Best Nike Golf Balls

Best Nike Golf Balls to Reduce Lost Balls and Maximize Performance

Agreed that it was definitely the most unfortunate to hear Nike exiting the world of golf. But what made the news a little less shocking was that so many Tour players around the world are still using the best Nike golf balls, even now. Such as Tiger Woods, who changed the brand’s golf ball manufacturing game forever in 2000 when he won the U.S. Open that year by a whopping 15 strokes.

So it’s good to know that Nike-made golf balls are still available in the online retail market. After all, these are some of the best premium, Tour-performance golf balls. And there’s a pick for every type of a golfer, which is even greater news!

1. Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls, 50 Balls
2,612 Reviews
Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls, 50 Balls
  • PG Golf Good Quality. Designed for the golfer who wants to save the most off the...
  • Mixed good quality Nike golf balls
  • Recycled with care by PG Golf for optimal pefformance of a good quality golf ball

For a non-professional player, the Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls seem like a very enticing deal. Because, in that case, you’re most likely to lose at least 4 to 6 balls every round. Then it just doesn’t make any sense spending more unnecessarily, right?

On top of that, these golf balls are hardly used, plus they’re a great blend of different Nike balls. The mixture, just so you know, includes Mojo, Tour Control, Karma, Velocity, Ignite, Crush, and some more.

Key Features

  • Mixed, high-quality, recycled Nike-manufactured golf balls
  • Balls jump off the golf club pretty well
  • The best for beginners and high handicappers

2. Nike Mix Golf Balls

Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls
147 Reviews
Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls
  • 2-piece multi-layer design for golfers of all skill levels
  • More powerful core for explosive distance with every swing
  • Cover provides superior soft feel

Yes, these too are a blend of used golf balls crafted by Nike. Even though used, the balls, more often than not, don’t have any sharpie marks. And some even still have the logo printed on them. And despite a little bit of scuffing here and there, you can still play these.

Refurbished golf balls are simply the best for golfers who are just getting into the game of golf, so they end up losing more balls than they’re left to play with.

Key Features

  • A mix of all styles of Nike golf balls
  • Refurbished yet 100-percent playable
  • Round and dimpled, suitable for beginner-level golfers

3. Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 Long White Bi-Ling Ball

On Sale
Reload Recycled Golf Balls (24-Pack) of Nike Golf Balls,...
2,492 Reviews
Reload Recycled Golf Balls (24-Pack) of Nike Golf Balls,...
  • A mix of any Nike golf ball style
  • Condition similar to a ball that has been played for a few holes
  • Player pen markings or logos of all shapes and sizes can be present

While the brand doesn’t manufacture golf balls any longer, this one’s a solid piece and is destined to be so all the way through. Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 is moderately-priced, which is great news. More importantly, it offers good off-the-tee distance and feels incredibly soft off the iron, putter, and around the green.

And they come to you in remarkable condition! You’re sure to keep buying these golf balls as long as they’re available.

Key Features

  • Made to achieve longer distances from the fairway and off the tee
  • Softened ionomer cover for a responsive feel
  • Dimple aerodynamics pattern provides a penetrating ball flight

4. Nike 36 Mint Mix Used Golf Balls

Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 Long White Bi-Ling Ball
88 Reviews
Nike Golf GL0710-101 PD9 Long White Bi-Ling Ball
  • Longer distance off the tee and from the fairway
  • Responsive feel off irons
  • Penetrating ball flight and added roll

These are almost new premium Nike golf balls that are a mix of Crush, Tour Control, Juice, Velocity, Ignite, and other such popular styles. Indeed, the balls have been hit. Nevertheless, signs of wear are only minimal and hardly even visible.

Every single ball is playable and of the highest quality. There’s just no denying that the golf balls perform with complete precision.

Key Features

  • A mixed assortment of premium Nike-made golf balls
  • Refurbished yet they perform like brand new
  • High-quality, high-performance, and high-precision

5. Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls

Nike 36 Mint Mix Used Golf Balls
36 Reviews
Nike 36 Mint Mix Used Golf Balls
  • Free Shipping on orders over $99!
  • What is a Mint/AAAAA/5a Ball? These golf balls are like new in appearance and will...
  • What is a Grade A/AAAA/AAA/AAA+/Near Mint Ball? These golf balls all have some minor...

Nike Mojo - the ultimate golf ball for golfers who prioritize distance above all else. The 2-piece construction here is put in place to upgrade your overall performance.

It consists of an incredibly powerful core to generate explosive off-the-tee and fairway distance. Plus, the cover is responsible for a soft feel ideal for putting on the green.

Many avid golfers who play competitively use Nike Mojo for their practice rounds. Because these golf balls offer a truly satisfying sound and spin that come in handy in such situations. That said, here are some more top-rated practice golf balls for all the times you can’t head to the course to work on your swing or short game.

Key Features

  • 2-piece golf ball perfect for all types of golfers
  • More powerful core to produce explosive distance
  • Soft-feel cover for better putts
  • Alignment aid boosts confidence at impact

6. Nike Recycled Mix Golf Ball

Nike Recycled Mix Golf Ball (50 Pack), White, Small
1,154 Reviews
Nike Recycled Mix Golf Ball (50 Pack), White, Small
  • For at least half the price of new
  • Professional testing by an independent lab show there is no performance loss between...
  • Packaging may vary from the image

It’s only common to pump the majority of your golf balls into the water while you’re struggling to get over a hazard for reaching the green. Then comes the part where you regret losing the number of golf balls during the process. That means you’ve drowned a huge sum of money if you’re spent that amount on expensive golf balls. In that light, buy used to avoid this regret.

Nike’s recycled golf balls here are a mix of different styles. And each one’s quality is certainly up to the mark, despite being used. There are a few that have been scraped and show signs of wear, but these aren’t too serious.

The brand has subjected these golf balls through professional testing to ensure no loss of performance. And that matters a lot when it comes to brand new golf balls, refinished golf balls, and recycled golf balls.

Key Features

  • A mix of recycled, refinished golf balls by Nike
  • Rank as the best for backyard practice sessions
  • Even though used, quality and condition are much like brand new

7. Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme 16 Bi-Ling White Ball

Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme 16 Bi-Ling White Ball
363 Reviews
Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme 16 Bi-Ling White Ball
  • Softer, faster core
  • Thin, ionomer cover
  • Extreme dimple design

Not that expensive for a Nike product, Crush Extreme is a very suitable option even for golfers that aren’t professional players. In terms of overall play, these golf balls are perfect for your game. In comparison to normal distances, these certainly offer an upgrade. Plus, they’re reasonably durable.

You’re bound to notice a significant difference in both flight and distance, that’s for sure.

Key Features

  • Faster, softer core enables longer and straighter shots
  • Thin ionomer cover lasts considerably longer
  • Extreme dimple design affects lift

8. Nike RZN Softer Feel Golf Balls

Nike One RZN Golf Balls
51 Reviews
Nike One RZN Golf Balls
  • Resin core is a more responsive material that is lighter and faster than rubber
  • Softer feel on impact
  • 3-piece ball construction

When the spin control is excellent and feel incredibly soft, as an amateur golfer, you simply cannot let a golf ball like this pass you by. That’s the beauty of Nike RZN!

The 3-piece construction means a lot in this case because that gives you a softer cover for a softer feel. So it’s only logical to assume that Nike RZN is the best for adding to your game unmatched control in the form of minimal side spin in flight.

Key Features

  • Specifically engineered for more control
  • 3-piece construction with softer RZN core
  • Perfect for amateur golfers and for straighter shots

9. Nike Reload Recycled Golf Balls

Reload Recycled Golf Balls (12-Pack) of Nike Golf Balls,...
31 Reviews
Reload Recycled Golf Balls (12-Pack) of Nike Golf Balls,...
  • Buy from the world's largest Manufacturer of Recycled and refinished golf balls
  • For at least half the price of new
  • Professional testing by an independent lab show there is no performance loss between...

Both the feel and appearance of these Nike recycled golf balls can be compared to brand new ones. The wear and tear signs are minimal and mostly not even noticeable. As for the original luster and color, they’re pretty much retained.

What’s so great about using Nike’s refinished/recycled golf balls is that the brand puts them through professional testing to ensure no loss of performance. So you don’t have to worry about feel, condition, quality, and the like.

Key Features

  • Refinished premium Nike-made golf balls
  • Professionally-tested and refurbished for max. performance
  • Suitable for practice rounds and amateur players

10. Nike Golf NDX Heat Golf Balls

Nike Golf NDX Heat Golf Balls (12 Golf Balls)
19 Reviews
Nike Golf NDX Heat Golf Balls (12 Golf Balls)
  • Nike distance
  • Alignment aid
  • Extreme distance

Feel free to compare Nike NDX Heat to just about any other golf ball there is, and you don’t take time to spot the difference in distance. Not disappointing at all, these golf balls have a 2-piece construction, which promotes greater distance by default.

Furthermore, Nike decided to add alignment aid as well. So if your alignment needs some fixing, then this seems like a nice touch, doesn’t it?

Key Features

  • 2-piece golf ball, thus more resilient
  • Extreme distance, feel, and durability
  • Alignment aid also included

Final Words

Nike may have stopped manufacturing golf balls, but the brand has already made a huge impact. And pro-level golfers like Tiger Woods are proof.

In this post, we have reviewed diverse assortments that Nike has refurbished, recycled, and refinished for maximum performance. And they’re simply the perfect choice for golfers who struggle with lost balls at the end of every round.

Needless to say, even long-distance golf balls are a part of the list. For example, Nike Mojo, Nike RZN, Nike Crush Extreme, etc.

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