Best Putters Under $200

Best Putters Under $200

So, you want a new putter but realize the market is really filled with possibilities. This alone makes your decision a whole lot harder.

But what if you only had $200 to spend? How does that change the marketplace?

Well, $200 is going to get you an impressive putter, and you may surprise yourself as to what’s available and how much your new putter can improve your game.

So, what’s out there for under $200?

Callaway Odyssey Works 2020 Putters (Left Hand, 33", #1, Pistol Grip) , Black
  • Available in 33” to 35”
  • Microhinge face inserts
  • 3 degrees loft
  • Crafted from alloy steel

Odyssey is a name familiar to a lot of players, and the Odyssey Works 2020 putter is one you can add to your bag for under $200.

It does come in different styles including #1, #7 and 2-ball, so check which one you land on before you go ahead and make your purchase. 

If you feel distance control is an issue with your putting game, then #7 is the best option. Also, the microhinge inserts provide additional control over your shot while also offering topspin on the ball to help it roll across the green with minimal bobbling.

The inserts do tend to provide a firm and responsive feel to the putt. The balance of the club is certainly over the heart of the blade while it comes with a standard pistol grip.

The Pros and Cons

This Odyssey putter has a wonderful feel and weight to the club which does offer greater confidence in your putt. It comes with an alignment aid, and it does certainly make that part of the putt a lot easier.

The design is mean and slick, but that’s not how it plays. Instead, it offers a soft touch to your putt while still providing an exceptional amount of control. 

The putter feels balanced. With its style, it will work better for those with a slight arc in their swing due to the way it then connects with the ball. 

Honestly, as long as you want this style of putter, then there’s no real negative associated with the Odyssey. It delivers on what it promises, and your putting game should feel a lot easier.


The Odyssey putter is suitable for players of any handicap. It tries to not complicate things, which is a huge bonus, and lets you get on with your putting action without stressing.

If you want a straightforward putter capable of bringing consistency to your putts, then this is perfect.

This putter loses half a mark because it only comes with a standard grip. Others produce a better grip to stop you from needing to change things to suit your needs.

2. Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach Putter

  • Speed optimized face
  • Deeper grooves on face of putter
  • Optimized center of gravity
  • Various shapes available to suit all preferences

The Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach putter looks the part, and it certainly plays like one as well. This putter is clearly designed for ease of use, but it also delivers on its promises.

From the deeper grooves on the diamond CNC milling pattern, to the optimization of the face for improved speed, this putter focuses primarily on producing a true roll and consistency.

The optimization of the face means you should have greater distance control with every putt. Thanks to the size of the sweet spot, this should happen even when you don’t quite make that perfect connection.

The milling pattern on the face is precision cut. The deep grooves seek to offer you a true feel for the ball, which then translates into a more accurate roll. 

But then there’s the center of gravity and weight distribution. With this putter, the weight is basically distributed strategically throughout the head. This allows for a consistent feel while also providing a sense of stability with each putt.

Overall, this putter is inexpensive and yet it still manages to provide you with the opportunity to produce even putts no matter your swing or the pace of the greens.

The Pros and Cons

Once again, the positives associated with this Cleveland putter far outweigh any possible negatives. 

First, the positives. Well, this club feels comfortable in your hands. The head and grip feel in sync with one another, giving a fantastic sense of being in control of each and every putt. 

This control and feel leads to fewer putts in a game. In fact, individuals that have already purchased this putt state they see several fewer putts on their scorecard thanks to the balance of the club.

The alignment frame with the putter also makes a difference. Gone are the days when you struggle to line everything up as this putter will seek to remove that problem. 

On the negative side, some people may detect it’s slightly too big for their liking. Also, the left-handed version is only available in the single bend as opposed to the right-handed where a slant neck is also available.


This putter is tough to beat when it comes to price and effectiveness ratios. Not only does it feel good in your hand, but the ability to control your putt is out of this world. For the price, it manages to outperform those more than double the cost, and it does so with ease.

It loses half a point due to the face you cannot get the exact same options with both left and right-handed putters. Why they decided to only produce a single bend in the left hand instead of also a slant neck option is puzzling.

3. TaylorMade Redline Daytona Putter

TaylorMade Golf Redline Daytona 1 Putter
  • 3 pounds in weight
  • High contrast sight lines for alignment
  • Stainless steel head

The idea of getting a TaylorMade putter for under $200 is astonishing, but that’s exactly what we have right here. This Redline Daytona putter is relatively basic, at least compared to other models, but it still packs a punch for your putting game.

The stainless steel construction does give you something of a solid feel. The contrast with the red sightline does also improve matters.

The aluminum insert is really designed to offer a significant improvement with the feel for the putt. It’s also highly responsive leading to a truer roll with your putt giving you confidence in making the shot.

Available in right-hand, the putter offers careful balancing while the grip is larger than most. However, it does make it more comfortable leading to a more relaxing putting stroke.

The Pros and Cons

The positives related to this putter go far beyond the fact it’s a TaylorMade club for such a low price. 

As it’s a blade putter, it will work best for people with a tendency to have a slight arc in their putting stroke. Thanks to the general feel for the putter, it also helps if you play on courses where the greens tend to run faster than most.

It also provides you with easy to spot alignment tools, so getting that putt on track becomes a lot easier. 

So, what about any negatives? Well, it’s only available in a 35” length, so that does mean a number of people cannot use it due to the putter being significantly longer than they need. 


This putter by TaylorMade feels sensational, and the touch you get for the putt is second to none. The alignment assistance makes life easier while the balance feels perfect when the putter is in your hands. If only they had it available in different lengths, then this putter would score higher than it does.

It loses a whole point due to being really restricted to only 35” in length. This eliminates so many people from potentially owning a TaylorMade club as a result.

4. S7K Standing Putter

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts (Right)
  • Instantly allows you to see if your putt is misaligned
  • Stands by itself even on slopes
  • Ultra-light grip
  • Built-in impact position and strike spot

The S7K putter may barely sneak under the $200 mark, but the way in which this model helps with aligning your putts does mean it’s well worth the money. In fact, they use some clever design to make everything significantly easier than you ever believed possible.

Take the fact it stands there on its own, and that applies even on a slope. You align the ball up with the putter using the alignment lines, and then step back to view everything from another perspective. Nothing is easier than that.

But they do more. 

They have also included a built-in impact position and strike spot. Pay attention to the spot as that helps you discover where you will strike the ball and know it’s perfect every time.

There’s also the grip. It’s ultra-light, and that means you get a lot of feedback from each putt helping you to determine where things may be genuinely working well. The face even provides you with a satisfactory sound upon striking as the ball sets off on a true line.

With a focus on alignment and helping you better understand the striking component of your putt, the S7K may change your putting game no matter your handicap.

The Pros and Cons

The positives are straightforward here in that this club is all about making the lining up of your putt easier than ever before. It does this by allowing you to physically step back with the putter in place to see what will happen to the ball.

This is a brilliant feature, and it’s one that helps those with high handicappers who probably struggle with understanding the greens and how putts will then roll. 

The fact you can trust the alignment 100% does remove so much stress. Also, this putter is legal for use in tournaments, so no need to worry about that either.

It does also have an ultra-low balance point, and that means it offers astonishing speed after connection, but it’s all controlled right through the stroke.

So, does it have any negatives? Well, it only comes in 34.5”, so that’s a negative right there. Also, it is ultra-light, and that does mean some people will feel the putter working against them as they need a bit of weight depending on their putting stroke. 


If you have issues with the yips and alignment problems, then this putter could help change your game. As with the TaylorMade putter, it does lose a point by only existing in a single length, so it does eliminate a number of people from having the opportunity to appreciate what this putter could have done for them.

This putter loses half a point due to it only coming in 34.5”. It would have been a whole point, but the alignment help is out of this world.

5. Wilson Infinite Golf Putter

Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter, The Bean, Right Hand, 34
  • Available in a number of styles
  • 1.4 pounds in weight
  • Anti-glare finish to make it easier to align putts
  • Counterbalanced technology to provide more balance
  • Double milled face for more precision control

The Wilson Infinite Golf Putter comes in different styles of club head, but each one contains the same technology, so choosing the style comes down to personal preference.

The first thing to mention is the anti-glare finish on the club head. This makes life so much easier when it comes to aligning the putt. This finish enhances sight lines, so no excuse with messing up the alignment with this putter.

But what about balance and control? Well, Wilson has you covered with both.

The double-milled face is then crafted to offer you exceptional precision control over your putt. That’s because you get a consistent impact while this means it’s easier to understand distance and energy that you can then put into the putt. 

Then there’s the balance, and Wilson makes a big deal out of the putter incorporating a counterbalanced approach. Basically, the balance point is closer to the hands than it is with most putters. This provides the player with more control over the putt.

The grip on this putter is then classed as over-sized, and that’s a good feature. It does offer a better feel to the shot while the club is ultimately designed to reduce the opportunity of twisting through the shot. 

Overall, this club is slightly different thanks to the counterbalanced approach, but it’s something that works well in this instance.

The Pros and Cons

Having so many options when it comes to the style of head is clearly a terrific idea. It means you should find something suitable to your putting stroke no matter if you are a straight kind of person or someone who putts in an arc.

Another positive is the firmness of the putter. This alone inspires and builds confidence in your stroke, so those yips may indeed become a thing of the past.

It even manages to continue carrying pace when you hit more to the heel or toe of the putter. This is thanks to the size of the sweet spot on the putter, so it is rather forgiving.

When it comes to the positives, you have a putter that is well-balanced, easy to use, helps with the alignment and delivers a true roll on the ball. It’s suitable for golfers of all abilities, so no matter your handicap, this club should make a difference.

The only potential negatives are negligible, and it all comes down to personal preference. For some, the counterbalance with the weight positioned higher in the club may seem strange. 

Also, there is a hollow cavity to the rear of the head. This does then produce a peculiar sound, so if you play by ear, then this could prove troublesome for you.


The fact this putter by Wilson incorporates so many head designs is a huge bonus. However, the way it plays is where it really counts, and this putter will never let you down. Well-balanced, a fantastic grip and delivering a true roll are all positives for a putter that costs less than $200.

This putter gets a whole 5 out of 5. It gives you everything you need, and you would struggle to find anything wrong with it no matter your normal putting game.

Cleveland Huntington Beach putters

Choosing Your Putter For Your Game

The problem with getting a new putter is the choice available. What that means is you need to understand how to choose the correct putter for your needs and style of game. 

To begin, understand the type of putting stroke you have. Most people fall into one of two categories with some having a straight stroke while others incorporate a slight arc into their movement.

These movements may alter the type of putter most suitable for you. 

For example, if you have a straight putting stroke, then a face balanced putter is best. If you have an arc, then a toe balanced putter will help you out.

But you also need to think about your putting ability. If you see yourself as a good golfer, where you do have a consistent putting game, then a blade style putter is the better option. This putter is less forgiving, but it does boost accuracy and tends to provide more control.

However, if your putting game is a struggle, then the mallet putter will help. This style will assist you in becoming more consistent with the stroke.

Things to Look For in a Putter

So, you understand your putting game, but what else must you look out for in a putter?

For that, we need to head back to looking at the head, which means either the blade or mallet type. Both have their advantages, so understanding which one offers you the most for your game is essential.

With the mallet head, these putters will often incorporate more technology and include various advancements that help with greater control over the putt. 

They often contain hinges on the blade to produce a truer roll. The center of gravity and balance will be quickly aligned to make the putt easier. They include more alignment help to make it easier to get the ball on track.

The amount of help you need with your putting game is directly aligned with the level of technology and assistance you need in the putter itself. 

But let’s also look at this idea of face-balanced against toe-balanced.

With face-balanced putters, they use the center of gravity to reduce the ability of the player to open up their backswing. This helps keep the club straight, and that’s why it’s best for individuals with a straight putting stroke.

The complete opposite is true for toe-balanced clubs. They allow the club to open up more on both the backswing as well as closing in on the ball, and that is why they help individuals with an arc to their swing.

Length and Grip

Aside from the putter head, attention must turn to the length and grip of the club. Make sure you have the correct measurement for length as that will make a difference to your putting ability. 

Grip is also something quite personal to each player. A good, strong grip is essential for your putter. It eliminates twisting in your hand through the stroke resulting in a more accurate putt that goes along a true line.

Some people prefer a soft grip while others require more grip and higher tack levels due to an issue with sweating. In that instance, an all-weather grip makes sense as it does lead to better control of the club.

Will Under $200 Lead to a Poor Quality Putter?

Let’s dispel a myth. Spending under $200 for a brand-new putter does not mean you will get a poor club. In fact, the clubs that cost under that price will do pretty much the same job as one with a higher price. At times, it’s merely the branding that’s the difference.

The main point is to look at where your putting game is lacking and determine the best putter to counteract those problems. That is where you can change everything, and the price needn’t become a stumbling block.

Each putter included above will perform well for most golfers no matter their handicap, and they all cost less than $200.


The winner here must be the Wilson Infinite Golf Putter. As we mentioned earlier, this club is so well-balanced and provides you with the opportunity to hit consistently good putts that it will make a significant difference to your game.

Another model to pay attention to is the S7K Standing Putter. It may not come across as the most conventional of putters, but it is the best for alignment purposes, so that’s well worth checking out as well.

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