Best Sunday Golf Bags That Are Lightweight Yet Sizable to Use

Why do you or any other golfer require the best Sunday golf bags? Because it comes in handy when you’re not in the mood to carry all of your golf clubs. So why take on the extra weight when you can just as easily play 9 holes or on a par-3 course without it!

Not every round of golf is a long one. Some golfers simply want to practice with the most useful clubs. While some are looking for playing a quick round just to unwind and relax on the golf course.

Whatever your reason, a Sunday golf bag makes the task of walking the length of the course much easier. So you can ditch that golf cart and cover your daily steps. You also get the opportunity to reap the physical and mental benefits of golf. Without a heavy bag coming in the way!

Why It’s Beneficial to Use A Sunday Bag In Golf

Sunday Golf Bags Benefits

If you don’t already know, then allow me to tell you that the beauty of Sunday bags is that they’re the king/queen of lightweight golf bags. And that brings the most important benefit to mind. Not too much strain on your shoulders and back. So you can complete your round or rounds of golf without feeling tired unnecessarily.

The ultimate goal is to make the game much more convenient and comfortable for you. No matter how many golf clubs you decide to carry. Although, with Sunday bags, players usually carry not more than a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8-9 clubs.

Also, your chances of walking the entire length of the golf course are highly likely when the bag you’re carrying is lightweight. And that brings into the experience more burning of calories. Along with meeting your daily step count and physical exercise.

These ultra-light, compact golf bags are the most suitable for golfers who simply want to enjoy a quick game. And those who play on par-3 courses or head to the driving range every now and then. And, as the name suggests, Sunday bags are perfect for a relaxing, fun Sunday evening game of golf with friends and loved ones.

Lastly, these are also quite fitting for beginners, juniors, and seniors. In simple words, golfers who don’t often carry a whole set of clubs. So if you’re not lugging around the full range, then why choose a full-sized golf bag. Instead, go for something smaller and more lightweight to carry the select few golf clubs you absolutely need.

How to Pick the Best Sunday Golf Bags

How to Pick the Best Sunday Golf Bags

A lightweight, small-capacity golf bag can indeed make a big difference in the course. But that’s only if it meets your demands. If the Sunday bag is not the best alternative to a full-sized version, then it makes no sense at all.

That said, how about you get to know all that matters the most when choosing a bag like this for your practice or quick golfing sessions!


Needless to say, the weight of the bag is the most crucial characteristic. Lightweight Sunday bags used in golf, more often than not, are 3 pounds or less. Only then can you expect it to weigh under 20 pounds when fully loaded.

The extra weight depends on how many golf clubs you decide to carry. Meaning you can cut down the weight by eliminating clubs and accessories you don’t use.

Golf Club Capacity

What is the average storage capacity? Generally, these bags can accommodate 6-7 golf clubs the most comfortably. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t those with a larger or smaller capacity. So you should buy a Sunday bag based on how many clubs you carry to your practice sessions.

Dividers and Pockets

Let’s start with dividers. The majority of the best Sunday golf bags feature 2 dividers at the top. Then there are options with as many as six. But, in my opinion, two are more than enough for carrying only the most useful golf clubs. Plus, you get enough room for organization and even protection. But you should know how to organize your clubs properly.

Moving on to the number of pockets. The more, the merrier of course. So carrying your tees, balls, markers, and valuables like phone, wallet, and keys also become possible. Just keep in mind that less is always more in the case of Sunday bags in golf.

Stand and Strap

Whoever says that Sunday bags are not as well-equipped as traditional, full-sized ones have certainly not come across an article like this. Because, in the reviews section, most of my recommendations have a stand and shoulder strap. Plus, a carry handles as well.

So you don’t have to worry about your golf bag and its content (especially your expensive clubs) getting wet or dirty when you place them on the grass. The stand keeps all of it away from the ground.

And, as long as the golf bag is manufactured by a renowned brand, you have no reason to doubt the stability of the stand legs either.

What about the shoulder strap? It’s better if this strap is padded, removable, and adjustable. To minimize any excessive or unwanted strain on your back and shoulders.


If you want to make sure your Sunday bag is travel-friendly, then look for the following features.

  • Lockable zippers.
  • Lightweight design for easy, convenient carry.
  • Thick top padding to protect the clubheads.

The use of durable materials. For example nylon, canvas, and polyurethane.

Best Sunday Golf Bags for 2021 Reviews

1. Orlimar Pitch & Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag (Top Choice)

Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, Brick Red

If you ask me, it’s the perfect little golf bag for your fun weekend getaways, par-3 courses, or the driving range. Even though stand and carry, the Orlimar bag is ultra-lightweight. I mean if under 2 pounds is not ultra-lightweight compared to the heavy-duty counterparts that weigh over 15-16 pounds, then I don’t know what is.

This best pitch and putt golf bag consists of two compartments at the top. That offers more than enough space for carrying 6-7 golf clubs with minimal effort. There’s also an accessory pocket. So you can store your golf balls, tees, ball marker, and some more.

Two carry handles and a shoulder strap make the undertaking of carrying the bag from hole to hole much more convenient. Then there are retractable legs too for support. They also pave the way for easy accessibility of your clubs.

So if you have the habit of walking the golf course or heading to the range for driving sessions. Then this is just the kind of lightweight, stable, and even durable Sunday golf bag you need!


  • Ultra-lightweight with a weight below 2 pounds
  • Double carry handle, a shoulder strap, and retractable legs
  • Double-compartment top fits 6-7 golf clubs
  • Accessory pocket also included


  • Strap placement is a bit awkward, thus uncomfortable

2. Par3 Golf Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag (Best for Budget)

Par3 Golf Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag

Not only is this the lightest Sunday golf bag. But it’s also an incredibly and surprisingly affordable pick. The Par3 Golf bag weighs only 1.95 pounds. You can easily store 6 to 7 golf clubs comfortably. To make your Sunday round of golf a much more relaxing experience.

In terms of space, apart from where your 6-7 golf clubs go, there’s also a valuables pocket. One that’s velour-lined from the inside for providing safe storage. So your valuables such as your phone, keys, wallet, etc. don’t feel left out.

Convenience, more often than not, is the driving force here. On that note, let me assure you that you get top-notch convenience with this lightweight golf bag. Thanks to the inclusion of an integrated shoulder strap and carry handle.

To be honest, I simply don’t understand how any golfer can give this waterproof/water-resistant canvas Sunday golf bag a rating less than 5!


  • A very lightweight and affordable stand/carry bag
  • Valuables pocket offers extra storage space
  • Comes with a strap and handle for easy carry


  • Not enough room for club or clubs with a fat grip

3. JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag 

JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

Truly a high-quality, lightweight Sunday bag that golfers can choose to quicken their pace of play on the course. It ranks among the best pitch and putts golf bags that are so great for the driving range along with par-3 golf courses and travel.

You get to carry as many as 8 clubs. Although you might not even need those many! But what makes the experience so blissful is that the golf bag is designed with both a shoulder sling and carry handle. The former, needless to say, is adjustable. As for the carry handle, it’s plenty sturdy and durable.

Even the stand offers comfort and convenience in the form of popping out with the least bit of effort. More importantly, it keeps your expensive golf clubs together and off the ground.

Sunday bags like these, that fit not more than 8 clubs, encourage you to carry less to the driving range. So you can enjoy a focused driving range session with the golf clubs you absolutely need.


  • Lightweight stand bag for a driving range, par-3 golf, walking, etc.
  • Adjustable sling plus carry handle
  • Zippered pockets can hold at least 10 balls


  • Poorly designed shoulder strap

4. ProActive Sports 5” Sunday Bag

ProActive Sports 5” Sunday Bag

As a beginner, you’re highly likely to not lug around a whole set of golf clubs, right? So all you need is your driver, putter, irons, and 1 or 2 wedges. These many are more than enough for playing a round of golf at the most basic level. On that note, a bag like this by ProAvtive Sports seems like a sweet deal.

The solid construction and use of high-quality materials compared to just about any top-notch traditional golf bag out there. Plus, you’re not stuck with the bulk of the latter. So it’s a great Sunday bag for beginners. Along with senior and junior golfers because even they don’t lug around a full set of clubs.

Moreover, the shoulder strap is equipped with enough padding to bring about comfort. And the carry side handle offers all the convenience you demand on the course.

It’s the ultimate golf bag to carry for a combination of clubs that hit almost every target. And bonus points for the extra storage space for your tees, balls, divot tools, and more.


  • The perfect golf bag for beginners, seniors, and juniors
  • Padded shoulder strap and carry side handle
  • Lightweight and foldable, thus easy to carry and store


  • Not a durable bag – not for frequent golfers

5. CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Bag (Best Travel Bags)

CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Bag

What you’re looking at here is an all-in-one golf bag. The Ranger by CaddyDaddy is definitely an option you come across almost every time when looking for the best Sunday golf bag. And I think it’s mainly because the bag is multi-functional. It’s a Sunday, range, and travel golf bag.

The brand has used weather-proof, thick, durable 1680D nylon for ensuring that the product garners no negative feedback. especially with regards to its quality and construction. The bag also features the best webbing, lockable zippers, and handles.

You can load at least 8 golf clubs in this bag. The perfect storage capacity for those who don’t want to drag around a heavy, clunky bag at the airport. Plus, it’s a very comfortable choice for your back, waistline, and blood pressure.

The most captivating part is how the padded headcover pops open. This means it’s playable even from a golf cart. And if you think the pocket space is not large enough, which is highly unlikely. Because you get 3 zippered pockets. Nevertheless, how about buying golf balls from the course you’re flying off to!


  • Ultra-durable and lightweight Sunday travel golf bag
  • Weather-proof, thick 1680D nylon construction
  • Padded top for protection of clubheads
  • Padded shoulder strap and easy-grip rubber handle


  • Too deep main compartment hinders easy access to clubs

6. FINGER TEN Golf Club Bag Mini

FINGER TEN Golf Club Bag Mini

Do you know what mini golf bags are the best for? For keeping a select few golf clubs at the ready under your car seat for moments when you spontaneously decide to play a quick 9-hole game. Or hit the driving range. But then what about carrying extra tees and balls and all that? For extra storage, you can always clip a small golf accessory bag to this mini bag. And you’re all set!

So how many clubs can the bag fit? In terms of fitting your golf clubs, you can accommodate 5 in there. But then you have to open the wrap for pulling them out. So I’d recommend carrying just 4 clubs. So you don’t need to open the wrap, rather just pull out the golf club of your choice.

Moving on, this mini version is designed using high-quality, durable nylon. The material is perfect for a quick wash in case it gets dirty. And you get to choose from three different colors – blue, black, and pink.


  • A lightweight mini golf bag for practice sessions
  • Adjustable strap and durable nylon design
  • Easily accommodates 4-5 golf clubs
  • Built with a small pouch for holding tees and balls


  • You have to re-arrange and re-wrap clubs after every use

7. Portzon Golf Stand Bag

Portzon Golf Stand Bag

Even though ultra-lightweight, the Portzon Golf Stand Bag can hold as many as 9 clubs. On top of that, you get 2 pockets for storing balls, markers, tees, and gloves for a single round of golf. And you don’t have to worry about quality because premium polyurethane is used for construction. And the bottom of the bag is anti-wear and non-slip.

The stand, in this case, provides all the stability your precious clubs deserve when on uneven terrain. Thanks to its 3-legged design. But, without the shadow of a doubt, it’s the greater internal storage space that caught my attention. Simply because most Sunday bags cannot even hold 6-7 golf clubs comfortably, let alone 9.

Practicality is built into the very core of the bag. The proof – storage pouch, detachable shoulder strap, and its ability to stand in a golf cart.


  • High-quality, abrasion-resistant PU material construction
  • Anti-wear, non-slip bottom adds durability
  • Large capacity and stable standable bracket
  • Removable shoulder strap


  • Large brand logo on bag and strap

8. TOURBON Canvas Golf Lightweight Carry Bag 

TOURBON Canvas Golf Lightweight Carry Bag

Let’s assume that you head to the driving range not more than 2-3 times per week. I mean not everyone has the luxury of time. But, at the same time, you want to unwind, relax, and have a fun time at the course. That said, how about buying this part-canvas, part-leather lightweight golf carry bag!

It can be categorized as the best men’s and women’s Sunday golf bag. The thing that makes a huge impact is the heavily padded bottom. It’s just what you need if you’ve spent an exquisite amount of money on your golf clubs. Many golfers do that, both frequent and occasional.

No doubt, it’s a well-sized bag that, even when you load up, feels much lighter in comparison to the full-sized version.


  • Lightweight, durable, and thickly padded
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Made of top quality leather and canvas
  • Foldable design for neat, easy storage


  • Too narrow and small for some

9. Ram Golf Pitch and Putt Lightweight Golf Carry Bag

Ram Golf Pitch and Putt Lightweight Golf Carry Bag

The perfect lightweight Sunday bag for walking golfers. And what’s even more delightful is the budget-friendly price tag of the bag. Use it for practice sessions at the range or pitch and putt sessions. You can also choose this Ram golf carry bag if you’re a beginner who doesn’t wish to lug around a whole set of clubs unnecessarily.

The bag consists of two top dividers that store your golf clubs and keep them organized. And you can very easily and effortlessly set it down. The legs, just so you know, pop out automatically.

Needless to say, such a design with such a weight is the best for par-3 golf and driving range sessions. Be it occasional or frequent!


  • Lightweight golf carry/stand bag
  • Double-divider top for storing and organizing clubs
  • Automatic pop-out legs


  • None so far

The Bottom Line

I hope it’s clear enough now that even the best Sunday golf bag can be a very useful tool. Especially when it comes to making your round of golf a much less physically demanding experience. Irrespective of the type of golf course!

One very popular choice is the Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag. All thanks to its ultra-light design. Along with a double-compartment top, which can accommodate at least 6-7 golf clubs. And it’s got retractable legs, shoulder strap, and carry handle.

Do you know what the weight is? Less than 2 pounds! So it’s likely that this could be the lightest golf bag you might have stumbled upon. Many golfers have also praised the lightweight structure of the Orlimar bag after fitting as many as 10 clubs in here. And it fits just fine in a golf cart.

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  1. Thanks for the good article and I was shopping around a Sunday bag. However I also just ordered a titleist players 4 carbon. This one is really compact and does not weight much more but is more practical. Comes with better straps. I bought the Orlimar on amazon but contemplate to return it as
    1) Yes it’s about 1lbs leighter, but you don’t really notice that compared to the Titleist
    2) It’s not very comfortable and the strap is awkward
    3) While good amount of space for clubs, missing a bit of pockets. Of course you can add another bag to it

    While I was not walking around with either on the golf course, I think Titleist is as comfy and lightweight as the Orlimar. Why having 2 bags…

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