Best Titleist Irons

5 Best Titleist Irons in 2022

Titleist is known for producing quality golf equipment, and their irons are often regarded as not only being one of the best, but also drastically underrated in the game.

So what we are going to do here is to look at what we see as being the best Titleist irons on the market right now. However, we will cover a number of different clubs that we see as being more beneficial to different types of players.

By the end, you will have a much better idea of which Titleist irons are best for your own game.

So, let’s get on with the reviews.

Titleist T300 Iron Set 6-PW, 48°W, 53°W, 56°W Mitsubishi Tensei Red AM2 Graphite Ladies Right Handed 36.5in
  • Highly forgiving irons

  • Offers real value for money

  • Gives you a higher launch with the ball

  • Provides a sense of control over your shots

First up, we have the Titleist t300 irons, and we see these as being best for people with a high handicap. 

We see the t300 as being best in this area because of the way in which they are highly forgiving as irons. That does mean they will reduce the chances of those mishits, and that offers you a greater deal of control over your shots.

Also, they are designed to help when it comes to the launch of the ball. Quite simply, you should not have too many problems with getting this ball up into the air thanks to these irons.

This is a huge deal when you think about it. So many people with a high handicap will effectively ground or scuff their shot, and they will lose distance as a result.

The t300 series of irons will push your distance out while still giving you a sense of control over your shots at the same time.

Overall, these irons are not filled with technology, but they do a wonderful job of what they need to help with, and when you are looking for irons as you get to grips with the game, then that is all you need.

Titleist t300 irons


  • The sweet spot is impressive on these irons
  • They feel balanced through the swing
  • They make it easier to hit the ball
  • They will help eliminate those mishits


  • As they are all about being forgiving, you may lose some sense of being able to play around with your iron shots

Overall Conclusion

These irons are excellent for people starting out in the game. They help with the core areas where people have a tendency to struggle, and that is a huge deal.

However, they do restrict you when it comes to playing around with your shots, but if you are starting out in the game, then that is not something you want to be doing anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

That is why we have only taken off a bit of a mark with the t300.

2. Best for Forgiveness - Titleist t400

Titleist T400 RH FUBUKI MV 45L 6W2 Irons, Men, 6-GW2
  • Makes it easy to get height on the ball

  • Highly forgiving iron making it easier to hit the ball

  • Has a wide sole for smoother contact

  • Comes with high-density tungsten

If you are looking for an iron that is highly forgiving when dealing with those mishits, then the t400 series is where you want to be looking.

Everything about the t400 is designed to make hitting the ball a whole lot easier. We are looking at a massive sweet spot across the face, high MOI, and a wider sole that makes it significantly smoother for you to hit the ball. 

The club is also lighter than usual, and that is why it is often aimed at people with a mid to low swing speed. It just means more power is generated leading to improved distances.

To help with the transfer of power between club and ball, the club does come with a thinner face. That means it’s going to transfer as much energy as possible, and that will once again help the distance side of things.

Ultimately, the t400 series is there to help you out with your shots, and that is something it will do with ease. 

Titleist t400


  • The lightweight nature of the club helps with slow swing speeds
  • The club is indeed highly forgiving
  • You will achieve better distances with your shots
  • The wide sole makes it easier to hit the ball as well


  • If you have a faster swing speed, then you may lose some control with this club

Overall Conclusion

The t400 series is an amazing club that will help people searching for irons that are forgiving when it comes to dealing with those mishits. The club feels well balanced, and if you have a slow swing speed, then it will also make a difference in that department.

However, if you do have a fast swing speed, then this club may very well be a bit too much for you. That alone is the reason why some marks have been taken off the club.

3. Best for Low Handicap - Titleist t100

Titleist T100S RH PRX LZ 6.0 4P Irons, Men, 4-PW
  • Tour standard irons

  • Creates more spin than other irons

  • Offers real distance on shots

  • Provides more precision and control over shots to be played

If you are moving to having a lower handicap, then the Titleist t100 series is going to prove to be a wonderful set of irons to have in your bag. Designed with tour level play in mind, we are talking about clubs that offer a significant amount of control and shot choice, at least compared to other irons.

One of the main features on the t100 is the ability to produce a significant amount of spin. This is something that only low handicap players can really deal with, so if you are starting out, then stay away from any irons that offer too much spin.

These clubs do tend to have a lower MOI as well improving flexibility with the club. However, that does then mean you need to be capable of maintaining control over your shots to take advantage of this.

Overall, these clubs are more about precision and playing around with your shot compared to any other iron out there. They work well with almost any swing speed, but don’t expect them to be as forgiving as other examples. That just will not be the case.

Titleist t100 irons


  • They help you to really pick and choose your shots
  • They give an amazing amount of feedback
  • You can add in a whole lot more spin to your shots
  • They help with precision play with your irons


  • You need to have a low handicap to take advantage of what these irons can offer

Overall Conclusion

These irons are undoubtedly aimed at those players who are comfortable with their game, and can take more control over what they want to do with their iron shots. However, that’s not something that happens with everyone.

That does mean these irons are going to eliminate a relatively large number of players as the clubs are pretty much unplayable for them. That is why we have taken off some marks from the clubs due to the restricted market that is open to them.

4. Best for Distance - Titleist 528

Titleist 528lgr5pe Golf Irons, Men, Grey, 5-PW
  • Irons offer exceptional distance to your shots

  • Available from 5 iron to pitching wedge

  • Offers explosive speed and power off the ball

  • Face reduces energy loss from swing to address

If you are struggling with your iron shots, at least from a distance perspective, then the Titleist 528 set of irons could be the answer.

These irons are all about getting a few extra yards added to your shots, and it’s something that it is able to achieve with relative ease.

It does this by not only providing you with the perfect launch angle, but also in reducing the level of energy lost between swing and addressing the ball. A drop in that energy transfer knocks yards off your shot, so being able to reverse that is key.

Titleist themselves talk about this set of irons having explosive power, and that does mean they work well for people with slow swing speeds as well. The irons are light, so you will undoubtedly add some speed to your swing, so keep that in mind if you already have a fast swing speed.

The irons are also pretty forgiving, so it means you can let rip with the power and the club is there by your side every step of the way. That alone helps you to relax in your shot, and can also add a few yards to your shot.

Overall, this is all about perfect height and power transfer resulting in an amazing shot from an amazing iron.


  • The irons give you confidence in your shot
  • You lose less power in the transfer
  • The irons are very forgiving, which helps
  • You get the perfect launch angle to get better distance


  • If you have a fast swing speed, then you may get carried away

Overall Conclusion

This club will make a significant difference when you are struggling with distance in your iron shots. It will be capable of adding some yards to your iron shots, and that’s across the board and no matter the iron you are using.

However, it does work better when you have a mid to slow swing speed. If you have a faster swing speed, then this club may end up with you losing control of your shot, and that is why it doesn’t score full marks.

5. Best for Trajectory - Titleist 835

Titleist Golf 835lssf5614 Wedge, Men, Grey, 56.14
  • Designed to provide optimum launch angles

  • Highly forgiving allowing you to focus on your shot

  • Focuses on accuracy more than distance

  • Lightweight helping people with slower swing speeds

If you are often struggling when it comes to getting the ball up off the deck, the the Titleist 835 range of irons is there to help you out.

Their main focus is on improving the flight trajectory, and they do this by being very specific with the CoG and how it relates to the way in which the club addresses the ball. The aim here is to make it easier for you to get the ball up off the ground, and this club will certainly do just that.

However, if you want an iron that is going to help with distance, then this is not the one for you. Instead, it’s more about control and focusing on the accuracy of your shots compared to anything else.

The club is lightweight, so if you struggle for speed and power, then it’s going to help you out. It also has a relatively high MOI, so that means less twisting in the shot leading to a cleaner connection. Ultimately, these irons are quite forgiving.

Overall, the main focus of this iron is to get the ball in the air, and it does this well without complicating other matters.


  • You won’t have any problem getting the ball off the deck
  • You will have a lot of control over the shot with this iron
  • It is highly forgiving allowing you the space to work on your shot
  • It’s lightweight, so good for people with a slower swing speed


  • If you already hit the ball high, then you will lose distance with this club

Overall Conclusion

Whenever you buy a set of irons, you want them to do the job they are intended for, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to this iron. 

It will help you get things airborne, and it will also make a real difference if you struggle with speed thanks to the club being relatively light. However, it loses marks because if you already hit the ball high, then this club could ruin your shot.

What to Look for With an Iron

The different examples noted above are all excellent clubs in their own right, but how do you know the iron you have chosen is going to be the right one for you?

Well, the key is in having a clear understanding of your game. When you are in that position, it does mean you can then take steps to ensure you have the correct iron in your bag that will help strengthen the areas you are good at, and improve the areas where you struggle.

So, with that in mind, here are some key tips to look out for when it comes to choosing those irons.

Your Handicap

Look at your handicap and your general level of game. If you are just starting out, then your needs from your irons will be different to those with more of an advanced understanding of the game.

In general, if you have a high handicap, then you want irons that are highly forgiving. That should be your minimum starting point.

At the same time as being forgiving, you also want your irons to perhaps help you get the ball up off the ground. That applies no matter if you are on the fairway, or in the rough.

You see, people with a high handicap will often make poor connections when addressing the ball. You want the iron to counteract those issues as best as it possibly can, and this can happen in a few ways.

You want to find irons that speak about improved flight of the ball. The loft angle will be pretty much the same, as that’s more tied into the actual club number rather than anything else, so make sure the manufacturer states their irons will get the ball airborne.

A Lower Handicap

With a lower handicap, then your needs are different. You already have a reduced number of mishits along with less difficulty in getting the ball off the deck.

In this instance, you should be looking at irons that offer you some real control over your shots and being able to have some variation. You also want irons that provide some amazing feel in the shots as that feedback will prove to be priceless.


It will also help you if the irons you are looking at have a higher MOI as this is directly linked to the level of forgiveness in the club.

The higher it is, then the more forgiving the club as there’s less twisting at the point of impact. That means you get a cleaner hit along with better accuracy as mishits will be reduced.

The MOI is important no matter what level you are at since anybody can make a bad connection. Thankfully, the high MOI counteracts this to a certain extent, and that’s a good thing to keep in mind.

The Feel

As your game improves, the need to have clubs that offer a better feel and feedback to your shots will increase.

Often, the clubs linked to helping people with a higher handicap will have less feel. Having this feedback can complicate the game for some people, so only focus on this when your handicap is coming down.

What you are looking for here are clubs that give you the right sound and less vibration through the club. It just lets you know if you are hitting the ball cleanly, or if some adjustments need to be made.

Also, it will let you know if the MOI is right for you and how you are addressing the ball. A subtle difference can make a huge difference to how the ball then acts.


This was partly mentioned when discussion the MOI, but it’s so important that we need to mention it again.

You want your iron to work with you, and not against you with your shots. You want the club to seek to eliminate those mishits to allow you to focus on what you are trying to do with the ball.

Not every iron comes with the same size sweet spot or ability to eliminate mishits. Tour level irons will reduce this as they want you to have more freedom over the shot you wish to play, and trying to counteract spin and anything else goes against that idea.

But if you are new to the game, or even a mid handicap player, then having  irons that come with a high degree of forgiving mishits will completely transform your entire game. 

What to Avoid

What you must avoid, when it comes to choosing irons, is to buy irons that will compliment your weaknesses.

Think of it this way.

Get an understanding of your swing speed, and then find clubs that work with you. If you have a slow swing speed, then light clubs that boost speed are essential. However, if your swing speed is already fast, then those same clubs may result in you losing control.

The same applies to trajectory as it can all go wrong when you have the wrong understanding of your game.

So, get advice on where your iron game is failing from a professional, and then buy according to those failings. That is the best way to transform your iron game. Also, there will always be clubs out there that can make a difference in this way.

Don’t go into buying these clubs blind. That is where you could make a costly mistake, and then wonder why your game is not improving.

Overall Conclusion

The different Titleist irons listed above are all excellent in their own right. However, if you are looking for one that performs best for the most people across the board, then the t400 range is our winner.

We see this as the best due to the way it is highly forgiving as an iron, and that is something most people are going to require out on the course. It’s an excellent iron with pretty much everything it does, and most players could benefit from it.

However, we should also mention the 835 iron as well. The way it helps you get the ball off the deck and into the air makes a real difference to your shots and game. So, at least there is help out there if that is something you struggle with.

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