Best Mizuno Irons

Best Mizuno Irons

Mizuno has had a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality clubs. However, in this instance we are going to focus more on irons rather than woods, or even complete sets. 

Now, there are several options out there, so we will cover different eventualities while also keeping in mind that people look for various things when it comes to the irons that they include in their bag.

With that in mind, let’s check them out.

JPX921 Forged Iron Set 4-GW, Right Hand, Steel Shaft, Stiff Flex
  • Available in both regular and stiff shaft

  • Forged irons

  • Contains harmonic impact technology

  • Added stability in the club

  • Pearl brush finish adds lining up your shot

First up, we have the Mizuno JPX921 set of irons, and even though this does come with a hefty price tag, what you get here is one of the best set of irons out there on the market. 

These irons are crammed full of technology, and that does mean you are going to be in for an absolute treat. They are available in both regular and stiff shafts, so that’s going to change flexibility in accordance with your swing speeds. Even just having this ability to choose between the two saves you the hassle of changing the shafts yourself.

Also, these irons come with a thin face, and that’s going to be a good thing when it comes to the ball speed. Basically, the ball is going to fly off the club with little in the way of energy being lost during that point of the ball and club connecting.

We also need to mention the harmonic impact technology. This is designed to provide you with maximum feedback and feel from your shots allowing you to make the appropriate changes to your shot. 

The sweet spot is kind to you, so those mishits shouldn’t be as much of a problem. The weight is also pushed to the toe, so this means straighter shots as well.

Overall, this set of irons is designed to offer you real control and precision.


  • The feel and feedback is exceptional
  • The transfer of energy from swing to ball means little is lost
  • The ability to hit precise shots should not be underestimated
  • The clubs allow you to hit straighter shots due to the weight


  • They are not suitable for beginners

Overall Conclusion

This set of irons is going to blow your mind, but only if you already have the ability to really maximise what it’s capable of offering your game. You need to understand how to be aware of the feel and feedback of the club. 

However, if you have this ability, then this set of irons by Mizuno could change your game. In saying that, we are taking off half a point because it does eliminate so many players from really being able to use the clubs thanks to the need for precision and so much control over your

2. Best Muscle Back - Mizuno MP-20 Irons

  • Forged irons

  • Contains Harmonic Impact Technology

  • Copper underlay gives better feel

  • Hybrid muscle back clubs

  • Dual tungsten weighting

The Mizuno MP-20 set of irons also contains a stack of technology that will undoubtedly make life so much easier when it comes to controlling your shots. 

Running from a 3-iron down to the pitching wedge, this set is going to have you covered, but you also have the option of picking up individual clubs if you wish to simply start adding some of them to your bag.

When it comes to the technology, then we have already covered the Harmonic Impact Technology earlier and how it improves the feel and feedback you get, but that’s not all.

Instead, these irons also have a copper underlay, and that’s kind of important. The thin copper layer is matched by the nickel top layer, and this adds to the overall feel you can get from this iron. It really lets you know if you are striking it clean, or if a few adjustments need to be made leading to better end results.

And then there’s the weight distribution. It contains high density tungsten, and Mizuno have placed it in such a way in the heel and toe that it has lowered the COG while also increasing the MOI.

Basically, it’s going to give you an impressive sweet spot, and then you have the added confidence in your swing that comes with knowing the club is there for you.

The club also has muscle back technology, so you should be able to achieve higher, straighter hits which is then matched by the club being extremely well balanced. All of this adds to greater precision from your shots, and that should lead to greater control.

Overall, the aim of these clubs is to get the ball up off the fairway while allowing you to play around with the shot itself. 


  • The feel is exceptional from the irons
  • They make it easier to hit thanks to the sweet spot
  • The ease with which you can get the ball up off the ground is amazing
  • The muscle back technology will help keep the ball straight


  • If you aren’t a fan of muscle back clubs, then this won’t be for you, but it’s worth giving it a shot

Overall Conclusion

If you love to mess around with muscle back irons, then the MP-20 set is going to be right up your street. They feel exceptionally well balanced, make it easy to hit your shot, and as long as you know how to play around with your shot selection, then these irons are going to be there for you.

Once again, the need to have a sense of control over your shots means this set loses half a point. Aside from that, they are brilliant muscle back clubs that will serve you well.

3. Best for Reducing Vibration - Mizuno JPX919 Hot Irons Set

  • Sound ribs and Harmonic Impact Technology included

  • Pearl brush finish to help sight lines

  • Available in stiff flex

  • Stability frame built into clubs

  • Made from chromoly

The Mizuno JPX919 hot irons set are slightly different to those mentioned already, and it’s not all down to them having a different construction. 

These clubs are made from Chromoly and that means it’s not only exceptionally strong, but it’s also malleable. That means there’s a certain amount of flex while it has the same strength even though it comes in lighter than other materials.

Basically, that then translates into you being able to swing the club faster knowing it’s going to stay rigid throughout the swing and connection. 

But the stability frame does play an important role here. What you get is that the heel portion is open, and this not only changes the sound and feel you get, but it also makes it easier to get the ball up off the floor.

Also, as you have greater stability, it then means you can achiever greater consistency with your shots. That is also going to breed confidence, and your game is going to improve as a result.

The inclusion of sound ribs on the face is a cool addition. This is going to reduce the vibrations you feel through the shot, so you don’t have to compensate for that when it comes to playing your shot. In addition, that alone is going to offer more control over your shots as well.

Overall, this set of irons play different to those already mentioned, and it’s thanks to the ribs and the reduction in vibration.


  • The sound ribs are brilliant
  • The open heel provides additional stability to the shot
  • The lightweight nature of the club face adds to faster swings
  • The Harmonic Impact Technology works well


  • Only coming in a stiff flex may put off some people

Overall Conclusion

The JPX919 set of irons has the ability to work well for players of all ability including those with a higher handicap. It’s the overall feel and feedback that you get from the club, along with the reduced vibrations, that really makes a difference. 

However, the fact you are effectively stuck with a stiff flex is a potential problem and obstacle for some. For that reason alone, we need to talk off half a point, which is pretty poor as this would have been the perfect set of irons across the board.

4. Best for Mid Handicap - Mizuno JPX921 - Hot Irons

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Pro Iron Set 4-GW, Right Hand, Steel Shaft, Stiff Flex , Chrome
  • Covers from 4 irons down to wedges

  • Constructed from chromoly

  • Provides a seamless cup face

  • Includes Harmonic Impact Technology

  • Includes CORTECH design

The Hot Irons set, which belongs to the Mizuno JPX921 range, is another amazing example of what Mizuno is capable of producing. This range is going to cover you from a 4 iron down to the wedges and with the ability of adding in a single club to your bag, this is a pretty cool set of clubs.

The set is constructed from chromoly, and that’s going to provide you with a lightweight solution that is also exceptionally strong. It means that this club works perfectly well for individuals that have a slower swing speed as you can generate more power without changing your swing.

But the CORTECH design is something different, and this is what makes this set of irons stand out from the rest. This is going to focus on the COR area of the club. It has optimal thickness in order to maximise the area and get the best possible results.

And then we cannot forget about the seamless cup face. This includes creating thinner areas around the edge of the club face, and this has the impact of increasing the rebound area. This leads to greater ball speed, and that ultimately means better distances.

Overall, this set of irons is designed to make life as easy as possible. That’s going to make your shots easier to play without stressing about mishits or lacking in consistency. 


  • The CORTECH design is a great addition
  • Having the Harmonic Impact Technology included helps the overall shot
  • The thinner skin around the edge gives better consistency
  • The sweet spot is opened up thanks to the thinner feel as well


  • You can’t pick your own shaft, but the one it comes with is perfectly fine

Overall Conclusion

These hot irons in the JPX921 range will be suitable for high handicap players with a slower swing speed. You are going to have no problem in adding some extra yardage to your shots while you can still maintain that overall sense of control.

The fact you cannot pick your own shaft may be a negative for some, but it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. For that reason, it’s tough to pick anything wrong with these irons, and that’s why they are getting full marks.

5. Best Overall - Mizuno JPX921 Sel Irons Set

JPX921 SEL Forged Iron Set 4-GW, Left Hand, Steel Shaft, Stiff Flex
  • Comes in two configurations covering 4-iron down to wedges

  • Grain flow forged irons

  • Back milling on the irons

  • Stability frame included as standard

  • Harmonic Impact Technology also included

The Mizuno JPX921 Sel irons set brings something different to the table thanks to the fact that they have back milling on the irons. 

The fact that it’s CNC milled means you are looking at absolute precision. It also means you have a larger area where the face of the club is thinner, and that’s going to boost those speeds. In short, you will get more energy and better flight on your shots.

They also have the stability frame included in the irons, and that means the heel is opened up offering real stability through the shots. This means the clubs feel exceptionally well-balanced, but the stability frame also deals with the vibrations producing more of a tour-like experience.

The clubs are also made from mild carbon steel, which is referred to as 1025E, and this makes the clubs lighter to the feel than others on the market. Once again, this boosts swing speeds, and the outcome is better drives that cover greater distances.

The other thing they have in common with other Mizuno irons is the Harmonic Impact Technology. Just as we have said before, it provides you with better feedback and an overall improved feel on the shots. 

Overall, these clubs are all about hitting those precise shots, but they do provide you with consistency and stability throughout your shots. 


  • The milling means a thinner face and faster speeds
  • The carbon steel gives a lighter club head leading to faster swing speeds
  • It’s ideal for people who struggle with distance
  • The feedback from the clubs will amaze you


  • If you have a fast swing speed, it may be slightly too light

Overall Conclusion

In general, this set of irons is going to be good for seniors, people with a high handicap, and those struggling with generating enough swing speed and power in their shots. These irons should be capable of dealing with all of that, and a whole lot more as well. 

They are exceptionally well-balanced. They give amazing feedback, and they will allow you to really work on your game thanks to the feel and the way in which you can then know what’s going on with your game.

Once again, there’s nothing to worry about with these irons, so that’s why it too has to get full marks.

Understanding Your Game to Buy Irons

So, you are giving some serious consideration to buying new irons, but what are the sorts of things you should be looking out for?

Well, the answer to this lies in your current game. Are you even aware of the areas where your game is perhaps lacking somewhat? Do you know where you need to improve?

Having the answers to those questions will make a real difference when it comes to buying the right irons. Allow us to explain why.

If accuracy, especially with your long iron shots, is a bit of an issue, then you are going to need irons that are more forgiving and perhaps provide you with a bigger sweet spot. That’s going to allow you to relax into the shot, and that alone can improve your accuracy. 

An iron with a large sweet spot is clearly more forgiving. You are then able to let rip with your swing knowing that even failing to hit things square on won’t be a huge disaster.

But then, there’s also the issue about control, as well as the difference between blade and cavity back irons.

What to Look for With Mizuno Irons

When it comes to Mizuno irons, you will have noticed that they tend to include the same basic technology across the ranges. In saying that, there are several things to pay attention to in order to get the best irons for your game.

Your Skill Level

As we mentioned earlier, understanding your own game plays a major role. In the case of irons developed by Mizuno, you need to know that they do have a tendency to focus more on experienced and established players rather than those starting out.

That’s not to say that high handicap players cannot use them. However, they do offer a lot of technology across the board, and that’s going to change how you play the shots.

There’s a tendency for Mizuno irons to also come with a deeper COG than most along with perimeter weighting. This provides greater distance, so if you don’t have an issue with distance, then this could be a bit too much for you.

The Feel

Mizuno clubs are known for the feel and feedback they offer, but you need to know what to do with that information for it to have any real impact. However, you should expect these clubs to give you something different from other brands with your shot.

The Configuration

Configuration is a big deal, and Mizuno does provide some leeway when it comes to that sort of thing. You are able to play around with the clubs, to a certain extent, and you will often find clubs that are available in both cavity and blade forms, so you are covered from all angles.

The flex is also key, and it will usually be the case that you have both regular and stiff available. Add in your own shaft, and you will be able to get the perfect combination, no matter which club face option you go for.

Play around with the configuration options, and you will quickly discover that Mizuno has everything you are going to need, but that only applies if you know what it is that you are looking for. 

Think About Cross Sets

The idea of cross sets is that you basically get a hybrid set, and that’s going to prove to be useful for some people. This is especially true if you are in the position whereby you constantly feel stuck between shots.

If you find yourself to be struggling with both the launch and carry when making your shots, then a combo set could be ideal. What you get here is the consistency of Mizuno irons, which they are known for, along with the ability of hybrid clubs to be used in various situations resulting in a perfect iron solution.

Overall Conclusion

Out of the sets that we have covered, the best set out there has to be the Mizuno JPX921 Sel set of irons. The balance is perfect, and the milling is so precise that it gives you real feel and feedback with your shots.

They are also one of the sets that may be easier to use if you have a higher handicap, as others do contain a bit too much technology that focuses on the need to have absolute precision in your shots.

However, another set to consider is the JPX921 Hot Irons set. That’s going to also boost your game, but it’s more in line with what you would be looking for as a mid-handicapper rather than a high handicap player.

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