back to the design and capacity of this golf bag. You should know that it offers a generous amount of space even when your clubs have arthritic grips on them. And even after that, the bag feels very lightweight. Thus, perfect for senior women golfers too!


  • Super-lightweight cart bag made of top-quality materials
  • 14 full-length, individual golf club holders
  • Easy-lift handles and easy-access pockets
  • Available in custom signature prints and patterns


  • Too narrow openings for clubs

3. OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Cart Bag

Ogio Ladies XIX Cart Bag 5 '21
TypeCart Bag
Dividers14-Way, Full-Length
Top Diameter11 inches
Carry StrapSingle
Handles2 Top Handles
Weight5 pounds

OGIO itself gives you a lovely tour of their XIX Women’s Golf Cart Bag…

As for my expert opinion, there’s no denying this is a lightweight, premium-quality golf bag for female golfers. Preferably those who are petite-sized, so they prefer a bag that’s not too large yet can fit their whole golf club set.

The 14-way, full-length dividers are perfect. The easy putter accessibility is also perfect, because of the separate putter storage of course. And so is the snug size of the cooler pocket.

This is indeed the best choice for all women golfers who carry petite-sized golf clubs because of their comparatively smaller, shorter physique.

The quantity and quality of pockets in every golf bag, no matter the type and construction, are among the most important factors indeed. In that case, 15 pockets is a large number. Plus, these pockets score the highest points in terms of storage space, practical use, and the like.

Overall, this OGIO golf cart bag for women is the most suitable option if you want something lightweight and petite.


  • Very lightweight, petite-size 14-way top cart bag
  • Durable, top-quality fabric for superior comfort
  • Streamlined organization with 15 pockets
  • Full-length dividers and 2 easy-lift handles


  • Zippers attached are of poor quality
  • Side pockets not large enough for shoes, jacket, etc

4. Birdie Babe Womens Ladies Hybrid Stand Golf Bag

 Birdie Babe Womens Golf Bag Pink Tie Dye Ladies Hybrid Stand Golf Bag
TypeHybrid Bag (Cart Bag with Stand)
Dividers8-Way, Full-Length
Carry StrapSingle
Handles1 Top Handles
Weight5 pounds

Curious about what exactly is a hybrid golf bag? It’s a standard golf cart bag, but with a stand. That means you get the added convenience of the latter. Mind you, even though it’s designed for cart use, the bag is not at all heavy. It’s generously lightweight – only 5 pounds.

Now let’s talk about the most obvious characteristic of this Birdie Babe golf bag – the flashy design. One look at it and you know that the bag is made for those women golfers who prioritize appearance as much as functionality. The tie and dye pattern and the bright, pretty colors are indeed very attractive in terms of display.

But then is that all there is to this hybrid golf bag? Well, of course NOT. The bag also features 8-way, full-length dividers, tee holder, insulated cooler pocket, valuables pocket, and more. There’s the padded, removable carry strap, Velcro stand holder, cart strap holder, and foldaway stand. Plenty of features packed into one lightweight bag!


  • Lightweight hybrid 8-way top golf bag
  • Removable carry strap and foldaway stand
  • Cooler pocket is large and well-insulated
  • Cart-friendly bottom and easy-access tee holder


  • Not every female golfer prefers bright, flashy colors/patterns

5. Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag
TypeCart Bag
Dividers14-Way, Full-Length
Carry StrapSingle
Handles2 Top Handles
Weight5.6 pounds

Coming from Callaway, how is the quality of the Org 14 Golf Cart Bag? To be honest, that part is not at all disappointing considering how the brand uses only top-quality materials for their golf clubs and golf balls, which are so well-known for their ability to withstand tough conditions. The same, quite fortunately, can be said about this Callaway bag.

There’s no premature ripping or wear and tear. Even the zippers hold up nicely with no warning signs of breaking apart anytime soon.

Moving on to storage, can you store your golf club set as well as your refreshments, jacket, snacks, and other golfing gear? Yes, indeed. After all, the bag is built with full-length dividers, 14 of them, along with as many as 19 pockets to store accessories and stuff. Compared to just about any golf bag you may have EVER used, that’s double the capacity.

Also, you get a separate putter well, so bonus points for that for sure!

But all in all, does the golf bag perform commendably? Being a cart bag and all, carrying it may not be the easiest. But then you already knew that, right? Rather you fit the bag in your cart on the golf course. Placing the clubs into it and taking them out – both are effortless tasks without worrying about your expensive equipment getting wedged up and damaged!

And if you’re into looks as well, then the design and colors used are sure to tickle your fancy. It is indeed a you-better-take-me-seriously type of cart bag for all women golfers who want to buy only the crème de la crème of golf gear.

But here’s how Callaway Org 14 compares with Org 15 in case you’re a curious person like me…


  • 14-way top cart bag with full-length, individual dividers
  • Individual putter well for easy accessibility
  • Additional pockets and a single carry strap
  • Glove attachment and towel hook also included


  • Fairly expensive indeed

6. TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag
TypeCart Bag
Dividers14-Way, Full-Length
Carry StrapSingle
Handles2 Top Handles
Weight5.5 pounds

This may not be one of those legit ladies golf bags but then it’s not so uncommon to see women golfers using men’s equipment. And even vice versa sometimes. The TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag is suitable for female golfers because of its lightweight design. So there’s no doubt that the bag is very easy and convenient to handle.

Despite the lightweight structure, the storage capacity is quite generous if you ask me. The side pockets are large, thus spacious. You can even fit your golf shoes inside one with your rainhood, jackets, etc. in the other. Plus, the smaller-sized pockets are also pretty neat in terms of accommodating your golf accessories.

As for the primary function i.e. organizing and protecting golf clubs, you have 14-way, full-length dividers for that. And the cart strap pass-through is great to secure things while also making sure you’re able to access all the pockets easily.

I could go on and on whenever TaylorMade comes up because I personally love the brand for its innovative, thoughtful designs and technologies. In that case, here are some more TaylorMade golf bags in case you too are very fond of the brand…


  • Full-length, 14-way dividers with cart-friendly, wide base
  • Lightweight bag with large side pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap and integrated trunk and top lift handles
  • Cart strap pass-through to secure the bag to the cart


  • Golf clubs tilt slightly forward when carrying with the strap
  • Not specifically made for women

7. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag
TypeStand Bag
Dividers5-Way, Full-Length
Carry StrapDouble (backpack-style)
Handles2 Top Handles
Weight4.5 pounds

My first impression of this Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag is exactly what the brand fed me, which isn’t a bad thing when they also live up to those claims. So anyway, Cobra mentions that it’s a very lightweight bag. And that’s nothing but true given the meager 4.5-pound weight.

Cobra has also designed the golf bag with 8 pockets to maximize storage potential. This includes individual pockets for golf balls, valuables, apparel, and beverages/refreshments.

The one thing that sets the current golf bag apart from the ones I reviewed before this is the inclusion of CoolFlow Foam Hip Pad. It makes sure crucial factors like comfort and breathability are a HUGE part of the experience. You can place the bag over your shoulders and take it off without any friction.

What’s also laudable is the fact that it’s a stand bag, which automatically implies that the weight of the bag is much, much lighter on its own.

Let’s not also forget the EasyFlex Base incorporated by Cobra. It paves the way for greater, more stable turf interaction when the stand or legs of the bag are activated. There’s a top grab handle too that makes the job of lifting and moving more convenient.

And the first impression also involves appreciating the sporty assortment of color combinations and patterns Cobra has to offer. The cherry on the cake – despite being branded, you don’t have to pay a lot, unlike most of the golf cart bags reviewed thus far.


  • Ultra-lightweight 5-way bag with full-length dividers
  • Comfort with CoolFlow Foam Hip Pad
  • Durability and stability with EasyFlex Base
  • Backpack-style Quick-Release shoulder straps


  • Not-easy-to-adjust straps
  • No rain cover included

8. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag
TypeStand Bag
Dividers4-Way, Full-Length
Carry StrapDouble (backpack-style)
Handles1 Top Handles
Weight3.2 pounds

The most inexpensive golf bag here is also the most light in weight. It’s the Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag and it’s even more lightweight than the lightest golf cart bag (reviewed earlier in the post).

With 4-way, full-length dividers, you can keep your most valuable golf clubs both well-protected and well-organized. Since the bag is only 3.2-pound heavy, moving it around isn’t a problem at all. Even more so because of the excellent SmartGRIP handle for lifting the bag.

Speaking of protection even, the use of 4200 polyester is great news. This particularly durable fabric makes sure the golf bag can withstand long-lasting use and abuse.

You can compare this one to just about any other bag you may have ever used. Nevertheless, Izzo is lighter and also feels more comfortable on the golf course. In terms of comfort, the dual-strap design is super-comfy for walking 18 holes with all your clubs.

No doubt, it’s a great bag of great quality at a great price!


  • Incredibly lightweight 4-way top bag
  • Full-length dividers and SmartGRIP lift handle
  • Made of long-lasting, durable 4200 polyester
  • Also included glove holder, towel clip, rainhood, and more


  • Some complaints about the stand not working

9. Majek Premium Ladies Golf Bag

Majek Premium Ladies Golf Bag
TypeCart Bag
Dividers14-Way, Full-Length
Carry StrapSingle
Handles2 Top Handles

This Majek Premium Golf Bag is worth every single penny. The price isn’t too high, which means the product is much more affordable and reasonably priced actually. The full-length 14-way dividers do a great job of keeping your golf clubs separated, thus safe. You get a front-positioned, top putter sleeve for easy, quick access to this very important club in your set.

The design consists of lift handles and zippered, extra-large, insulated, and valuables pocket. Along with a comfortable backpack-style, padded carry strap. And this strap comes with an elastic band for securing it away whenever you don’t want to use it.

Despite being affordable and coming from a brand that isn’t TaylorMade, Cobra, Callaway, and the like, the cart bag has a top-grade quality with individual slots for your every single golf club from the 14-piece set.


  • 14-way cart bag with a separate putter sleeve
  • Lightweight nylon construction
  • Padded carry strap can be secured when not in use
  • Towel ring with Velcro glove attachment


  • None whatsoever

10. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag
TypeStand/Carry Bag
Dividers2-Compartment Top
Pockets1 Accessory Pocket
Carry StrapSingle
Handles1 Carry Handle
Weight1.95 pounds

What’s the whole point of using a Sunday golf bag like this one? The current one and even these top-rated Sunday golf bags are the most lightweight and compact, thus so much more convenient and easier to carry. It’s the perfect choice for golfers, men or women, who don’t lug around the entire set – just their most favorite or useful golf clubs.

In comparison to cart bags, Sunday bags are lighter, right? That means the best choice for you if you also prefer to walk from one hole to the next. Many golfers also prefer carrying Sunday golf bags for driving range practice and on par-3 and executive courses.

It’s just a super-lightweight stand + carry golf bag (only 1.95 pounds) with two compartments. And each of these is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 6-7 clubs. Then there’s the accessory pocket too for your golf balls, markers, tees, etc.

You can carry the bag using its strong, sturdy handle or strap it on your shoulder. And with retractable legs, your expensive golf clubs can be accessed easily while also receiving the support they deserve on the course.

Here’s another positive feedback from yet another professional…


  • Ultra-light Sunday golf bag with an accessory pocket
  • Shoulder strap and carry handle installed
  • Very responsive and supportive pop-out legs


  • Poor quality shoulder strap prone to wear and tear

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Women’s Golf Bags

What Is the Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Golf Bag?

The only difference is that of the size and weight of the bag. Most women golfers, because of their smaller, shorter physique prefer something more lightweight and compact. This means not choosing men’s golf bags because these are longer, bulkier, and heavier.

Another difference, though it may not be as common as size and weight, is the color and/or pattern of the bag. Many women like bright colors like red, pink, and purple. Along with pretty floral patterns.

Now I’m not saying that ALL women golfers are like that. It’s just that there are such designs that are often picked more by female golfers than men. But the common denominator of all golf bags, be it for men or women, is that they’re highly functional.

Are 14-Way Full-Length Dividers Important In A Golf Bag?

Most golf bags on this list and otherwise are designed with 14 dividers, or golf club separators if you may. And these are very important indeed as they prevent your expensive clubs from rubbing against one another. Therefore, the possibility of damage is averted.

And full-length dividers are just as crucial for the very same reason. Together, 14-way, full-length dividers make sure your golf clubs don’t come in contact with each other.

With women, this is even more urgent because ladies’ golf clubs are often equipped with a more lightweight, thus very delicate graphite shaft that demands extra protection and safety.

Can A Male Golfer Use A Women’s Golf Bag?

If a man can use women’s golf clubs as long as his swing speed is slow, then why can’t he use a golf bag designed for women!

It’s all about what your size and personal preferences are. Golf bags for women are equally functional and well-equipped as those made for men. The only difference is that the former is more compact and lightweight, thus easier to carry.


Come to think of it, there are just so many different types of golf bags. Stand, cart, hybrid, Sunday, and more. And each design offers its own advantages and setbacks. So, ultimately, you have to pick what works best for your particular situation.

But, on the whole, golf bags for female golfers are easier to carry because of the super-light construction. However, the storage space remains the same i.e. you can fit a 14-piece set of golf clubs into these bags.

You can also decide based on whether you prefer to walk the whole length of the golf course or use a cart instead. Walking means selecting a golf bag that’s a little extra comfortable (with padded shoulder straps, for example) and maybe even more lightweight.

But if you choose based on the color and pattern of the bag, in that case too, you have a wide range of choices in that department.

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