Best Golf Stand Bags

Best Golf Stand Bags to Reduce Back Strain On the Course

When it comes to golf bags, there’s always room for buying something better. A golf bag with maybe a larger insulated pocket, larger compartment to carry your refreshments, or more storage space to accommodate all you need on the golf course. And, more importantly, a golf bag that’s lightweight to carry with retractable legs. Enter the best golf stand bags.

You don’t have to be a golf expert to know that not all golf bags, be it stand or cart, are designed similarly. In fact, golf bag manufacturing companies like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, etc. are not only designing but actually engineering their golf bags. And, needless to say, such brands are a part of the reviews section below.

So, no doubt, your next stand bag is bound to be much better than your current golf bag. And also better suited for your golfing needs, requirements, and preferences.

1. Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation 4.5 LS

Are you a golfer who likes to carry his/her bag and prefers separate club dividers? If this sounds familiar, then the Sun Mountain Prior Generation 14-Way Stand Bag is worth your attention. The golf bag is engineered with Air Flow hip padding that acts as lumbar support.

Even the padded, adjustable E-Z Fit Dual Strap System garners praise. And why not when it’s got a 3-layered foam construction, which means nothing but comfortable carry.

The stand bag offers cart-friendly features too, such as the cart-friendly bottom, leg-lock mechanism, and cart strap pass-through. A versatile golf bag indeed.

Key Features

  • 14 full-length, individual dividers
  • 3-layered foam padded and adjustable dual strap system
  • Comfort grip handle and matching rainhood

2. Sun Mountain 2019 2.5+ Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 2019 2.5 LS

What I liked the most about this stand bag by Sun Mountain once again is that it’s super-lightweight yet highly strong i.e. durable. The sturdy carbon fiber legs stand on every type of terrain.

Much like the previous Sun Mountain creation, even this golf bag features high-density, thick foam straps and full-length dividers. What’s different is the X-Strap System, but that doesn’t mean it makes the golf bag difficult to put on and take off. You can even carry it easily with its single strap.

Best for its incredibly lightweight and durable nature, this is a great golf bag for minimizing back strain.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight stand bag with 4-way top dividers
  • Highly durable, sturdy carbon fiber legs for all-terrain
  • Easy to take on/off strap system and thick foam straps
  • Beverage pouch, umbrella holder, ball pocket, and matching rainhood

3. Callaway Golf 2020 Chev Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2020 Chev Stand Bag

Callaway doesn’t disappoint when it comes to golf clubs, then why would it in the case of golf bags! Their Chev Stand Bag consists of full-length dividers in the form of a 5-way top. It’s very lightweight; almost like a breeze to carry even with a complete golf set.

The side glove holder and front tee holder are proof of the practical design. And with sturdy and responsive stand legs, you’re most likely to not find any major flaws in this Callaway creation.

Key Features

  • Full-length dividers with an easy-grab handle
  • Glove attachment, valuable pocket, and tee holder included
  • Sharp, professional-looking visual aesthetic

4. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Staff Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Staff Stand Bag

How about a Callaway Tour branded bag for your rounds of golf on the course? Sounds like something you would be proud to own and flaunt? If yes, then don’t think twice before opting for Callaway Epic Flash Staff. It’s a 4-way stand bag that features velour-wrapped dividers. Along with a molded, ergonomic handle.

Then come in the anti-slip foot pads to prevent the bag from sinking into the turf or slipping. A full-sized rainhood is also a part of the mix. If you ask me, it’s a very lightweight, very spacious, and very well-made golf bag by Callaway.

Key Features

  • 4-way top golf stand bag with molded handle
  • Velour-lined dividers and valuables pocket
  • Non-slip stand legs don’t slip or sink into the turf
  • Very light and spacious design with full-sized rainhood

5. Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

You know why you’re likely to love this Callaway bag? Its size is in-between too small and too big, thus making the Capital Stand Bag a highly recommended choice for average golfers. On top of that, the backpack strap feature allows you to walk with the bag very conveniently.

You get a 5-way top that consists of 2 full-length dividers. The high-mount stand system is lightweight and automatic. So no worries about added stability here. Double straps for balanced comfort. And strategically placed pockets, including a valuables pocket that’s velour-lined.

No doubt, it’s an excellent purchase that offers abundant room for your gloves, tees, balls, etc.

Key Features

  • 5-way top stand bag with full-length dividers
  • Lightweight, automatic high-mount stand for stability
  • Double strap and plenty of space

6. Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway 14 Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway 14 Stand Bag

Here’s Callaway’s first 14-way stand bag of this list. The Callaway 2020 Fairway 14 Stand Bag, no doubt, is a very comfortable companion. It’s got full-length, separate dividers and well-padded OptiFit Comfort Straps. The latter, as is evident, paves the way for comfortable carry.

But, to tell you for a fact, it’s the improved X-Act Fit Strap System with its self-balancing properties that steals the limelight. In all, there’s plenty of storage with a comfortable shoulder strap and legs that extend easily.

Key Features

  • 14-way stand bag with full-length, individual dividers
  • OptiFit Comfort Strap for easy, comfortable carry
  • More storage, rainhood pocket, and water-resistant valuables pocket
  • Strap system is self-balancing with towel hook and glove attachment

7. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Don’t think that just because the bag is super-lightweight means it’s no good when it comes to durability and even organization. The Izz stand bag for golf is engineered using high-strength polyester for long-lasting durability. The built-in SmartGRIP handle is also a very dandy feature.

It’s a 4-way top bag with full-length dividers. And in terms of storage, there’s plenty of that with a glove holder, umbrella holder, rainhood, and towel clip.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight stand bag
  • High-strength 4200 polyester for long-lasting durability
  • SmartGRIP handle for easy lifting

8. MacGregor Golf Response Stand Bag

MacGregor Golf Response Stand Bag

The Response Stand Bag by MacGregor Golf offers features that aren’t normally a part of traditional bags. Such as double automatic pop-out legs that extend upon setting the golf bag down. Plus, they resist splitting.

The design consists of a 6-way divider top. In fact, this MacGregor creation also offers 3 full-length dividers, so the shafts of your high-quality golf clubs don’t tangle. And for comfort, there’s the double shoulder strap that you can adjust. Along with premium molded EVA hip padding.

Key Features

  • Auto-pop, anti-slip stand legs
  • 6-way divider top with 3 full-length dividers
  • Adjustable dual shoulder strap
  • Molded EVA hip pad

9. PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag

PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag

It’s the perfect bag for casual golfers. Very lightweight with tons of compartments. And PowerBilt is all about the quality since the brand uses sturdy, solid materials. Even senior golfers are bound to appreciate the lightweight yet sturdy design of the TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag.

The price factor is quite appealing in comparison to the heavy-duty quality. The compartments are spacious enough for your golf clubs. And you can look forward to this affordable golf bag lasting for a couple of years at least.

Key Features

  • Very lightweight 14-way golf stand bag
  • High-quality ensured with the use of solid materials
  • Double carry straps

10. Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

Every single component here proves the point that this is truly a one-of-a-kind stand bag. Firstly, the bracket is made using high-load capacity aluminum alloy. Moreover, it’s an incredibly lightweight bag with extra pockets to store your tees, balls, water cup, and whatnot.

The comfortable, sturdy handle grip and friction-resistant rubber and plastic base make it an excellent product. So if you prefer walking the course to get to your next shot sooner, then allow Champkey to be your easy walking companion.

Key Features

  • Lightweight stand bag with extra storage pockets
  • Aluminum alloy bracket for great hold capacity
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Rubber and plastic base offers friction resistance

11. Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Now, how about a water-resistant stand bag with a reasonable capacity? The reasonable capacity includes 6-way dividers and 7 pockets for extra storage space, no doubt. The shoulder straps are backpack-style plus there’s a convenient side handle as well for easy carry.

Every stand bag should be built with sturdy foot support, right? So in this case, the durable, automatic, anti-slip foot doesn’t let you down. It stands steadily while also remaining balanced. In fact, the golf bag stands straight too with the help of its plastic chassis. A must-buy for everyday golf indeed.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant 6-way stand bag
  • Backpack-style shoulder strap and side handle
  • Anti-slip, automatic foot keeps the bag steady and balanced
  • Rubber foot pipe bracket to prevent scratches

12. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag

With the EASYFlex base, you never have to worry about this stand bag not providing the much-needed stability on the golf course. The Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight base design paves the way for solid turf contact once the legs have been activated.

The 5-way top consists of full-length dividers and a top-grab handle. Another unique quality is the addition of COOLFLOW foam as padding in the hip and shoulder straps. This Cobra stand bag might just end up being the best one you’ve ever had.

Key Features

  • Very lightweight 5-way top golf stand bag
  • COOLFLOW foam in the hip pad and shoulder straps
  • EASYFlex base delivers solid ground contact

13. Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

The brand name is Titleist, and that means except nothing short of a phenomenal, most practical design. High-grade aluminum legs with an advanced hinged bottom bring exceptional stability into play. The convertible, self-balancing strap system ranks next on the list.

This golf bag contains double-density foam to ensure long-standing comfort. It’s got a low, lightweight profile with full-length dividers. Plus, it looks very professional, which boosts confidence in case you’re a beginner carrying starter golf clubs.

Key Features

  • 4-way top stand bag with full-length dividers
  • The strap system is self-balancing and convertible
  • High-grade aluminum legs with an advanced hinged bottom
  • Long-lasting comfort in the form of dual-density foam padding

14. Team Golf NCAA Fairway Golf Stand Bag

Team Golf NCAA Fairway Golf Stand Bag

The most ideal option for walkers, Team Golf NCAA Fairway falls in the category of those rare affordable yet superb quality golf bags. It features everything you might possibly demand from your golf bag. This includes 14-way full-length dividers, top handle, lift handles, zippered pockets, and lots more.

What you probably might not expect, given the low price of the product, is the heavy-duty nylon construction. And the spring action stand. The perfect example of a great value golf bag if you ask me.

Key Features

  • 14-way stand bag with full-length dividers
  • 14-way stand bag with full-length dividers
  • Removable rainhood with towel ring and umbrella holder

15. Datrek Bag Boy Golf 2018 Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

Datrek Bag Boy Golf 2018 Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

A great lightweight bag with lots of storage, Datrek’s Bag Boy Go Lite Hybrid keeps your golf clubs and equipment organized without weighing down. The stand legs are lockable and also slide-resistant. I personally liked the Top-Lok technology; it’s the brand’s special bag-to-cart attachment system.

Hip pad cushioning and dual shoulder straps add more practicality to the bag, no doubt about that. Your golf clubs get their own full-length slots, and that means less rattling action taking place between them.

Key Features

  • 14-way full-length individual dividers
  • Soft, protective rubberized putter well
  • Cushioned foam padding in the hip and double shoulder straps
  • Cart strap sleeve and matching rainhood also included

16. TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Lite Stand Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Lite Stand Golf Bag

Let me tell you all about TaylorMade’s exclusive Flextech technology that is a major part of this stand bag. The collapsible base mechanism features smooth-release, so you get to prop up the bag the most easily. It’s also a relief to know that the valuables pockets are water-resistant.

Another exceptional quality is the self-adjust strap system for maximizing comfort on the course. In all, what matters the most is that there’s more than enough storage space, super-comfy and self-adjusting straps, and lightweight design.

Key Features

  • 4-way top golf bag with collapsible, smooth-release base
  • 8 water-resistant valuables pocket
  • Full-length club dividers to prevent crowding
  • Self-adjusting, super-comfy straps

17. OGIO 2020 Convoy SE Stand Bag

OGIO 2020 Convoy SE Stand Bag

An ultra-light, sleek hybrid stand bag for all the organization and storage you demand. Its weight-balancing, adjustable dual straps make the carry part of the process much easier. The 14-way top design is built with a large putter well and lift handle. Along with 11 pockets in total, out of which 7 are zippered.

But the reasons for loving the Convoy SE Stand Bag are its lightweight, sturdy design ideal for cart or walking and its individual golf club slots. So you may be a senior carrying the best golf irons to boost distance or a high-handicapper with the most forgiving golf driver; whatever the case, your special clubs remain mess-free and tangle-free.

Key Features

  • 14-way top with 11 pockets
  • Large putter well and lift handle included
  • Adjustable double shoulder straps
  • Large zippered insulated cooler pouch
How to Organize Golf Bag

How to Choose the Best Golf Stand Bags

Here are the factors that matter the most.


What’s the general rule of thumb as far as storage is concerned? That more space, the better, right? But that extra space is only better if it’s practical. And a practical storage space, more often than not, is all about how the pockets are laid out. It’s more about layout than the number of pockets.

The perfect stand bag in terms of storage is one with pockets that do not overlap or that don’t minimize the amount of functional space the adjacent pocket provides. Every pocket should be built to offer full capacity, minus any limitations.

For example, a large water bottle or refreshments pocket that’s easy to access. Then there are insulated pockets, which ought to be bigger in case you’re a snacker on the golf course. Some stand bags also feature well-engineered GPS pockets with magnetic closures to offer easy accessibility. So you don’t have to clip your stuff to the golf bag.


Even with dividers, the more the dividers, the better the stand bag. Some of the best ones have a 14-way design that allows you to organize your golf clubs properly. But this doesn’t mean that 4-way and 6-way divider golf bags are not functional. In fact, they are more functional in the case of stand bags.

Each divider occupies a generous amount of space and even weight. So the higher the number of dividers, the more the chances of your golf clubs snagging when pulling them out. This means you should choose a well-designed stand bag that separates your precious clubs to prevent snagging while also properly organizing them.

Stand Leg Stability

When fully packed even with lightweight ladies golf clubs, your stand bag should be sturdy. And the stability factor wholly depends on the bag’s leg or feet system. The stand version of golf bags consists of legs or feet that close and open easily. And when closed, they should remain locked during carrying.

I have reviewed some of the best stand bags for golf equipped with highly durable, sturdy carbon fiber legs suitable for all types of terrain. Then there are models outfitted with anti-slip, automatic stand legs as well.


Comfort is key, especially in the case of stand bags. And this particular factor presents itself in the form of extra padded, reinforced shoulder straps to prevent back strain. So you can walk the vast golf course without feeling any amount of fatigue because of your bag. Even hip padding helps a great deal in terms of comfort.


You’re a walker, yes? In that case, the lighter the bag, the easier and more convenient for you to cover the walking distance on the course. So pick a stand bag that weighs between 2 to 5 pounds max. Keep in mind that even an extra pound matters a lot when it comes to finishing your round of golf quickly.

But if you ride or push, then weight shouldn’t be such a big concern for you. In that case, you can go for larger storage hybrid golf bags with more versatile tops and additional features.

Extra Tips for Choosing A Stand Bag for Golf

  • As I already mentioned, if you push or ride more than you walk, then consider buying a hybrid golf bag. This type is certainly more functional with its extra storage space as well as its 14-way top design. As for those who carry the bag, consider minimal storage and lightweight design.
  • Some golfers like to carry a rangefinder or GPS. If you’re one of them, then a golf bag with a strategically positioned magnetic pocket that enables easy access is necessary.
  • Nylon bags are definitely more lightweight than leather, but they tend to retain dirt. As for leather, it’s easier to clean.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated during your game of golf is very important. In fact, some golfers carry quite a few refreshments as well. That said, the bag, be it stand or cart, should be designed with a large insulated cooler pocket.
  • It’s not the number of pockets that matter; rather it’s the functionality and quality of each individual storage pocket. Are the pockets spacious enough? Are they also easily accessible? These factors matter more than the count of pockets.
  • Waterproof golf bags, no doubt, are extremely useful during rainy weather. But you should know that these kinds of bags demand the use of both your hands for opening and closing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Stand Bag On A Cart or Push Cart?

Stand golf bags look much like the cart version, but with the added benefit of a built-in leg stand system that places the bag at a particular angle. More often than not, stand bags fit in golf carts. But golfers who carry stand bags prefer walking the course instead.

Does the Top of the Stand Bag Matter?

If you’re planning on carryin the bag throughout your round of golf, then the top certainly matters a great deal. And that’s why you should choose a 4-way or 5-way top design. Because with fewer dividers, you can get your golf clubs in and out in a much easier manner than a 14-way top stand bag.

The 14-way version also runs the risk of snagging your clubs. They’re primarily constructed for golfers who prefer using push charts instead of walking. And it goes without saying that a 4-way top is also lighter in weight in comparison to a 14-way top. Thus, more comfortable to carry.

Does the Strap System of the Stand Bag Matter?

When you have golf bags equipped with self-balancing strap systems, then this particular feature is definitely critical. The straps should also contain abundant reinforced padding for comfort.

As for the strap design, curved ones are usually more comfortable.

How Much to Spend On A Golf Stand Bag?

To be honest, there are high-quality, well-engineered, and feature-packed stand bags that cost just $150 as well. These are more suitable for golfers who play occasionally or only on weekends.

But if you don’t mind splurging or if you’re a regular golfer, then it’s better to buy a highly durable and maybe even branded stand bag worth $250 or more. It all depends on what your budget is.

Bottom Line

So now you know what the best stand bag should and shouldn’t have. What it should have is enough functional space, lightweight design, padded and comfortable shoulder straps, stand leg stability, etc. And what it shouldn’t have, most of all, is a heavy weight that’s cumbersome to carry on the course.

So if you prefer walking instead of using a golf cart, then you have plenty of options to choose from. These include more functional 14-way hybrid stand bags and lightweight 4-way and 5-way models as well. Even the price range is quite versatile!

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