Longest Golf Drivers

Top 10 Longest Golf Drivers You Need for Exploding Your Driving Distance

You don’t really have to be a Tour golfer to know that not all golf clubs deliver the same results or even have the same feel. Of course factors such as your golf swing speed along with the way the club is delivered at impact also matter, especially in terms of gaining maximum yardages.

But as long as you have the right equipment, all other things become much easier to execute. So for that, there are these longest golf drivers that, unlike illegal or non-conforming drivers, are equipped with USGA-approved speed-boosting design and technology.

Let me cover some basic ground and then get to the top recommendations. But before all of that, here’s the quick rundown in case you’re in a hurry…

Quick Summary

Best for Slower Swing Speeds
Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver
Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame promotes faster ball speed
  • A.I. Flash Face expands hitting area for maximum speed
  • Advanced aerodynamic clubhead generates more speed
  • Triaxial carbon crown/toe corrects mis-hits because of slow swing
Best for Higher Swing Speeds
TaylorMade SIM Driver,
TaylorMade SIM Driver,
  • Shaft flex is Stiff, thus perfect for better players
  • Speed Injected technology improves ball speed
  • Twist Face produces straighter drives
  • Multi-material construction provides a more controlled ball flight
Most Forgiving Driver for Distance
Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver
Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame increases ball speed across the clubface
  • Flash Face offers a larger, thus more forgiving hitting area
  • Sliding rear weight and OptiFit hosel for shot shape correction
  • Triaxial carbon material promotes more forgiveness and higher launch

It goes without saying that working on your golf swing is inevitably going to get you closer to hitting farther and even straighter. But then, at the same time, gaining extra yardages is really a combination of proper technique AND optimized equipment. So, for the latter, pay attention to the following factors when buying a golf driver…

1. Shaft

It’s pretty obvious and even logical to assume that not all driver or golf club shafts are made the same. Likewise, not all shaft sizes and shapes work for all golfers. Meaning what’s right for you may be totally disadvantageous to someone else.

In that case, what’s the determinant here with driver shafts? Well, that would be your swing speed. Slower swing speeds, in general, demand a more flexible and lightweight shaft i.e. graphite shaft with a softer flex (for example - Regular, Ladies, Senior).

But if your swing speed is above average, then a weaker shaft like that can end up producing too much unwanted spin and launch, along with a wider dispersion pattern. Hence, you should instead choose heavier (steel), stiffer shafts.

Moving on to the shaft length. If it’s longer than it should be, then less consistency is inevitable as you’re most likely to strike the golf ball nearer toward the heel. On the contrary, too small means more consistency in your striking pattern but a toe-biased impact location. In short, off-center shots are bound to steal your thunder either way.

The best thing you can do is get measured. And here’s how…

What about the kick point and torque of the shaft? Here’s the general rule of thumb – a higher kick point lowers ball flight while a lower kick point increases ball flight. And you need a faster swing speed for a high kick point, so you can produce a more controlled ball flight.

As for the right shaft torque, higher torque creates more twisting while lower torque is more resistant. So if your swing speed is slower (below 90 mph), a high torque is more suitable as it’s the most likely to return the clubface to square during impact.

2. Swing Speed and Ball Speed

When talking about hitting long drives, your clubhead speed, no doubt, is a crucial factor. A higher clubhead speed facilitates maximum energy transfer through the ball. And that, in turn, generates more ball speed and distance.

Here is the max. clubhead speed of PGA Tour golfers. These long hitters can make the golf ball travel a country mile.

3. Loft

As a golfer with a slower swing speed and/or higher handicap, it’s best to stay away from drivers with a low loft angle as they’re the most difficult to hit. For you, the most fitting choice is a loft between 10 degrees and 14 degrees.

But if you’re a more advanced golfer, then you can certainly handle a lower loft (9.5 degrees or less).

4. Spin

This particular factor decides both the distance and height of your shots. For maximizing your distance potential, an optimized spin rate is very, very important. Because excessive spin tends to reduce distance while not enough spin keeps the ball from getting airborne (and that also decreases the distance of course).

So what’s the optimal spin rate for a driver? For above-average swing speeds or hard hitters, the spin rate should be low. But then if your swing speed is below average, low spin makes it even more challenging for you to hit straighter shots. In that case, you should go for a higher spin.

5. Clubhead Material and Size (Titanium or Steel)

On one side there are titanium-built drivers, which have a larger size yet are lightweight. With a larger clubhead, you obviously get a bigger sweet spot. And that means your mis-hits also end up traveling longer and straighter. Perfect for beginners and high handicappers indeed!

Moving on to steel, these types of driver heads are usually smaller and heavier.

We have composite drivers as well that are made using titanium and also carbon. These too are lightweight but not necessarily larger in size. However, more weight is positioned toward the clubface in order to broaden the highly forgiving sweet spot.

6. Launch Angle

Once again, what launch angle is the most suitable for you depends on your clubhead speed and ball speed. When these two speed factors are low, you have to launch the golf ball high. Only then can you gain extra yardages. So the launch angle is supposed to be higher if you don’t wish to lose distance.

Top-Rated Longest Drivers In Golf

1. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver (Best for Slower Swing Speeds)

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver
Shaft Material/Flex Cypher 40G / Ladies
Loft Configuration 12 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Clubhead Speed 80 mph
Ball Speed 119 mph
Spin 1,710 rpm
Carry/Total Distance 178/214 yards

Callaway MAVRIK garnered tons of praise in the year 2020 and for all the right reasons of course. And now, for the year 2021, the brand has launched its Epic Speed model where their engineers have allotted the revolutionary technology of Artificial Intelligence for developing the phenomenal Jailbreak Speed Frame.

The brand new structure here promotes maximum torsional and horizontal stability for increasing the ball speed across the clubface. The clubface (titanium Flash Face SS21) structure itself is quite beneficial in that it combines with Jailbreak technology to give you even greater ball speed across a very large hitting area.

And the limitless sweet spot of this extremely forgiving driver allows you to achieve longer distances on a consistent basis. Therefore, perfect for golfers with a slower swing speed.

Speaking of which, Callaway, only to pave the way for a faster swing speed, has included tall fins that are installed on the club’s sole, and even the crown is flattened. In simple words, the aerodynamics of Callaway Epic Speed are subjected to a drastic improvement.

As a slow-swinger, you might also appreciate the crown material. It’s a triaxial carbon composite. And that, no doubt, both saves and redistributes weight. Even the toe section of the driver has triaxial carbon for promoting a slightly draw-biased flight.

Callaway Epic Speed does indeed make a very compelling case for golfers with a swing speed they’re not so proud of.


  • Jailbreak Speed Frame promotes a faster speed
  • Advanced aerodynamic clubhead lowers drag to increase speed
  • Flash Face with A.I. expands the hitting area
  • Visually appealing green HZRDUS Smoke iM10 shaft
  • Toe and crown made of triaxial carbon for mis-hit correction


  • Limited feedback; not the best for better players

2. TaylorMade SIM Driver (Best for Higher Swing Speeds)

TaylorMade SIM Driver
Shaft Material/Flex Graphite / Stiff
Loft Configuration 10.5 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Clubhead Speed 104 mph
Ball Speed 152 mph
Spin 1,896 rpm
Carry/Total Distance 243/275 yards

The Stiff-flex shaft is what ensures that even more experienced golfers can benefit from golf drivers’ speed-boosting technologies. But then there’s the Regular-flex option too just in case. So anyway, TaylorMade’s SIM series of drivers are all about GEOMETRY. But don’t confuse this SIM Driver with the SIM MAX Driver; there are differences between the two.

TaylorMade’s ultimate goal with its innovative SIM lineup was to design a driver equipped with high MOI and low, back CG. In short, a driver that’s not in the least bit aerodynamically inferior. Because more advanced aerodynamics increase clubhead speed and that, in turn, takes your distance potential to a whole new level.

There’s that Inertia Generator that positions the mass toward the extreme end of the sole, which is key for maximizing forgiveness. Plus, it’s angled strategically for minimizing downswing drag.

Each clubhead from the Callaway SIM series is calibrated and also injected individually. But the clubface curvature is the same throughout the lineup for reducing sidespin. This revolutionary face structure also promotes a straighter drive, even on mis-hits.

Needless to say, the movable weights are an excellent addition since they allow you to personalize and adjust the club’s flight bias, face angle, and trajectory. But then this comes at the cost of weight, which, to be honest, isn’t a problem unless you’re a beginner with a slower swing speed.


  • Reshaped sole delivers enhanced aerodynamics
  • Clubface curvature decreases sidespin for straighter shots
  • Sliding weights optimize flight bias preferences
  • Multi-material design with high MOI and ultra-low CG


  • Movable weights not suitable for new or slow players
  • Long, angular asymmetric sole is visually jarring

3. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver
Shaft Material/Flex Graphite / Stiff
Loft Configuration 10.5 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Clubhead Speed 105 mph
Ball Speed 155 mph
Spin 1,627 rpm
Carry/Total Distance 264/289 yards

In comparison to Callaway Epic Speed, Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero is faster in terms of clubhead speed, ball speed, carry distance, and total distance. The spin rate is lower though, which is great and you’ll soon understand why.

Plus, the shaft flex is Stiff (although you can choose a different flex). So all this just means it’s more geared toward slightly more skilled golfers, not just newbies.

The Sub Zero model, no doubt, has become one of Callaway's staple drivers. And that’s especially so among those struggling with high spin because Epic Flash produces not only longer drives but also stronger, straighter ball flights. It’s just that this driver does so (drops spin) without compromising forgiveness.

In comparison to Epic Speed and even standard Epic Flash, Sub Zero lowers the spin rate very consistently, thus allowing you to hit long and straight one drive after another.

Another feature that sets this one apart is the perimeter weighting adjustability. The driver features a more lightweight OptiFit hosel. So dialing in your desired ball flight becomes very much possible. The sliding weight, no doubt, eliminates the “sting” that is often a part of your worst hooks. Along with promoting a slight fade on better, more successful swings.

And here’s how you adjust the OptiFit hosel of Callaway Epic Flash.

All the other things are pretty much the same though. Such as the phenomenal Flash Face with Artificial Intelligence to broaden the hitting area. And internal Jailbreak bars for stabilizing and stiffening both the sole and crown. Therefore, a greater load is placed on the clubface for boosting ball speed.

And lastly, you get to choose from 3 different yet equally high-quality shaft options. Two from Project X and one from Mitsubishi. All are incredibly popular shafts indeed that have also made it to our list of top driver shafts that boost driving performance unhesitatingly.


  • High-MOI, low-spin driver with Flash Face technology
  • Jailbreak technology promotes a faster ball speed
  • Adjustable perimeter weighting makes shots travel straighter
  • Advanced clubhead shaping maximize forgiveness on mis-hits


  • Impact sound is pretty conventional
  • Not easy or quick to dial in if you’re new

4. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver
Shaft Material/Flex IM10 50G / Regular
Loft Configuration 10.5 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Clubhead Speed 105 mph
Ball Speed 153 mph
Spin 2,439 rpm
Carry/Total Distance 250/275 yards

If there’s one thing Callaway Epic Max signifies, it’s MAXIMUM forgiveness. And here’s the brand’s explanation of this particular claim…

It’s Callaway’s most forgiving golf driver EVER. So let’s find out all about how that’s possible.

The generous amount of forgiveness is the inevitable outcome of the Artificial Intelligence engineered Flash Face and also the Jailbreak Speed Frame. Then the center of gravity is also deep, which boosts MOI and, ultimately, distance. Even off-center shots are subjected to outstanding speeds. So it’s only natural that pure strikes are bound to travel even longer.

Epic Max is also outfitted with adjustability. The hosel, with its adjustability, lets you optimize the ball flight. Meaning, with the help of the sliding weight, you can tweak the lie and loft to choose a draw-biased default setting. And just so you know, the adjustments are accurate. Just move the weight away from the club heel to simplify your swings.

Even the MOI is the highest in this Callaway driver. So that’s another reason why it ranks as the most forgiving. The adjustability and speed may be pretty much the same as standard Epic Flash but then you also get next-level performance because of the more advanced features like Flash Face SS21 and Jailbreak Speed Frame.


  • A.I. Jailbreak architecture increases ball speed
  • Stronger, lighter triaxial carbon promotes greater forgiveness
  • Flash Face maximizes spin robustness
  • Deep CG and higher MOI for straighter shots
  • Sliding rear weight and OptiFit hosel let you adjust ball flight


  • Very noticeable head shape
  • Not a low-spin driver, thus not for better players

5. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max LS Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max LS Driver
Shaft Material/Flex MMT 60G / Stiff
Loft Configuration 10.5 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Ball Speed 166 mph
Spin 2,727 rpm
Carry/Total Distance 279 yards

If your handicap level has you rooting for a high-MOI, low-spin driver that generates a neutral yet high-speed ball flight, then you’ve certainly met your match. Just because your priority is maximizing forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean you have to also sacrifice distance and speed. So it’s time to welcome Low-Spin Callaway Epic Max into your game.

More and more Tour players are ditching low-spin drivers mainly because these aren’t all that forgiving on off-center strikes. So, at such times, Epic Max LS offers the best solution. In fact, the higher MOI in this case, which is greater than Sub Zero even (yet another very popular Callaway creation from its Epic series). Thus, producing a lot more forgiveness.

In this case too, Jailbreak technology is used for boosting ball speed. The Jailbreak Speed Frame minimizes crown deflection to create greater energy transfer through the ball. If Epic Speed is about, well, speed and Epic Max about maximum forgiveness, then Epic Max LS is all about reduced spin for golfers that tend to produce a high spin rate.

Furthermore, this golf club is also incredibly customizable. It has lie angle and back weight adjustability to maximize your potential in terms of performance. And the shaft is an inch shorter, which means perfect for golfers struggling with making consistent contact with the driver.


  • Epic Max LOW-SPIN driver ideal for low/mid handicappers
  • Higher MOI for tighter downrange dispersion
  • Adjustable perimeter weighting for tuning ball flight
  • Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame enhances ball speed
  • Flash Face maximizes speed and forgiveness


  • Such a low spin rate implies not much height

6. TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver
Shaft Material/Flex Graphite / Regular
Loft Configuration 10.5 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Clubhead Speed 107 mph
Ball Speed 158 mph
Spin 2,282 rpm
Carry/Total Distance 261/287 yards

TaylorMade’s state-of-the-art Twist Face helps you find more fairways for sure. Let me explain how below:

There’s a milled back face cup on the clubhead, which is made of titanium. And what it does is facilitate greater energy transfer through the ball in order to boost ball speed. There’s internal CNC milling behind the clubface. And its thickness differs across the face to pave the way for more consistency on various shots.

When combined with Twist Face, this gives your off-center strikes a more oval i.e. more favorable shape. And about Twist Face, you should also know that in SIM 2 Max (unlike the other SIM drivers), the Speed Injection Port is only single. And the outer toe is where it’s been accommodated, thus allowing the driver to manipulate speed throughout the clubface.

Just like other SIM drivers by TaylorMade, even this one features Speed Pocket. So ball speed is drastically improved even when mis-hits are a part of your driving experience. Now you know why TaylorMade’s whole SIM lineup made headlines in 2020!

You have the carbon-made sole and crown design too, which saves extra weight and then redistributes it back and low in the clubhead. This means the CG is positioned low and deep, thus improving forgiveness to a large extent.

And did you know that a carbon-equipped sole also makes the product more durable? It does so by preventing any damage often caused by high-speed contact and turf interaction.

Moreover, you don’t take time to notice just how incredibly solid the feel is. The moderate-pitch “crack” makes SIM 2 Max a driver that’s certainly more enjoyable to hit. You can actually tell, when paying attention, where your golf ball has touched the clubface. Even the audio feedback is commendable.


  • High-MOI, high-launch driver for max. forgiveness
  • Strategically angled, lightweight panel improves aerodynamics
  • Toe-sided Speed Injected Port maximizes ball speed
  • Speed Pocket corrects low-face shots


  • Just the simple fact that it’s overpriced

7. Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Driver

Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Driver
Shaft Material/Flex Fujikura Motore XF1 / Stiff
Loft Configuration 9 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Clubhead Speed 106 mph
Ball Speed 153-155 mph
Spin 1,749-2,251 rpm
Carry Distance 254-258 yards
Total Distance 279-283 yards

Before anything else, let me bring to your attention that Cobra King RADSPEED Driver has a 9-degree loft angle. In comparison to other distance and speed-boosting drivers, this loft is certainly lower. And that’s a good thing because rethinking driver loft is indeed crucial when it comes to gaining greater energy transfer through the ball based on your capabilities.

As long as your swing speed is above average, you can use the lower loft to achieve longer distances very easily. As a faster swinging player, it is indeed very tough to get a mid-to-low launch driver. So the lower loft here, combined with the heavier, stiffer shaft, definitely keeps the ball from soaring too high. Perfect for low-handicap golfers for sure!

All thanks to the forward-biased Radial Weighting. To put it in less complex terms, the distance between back and front weights corresponding to the center of gravity is increased. And that is bound to produce low spin and a faster ball speed.

On the other hand, this Radial Weighting or weight-forward positioning makes the golf club less forgiving. So, unfortunately, your off-center shot might get punished severely. In that case, consider switching to the back-weight positioning and then see your forgiveness jump up drastically, but at the cost of spin.

And all this weight shifting, by the way, doesn’t have any impact on the feel of the driver. So that’s a huge relief, isn’t it? Both settings are incredibly comfortable in that regard. All because of Cobra’s exclusive Radial Weighting.

Then there’s the CNC milled infinity edge clubface that expands the impact zone to boost ball speed. Along with the commonly installed carbon crown system, seen in most drivers on this list, which is thinner here. So the saved weight can be repositioned for performance optimization.

What about the appearance of Cobra King RADSPEED? Well, that’s one solid-looking golf club that’s neither too compact nor too stretched out. So now you know what to buy in case your driving priorities include very low spin or solid forgiveness.


  • Forward-biased Radial Weighting for ultra-low spin
  • Carbon fiber crown promotes a draw-biased flight
  • CNC-milled clubface increases ball speed
  • T-bar chassis decreases spin


  • You either lose forgiveness (front weight) or low spin (back weight)

8. Honma Golf TR20 460 Driver

Honma Golf TR20 460 Driver
Shaft Material/Flex Graphite / Regular
Loft Configuration 9.5 degrees
Clubhead Volume 460cc
Ball Speed 164 mph
Spin 2,348 rpm
Carry Distance 280 yards

Certainly not a brand as popular as TaylorMade or Callaway, nevertheless Honma has made quite a few heads turn with its TR20 460 Driver. And the USP here is the golf club’s TiCarbon Fast Frame Technology. Now let’s find out what that is and does below.

It’s a combination that consists of a crown and chassis that focus merely on generating a higher ball and clubhead speed. The titanium structure combines with the carbon design, so the engineers at Honma gain greater access with regards to weight positioning across the clubhead.

With 3 weight ports on the driver’s sole, you can adjust the launch conditions by simply just shifting the mass (3 grams to 9 grams). Then the vertical groove and variable thickness of the clubface also increase ball speed, even in the case of mis-hits.

Another equally impressive feature of Honma TR20 460 is the non-rotational hosel. If you’ve spent enough time adjusting your driver settings only for the grip to slip off alignment, then you’ll understand why a non-rotational hosel matters so much. But then you might take some time to get used to this particular function.

The performance of the driver, in general, is nothing positive as far as launch and accuracy are concerned. Distance may be slightly disappointing, but that’s only in comparison to drivers manufactured by giants like TaylorMade and Callaway.


  • Easy-to-hit driver with 3 adjustment weights for stability
  • Non-rotational hosel for a perfectly aligned shaft spine
  • Variable thickness and internal groove boost ball speed
  • Speed-efficient, lightweight graphite sole and carbon crown


  • Carry yardages are not too high

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

How to Hit Longer Drives In Golf?

If you want to hit longer, then pay attention to these 5 simple, straightforward rules…

  • For good distance, low spin and high launch are necessary. And for that, pre-set your impact. Meaning place the ball forward in the stance, inside the left heel. And keep 60-percent of the body weight on the right side.
  • Then move on to gain an optimal launch. Teeing it up is the correct approach when it comes to driving LONG as it prevents the formation of more backspin, which means the golf ball is the most likely to get far away from you.
  • Good synchronization between your arms and hands during the swing also helps in hitting longer drives. So make sure your arms and hands use the core to generate their power. Because if that is smooth, then your backswing is also bound to develop flawlessly. Also, always keep your right side loaded up.
  • Now once you transition to downswing, transfer your body weight to the left side to create lag. At this point, place a good amount of force into the turf to allow the driver to drop into the proper lag position.
  • Avoid premature release by letting it happen naturally. Unwinding too early may be a common mistake but you can correct it simply by being aggressive with the body rotation through the golf ball.

What Is the Longest Drive On the PGA Tour?

It’s 476 yards achieved in Tournament of Champions (2004) by American PGA Tour golfer David Love III.

What Is the Average Driving Distance On the PGA Tour?

No matter what year it is, the typical PGA Tour driving distance is about 290 yards.

As for how far do average golfers drive the ball, the answer is around 217 yards.

What Is the Secret to Hitting Long Drives?

To be honest, there’s no such secret. But choosing a driver fine-tuned with your swing speed is surely beneficial. Meaning make sure that the loft angle, shaft, clubhead size, etc. are the most suitable for your swing speed is very important if you want to hit long and straight.

Even a factor like consistently hitting farther off the tee helps a great deal since it boosts confidence levels and, ultimately, makes you a better player. You can also get professional lessons from a certified instructor.

Does A Longer Shaft Length Drive the Golf Ball Farther?

Tour golfers are often using longer shafts for bombing off the tee. But that they do for a very logical reason. Longer shafts, more often than not, create a wider swing arc. And this, in turn, makes way for a slightly faster swing speed that adds more distance.

The max. driver shaft length is 48 inches. The standard length is 45 inches for men and 44 inches for women. So the maximum shaft length, only when combined with the right kind of clubhead, loft setting, and lie angle, can add 10 extra yards. But then the additional distance here comes at the cost of accuracy.

The EndNote

Choosing a golf driver for boosting distance is not a very straightforward process. But then it’s not even supposed to be because there are plenty of factors involved in the form of the right shaft flex, shaft material, clubhead size, clubhead material, loft angle, launch angle, spin rate, and whatnot.

So if you understand these specifications, the whole selection process becomes easier. And that’s exactly what I’ve done for you in this post. Along with reviewing the top-rated golf drivers that are proven to hit not only longer but straighter too.

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