Best Low Spin Golf Balls

Best Low Spin Golf Balls

If you are searching for the best low spin golf ball, chances are you want more distance off the tee. This is something any golfer can relate to regardless of their ability. 

There was a time where low spin simply meant a hard distance golf ball. Nowadays modern technology has meant that you can get low driver spin golf balls that also have a soft feel and perform around the greens. 

On our list of the best low spin golf balls we will review a wide array of low spin options. Some will be suited to low handicappers, whilst others will be better for slow swing speeds. A low spin golf ball should now be an excellent option for just about any golfer.

Wilson Staff DUO Golf Ball, Professional, White

Distance: 90 | Feel: 90 | Control: 90 | Durability: 90

Best for Tour performance aimed at average swing speeds

Wilson are renowned for excelling at producing quality low compression golf balls and the Duo Professional is another example. A compression rating of 60 is significantly lower than most urethane golf balls on that market. This makes the three-piece Duo Professional an excellent option for golfers with an average or slower swing speed that are looking for the performance of a Tour-level ball.

The low compression core and mid-hardness ionomer mantle offer a low driver spin profile with a high launch angle. The result is an impressive distance from the tee that will compete with any other three-piece golf ball on the market. Around the greens the cast urethane cover offers feel and control for complete tee-to-green performance.


  • Excellent value for a three-piece urethane golf ball
  • Perfect for golfers that do not have the swing speed for most Tour quality balls
  • Combined distance off the tee with playability on short shots
  • Also available in matte yellow, green and orange


  • Faster swing speeds will benefit from a higher compression ball
  • Higher handicappers and beginners may not see the benefits of a urethane ball

2. Vice Pro+

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen

Distance: 90 | Feel: 95 | Control: 90 | Durability: 80

Best for the fastest swing speeds

Trying to find low spinning driver performance with Tour quality performance can be difficult, but that is exactly what you get with the Vice Pro+ golf ball. The dual casing construction is combined with a high energy speed core and elastic dual mantle for less spin and a lower launch angle off the tee for longer distances. 

These balls also feature a thin cast urethane cover with S2TG (stick to the green) technology for improved spin control and feel on your shorter shots. The four-piece construction will be best suited to lower handicap golfers with faster swing speeds that are looking for more length with their drives.

With all-around premium performance, Vice golf balls can offer great value for money compared to other Tour balls if you are willing to buy multiple packs at once. You can also find these balls in bright lime or red.


  • Low driver spin makes this one of the best low spin options for better golfers
  • Maintains the spin control and feel around the greens of a Tour quality ball
  • Great distance off the tee with a lower penetrating ball flight
  • If you are willing to buy in bulk they are good value golf balls


  • Not one of the most durable golf balls, even compared to other urethane options
  • Will not be suited to golfers with a driver swing speed below 100mph or a lower ball flight

3. Callaway ERC Soft

2021 Callaway ERC Triple Track Golf Balls, White

Distance: 95 | Feel: 90 | Control: 90 | Durability: 95

Best overall low spin golf ball

Callaway’s soft feel golf balls have been a favorite among club golfers for a long time, however the ERC Soft is their longest soft feel golf ball ever. A new multi-material construction has been developed to combine low long game spin with a fast and high launching ball flight and improved greenside control. The ERC Soft has a complete performance that will suit a wide variety of golfers.

A High Energy Core works with a High Speed Mantle to maximize energy transfer for longer distances. The cover is made from a new Hybrid material featuring a Paraloid Impact Modifier from DOW, which Callaway claim helps to produce the versatile blend of low spin on longer shots with feel and control around the greens. 

The ERC Soft golf balls also come with Triple Track technology using Vernier Visual Acuity for superior alignment when putting. If you have an Odyssey Triple Track putter, these golf balls are the only ones you should be choosing.


  • Low driver spin combined with short game feel is a perfect for mid and low handicappers
  • Good value compared against premium Tour balls
  • Length off the tee will compete with many distance-focused golf balls
  • Triple Track alignment will be a huge bonus for golfers with corresponding putters


  • Triple Track alignment won’t be that helpful without the right putter and may put some golfers off

4. Wilson Tour Velocity

Wilson Sporting Goods Tour Velocity Accuracy 15-Ball Pack, White

Distance: 100 | Feel: 75 | Control: 70 | Durability: 100

Best low spin golf ball for beginners

Golfers that are new to the game will typically look for a low spin distance golf ball that is friendly to their wallet. The priority is increasing roll-out and reducing sidespin on wayward shots. Plus, beginners are also prone to losing more golf balls than they would like. So, it has to be a lower budget option. Wilson’s range of Tour Velocity golf balls fit the description perfectly. 

They are a two-piece golf ball with a hard surlyn cover and an aerodynamic dimple pattern, all designed for fast ball speeds and longer distances. A mid compression core ensures a reasonable feel on longer shots and will suit golfers looking for a ball slightly firmer than some of the ultra-low compression balls on this list.

The distance-focused design sacrifices feel and spin on shorter shots, however beginners are unlikely to be too phased by this. Tour Velocity comes in four different models: Distance, Feel, Accuracy and Women. Honestly though, they all have the same basic characteristics and will perform very similarly.


  • One of the best distance golf balls at this budget
  • Super long distance
  • Compression rating of 70 will suit a lot of average men’s golf swings
  • Highly durable cover


  • A lower compression core would be better for the slowest swinging golfers
  • Feel and spin are lacking for mid handicappers and below

5. Pinnacle Rush

Pinnacle Golf Rush 15-Ball White

Distance: 95 | Feel: 75 | Control: 75 | Durability: 100

Best low spin golf ball for high handicappers

Pinnacle has been producing excellent golf balls for high handicappers and beginners for a long time. This is perhaps unsurprising given they are owned by the same company as the number one ball in golf. Pinnacle is a lower budget option, compared with options from their sister-company Titleist, however this does not mean the standard is any lower. They are just targeting a different market.

The Pinnacle Rush golf ball is one of the best value for money options on the market for the higher handicap golfer. A mid compression core, medium-to-firm 332 icosahedral dimple cover and a high energy core translates to low spin and long distances. Compared to golf balls on a similar budget, the Rush offers great overall performance. However, as you would expect you do still lack some control around the greens. Golfers that have a slower swing or want a slightly softer feel, especially on mid-to-long distance shots, should check out the Pinnacle Feel.


  • Superb value for money
  • Excellent all-around distance
  • Compared to some distance-focused balls, it is not overly rock-hard
  • Highly durable cover


  • Low handicap golfers will require more feel and spin around the green

6. Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)

Distance: 100 | Feel: 80 | Control: 80 | Durability: 100

Best distance golf ball

When you hear Titleist many golfers will immediately think of the Pro V1, and rightly so, but when it comes to the average club golfer it might be hard to beat the Velocity. Excluding the low handicappers, most amateur golfers prioritise distance over short game spin. The Velocity is extremely low spinning on long game shots, but still retains reasonable playability too.

A slightly older than most of the balls on this list, the most recent Velocity was released in 2018, but it remains just as popular in 2021. Designed for fast ball speeds and long distances it features a high speed LSX core and NaZ+ cover with spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimples. The Velocity combines its low spin profile with a high launching ball flight to allow you to still be able to hold the ball on the greens. 


  • One of the longest golf balls available
  • More playability and control than other golf ball in the distance category
  • Combining a high ball flight with low spin is a profile suited to a lot of golfers
  • Great value for money


  • Still lacks the feel and control around the putting surface for lower handicappers

7. Mizuno RB 566


Distance: 90 | Feel: 90 | Control: 85 | Durability: 90

Best low spin golf ball for mid handicappers

When you hear Mizuno, golf balls are probably not the first thing you think of. However, their RB range is excellent and the RB 566 model is worthy of its place on our list of best low spin golf balls. The RB 566 is a two-piece construction that offers good playability from tee to green as well as great value for money.

A large soft compression core is combined with an innovative 566 micro-dimple design to produce a long and straight ball flight with improved hangtime. There is a soft feel on full shots and the lower compression will be ideal for average or slower swing speeds. A thin ionomer cover offers reasonable durability as well as decent short game control. These golf balls are also available in yellow and orange, ideal for winter golf.


  • Perfect for an average swing speed mid handicap golfer
  • Offers good performance at a reasonable price versus similar performing balls
  • The Micro-dimple design is great for golfers struggling with carry distance
  • A solid allrounder


  • Golfers with a faster swing speed will probably prefer the Mizuno 566V
  • Durability is a little less than other surlyn balls

8. Titleist Tour Speed

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)

Distance: 95 | Feel: 90 | Control: 90 | Durability: 90

Best for lower handicappers look for more distance

Low handicappers might immediately assume that the Titleist Pro V1 will be the best golf ball for them, however if you are looking for a slightly lower spin long long game option then the Tour Speed could be what you are looking for. 

The Tour Speed is a three-piece golf ball with a technology driven core, a fast ionomeric casing layer and a Thermoplastic urethane cover. The core and casing are designed to keep a low spin and fast ball speed profile on long game shots, whilst the cover promotes more short game spin and a soft feel. A 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple promotes a straighter and penetrating ball flight that further enhances distance. The Tour Speed is perfect for golfers looking for a versatile ball with length from the tee and greenside playability.


  • Mid compression and medium softness will appeal to many golfers
  • Improved long game distance over most urethane balls
  • Versatile tee-to-green performance
  • When compared to a Tour golf ball it offers good value


  • Many low handicappers will pay the small amount extra for a Tour Pro V1 ball
  • A little less short game spin than other urethane golf balls

9. TaylorMade TP5x

TaylorMade 2021 TP5x 2.0 Golf Balls White

Distance: 95 | Feel: 100 | Control: 100 | Durability: 90

Best premium golf ball

The TaylorMade TP5 models have been considered among the best balls on Tour for several years now and the new 2021 model unlocks potentially their best performance yet. Of the two models, it is the TP5x that will offer slightly lower driver spin with a higher ball flight. You will need to be a lower handicap golfer with a faster swing speed to get the most from these, but they are without doubt one of the most complete balls on the market.

A five-piece construction features four increasingly hardening layers with a cast urethane cover. New advanced Tour Flight Dimple aerodynamics is combined with a HFM Speed Layer promoting maximum ball speeds and carry distances. The urethane cover has been made even softer for increased greenside control and feel.


  • As good as any other premium golf ball on the market
  • Excellent length from the tee combined with control and feel on the shorter shots
  • Also available in Pix design
  • Lower spin with higher ball flight


  • One of the most expensive options available
  • Will only suit faster swing speeds and better golfers

Why choose a low spin golf ball?

The development of golf ball technology has allowed manufacturers to create low driver spin without sacrificing feel or greenside control. Low driver means more distance off the tee and what golfer does not want that.

Excluding distance, sometimes golfers will choose a low spin golf ball to reduce the severity of their wayward shots. A ball that has low spin, inevitably also generates less sidespin. The result is less punishment for slices and hooks.

What type of low spin golf ball should I get?

Gone are the days where low spin could only refer to a hard two-piece surlyn golf ball. Nowadays, you can find golf balls designed with low driver spin that have multiple layers and a urethane cover.

It is important to consider the differences between the types of construction when deciding on what type of golf ball you want to pick. The number of layers and materials used plays a large role in determining how the golf ball performs.

Two-Piece vs Multi-Layered

The larger core of a two-piece golf ball is usually favored by golfers with slower swing speeds  that require more distance. This construction will typically feel firmer around the greens and offer less short game spin. They are also cheaper to produce, so are more cost effective for the average club golfer that might lose a few too many.

Multi-layered golf balls are designed for better all around control and consistency. The majority are aimed for faster swinging lower handicap golfers, who can naturally compress the golf ball more and require spin on shorter shots. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers have begun to release lower compression cheaper options targeted more towards mid handicap club golfers as well.

Surlyn vs Urethane Cover

The cover material of the golf ball has a huge impact on how it performs and feels, especially for short game shots.

Most two-piece golf balls have surlyn covers and some three-piece will as well. Surlyn performs better at transferring energy to create faster ball speeds and keep spin lower. This makes it an ideal choice for golfers prioritising distance, however the sacrifice is less spin and a harder feel when hitting pitch and chip shots. For golfers that most play chip and runs, this can be easily accounted for in your game.

Urethane is a more premium and less durable material, typically found only on multi-layered golf balls. It will offer a nicer soft feel and gives more spin control on short shots. This will be most beneficial to low handicappers that like to play a variety of shots around the greens and stop the ball quickly with their wedges.

The effects of compression

Compression is one of the most important considerations when determining whether a golf ball is likely to suit your golf swing. Low spin golf balls can come with any amount of compression, so it is important you find out what works best for you.

The amount of compression a golf ball has simply refers to how much it will squash upon impact. The lower the compression rating, the more it will squash.

Low compression golf balls will feel softer on longer shots and are ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds. As they compress further when struck, the rebound effect can produce faster ball speeds even when struck with less force. Lower compression has become increasingly popular in two-piece golf balls that look to combine low spin with better feel and a higher launch angle.

Golfers with faster swing speeds are more likely to prefer higher compression golf balls, because they are able to squash the golf ball naturally. A firmer core is necessary, otherwise they will over compress the ball. The result is that they produce too much spin, losing power and control.

Consider your budget

No golfer plans to lose golf balls, but it is worth thinking about how regularly you have to get new ones and what your budget is. 

When it comes to golf balls, it is worth remembering that more expensive might not mean better. Multi-layered urethane golf balls are more expensive to produce, because the manufacturing process is time-consuming and the materials cost more. They have been constructed this way to suit the specific requests of Tour golfers. These golf balls are designed to suit an over 100mph golf swing as well as offer exceptional feel for high spin chip shots. 

If you do not need both these attributes, then chances are there is a better option for you elsewhere. A two-piece surlyn golf ball is much cheaper, but also far more likely to suit the vast majority of club golfers.


A low spin ball is becoming increasingly sought-after with golf. Whether that is just a low driver spin profile or a distance-focused ball low spin throughout. Within the review we have taken a look at a variety of options as well as discussing what different golfers should be looking for in their ball.

Overall, we selected the Callaway ERC Soft as our choice for the best low spin golf ball. It is an incredibly versatile ball that manages to offer lower spin on long shots, whilst still having more than enough control around the greens. 

The growing popularity of low spin golf balls means that there currently are plenty of brilliant choices available. Whatever you choose, make sure it is suited to your golf swing and style of play. 

If you are looking for more distance in all areas of your game and you are not somebody that plays high spin pitches, then you should look for a two-piece surlyn ball such as the Titleist Velocity or Pinnacle Rush.

Alternatively if you want to boost your distance off the tee without sacrificing too much greenside control, then you should try a urethane ball such as the Vice Pro+ or Titleist Tour Speed.

Finding the right golf ball can have a huge impact on your golf game. It is worth keeping an open mind and shopping around to find the perfect one for you. 

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