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10 Best TaylorMade Irons Engineered and Optimized for Speed and Distance

When top brands like TaylorMade have in their latest line-up a handful of irons, then you know it means serious business. It also implies that the brand cares about actually helping you find solutions on the turf rather than just launching a limited collection of irons every year. TaylorMade genuinely matters too, no matter your handicap, skill, or preference.

Now maybe you most likely know which irons are the most suitable for your game. But then have you decided based on ball speed, carry distance, etc.? What about factoring in the common error of missing the sweet spot? After all, forgiveness does play a major role in case you happen to be a high handicapper, beginner, or senior golfer.

So let’s get to the part where you understand the dynamics of each of TaylorMade’s most recent best-selling golf iron. And then you can decide for yourself whether or not it benefits your swing speed, skills, and overall game.

The Best of the Best Irons Designed by TaylorMade

Most Forgiving Iron
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
  • Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket boost distance
  • Ultra-thin clubface generates a straighter ball flight
  • Increased sweet spot keeps side spin low on mis-hits
  • Vibration-damping system produces a solid feel
Best for Slower Swing Speed
TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron
TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron
  • Speed Bridge with Thru-Slot increases distance
  • CG is placed lower to elevate launch angle for straighter shots
  • No feel-compromising vibrations, thanks to compression damper
  • Lightweight graphite shaft promotes a faster swing speed
Best Iron for Women
TaylorMade 2018 Women’s Kalea Ultralite Rescue/Hybrid Club
TaylorMade 2018 Women’s Kalea Ultralite Rescue/Hybrid Club
  • Shaft is lightweight graphite, thus easier to swing
  • Deep, low CG gets golf ball airborne easily
  • Speed Pocket technology increases ball speed
  • Loft is optimized for more distance and accuracy

Now for those who want more choices and information, I have compiled below a whole list of TaylorMade’s top 10 irons so far!

TaylorMade Irons That Are the Most Popular!

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

Now, let’s begin by comparing TaylorMade’s game improvement iron SIM MAX with its larger counterparts, M5 and M6. Speaking of size, SIM MAX is between M5 and M6. So it has a very forgiving sole width, hence a generous hitting surface.

Pair this up with the thick topline and spectacular offset, and you’re sure to become a more consistent hitter. The larger profile here makes for a very inviting combination with the greater offset and thicker topline.

In comparison to TaylorMade M5 (reviewed later), SIM MAX is certainly faster and larger. It has more in common with the M6 model. Such as the same 28.5-degrees 7-iron loft, which helps you achieve the same carry distance as well (around 181-182 yards). But then the SIM MAX shaft is slightly shorter.

What about spin? This TaylorMade iron produces less spin in comparison to M6. And this would seem like a boon if only a higher launch were also possible with SIM MAX. But to be honest, there’s just no downplaying the fact that SIM MAX hands out more assistance in the case of mis-hits.

Plus, it’s much, much easier to control the direction of your shots with this one. Even Golf Monthly agrees to that in their honest video review of TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons…


  • Speed Pocket maximizes face flexibility
  • Speed Bridge technology increases distance
  • Ultra-thin clubface promotes straighter shots
  • Damping system minimizes harsh vibrations to improve feel


  • Not the best for a higher launch

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

This TaylorMade iron has a lot to offer to golfers embarrassed to admit they have a slower swing speed. And these, more often than not, are seniors, beginners, and also many female golfers. In that case, M6’s lightweight graphite shaft with Senior flex is the ultimate solution to all slow swing speed concerns.

Plus, TaylorMade M6 is a cavity-back iron, which just means a wider bottom for straighter, higher, and longer shots.

Thru-Slot, which was first seen in TaylorMade’s P790 irons (also reviewed), is a part of M6 as well. And with that, you get access to explosive speed. This just means that the variable thickness in the clubface decreases the slot size to increase its effect. All thanks to this Speed Bridge technology, even vibrations are minimized at impact to improve sound/feel.

There’s no denying that M6 is indeed a game improvement iron. With a loft that’s much the same as M4. For example, the M4 and M6 6-irons give you the same amount of distance. But the latter also produces less spin and a higher launch.

In all, what matters the most is that TaylorMade M6 is the best choice for those who prioritize gaining extra yardages simply because of the stronger loft and larger sweet spot in comparison to, for example, TaylorMade’s M5 iron.


  • Speed Bridge with Thru-Slot increases distance
  • Compression damper eliminates unwanted vibrations
  • Lower CG elevates launch angle for straighter, stronger shots


  • Makes even center shots sound like mis-hits

3. TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons

Firstly, the OS here simply means offset or oversized. And TaylorMade SIM MAX OS is indeed the oversized version of the original TaylorMade SIM MAX. The latter has a slightly shorter toe and heel, along with a narrower sole. But to be honest, this difference, in terms of effects, is not much.

That means SIM MAX and SIM MAX OS have more in common than you think. Such as the ECHO Damping System incorporated into both irons, which spans across the whole clubface to create that perfect forged feel you often expect from distance irons. Then Speed Bridge is another common element that enhances the sweet spot for more distance.

Also look forward to accuracy-optimizing Progressive Inverted Cone Technology. So achieving a speedy ball flight becomes possible in the most effortless manner. If you’re a beginner, you’re sure to love this feature simply because it helps in positioning the club more toward your toe for producing a slice-preventing draw bias.

It’s no wonder that so many golfers, no matter their skill-set, don’t mind paying a little bit extra to get their hands on TaylorMade gear, especially these golf ball contact boosting and bad shots correcting irons.


  • Thinner clubface maximizes forgiveness and distance
  • Damping System eliminates feel-compromising harsh vibrations
  • Face flexibility is at its highest to correct mis-hits
  • Low, back CG placement for a higher launch and flight


  • Takes time to get used to the taller face and wider sole

4. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

The TaylorMade M4 model is a uniquely designed iron than its counterpart M6 reviewed so far (we have M3 and M5 coming on later). It’s unique in that it features RIBCOR. And what this does is minimize the wasteful expenditure of energy. The RIBCOR bars of M4 that are positioned behind the clubface stiffen the upper part of the clubhead.

In simple words, RIBCOR creates a more solid structure and checks toe and face flexibility to produce a tighter shot dispersion, thus boosting both accuracy and distance. RIBCOR also places more weight in the toe and heel of this steel-shafted iron to increase MOI and twist-resistance during impact, which certainly generates straighter, faster-traveling shots.

Moreover, TaylorMade M4 is also equipped with a hosel notch, so you can adjust the lie angle much more easily. After TaylorMade M2 was launched in 2017, no one thought that the brand would be able to design another longest iron like it ever again. But all skeptics, including me of course, were proved wrong when TaylorMade M4 came out just a year after that.

Want to know what Rick Shiels, an expert golfing professional, has to say about this TaylorMade iron?


  • Mass is redistributed low to improve launch and consistency
  • Speed Pocket technology boosts speed even on mis-hits
  • RIBCOR transfers more energy for producing greater distances
  • Aftermarket shafts for max. ball speed and high launch


  • Clubhead prone to getting damaged easily

5. TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

Need a forgiving i.e. beginner or slow swing speed friendly iron set? If yes, then please opt for the Regular or Senior shaft flex because I’m reviewing the Stiff option. Whatever the case, to be honest, TaylorMade M2 Irons are quite forgiving on off-center shots. Thanks to the common denominator – Speed Pocket technology.

However, back in 2017 (that was when TaylorMade M2 was launched), it was the achievement of a lower CG that set M2 apart from the rest. Its Face Slots help a great deal when it comes to preserving ball speed on mis-hits.

And then, on top of that, Speed Pocket was incorporated to maximize forgiveness plus produce a higher launch. So it didn’t matter anymore how highly prone you were to hitting off-center shots. The beauty of this technology exists even today, and not only in M2 but almost in every TaylorMade iron I’ve reviewed so far.

Speed Pocket on 4-7 irons is taller and thinner for boosting ball speed even more across the whole clubface. But the major part of mis-hit correction actually comes from the iron’s Face Slots, which are present in 4-8 irons only.

Even the sound has been subjected to improvement because of the ribs incorporated strategically into the cavity-back structure of these irons. The clubface is stiffened to optimize both feel and sound.

And last but not least for sure since looks matter indeed, cosmetically speaking, TaylorMade M2 has a classier polished chrome finish. This keeps the irons looking brand new for a much longer time.


  • Face Slots minimize distance loss on off-center strikes
  • Speed Pocket technology corrects the common mis-hit error
  • Deeper, lower CG for easier, higher launch
  • Geocoustic engineering enhances feel and sound


  • Very strong lofts, thus not for better players

6. TaylorMade 2018 P790 Men’s Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Men's Iron Set

No doubt, TaylorMade P790 is far superior to its competitors that were launched around the same time. First off, these irons are more lightweight, which means you get just the response and feel you desire. Plus, your iron shots are bound to travel farther out. And you can finally produce draws and fades more effortlessly.

In terms of forgiveness, TaylorMade P790 features SpeedFoam (it’s the first time this exclusive TaylorMade technology is making an appearance here). With unique SpeedFoam, the COR limit gets maximized in order to help you generate the longest distances of your life. More importantly, SpeedFoam corrects off-center troubles like a pro!

Are they TRULY forgiving?

Moving on to the feel of TaylorMade P790, it’s pretty great given the next-level engineering and forged construction. This type of aesthetic design consists of soft materials, which always give you a much better feel.

Moreover, TaylorMade P790 carries an added, very rare to come by advantage. And that is – these are qualified to be called both game improvement irons and players’ irons. So you can be on the lookout for either and still shower these TaylorMade irons with praise.


  • Ultra-thin clubface produces straighter shots
  • SpeedFoam delivers responsive feedback and soft feel
  • Strategic weight placement for off-center forgiveness


  • Distance dispersion is a problem
  • Spin generated is comparatively lower

7. TaylorMade 2018 Women’s Kalea Ultralite Rescue/Hybrid Club

TaylorMade 2018 Women's Kalea Ultralite Rescue/Hybrid Club

Lightweight club,’ ‘easy to hit,’ ‘perfect weight for women golfers,’ ‘great club for the price’ – these are just some of the most amazing things said for TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Rescue Golf Club.

It’s a part of the brand’s most recent collection for female golfers. The greatest and latest technologies are incorporated into this to maximize performance in the case of slower swing speeds. So you can indeed produce a higher launch in order to generate a longer carry distance as a result of improvement in speed off the clubface.

Even the low, back CG placement and optimized loft contribute a great deal as far as boosting performance despite hitting off-center is concerned. Getting the golf ball airborne the most easily is a very useful trick here if you happen to be a slow-swing golfer.

And then of course you have the brand’s phenomenal Speed Pocket technology at your disposal for increasing ball speed, launch, and carry distance. With ultra-lite rescue golf clubs like these, factors like performance and playability are maximized without having to go through the struggle of doing so. A shortcut to learning the ropes of the game more quickly!

Here the same kind of praise from professional golfer Sophie Walker as well…


  • Lightweight graphite shaft with Ladies flex
  • Individually optimized loft, weight, and length
  • Deep, low CG for easier, higher launch


  • Not for more skilled/experienced women golfers

8. TaylorMade Golf M5 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M5 Iron Set

Let me tell you a little something interesting about yet another TaylorMade M-iron. This M2, along with M5 and M6, features Speed Bridge, right? And this “bridge” spreads across the cavity-back structure to reduce unwanted vibrations that tend to mess with the feel of the club at impact.

With TaylorMade Speed Bridge, it becomes so much effortless and easier for golfers struggling with distance to generate higher ball speeds. You’re most likely to enjoy hitting the M5 irons, even on your imperfect or off-center strikes. The wide sole makes sure that max. distance is covered even when you make contact with the turf first.

What about looks, sound, and feel? Well, TaylorMade M5 has a more subtle color combination (black and grey) in comparison to the red color scheme of M6. Even the leading edge here is relatively sharper, thus paving the way for an easier square setup at address.

About feel and sound, feedback on heel or toe is certainly stronger while also being extremely forgiving. Although you get a slightly muted sound, but that’s irrespective of where the contact is made. Meaning even mis-hits produce a solid sound to boost your confidence levels on the turf.


  • Speed Bridge technology with Thru-Slot improves distance
  • Lower CG for more ball speed and higher launch
  • Compact address shaping boosts confidence
  • Advanced compression damper eliminates vibrations


  • Less offset, thus not the best for weaker players

9. TaylorMade M3 Iron Set

TaylorMade M3 Iron Set

With so many TaylorMade irons, it’s just natural to get confused when it comes to deciding which one suits your game?

On that note, let me tell you that TaylorMade M5 is specially made for golfers who, by default and more often than not, produce thin shots. At such times, cavity-back irons seem like the most beneficial option, and TaylorMade M5 is indeed a cavity-back iron.

With M3, face flexibility takes center-stage, no doubt about that. With the use of the brand’s exclusive Speed Pocket, the clubface bottom flexes more. And the same kind of effect is produced in the toe and heel of the iron because of Face Slots.

Moreover, you also get TaylorMade’s revolutionary RIBCOR technology. This too confines face flexibility for producing straighter, higher-speed shots. Therefore, M3 ranks as one of the most forgiving iron manufactured not just by TaylorMade but any other brand as well.

Compared to the reduction in the price of the M3 model, M5 and M6 being more expensive of course, the fact that extra benefits of the more recent collection are not included in here is not such a big deal AT ALL.


  • RIBCOR increases face flex for more energy transfer
  • Wide sole and thick topline maximizes forgiveness
  • Leading edge is ultra-thin to make mis-hits travel longer
  • Bouncy, solid feel and feedback


  • None so far

10. TaylorMade Men’s RocketBladez Iron Set

TaylorMade Men's Rocketbladez Iron Set

So the last and final TaylorMade invention on this list is RocketBladez. Here’s PGA professional Mark Crossfield’s feedback that many golfers find extremely helpful.

As for my own opinion, I think the Speed Pocket technology in here really makes a HUGE difference since it welcomes greater face flex for generating more ball speed, thus boosting an enormous amount of distance.

With RocketBladez, you just know that TaylorMade wants to rank as the #1 brand for distance irons. The brand is using technologies in irons that up until now have only been incorporated into their drivers in order to create and emphasize the spring-type effect so as to increase ball speed.

Furthermore, the forgiveness brought into the picture here is outstanding given that it spreads across the entire clubface. As a result, the feeling of hitting an off-center shot is nearly non-existent in this case.

And mind you, just because this kind of added advantage exists doesn’t mean the irons are chunky with a lot of offset. On the contrary, TaylorMade RocketBladez irons feature a mid-sized clubhead, optimally thick top line, and average iron offset. Hence, you’re looking at a set that seems like a suitable choice for a broader range of golfers.


  • Speed Pocket boosts ball speed and distance
  • Ultra-thin clubface produces higher peak trajectory
  • Hosel notch creates a more customized fit


  • Very strong lofts not the best for better players

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best TaylorMade Irons

Which Are the Best TaylorMade Irons?

To be honest, there’s no universal best. It all depends on your swing speed, handicap, skills, and personal preferences. But just for the sake of categorization, TaylorMade M6 and TaylorMade P790 are the most suitable for low-handicap to mid-handicap golfers. While TaylorMade SIM MAX is a huge hit among high handicappers and average/beginner golfers.

Does TaylorMade Design Good Irons?

It is one of the top golf club brands after all, and a premium one at that. And that’s precisely because TaylorMade has managed to dominate the market with the help of new inventions and technologies that they have seamlessly incorporated into their irons, drivers, and more.

The brand offers a broad range of all types of irons – this includes game improvement irons, players’ irons, and also distance irons. It has bagged many pro-level golfers too, such as Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Matthew Wolff, and Collin Morikawa.

Even those golfers who prioritize easy distance produced by high ball speed have taken a liking to TaylorMade irons.

Which TaylorMade Irons Are the Most Forgiving?

In general, cavity-backs irons are the ones that maximize forgiveness in order to generate more distance and a higher launch. Simply because the cavity-back structure consists of perimeter weighting and low CG.

As someone with a high handicap and/or slow swing speed, also look for TaylorMade irons with an oversized design, thus a more generous sweet spot across the clubface, which the brand is no short of.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Irons for High Handicappers?

High-handicap golfers, more often than not, when choosing TaylorMade, opt for either TaylorMade SIM MAX or TaylorMade SIM MAX OS. Both, to be honest, feature Speed Bridge, Speed Pocket, and Progressive Inverted Cone technologies that promote forgiveness, distance, speed, and straighter shots even on mis-hits.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Irons for Mid Handicappers?

As a mid-handicap golfer, you get to choose between TaylorMade M4 and TaylorMade P790. Both iron sets, no doubt, are the most common as their technologies and features cater more toward a broader range of players.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Irons for A Beginner?

Once again, beginners perform best with TaylorMade SIM MAX. Its enhanced sweet spot makes it possible to preserve ball speed on common off-center strikes. Most of the characteristics work toward increasing this hitting surface to promote longer, straighter, and higher shots.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Irons for An Average Golfer?

TaylorMade P790 Irons seem like the most suitable choice for average golfers. And why is that? Because of its optimal weight positioning, responsive feedback, forged steel construction, progressive offset, etc. More importantly, the P790 irons correct mis-hits without compromising distance, control, accuracy, or feel.

That’s All About TaylorMade Irons For Now!

Almost every golfer you meet on the course is going to tell you how amazing the brand TaylorMade really is. And by the way, that’s not just a Tour-level golfer but also the average golfing guy you see all the time. And that’s the best part about TaylorMade – that the brand caters to the more advanced players as well as amateurs and weekend golfers.

More experienced ones often opt for bladed irons. But then that’s not the case with beginners, right? This means choosing which TaylorMade iron is best for you can be quite challenging and confusing. Hence, this article with its top 10 TaylorMade irons ever designed!

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