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5 Best Milled Putter

Getting the right putter in your bag is more important than pretty much any other club. After all, you could be capable of finding every fairway with ease, but if you regularly 3-putt on the green, then all that hard work is going to be undone.

But there’s a problem.

The problem is the sheer number of different putters out there on the market. You have so many to choose from that it can be confusing and complex trying to work out which one is best.

So, here’s what we are going to do.

We are going to focus on just one type of putter here, and that’s the milled putter. We will work through the best milled putters on the market, and then even tell you more about what to look out for when buying a new putter.

So, let’s get on with checking them out.

Titleist Men's Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter, Black, 35"
  • Precision milling throughout the manufacturing process

  • Contains solid face technology

  • Various rod curvature options available

  • Contains multiple components throughout the putter

  • Exclusive grip included

The best overall has to be the Scotty Cameron Phantom X, and that should not really come as much of a surprise to most people. After all, Scotty Cameron has been producing quality putters for some time, and this is just another one to add to the list.

In this instance, what you have here is something that is indeed precision milled, and that has a profound impact on how the putter will perform. 

The design of the putter makes for easier alignment with the ball. The hosel is set back slightly so it doesn’t interfere with your ability to line things up, and that makes a difference.

But that’s not why we love this putter.

Instead, it manages to do a wonderful job of appearing to combine the key components of both a blade and mallet putter.

What we mean is it lines up and acts like a blade, but it comes with the MOI you would expect from a mallet style, so you do get the best of both worlds.

Overall, the putter has a solid feel to it. You can trust its alignment, and know what will happen to the ball after impact.


  • Lining up your shots is so easy with this putter
  • The precision milling means you know exactly what the ball is going to do
  • It has a higher MOI, so provides a true roll
  • You can change the sole weights to suit your own preference
  • It is very forgiving


  • It does come with a slightly higher loft than some people would like

Overall Conclusion

This putter is an excellent example of what is possible when you buy a milled putter. It performs well, gives you a true line, is easy to line up your shot, and is more forgiving than most should you make a mess of things.

It’s difficult to find anything wrong with it, aside from the slightly higher loft, and this is a putter that should be suitable for most people, so we cannot really take any makes off.

2. Best Blade Style - Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2

Golf Clubs 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter - Right Hand 33/34/35 inch (34 inch)
  • Contains top line milling across the blade

  • Contains integrated vibration dampening material

  • Milling seems thinner at the top than bottom for better address

  • Complete with tri-sole design

  • Offers stability and increases confidence in your putting

The Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2 is an amazing blade style putter, and we see it as being one of the best out there on the market. 

Not only does it come with that Scotty Cameron name attached, but it also provides stability and control through your putt. That in itself makes a huge difference to how it will act on the green, and it could result in you saving yourself a few shots.

As it has vibration dampening material included, it does mean this putter acts a bit softer than you would imagine or expect. That does surprise people at first, but it’s something you quickly get used to.

The top of the putter also comes with red dots for helping with alignment, and they do make a difference. You should have no real difficulty in coming up with the right shot thanks to this putter.

But also, Scotty Cameron has made sure that this putter is also highly forgiving in nature. It’s not going to let you down on the green, and even if you do have a mishit, it won’t punish you as much as other brands.

Overall, this feels like a well-balanced putter, and it’s one you will love to get your hands on.


  • The precision milling gives you a precise shot every time
  • It is highly forgiving so won’t hurt you with mistakes
  • The dots for alignment make a real difference
  • It plays consistently, which is what you want from your putter


  • The surprising softness will catch you out, but you will get used to it

Overall Conclusion

This putter is excellent, and if you want a milled blade style putter, then this is the one you should have your eye on. Yes, it’s a premium brand, but you do get a premium level putter in return.

The only real downside is if you prefer a firmer putter as this one won’t really work as well as you hoped. That is why we need to take just a fraction of a point off.

3. Best for Sweet Spot - Evnroll ER2B Putter

Evnroll Golf- ER2 Mid Blade Putter 34"
  • Precision milled CNC face

  • Incredible levels of forgiveness across the face

  • Stainless steel head

  • Provides consistent roll

The Evnroll ER2B putter goes big when it comes to the size of the sweet spot you should expect on their putter. Basically, you are looking at something that is going to cover the entire face, and that’s capable of making a huge difference to your game.

Of course, it also has that precision milling on the face, and the grooves are designed to give you a consistent reaction with every putt. That alone allows you to relax into the shot, and know the ball is going to react in the way you want it to each and every time.

With this putter, it’s going to help with pushing the ball back onto the correct line even with a mishit. That means you can go for your putt rather than stressing, and releasing that tension can make a huge difference to the end result.

At the same time, the shaft comes with a single bend in it. That helps when dealing with lining up your putt, and you should certainly feel as if there’s nothing that can get in your way. 

Overall, it provides consistency and reliability, but the main thing is the sweet spot. That is why we love this putter as it does mean it can work well for those individuals perhaps struggling with that area of their game. 


  • The sweet spot is the major thing with this putter
  • The putter provides real consistency with your shots
  • It feels well balanced in your hand helping that consistency
  • It’s easy to line up your shots with the single bend shaft


  • The MOI may be too low for some people

Overall Conclusion

If you are searching for a putter that is going to offer you the maximum level of forgiveness with your putts, then this is the one for you. However, it does end up lacking in several other areas, and it will take some getting used to the putter to get your end result.

Thanks to this, we do take some marks off the putter because if you don’t tend to have too many mishits, then this club will miss its mark.

4. Best for Soft Feel - Bettinardi Studio Stock 38

Bettinardi 2019 Studio Stock 38, Right Hand, Standard Grip, 34”
  • Precision milled from stainless steel

  • 20% deeper face for softer impact

  • Finished in rich platinum

  • 3 degrees of loft

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 38 is a wonderful putter to have in your bag, and its main feature has to be the way in which it focuses on delivering a softer impact than you will generally see elsewhere. 

In order to achieve this, they have made the face deeper by an impressive 20%, and that changes pretty much everything. It means the putter is going to pretty much caress the ball rather than slam into it delivering way more feel on the green.

The grooves on this putter are also impressive. They are, of course, precision milled so you know what to expect in advance with every stroke. That allows you to relax on the green knowing you can trust what the putter will do.

Overall, this putter is more about the softness, so if that’s something you are searching for, then this could be ideal.


  • The soft touch is a huge positive with this putter
  • The precision milling means consistency
  • The putter has the perfect loft of 3 degrees for most players
  • It is forgiving enough to make up for those mishits


  • A soft feel is not for everyone

Overall Conclusion

This putter focuses on one area, and that’s the feel you get from it. There’s no doubt that this has to be the best putter out there for a soft feel approach, and if that’s what you prefer from your putter, then this is perfect.

However, it does focus a bit too much on that aspect, so it can let you down elsewhere. For that, we take off a fraction of a point.

5. Best for Changing Weights - Mizuno M Craft

Mizuno M CRAFT TYPE II, 34 Inch
  • Easy to change sole weights to your own preference

  • Forged putter

  • Crafted from carbon steel

  • Comes with precision milling

If you want to really get the perfect putter for your game, then the Mizuno M Craft line of putters will allow you to change the weights on the sole of the putter. It does also come with a set of custom weights, so changing this will be a breeze.

But that aside, this is also a putter that is forged from carbon steel, so you have strength throughout the putter. However, it’s still not too heavy, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that.

It does also have precision milling, as you would expect, and that means the grooves on the face are perfectly lined up to help you with your shot.

This precision aspect is huge. It’s certainly something that Mizuno excels at, and this makes a real difference when it comes to the alignment aspect as well. 

Overall, what you have here is a putter that provides you with the opportunity to carry out some customization to get it to fit in perfectly with your own individual needs.


  • The way you can customize it makes this a wonderful putter
  • The precision in the grooves is something else
  • The putter feels well-balanced
  • The putter has a large sweet spot to help you out


  • It can be quite complicated if you don’t understand the weight aspect

Overall Conclusion

This putter by Mizuno is the perfect example of a putter that allows you to play around with things to get the right balance for your game. Aside from that, it’s also a good putter in general, and with a large sweet spot to help you out, then this putter could be a good addition to your bag.

However, even though it’s not an advanced putter, it feels like that and this means it’s tough to get to grips with the putter in general. So, it loses part of a mark.

What to Look for with a Milled Putter

So, you have checked out the top milled putters that we see on the market, but what should you be looking for in order to know if you have the correct putter for your game?

Well, that’s where understanding your own putting game really does come into its own.

You see, when buying a putter it’s important that it deals with the areas in your game where you tend to struggle. Is it alignment? Is it you don’t get enough feel in your putts? What is your putting stroke like, and how does the ball then react?

All of this is going to play a major role in the type of putter you then end up buying.

But then, knowing the key benefits linked to this type of putter will also make a difference.

However, let’s make this easier for you to understand what you need to check out for this putter.


Look at the way in which the putter helps you when it comes to lining up your putt. A number of milled putters will indeed have various tricks that make it easier for lining up your shot, so be aware of the approach they use and how to take advantage of it.

The Putter Head

Attention must also be paid to the style of putter head you prefer. Do you like to go for a mallet style, or is it a blade style that tends to work out best for you?

Keep in mind that a blade style head is generally lighter than a mallet. That does mean it often works better on fast greens. 

A mallet head is heavier, as there’s more metal in its construction, and it’s going to work better on heavier greens.

Also, a blade style is generally viewed as being best for individuals with a slow swing speed while a mallet head offers better control and precision in your shot. Once again, you need to understand your putting game to know which one works out best for you.

The Shaft and Hosel

People will often focus on the putter head, but the shaft and hosel also have a key role to play in selecting the right milled putter. 

If you tend to rotate the blade open and then shut during your stroke, then a hosel that is more to the heel of the putter is the better option. That will counteract the incorrect movements you make providing you better control over the shot.

At the same time, if you have more of a flat putting stroke, then the shaft coming into the heart of the putter head will work out best.

The Putter Face

Considering it’s the part that makes contact with the ball, knowing more about the putter face is advantageous. 

You want something that has a large sweet spot, which covers most of the putter face if possible, as that allows you to know the putter will help you out even if you tend to close up the face.

At that point, the putter face, and the sweet spot, will make a difference.

The Benefits of a Milled Putter

The main benefit of a milled putter has to be the feedback you get from your shot. This allows you to understand where changes need to be made to your game, and that’s a major way to improve your putting.

This is due to a milled putter generally having a softer feel to it. The harder the feel of the putt, the more difficult it is to know where you may be going wrong, so this counteracts that problem.

Also, it tends to mean some topspin is imparted on the ball, and that changes the type of roll you are going to get. This does help when it comes to your putt as coupled with the low loft, it means the ball stays true to line.

That is going to make a huge difference when it comes to the shot you can play. If you find your putt has a tendency to bobble all over, which means the bumps and rolls will have a negative impact, then this putter counteracts that.

Finally, a milled putter gives you that absolute consistency that so many golfers struggle with on the green. You know that the grooves on the face will be the same size and depth no matter where you hit the ball. 

That means the ball should react in the exact same manner at all times. That is an amazing thing to have happen to you on the green as it can remove that tension you may have in your shoulders about screwing up the shot.

What to Avoid with a Milled Putter

So what should you be avoiding when it comes to a milled putter? Well, in all honesty, not a lot.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to be aware of the current state of your own putting game. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and then make sure the milled putter you buy does not damage your strengths and build on your weaknesses.

Let’s say you have a problem with too much bobble and topspin on your putt leading to it going off its line. You don’t want a putter that is then going to result in more topspin and increasing that bobble.

As long as you know your putting game, then it’s easy to work out what you should avoid when buying your new milled putter. 

If you need any help with this, then contact your local pro to see if they can help work out where you are perhaps going wrong with your putting game. This could very well stop you from making a huge mistake and buying the wrong putter to add to your bag.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, buying a milled putter can be a wonderful idea for most players, and the one putter that stands out for us has to be the Scotty Cameron Phantom X. It just manages to tick all the boxes from the outset, and it can be used by pretty much every type of player.

However, if you struggle with accuracy and mishits, then the Evnroll putter is another good alternative that is well worth checking out. That putter alone could change your putting game, and do so for the better.

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