Best Putter Grips

Best Putter Grips

Without a good grip, your putter is going to really work against you rather than with you. That’s not exactly something you want to happen when you may already be struggling with this part of your game.

So, in this instance, what do you do?

Well, we have set out to find the best putter grips on the market that we believe can make an improvement to your game. So let’s dive right in and see what’s out there.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip, Red/White (Tour 2.0) | Advanced Surface Texture that Improves Feedback and Tack | Minimize Grip Pressure with a Unique Parallel Design | Tech-Port
  • Contains traxion control for better feel

  • Comes with a no-taper design

  • Has an embossed ride on the underside for better grip

  • Aims to make it easier to line up shots

  • Manufactured from premium materials

First up, we have the SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip, and this is an absolute beast of a grip. Not only is it available in different sizes, but it’s going to deliver excellent performance with every single stroke.

This is a straight putter grip, so there’s no-tapering involved. This is then going to allow you to put the same amount of pressure onto the grip no matter where you hold it, and that’s often easier on your hands.

It comes with a polyurethane outer layer, and it has more than enough tack to give you absolute confidence in your grip. That means the feedback you are also able to get from this grip is exceptional.

But the thickness of the grip is also important. This one feels comfortable in your hands and that there’s more than enough padding without it being over the top. 

However, it also comes with what they refer to as their spyne technology. That’s the part of the grip where there’s some heavy embossing on the underside.

The aim of this part of the grip is to encourage players to adopt the same hold on the grip with each shot. This is a great idea, and there’s no doubt that it works.

Overall, this grip is excellent, and it makes life a whole lot easier for you.


  • The grip feels comfortable in your hand
  • It has the right amount of tack to give you confidence in your shot
  • The grip on the underside makes a real difference
  • It delivers a lot of feedback on your shots
  • It also looks pretty cool in your hands


  • If you love a taper grip, then this won’t be suitable

Overall Conclusion

We love this grip. It works well for anybody that has the desire to get more grip, and therefore control, over their putter. It’s going to work well in a range of conditions, and overall it will deliver on its promises of being a putter grip you can trust.

2. Best Basic Style - Golf Pride Pro Only Grip

Golf Pride Pro Only Green Star 88cc Putter Grip, Black
  • Basic in design

  • Comes in three different tour shapes

  • Highly responsive and amazing feel

  • Different color stars mean different types of grips

Next up, we have the Golf Pride Pro Only grip, and you should be aware that there are three different grip styles available in this line. This is referred to as red, blue and green.

With the red star, you get a grip that comes with a horseshoe shape and an arched paddle on the front which is in the perfect spot for your thumb. Also, it has the slightest of pistol shapes, with it coming in at a weight of 74.5g.

For the blue star, then it has more of an angled profile. It also has a wider paddle than the red star while the angled back does make it easier on the hands.

The last option is the green star, and this has more of an oval shape to the grip with an arched paddle for your thumb. It does also contain the slightest upper flare for your hand, and it’s heavier at 86.5g.

But even though you have these different options, we love that this is the case.

It means you should have no real problem in finding the perfect grip for your hand, and that gives a whole lot of confidence to your shots. Also, it’s made from rubber with a reasonable amount of tack applied to the grip.

Overall, this grip is all about the shape and how it fits into your hand. It doesn’t go big on technology aside from hand placement, but that is pretty important with your putter.


  • The different options make it easier to find the right grip.
  • The different weights allow you to choose depending on preferences.
  • The tack is just the right amount for the average player.
  • Sometimes simplicity is best.


  • You do need to have a reasonable understanding of thumb placement.

Overall Conclusion

This grip sticks to the basics, and it does it well indeed. However, that does mean people looking for a bit more out of their grip could end up being slightly disappointed with what it has to offer.

For that reason alone, we are taking off half a point.

3. Best for Soft Feel - Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter Grip

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Straight 104cc Putter Grip
  • Putter grip is designed to help with distance control.

  • Putter promises a more consistent stroke.

  • Uses finely tuned rubber in its construction

  • Comes with both straight and contour model options.

Next, we have yet another grip by Golf Pride, and this time it’s their Tour SNSR putter. Now this is one seriously nice looking putter grip, but looks aren’t everything in this instance.

Instead, what you have here is a putter with two main aims, and that’s to help you become more consistent with your putting stroke, and also make it easier when it comes to controlling the distance aspect.

This putter is known for having a soft feel to it. A soft feel gives you a lot of feedback on your shot, and that’s why they can make those claims about their grip.

It’s made from specially tuned rubber, and that’s how they get that sense of precision in the grip. 

Also, they state that while it has a sense of a pistol grip that this version is more like a modern, up to date option. The idea is that it will still be able to lock the upper grip into place giving you strength in your grip, but it’s not a full on pistol grip either.


  • The soft feel does indeed deliver a lot of information about your shot.
  • The rubber has the right amount of tack to help you with your grip.
  • It does deliver consistency, but that’s due to your confidence in your shot.
  • Having the straight or curved option makes it easier to get the right grip.


  • If you don’t like a soft feel, then this is not the grip for you.

Overall Conclusion

This is another fantastic grip, and the slight pistol grip does work well in holding your hands in place. Also, having different options makes it more intriguing in order to find out which one works best for you.

However, this grip only works if you do want a soft feel. If not, then it won’t work, so we need to be fair and talk half a point off.

4. Best for Wrist Control -SuperStroke Traxion Flatso

SuperStroke CounterCore Flatso Golf Putter Grip, White/Black (Flatso 1.0) | Consistent and Reliable Putting Stroke | Reduces Face Angle Rotation | Adjustable Weight System | Unique Parallel Design
  • This grip eliminates so much wrist movement in the stroke.

  • It’s available in a variety of colors

  • Contains counter-core technology for better feel

  • Adjusted weighting means the putter won’t turn in the stroke.

  • Tacky outer layer for better grip.

Going back to SuperStroke and we have the Traxion Flatso putter grip, and this is another grip that is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

The key here is in the way that it is able to largely eliminate a lot of wrist movement that generally occurs in the putting stroke. It does this through containing some very specific technology in the grip, and it does make life so much easier.

Here, we have something called counter-core technology, and this is what stops the putter from sliding around in your hand. 

By adjusting the weighting through the grip, it means the face angle is also reduced thanks to less rotation. You hit the ball straight on giving you better control and accuracy with your shot.

Also, it does come with a no-taper design, and that means equal pressure across your hands.

Overall, this grip is going to focus more on helping those people with too much movement in their wrists. If this sounds like you, then it could be the perfect grip.


  • It has a tacky outer layer which stops your hands moving.
  • The non-taper design does mean your hands feel steadier.
  • It helps to lock your upper hand into place reducing movement.
  • It provides better control and accuracy with your putt.


  • The grip has been known to wear down a bit too quickly with heavy use.

Overall Conclusion

This grip is excellent for people with too much movement. It feels comfortable in the hand, and it’s going to provide you with enough feedback in your putt that it makes it easier to make changes to your shot.

However, if you don’t struggle with too much movement in your wrists, then it may feel slightly restrictive, and that’s something you need to think about, so we talk half a point off as a result.

5. Best for Wet - Winn Excel 2020

Winn Grips Excel 2020-VSN Vision Midsize Pistol Golf Putter Grip Black
  • Offers exceptional grip in damp conditions.

  • Very tacky grip.

  • Classic style design.

  • Traditional hexagonal pattern.

Finally, if you tend to play in wet conditions, or even suffer with sweaty hands, then that’s where the Winn Excel 2020 putter grip is going to come into its own.

This grip has a high level of tack, and it’s going to mean your hands are going nowhere even in pretty horrible conditions. This will boost your confidence in making your shot knowing that you ahve that sense of control over your putt.

All of this is thanks to the putter coming with an excel polymer material. This has upped the slip-resistant properties of the grip, and you will quickly discover that this is something that the putter is going to really deliver on.

Overall, this grip focuses on helping you out with wet conditions, but aside from that it doesn’t do anything special. In saying that, it’s still something well worth considering.


  • The grip does come with a lot of tack on it.
  • The grip feels comfortable in your hand.
  • It does make you feel your hands won’t be going anywhere.
  • The polymer material feels lightweight in your hands.


  • It does seem to wear down, so be aware.

Overall Conclusion

This grip aims to resolve the issue of losing grip in wet conditions whether that be from the weather or through sweat on your hands. It does do this exceptionally well, and it does eliminate the twisting in the hands through the swing.

However, it does wear down quite quickly. That’s not too good if you need to replace the grip on a regular basis, so we do cut half a mark as a result.

golf pride putter grips

Why the Right Putter Grip is So Important

You can have the best approach game out there, but if your putting game is not up to scratch, then everything falls apart. Having the correct grip on your putter is going to make a huge difference to your ability to make those putts.

This is going to involve a number of different points. You need it to feel comfortable in your hand. It must actually fit your hand in the first place. It must have the right amount of tack. It should deliver some feedback on your shots. The list is endless.

But none of this is possible with the wrong grip. That’s where your putting game can fall apart, and it’s going to have very little to do with you at times.

So that is why we stress the need to get the correct putter grip if you want to make those improvements to your game.

How to Choose the Right Putter Grip

So how do you choose the correct putter grip for your game? Well, you need to think about different things.

First, there’s the question of tapered vs non-tapered grips. With the non-tapered, it’s going to be a straight grip. That means there’s the same amount of pressure applied to each part of the hand. With tapered, that’s not the case as the thickness of the grip varies.

But here’s a tip.

Some people believe that a beginner golfer, or those with a high handicap, are going to do better with a non-tapered grip. The reason for that idea is simple.

With a non-tapered grip, there’s less need to be aware of the importance of grip pressure. That’s because the same amount is applied across the grip rather than at those key points. It means you can focus on your swing rather than worrying about the grip aspect.

With a tapered, it’s going to be thicker, and that can prove a problem for those players starting out with the game.

With a thicker grip, you need to become more aware of the weight in your stroke. There’s a bit less feedback for those that are inexperienced at interpreting that feedback, and that can make life hard for new players.

So Tapered or Non-Tapered?

We just mentioned a difficulty of tapered against non-tapered, so which one would we suggest?

Well, this is where an understanding of your putting game is going to help. 

Typically, if you struggle with judging speed and length of putt, then a non-tapered grip will work best. However, if that’s not an area where you are having some difficulty, then a tapered will offer some additional control even though you sacrifice some feedback as a result.

The Pistol Type Grip

When checking out putter grips, you will also see reference to a pistol type grip, and this can be beneficial for some people when it comes to their putting game. This is the same as the tapered grip, so don’t be confused by it.

In general, a pistol type grip will work best for people who need to close up the face at that all-important point of contact. A straight grip is going to work best for people who want more of an open face when making contact, so keep that in mind.

Also, if you own a putter where the COG has been pushed more to the toe of the putter, then a pistol grip is going to tend to work better for you. That’s still because of the way it closes up the face leading to a better balanced putt.

Firm or Soft Grip?

The next point is whether you should go for a firm or soft grip, and as with everything in the putter grip sector, it comes down to personal preference.

But here’s something worth mentioning. 

For some people, the actual firmness of the grip doesn’t really matter that much with their putter. They feel that the type of shot they play with the putter doesn’t change when you alter the firmness of the grip.

So when you look at different grips, you will notice that a number of them will have different firmness levels. It doesn’t mean much apart from what you prefer, so it’s best if you have an idea of this in advance of trying to get a new grip for your putter.

The Outer Layer

Perhaps the key part when getting the right putter grip for you is the outer layer. That’s where the tack is located, and that’s also something that comes down to your own personal preference.

You can get putter grips that are known as being extra tacky, and that’s going to work better if you play in wet conditions, or where your hands will be sweating a bit too much.

The extra tack on the grip is going to mean it’s not capable of twisting and sliding around in your hands. It gives you extra confidence in your shot that the club won’t let you down, and that confidence is a huge deal when it comes to your putting.

A Final Word About Thickness

But here’s a final word about the thickness of the grip. 

If you come to the conclusion that your wrists move too much throughout the stroke, then a thicker grip is going to be the better option. That’s because it effectively locks your wrists into position. 

By reducing the movement of your wrists, it means the club is also going to move less as a result. That leads to you having a better understanding of how the club is going to react through the swing, so lining up your putt should become a whole lot easier.

Overall Conclusion

Even though the best putter grip is going to really come down to your own personal preference, we do recommend the SuperStroke Traxion as the best out there. 

Yes, it won’t be the best grip for people that don’t enjoy a straight grip, but the comfort, the tack, and the way it gives you a huge amount of feel are the reasons why we have decided that this is the best grip on the market.

However, there has to be an extra mention to the Winn Excel 2020 grip. It helps you out in poor conditions, and the best part is that it does deliver on its promises, which includes stopping your hands moving due to too much moisture on the grip.

The key is in finding the right putter grip for your own needs. That’s going to transform your putting game, and you should see a number of shots dropping off your round as a result. 

Take time to understand where you are going wrong with your putting game, and then find the right putter grip to counteract those issues. After that, just wait and see the difference it makes.

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