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Best Online Golf Lessons for Easy, Effective Coaching by Experts

Improving golf game is such a common goal. But even though common, the task of accomplishing it, which is a process in itself, can be quite challenging and even harrowing. But then the best part about it all is that there’s no shortage of golf content. And I’m talking about expert, professional-grade online golf lessons.

Spending time on the golf course practicing is a great idea indeed but if you’re just wasting your time not knowing or understanding what particular technique or skill demands extra work, then your efforts are only going to go to waste.

On that note, how about I give you a list of the most prominent online golf instructors, along with some pretty amazing, game-changing YouTube channels.

First Of All, Can You Even Learn Golf Online?

Most of what we do online these days is something we never even thought could be done online, right? Buy food online, pay bills online, get certifications online, have work meetings online, and purchase pretty much everything online. So it’s obvious that the sheer number of things accomplished online has surely skyrocketed.

So why can’t you also learn the game of golf online! Needless to say, the approach of learning online is different. But then look at the HUGE advantage you have lying at your disposal – millions of hours’ worth of golf video content.

Golfing professionals like Rick Shiels, Mark Crossfield, Chris Ryan, and so many more are constantly and so ardently doling out tips, tricks, strategies, and whatnot in the form of both video and the written word. You can browse through all of their content that is full of free recommendations and tips on YouTube or their personal blog or website.

And of course, there’s also the option of taking golf lessons online. One out of two ways of going about this is purchasing the online course, which, more often than not, consists of video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. This works the best for beginners or any other golfer who wants to improve their golf swing mechanics.

Another approach is to hire a golf coach online, so he/she can iron out your problems through direct communication. And this type of one-on-one training, online of course, is often preferred by more advanced players that require an expert for identifying the tiniest flaws or faults in their swing that seem to have a huge negative impact.

Even golfers struggling a great deal with the whole concept of golf swing drills choose the latter approach since it’s more direct when it comes to walking you through every swing concept.

How to Pick the Right, Most Effective Online Golf Coach

So how do know if the online golf instructor is going to help advance your skills and game? What seems to be common factors or features of an effective golf coach online? Let’s find out!

1. Pricing

I don’t need to tell you that golf is a pretty expensive game. Just the equipment itself costs an arm and a leg unless you buy used gear. And sometimes even that is not budget-friendly. So, at such times, money is the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a golf training coach.

But then you should know that the cost is most likely to increase when the training program is more tailored to your playing skills/abilities.

Speaking of which…

2. Quality

The whole experience feels like a great decision and rewarding only when high-standard, professional-grade coaching/training is done. There’s just no sense in hiring someone who’s not an expert, so he/she won’t be able to churn out any improvement or favorable outcome.

The instructor’s approach or training program should match your existing, no matter how poor or weak, playing abilities. This means the golf lessons provided should be specialized based on a specific niche. For example, beginners, seniors, juniors, women golfers, and the like.

Beginners as well as junior golfers, for the most part, don’t have the much-needed motor skills for producing consistent strikes. While women golfers lack clubhead speed, which means this particular niche demands training in terms of boosting their swing speed to maximize their distance potential. Even seniors fall in this category.

Then there are online golf instructors who specialize in areas like short game, golf fitness, power, etc. So choose depending on your priorities and weaknesses.

3. Length of Training/Program

The length of any golf lesson, online or otherwise, is based on your specific needs and preferences. When what you wish to learn, hone, or understand is more complicated and you have no inkling of both the theory and execution part of it, then the learning process is certainly longer. Nevertheless, the time taken to master any particular skill should not be too long. At the same time, keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day!

However, no matter the length of the training program, your golf coach should be able to streamline the whole process for making it more detailed and thorough yet smooth.

Time to Get to Know the Best Online Golf Coaches

Monte Scheinblum – Rebellion Golf

Monte Scheinblum

Why Rebellion Golf? Because this former long drive champion is known for his non-traditional approach to building a solid, consistent swing. In his video Efficient Swing Introduction, he talks about how to get the perfect golf swing by focusing more on what you should be doing instead of what not to do.

Monte Scheinblum is the ultimate golf coach one needs for any kind of instruction on taking the non-conventional approach to learn swing mechanics. He offers services like The Improvement Plan, online lessons, in-person lessons, remote live lessons, and more. And his YouTube channel has over 23K subscribers!

Piers Ward & Andy Proudman – Me And My Golf

Piers Ward & Andy Proudman

781K subscribers on YouTube surely mean serious business, doesn’t it? And I think the primary reason for this kind of popularity is the unique approach adopted by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.

It’s their back and forth communication that makes them and their online presence genuinely exceptional. Where one talks about potential swing errors and their corrective drills, the other offers a visual demonstration. Pair that up with their expert knowledge and cheerful energy, and you have two true golf coach pioneers.

If you click on their website’s Coaching Plans page, you’ll see the sheer number of golf lessons up for grabs. And each plan focuses on a specific aspect of the game. For example, Total Driving, Break 100, Complete Putting, Slice to Draw, and lots more.

Chuck Quinton – Rotary Swing

When you choose Chuck Quinton’s Rotary Swing as your go-to online golf coaching platform, you’re actually choosing golf instructions that are based on science and not just guesswork. That’s because the team includes not just the master golfer Chuck Quinton but also a biomechanist, orthopedic surgeon, and two neurosurgeons (Rotary Swing – About Us).

The golf training philosophy set forth by the whole gang of Rotary Swing consists of strategies that help acquire flawless basic swing skills the most effortlessly (like it’s the only thing your brain knows!).

You can also get your personal golf swing analyzed. After all, the team has over 70K reviews to show for it on their website.

As for the live online golf lessons, a professional golf instructor or Chuck Quinton himself walks you through potential swing mistakes you may be guilty of making and what you can do to correct them the most efficiently. Along with providing demos of the best drills based on your personal style of play.

Alex Fortey – The Art of Simple Golf

Alex Fortey

Once on his website’s homepage, you immediately spot the words Choose your SIMPLE golf journey and see our free lessons for each part of your game. And below that, there are three options for you to select from – Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. You see how specific the quality of the content is!

And on the YouTube channel of The Art of Simple Golf, the diversity of videos is also quite astounding. There are all kinds of videos – How to Hit Irons FLUSH Every Time, Increase Clubhead Speed TODAY, Backswing Turn with Ease for Any Golfer, and more and more. There are more videos than you have time to watch them!

Alex Fortey can certainly help you shoot lower scores, play more consistently, and simply just enjoy your round of golf above all else. His SIMPLE drills and methods consist of tips that actually work.

Shawn Clement – Wisdom In Golf Premium

Ever heard of the Royal Québec Golf Club and Academy? The director of this particular development is none other than Shawn Clement. This masterful golfer has acquired over 30 years’ worth of experience on the turf. So believe him when he says that he can take your game from one level to the next, even if you’re at pro-level already. Nobody is perfect after all!

Shawn Clement was actually one of the very first few golf coaches to start posting such invaluable content on YouTube.

His plan of attack is quite simple really – the golf swing should be tension-free, fluid, and an athletic motion. Easier said than done of course, which is why he teaches the golf swing in terms of a single unit (as a whole) and not breaking it down into complicated parts.

Robin Matthews-Williams

Been called a divisive golf personality, Robin Matthews-Williams really knows how to make you more aware of both the rookie and more complicated mistakes you’re making on the course. But I would not recommend his content on his YouTube channel if you’re someone who gets offended very easily. Colorful language is a part of the mix indeed.

But if you don’t seem to have a problem with that, then there’s no way you’re not going to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the videos he posts. The majority of them revolve around why and how we often forget about positions and the golf ball itself when swinging the club.

For instance, in this one, he’s talking about how your golf grip is costing you distance and solid ball contact

The only problem here is that he doesn’t have a website or blog. So there are no golf lessons online per se, just some very useful YouTube videos to watch for FREE!

Rick Shiels – Quest Golf Academy

To be honest, there are only a few as popular as Rick Shiels on a channel like YouTube. I mean if you’ve been watching videos to improve your golfing skills and haven’t yet watched a single Rick Shiels video, then you’re doing it all wrong.

He is soon going to hit 2 million subscribers on YouTube and there’s a reason why this golfer and his content is so prominent among all types of golfers. Because Rick Shiels knows how to present his expertise in the most engaging manner and that he has a lot to offer to golfers of all levels.

Plenty of videos on topics that cover almost every aspect of the game. Along with golf lessons and tips online FREE OF CHARGE. Even his golf-related articles are fun to read.

And one last thing – if you have time on your hands, then you can simply just “binge-watch” his very entertaining golf course vlogs. Here’s a recent one…

Mike Malaska – Malaska Golf

Just look at his credentials – 2011 National PGA Teacher of the Year, HONMA Ambassador for Golf 2019, Golf Digest 2017-2018 50 Best Teachers in America, TaylorMade National Advisory Board Member (2015-2018), and it goes on and on.

Mike Malaska has also worked with the great Jack Nicklaus. His greatest strengths include providing the most logical solutions, teaching a pain-free, easy approach, and his expert knowledge of all the movements involved in the game.

Now here’s his very popular “Malaska Move” that helps golfers when it comes to avoiding getting stuck during their golf swing…

So when it comes to improving the momentum of your golf swing, the person to turn to is Mike Malaska for sure.

He has plenty of other learning programs too – The M System (this is a multi-tiered instructional program that takes you from simple, basic setup to more advanced swing drills), Skill Pathways (breakdown of troubled shots), Teaching Clinic (instructional philosophies for golf coaches), and a few more.

Mark Crossfield

Here’s another very popular YouTube star in the category of golf content. Mark Crossfield offers a personal take on not only golf lessons but also golf equipment. For example, here are his genuine, detailed thoughts on the new 2021/2022 T100, T200, and T300, and U Irons by Titleist…

On his YouTube channel, every video contains new content. And just like Rick Shiels, even Mark Crossfield vlogs are super fun to watch.

Chris Ryan – Chris Ryan Golf

There’s structured coaching available on his website. Digital courses include Ultimate Ball Striking, The Slice Fixer Series, and more. Then you also have individual coaching and online coaching. And just so you know, Chris Ryan is currently HIT golf academy’s current Director of Coaching too.

With 285K subscribers on YouTube, Chris Ryan certainly knows how to make online learning possible despite the thing you’re learning being golf. For that very purpose, he includes overlay graphics in his videos for helping you visualize every important thing that demands to be tweaked in your swing. Here’s a very fitting example…

Danny Maude

80-percent of golfers don’t understand this – that’s the text on the thumbnail of one of the most recent videos he uploaded where he talks about the secret to great ball striking with your driver and irons. That’s Danny Maude for you right there!

Slowly and steadily rising to the top, this golf coach definitely knows how to create the most useful online golf content. His courses and blog are open to all but it’s his videos on YouTube that seem to be making a huge mark. 585K subscribers are no joke indeed!

George Gankas

GG SwingTips Golf is the name of his YouTube channel. On this platform, you’ll find nothing but the most pivotal, to-the-point videos that are sure to make you a better golfer. And on his website, you can become a monthly or annual member, and the door to his growth concepts, learning techniques, and more becomes wide open.

His online golf academy is not something he decided to start on a whim but is actually the result of a professional culmination of 25 years of teaching experience. During that time, he also helped many golfers shape their skills and play to their fullest potential.

If you watch one of his YouTube videos, you’ll soon notice that he uses the launch monitor for tracking all the important stuff. Apart from that, his very effective drills using alignment sticks are also quite talked about.

Eric Cogorno – Cogorno Golf

The team naturally includes Eric Cogorno, a professional golf instructor with double decades in his bag as a performance coach, along with Mary Lengle (producer and communications strategist) and Jacob Crisp (another competitive player and golf instructor).

There are Master Classes, Weekly Seminars, and more. You can also get your golf swing analyzed by Eric Cogorno himself every month where he easily identifies the problems in your swing and helps you achieve all the proper positions that feel right.

Even his presence on YouTube feels like a blessing in disguise for any golfer struggling with ANY concern on the course. He also reviews very practical golfing gear (for example, training aid).

Now Here Are the Best Golf YouTube Channels

Rick Shiels Golf

One of the most popular golf coaches online approaching almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Rick Shiels is a PGA professional and his videos are as diverse as they are downright invaluable and entertaining.

Here’s The Complete Driver Golf Swing Guide by Rick Shiels…

Golf Mates

The line-up here includes some of the most amazing professional and scratch golfers such as Peter Finch, Lee Jones, and more. The whole gang consistently doles out videos that consist of golf ball reviews, vlogging funny golf moments, PGA pro lessons, golf community meet-up events, etc.

Here are 3 Great Iron Drills according to Golf Mates…

Tubes & Angle Golf Life

Here’s their latest video – Who Did It Better: Rick Shiels or Declan Rice?

The team of two here is constantly posting such fun and engaging content for all kinds of golfers. So if you want to take a break from the complicated techniques of the game and just put some joy back into the sport, you may want to check this out.

Golf with Aimee

Golf with Aimee is all about getting better at what you already know, no matter how little that is. And this means her YouTube channel is very, very resourceful to ALL (be it beginner, intermediate, or professional). After all, Aimee Cho has been playing golf from when she was 6 years old.

Here’s her very popular Beginner Series video that is among the best golf videos ever…

The Jazzy Golfer

Here’s another female golfer presenting both the game and fun side of golf. She’s responsible for videos that encourage more and more women and even juniors to enjoy the piece of the pie.

Check out The Jazzy Golfer and Michelle Wie at the Ladies Scottish Open Pro-Am…

No Laying Up

The group here has access to the topmost PGA Tour golfers, which means you can look forward to some very entertaining and prized content. It also includes coverage from LPGA and PGA Tours across the globe.

Good Good Golf

Good Good Golf is actually a high-performance golf activewear brand that has very successfully managed to create an authentic community of well-dressed golfers. And their YouTube videos are nothing short of incredibly fun (with reputable golf personalities) and, at the same time, very useful in terms of learning different skills and techniques.

Final Note

I’ve managed to compile all valuable resources related to golf into this one post. These websites, blogs, and YouTube channels have always been of the most immense help during my journey of becoming not only a professional golfer but also a full-time golfing coach. So, believe me, there’s a lot even you can grasp from such platforms.

Just keep in mind that not every golf instructor or lesson is for you. Meaning there are differences between them. So your ultimate task is to figure out what your priorities are first. And then you can go about choosing a training program and/or golf coach that works for you.

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