Best Indoor Putting Greens

8 Best Indoor Putting Greens in 2022

Putting is one of the most important aspects of your golf game and with an indoor putting green, it is also the most convenient to practice at home. The weather might be terrible or you might be unable to get to a practice green, but you can now find indoor putting surfaces that do a great job replicating real life greens.

Your putter is the most used club in your bag, so it stands to reason that you should also practice with it the most. This is not the case for the majority of recreational golfers. An indoor putting green makes practice easier and removes many of the excuses to forgo working on your putting stroke. With just a little more regular practice, you might find your handicap coming down in no time.

Below we have compiled our list of the best indoor putting greens. We will discuss some tips on what to look for and help you pick out the perfect one to improve your putting practice.

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat - Perfect Your Putting (7.87-feet x 1.64-feet) (Green)

Quality: 95 | Effectiveness: 90 | Convenience: 100 | Value: 90

Best for creating a home putting studio

PuttOUT has quickly become a well-respected brand among serious golfers for their excellent putting aids. The PuttOUT Pro putting mat combines perfectly with their Pressure Putt Trainer to create a home set-up that is bound to improve your performance on the greens. By itself the putting mat is still a useful tool and the alignment guides are especially helpful for working on your stroke.

The bottom of the PuttOUT Pro putting mat is an extra-thick durable rubber, which rolls out flat and creates a smooth and flat surface to putt on. A clever design allows you to tightly pack away for easy storage in a drawstring bag and it remains crease-free for when you want to quickly roll it back out again. The surface is designed to accurately replicate a green with a stimpmeter reading of 10 and rolls out to a length of just under 8ft.


  • Incredibly smooth and true roll
  • Alignment guides are helpful for practicing your stroke
  • Lines marked at 1ft each are useful for practice drills
  • Easy to put away and rolls back out without any creases
  • Brilliant home putting studio when combined with Pressure Putt Trainer


  • Does not come with a hole included

2. Abco Tech Indoor Putting Green

Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green – Portable Mat with Auto Ball Return Function – Mini Golf Practice Training Aid, Game and Gift for Home, Office, Outdoor Use – 3 Bonus Balls

Quality: 80 | Effectiveness: 80 | Convenience: 95 | Value: 90

Best for a beginner golfer

Golfers new to the game looking for a simple training aid to work on their putting at home, at a fairly low cost, should check out the Abco Tech indoor putting green. The mat is roughly 9ft long and comes with two holes, one regulation size and one smaller one with a guiding line to improve your aim. It also has a smart ball returning system saving you time collecting your golf ball each time.

Quick to pack away and easy to set-up, there are no excuses for getting a quick practice in. You get three practice balls with the mat, which will be helpful for beginners that do not have their own golf balls yet. Compacts small enough for easy storage and it is durable for long-term use. This Abco Tech indoor putting green might not be the most premium surface, but for beginners or high handicappers it will definitely perform more than adequately.


  • Comes with three practice balls
  • Smaller hole with aiming line is great for learning to hit straighter putts
  • Durable build quality given the reasonable price
  • Fun incline design with ball return (also see cons)


  • Many reviewers noted that the incline did not roll straight, unless you flattened the mat
  • Surface creases fairly easily

3. Perfect Practice Putting Green

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat - Official Putting Mat of Dustin Johnson, Standard Edition

Quality: 95 | Effectiveness: 95 | Convenience: 95 | Value: 80

Best premium indoor putting green

Perfect Practice is branded as the official training aid collection endorsed by Dustin Johnson, which will be a selling point for many golfers straight away. The Perfect Practice putting green comes with a higher price tag than many options on our list, but for your money you get a premium quality surface. Made using a unique Crystal Velvet material the mat gives a smooth roll designed to closely replicate a normal putting surface. If you place the mat on a hardwood floor it will roll up to 14 on the stimp, but on carpet it will be closer to 10.

The mat comes with two holes, one regulation and one small, and alignment aids designed to help you work on your putting stroke and aim. A handy auto-return feature allows you to keep up your continuous training and a slight incline at the holes promotes a firm positive stroke. The standard-size Perfect Practice putting green is 9ft 6” long and you get a useful guide every 2ft for distanced training.


  • High quality putting surface with a true roll that will highlight your flaws
  • Train-track style alignment aid with the smaller hole will improve your putting stroke
  • Premium appearance
  • Ability to practice putts on a faster putting surface


  • Price could put many golfers off as it is possibly not the best value for money

4. PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Green

PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Mat - 4 Speed Golf Green Simulator - Giftbox Package -for Family - for Children - for Party

Quality: 95 | Effectiveness: 95 | Convenience: 85 | Value: 90

Best for a fun indoor putting green

Every golfer knows that sometimes practice can become stale and boring, but the PROADVANCED ProInfinity putting green has an innovative design that allows you to play several different fun games too. This makes it perfect to use with family, friends or even in an office. 

This indoor putting green is more than just fun games though, because it is perfect for enhancing your at home putting training. It comes with twelve different accessories, including a metal cage goal with one single entry point for more precise putting control. 

You can really mix up your practice experience by using the adjustable Slope Creators and changing up the pace anywhere from 8 to 12.5 stimp speed. This flexibility allows you to work on specific elements of your putting and keep challenging yourself. The fiber material used for the putting surface gives a smooth roll and also provides a visible ball trace allowing for immediate feedback on the line of your putt.


  • Distance markers and training bands make for guided practice sessions
  • Ability to create your own practice set-up and change it regularly is great
  • Added accessories are a nice touch that help the training and add value
  • Good quality surface and visual lines add a further extra learning element


  • Sometimes the visible track marks can effect the line of similar putts if not brushed out
  • There are plenty of cheaper putting mats available

5. True Birdie Putting Green

Indoor Putting Green and Golf Mat with Travel Bag 10ft Putting Mat

Quality: 90 | Effectiveness: 85 | Convenience: 100 | Value: 90

Best for golfers that putt on slow greens

Sometimes a simple design is all you need to hone your putting at home and the True Birdie putting green is exactly that. The striped 10ft long putting mat might seem basic, but it is effective and will help you get your putter dialed in. There is an alignment aid tool to help you work on your stroke and length marking to guide your distance control.

The True Birdie putting green has one regulation hole and two smaller outer holes for more precise putting. It also comes with a silicone cup, which can be used in any of the targets. If you putt regularly on fast greens then you might find this mat a little slow, but any other golfers will appreciate the slow and smooth surface. A useful drawstring bag is provided for easy storage and portability too.


  • Alignment aid and distance marking are helpful training guides
  • Well made and durable product making this great value for money
  • Lies smoothly for a nice true roll
  • Back away easily into its bag for simple storing away


  • Some golfers might find the surface too slow
  • Silicone cup is not the best quality

6. Pinstripe Golf Putting Mat

PINSTRIPE GOLF Golf Putting Mat Indoor Putting Green – Complete Home Putting Studio Includes Putting Mat, Swing Mat, Cup, Aim Board & Storage Bag – Green, 7.87 feet x 1.64 feet

Quality: 95 | Effectiveness: 95 | Convenience: 100 | Value: 90

Best overall indoor putting green

Any golfer that is having difficulty keeping their putter square through impact should try the Pinstripe Golf putting mat. The pinstripe target line design combined with the backboard make it easy to visibly see how far offline you are hitting your putts straight away. An arced alignment swing mat gives you a visual aid, so that you take the putter back and through on the correct path. Improving your putting is, after all, the main purpose of an indoor putting green.

As a further training aid the putting mat also comes with a regulation sized silicone putting cup that is designed to only catch the ball when hit at the correct speed. The putting surface is good quality and will easily lay flat quickly after being rolled out. Speed will depend on the surface on which the mat is laid, but it is designed to roll approximately 10 on a stimp reading. All the accessories will also easily store in the drawstring bag for simple storing.


  • Superb visual feedback on mistruck putts
  • Good distance control is required to hole it in the silicone cup
  • Good quality and smooth putting surface
  • Arced alignment mat is ideal for golfers struggling with their putting stroke
  • Easy to pack away and roll back out again


  • Not the cheapest given the simplistic design

7. Putt-A-Bout Par 3 Putting Green

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

Quality: 90 | Effectiveness: 85 | Convenience: 90 | Value: 100

Best value for money

If all you are looking for is a budget friendly way to practice putting in the comfort of your living room, then look no further than the Putt-A-Bout Par 3 putting green. There is a reason it is the number one seller on Amazon with almost 15,000 reviews and over 90% of them are 4 or 5 stars. It might be the cheapest option on our list, but you would not know it from the quality of this kidney shaped putting green.

The green comes with hazard cutouts at the back and three cup cutouts to aim for. It is just under 9ft long and a slight raise to the cups encourages you to hit your puts at a slighter firmer pace. A non-skid backing ensures the green does not slip on hardwood floors and it does an impressive job at continually rolling out smoothly. 


  • Unbeatable value for money given the quality at such a low cost
  • Padding to raise the holes slightly works well for distance control
  • Lies flat and smooth straight out the box
  • Three different holes allows you to work on your alignment at each target


  • No visual alignment aids
  • Does not come with a bag for easy storage

8. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return, 9 Feet x 16.25 Inches

Quality: 85 | Effectiveness: 90 | Convenience: 85 | Value: 85

Best for gaining confidence on your short putts

SKLZ will be a training aid brand that many of you will be aware of from one sport or another and their best indoor putting green is the Accelerator Pro. The design itself is a pretty simple 9ft mat with just one hole, but the alignment guides at 3, 5 and 7ft are an excellent feature that help you work on keeping your clubface square even on the shorter putts. 

A gentle upslope at the hole discourages you from decelerating through the ball. An automatic ball return system allows you to carry on putting to maintain your rhythm. A true-roll premium turf putts at a pretty quick pace that will be perfect for golfers that play on faster greens.


  • Alignment aids at differing lengths is a good feature
  • Ball return works well to save you getting your balls each time
  • Renowned brand name will appeal to many
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Several reviewers commented saying the packaging can leave creases, so it requires a little extra work to get the surface flat

What to look for when buying an indoor putting green



The first thing you must take into account is how much space you have. Indoor putting mats come in different shapes and sizes, so make sure you read the product description and check it fits in the area you want.

You should also consider what length of putts you want to practice. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of space available, then a longer putting mat will allow you more scope for working on your distance control. 

Speed of the surface

When purchasing an indoor putting green you need to consider what speed of surface you want. Your budget will influence the quality of material you can get, but it is equally important to think of the speed you want your putts to roll at.

There are mats on our list that struggle to make 8 on a stimp reading and others that roll up to 14, but ideally you want a speed that is going to mimic the greens you play on most regularly. A really slow indoor putting green is unlikely to be of much benefit if your local country club has rapid greens most of the year. 

Some designs will actually let you alter the speed by brushing the nap. If that is a feature you want, then why not take a look at the PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Green.


Whether you are going to leave it up 24/7 or pack it away will determine important compact and easy storage is in the design for you. If you plan on rolling it up after every use, then choose a putting green that rolls up into a nice small bag and is simple to set-up again.

Some models of indoor putting green roll back out much better than others. When being regularly packed away it is important the surface does not crease easily, otherwise you will find yourself spending more time flattening it out than actually using it.

Additional features

Some golfers will only want a basic design that allows them simple and quick practice sessions at home. If you want more enhanced training tools that focus on key areas of your putting, then there are plenty of optional extras that come with many of the indoor putting greens.

Alignment aids are the most common additional extra and they are brilliant for giving you a visual representation of where your putting stroke can be improved. You can also find indoor putting greens that come with material to add slopes for work on breaking putts, distance control cups for you to work on your pacing or automatic ball return so you can practice continually without collecting your balls each time.

How to get the most out of your putting green

Once you have decided to buy yourself an indoor putting green make sure you choose the surface you lay it on carefully. Unless you want a natural break in your putts, ensure the surface is fat enough for a smooth and straight roll. It is also worth trying out your green on both carpet and hardwood if you have both options as they can affect the speed.

In order to keep your indoor putting green performing well and lasting a long time you should store in a dry space that is out of contact with direct sunlight. Hoovering and brushing your green are two good ways of maintaining the surface and keeping the roll true.


As you can see, there are so many brilliant options to add an indoor putting green to your home or office and they do not have to cost you a fortune. They are perfect for the off-season when the practice green is flooded or just days when you only have time to squeeze a quick 15 minutes training in. Practice makes perfect, so why not make your putting practice as simple and convenient as possible.

Overall, the Pinstripe Golf Putting Mat gets our vote as the best indoor putting mat. The alignment lines and aids give you instant visual feedback for you to work on your putting stroke. However, any of the putting greens on our list would be an excellent addition to your home golf set-up and hopefully there is an option there for just about any golfer.

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