Best Top Flite Golf Balls

Best Top Flite Golf Balls

For most golfers the brand Top Flite will have been synonymous with golf balls for many years. They are probably best known for producing hard and durable distance golf balls, traditionally favoured by high handicappers and beginners. Whilst that is still largely true, mid or even low handicappers could enjoy using some of their golf balls.

Top Flite is not quite as popular as it once was, but they still produce some good quality golf balls that usually offer excellent value for money. In this article we will review the best Top Flite golf balls on the market at the moment.

Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls (24 Pack)

Distance: 100 | Feel: 80 | Control: 75 | Durability: 95

Best value for money

The official ball of World Long Drive, it is probably no shock that the Top Flight Bomb golf ball travels huge distances. A larger core construction is designed to maximise ball speed and a firmer Ionomer cover reduces the spin. These traits combine to achieve maximum distance and a straighter ball flight.

What is perhaps a little surprising is that these golf balls are not as hard as some other distance balls on the market. This means that the Bomb could be enjoyed by a wide range of golfers who are looking for a ball that travels straight and long.

As they are on the low spinning end of the golf ball spectrum they do still lack some spin control on approach and chip shots. However, they will feel soft enough for most golfers when putting and they don’t sound like a rock when hitting with your driver.



  • Lowest handicappers will want more spin control
  • Distance control on shorter shots can be challenging

2. Top Flite XL Distance

Top-Flite 2020 XL Distance Golf Balls – 15 Pack

Distance: 100 | Feel: 70 | Control: 70 | Durability: 100

Best for beginners

Top Flite’s XL golf balls have been renowned for their distance and durability for a long time. This golf ball is not going to offer you spin control on approach shots or chips, so do not expect it to improve your short game.

It is best suited to beginners and high handicappers who are most concerned with achieving distance and durability. These golf balls are also excellent value for money, so beginners should not be too concerned about losing quite a few during a round.

This golf ball is no frills and does exactly what you think it will, so don’t expect anything different from a classic that many golfers have jokingly named the Rock-Flite. 


  • Highly durable
  • One of the longest golf balls around
  • Good value for money


  • Extremely hard
  • Little to nothing for spin control

3. Top Flite Gamer

Top Flite Gamer golf ball

Distance: 95 | Feel: 90 | Control: 85 | Durability: 95

Overall best Top Flite golf ball

The Gamer has a three-piece construction and uses Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics technology to achieve a softer and more workable Top Flite golf ball. A thin and soft ionomer cover improves feel, whilst a highly resilient inner core retains the stereotypical distance that Top Flite are known for among golfers.

The Gamer will still not provide quite the same spin control as the leading high-end brands, but it is definitely closer than any other Top Flite and will be more than good enough for mid handicappers. As an all-around golf ball it offers distance with playability, perfect for a wide range of golfers and is excellent value for money to boot.


  • Decent feel and playability
  • Retains good distance
  • Good value for money
  • Putts well


  • Low handicappers will probably still want a little more spin control

4. Top Flite Women's EMPOWER

Top Flite Women's EMPOWER golf ball

Distance: 95 | Feel: 75 | Control: 75 | Durability: 95

Best for high handicap ladies

Top Flite Empower golf balls are designed for slower swing speeds and have a 322-dimple design to promote a higher launching ball flight. A soft and thin ionomer cover provides decent feel and a two-piece larger core construction is designed for maximum ball speeds and distance.

These balls come with a matte finish and in four bright colours to make them easily trackable during their flight and more visible in the rough. Top Flight Empower golf balls are perfect for ladies that are new to the game or have a higher handicap.


  • Great distance
  • Colours are great for finding in the rough
  • Will help slow swing speeds


  • Does not offer much feel and control
  • Not suited to faster swing speeds or lower handicaps

5. Top Flite Hammer Control

Top Flite Hammer Control golf ball

Distance: 90 | Feel: 80 | Control: 80 | Durability: 90

Best soft feel Top Flite

The Top Flite Hammer Control is a two-piece golf ball that features Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics and a high speed core for strong distance and fast ball speed. A soft ionomer cover offers a nice feel and improved control compared with other Top Flites.

Many reviewers have noted the similarity to the previous D2+ Feel Top Flite ball, which was enjoyed by many golfers. Decent playability and good distance makes the Hammer Control a great option for mid-to-high handicappers that are looking for a bit more of a soft feel opposed to an out-and-out distance golf ball. The Hammer Control will also perform well against more expensive golf ball brands offering soft feel golf balls making it good value for money.


  • Great value for money
  • Decent feel and control compared to other Top Flites
  • Comes in yellow as well for improved visibility


  • Not enough spin control to be viable for better golfers
  • Less distance than harder Top Flite golf balls

6. Top Flite Hammer Distance

Top Flite Hammer Distance golf ball

Distance: 100 | Feel: 75 | Control: 75 | Durability: 95

Best distance golf ball

The Hammer Distance features much of the same technology as the Hammer Control previously reviewed. It contains the Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics as well as a large low compression core for maximising distance and ball speeds.

The slight difference is in the thin Ionomer cover, which is not as soft as the Control model. This results in a more durable and firmer feeling golf ball that will travel slightly longer distances. Golfers not concerned with a soft feel and are prioritising more distance off the tee will prefer the Hammer Distance.


  • Impressive distance
  • Durable golf ball
  • Good value for money


  • Hard feel on impact
  • Does not offer much spin control


The construction of a golf ball is the most crucial factor in determining its characteristics when struck by a club. Golf balls range from one-piece all the way up to five-piece, referring to the number of layers used to create the ball.


One-piece balls are only usually found in driving ranges, on mini golf courses or used as the cheapest of beginners balls. They are normally made from Surlyn and are cost effective to produce in bulk. However, the lack of compression means these balls do not travel as far as other golf balls. They also lack any spin control or feel, meaning that their use on the golf course is very limited.


Top Flite golf balls are mostly found with a two-piece construction. These golf balls feature a large solid core and a thin Surlyn outer layer. Most popular among high handicappers and beginners, two-piece golf balls reduce spin to generate the longest distances and usually have a noticeable hard feel on impact.

Multi-Layer (Three to Five-Piece)

Multi-layer golf balls usually have a rubber or liquid core, followed by different types of middle layers and then a Surlyn or Urethane outer layer. These are the golf balls used by low handicappers and Tour golfers, because they offer the most feel, spin control and workability.


The final layer, commonly referred to as the cover, comes in two different materials.

Surlyn (or Ionomer) is mostly used on two-piece and some three-piece golf balls. Surlyn is extremely durable and the best at transferring energy to produce the best ball speeds and therefore, longest distances. This is the material used in the vast majority of Top Flite golf balls.

Urethane is a softer material and most common on multi-layered golf balls. It is best for providing the improved feel and spin control that better golfers prioritise.


Compression, in the most basic explanation, refers to how much the golf ball deforms when it is struck. The lower the compression the more the golf ball will be squashed at impact.

Lower compression golf balls are best suited to slower swing speeds, because they create a spring-like effect for maximising distances. They typically have reduced spin rates, which help to reduce severe hooks and slices as well as a softer feel.

Higher compression golf balls are favoured by better golfers with faster swings that can compress the ball through more clubhead speed. On multi-layered golf balls this will compress all the layers to still produce good distances, whilst having improved control.

As technology has developed many golf ball manufacturers have stopped publicising the compression ratings of their golf balls. One of the main reasons for this is that modern technology allows manufacturers to develop ‘soft feel’ golf balls that feel softer than their compression rating would suggest. Compression is still a useful guide for golfers though and many of the compression ratings can be found on a list compiled here by Golf Info Guides.

What golf ball should I get?

The ideal golf ball for each player is a personal decision based on a number of factors, including your handicap, swing speed and strengths/weaknesses. Based on these factors it is possible to narrow down your search for a specific type of golf ball likely to suit you best.

Higher handicap golfers will prefer two-piece golf balls with a more durable Ionomer cover and lower compression. Lower handicap golfers will prefer multi-layered golf balls with a Urethane cover and higher compression. This is a generalisation based on the average low and high handicappers to give the overall best performance. However, this will not be the case for everyone and as technology develops manufacturers are releasing balls with qualities suitable to a wider spectrum of golfers.

Your budget also plays a crucial role in choosing your golf ball. Beginners are more likely to steer towards value for money balls, because they are usually more likely to lose them. Low handicap golfers are often happier spending a bit more, because each ball should last them a little longer. That being said, everyone has a different budget so you need to find a ball that fits your price range that will get the most from your game and you will enjoy playing.


In this article we reviewed the best Top Flite golf balls available on the market at the moment and also gave you some tips about what to look for when buying your next golf balls. Hopefully this advice has helped give you an idea about what golf ball might benefit you and want to try out next. Finding the perfect ball can have a huge impact on your golf game, so it is well worth searching around.

Remember that every golfer is different, so what might be best for your playing partners could be very different from what suits you. That also means that the most expensive ball is not always the best, so it is worth trying out various different options before you settle with using one type of golf ball. The best thing about Top Flite golf balls is that they are all excellent value for money, so it is definitely worth trying them out to see if you like them. You might just be surprised.

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