The Best Illegal Golf Drivers for the Longest Driving Distances

Play by the rules – the literal meaning of this particular phrase doesn’t apply in the case of the best illegal golf drivers, obviously. And you know why? It’s because these drivers do not conform to USGA standards.

There’s a simple explanation for USGA-approved golf clubs and even golf balls. When you adhere to their strict regulations, the game becomes more challenging. And when that happens, your chances of growing and shaping your skills as a golfer increase dramatically.

But, at the same time, you also want to produce results in the form of straighter, longer drives to boost your confidence levels and have more fun at the golf course. And the fact that this type of technology (that lets you gain the upper hand) exists makes an even more compelling case. Even though not legal!

Our Top Picks for The Best Illegal Golf Drivers

Top Choice

#1 Illegal World's Longest Custom Driver Non-Conforming Banned 515cc Golf Club (Right)

#1 Illegal World’s Longest Custom Driver Non-Conforming Banned 515cc Golf Club (Right)
  • 515cc clubhead size delivers pure driving power
  • Super Hot (beta-titanium) face for highest ball speed
  • Customizable shaft material and length
  • Very forgiving, high 10.5-degree loft (also customizable)
Best for Beginners

Geek Golf DCT 551 Japan Hot Version Black Driver Component Head

Geek Golf DCT 551 Japan Hot Version Black Driver Component Head
  • Hi-COR clubhead for additional yards on every drive
  • Higher loft angle perfect for slower swing speeds
  • Forged, low-spin design counterbalances the extra weight
  • Beta-titanium face also boosts distance
Best for Seniors

Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw Non-Conforming Driver

Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw Non-Conforming Driver
  • 515cc clubhead volume offers max. forgiveness on mis-hits
  • Lightweight graphite shaft + Senior flex
  • Beta-titanium face generates greater driving distances
  • Offset hosel enhances draw bias and minimizes slices/hooks

What’s An Illegal Driver?

Golf associations like the R&A and USGA both have their own guidelines that determine what is legal for professional Tournament play. But these standards set by the governing bodies are not always followed by some golf club manufacturers.

Drivers that don’t conform to strict regulations are designed with a slightly tweaked clubhead not in tune with the clubhead conformance rules stated by the USGA. Some of these clubheads are deliberately made this way for bombing the longest drives off the tee with maximum forgiveness.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t play in Tournaments, meaning you don’t really suck the fun out of the game due to the lack of that competitive element, then you’re most likely to not be bothered about drivers that aren’t legal or USGA-approved. All you care about instead is hitting straighter and longer the most effortlessly each time.

How Does A Driver Become Non-Conforming? (USGA Driver Clubhead Regulations)

A golf driver can be non-conforming or illegal either unintentionally or deliberately. So let’s find out about both scenarios…

When the Driver Just HAPPENS to Be Non-Conforming

Top golf club manufacturing brands aim to push as close as possible to the boundaries set forth by the USGA. So sometimes it’s only inevitable to cross these limits, thus failing to conform to the standards. More often than not, this includes exceeding the Characteristic Time (CT) limit, which is just the spring-type effect.

That’s when the brand corrects the problem and then sends the golf club back for USGA approval.

When the Driver Is Deliberately Non-Conforming

These kinds of golf drivers are often designed by niche or off-brand companies that don’t bother sending their clubs to either R&A or USGA for any type of approval. And why should they because, after all, these drivers are specifically built to be non-conforming to the strict 460cc clubhead size rule! So the massive clubheads here are 500cc, 600cc, and also 700cc.

And do you know what such HUGE clubheads do? Increase MOI to its maximum limit to make the shots travel way higher than what’s allowed based on professional golf regulations.

What Are the Unmistakable Advantages of Such A Driver?

A non-conforming type of driver in golf offers the transparent benefit of providing amazing distances. Expect to gain 10-20 yards extra with your every shot. And these are often outfitted with a larger clubhead, which has a massive sweet spot to make sure that even your mis-hits travel the farthest and straightest off the tee.

The drivers are also designed with a beta-titanium clubface (Super HOT face) that, needless to say, exceeds USGA limits for generating an explosive driving distance.

And then many of them are also equipped with an offset hosel structure for a draw-enhancing ball flight. In simple words, minimizing the chances of slicing or hooking the golf ball.

Factors That Matter the Most with Drivers That Don’t Conform

1. Clubhead Size

It goes without saying that the size of the clubhead should be larger than the standard size (meaning larger than 460cc). Only then can the golf club lead to longer drives.

Size also brings into the picture the weight of the large clubhead. In order to counterbalance the extra weight, make sure the shaft is not a heavy one. Speaking of which…

2. Shaft

The whole idea of buying an illegal golf club is to boost your swing speed and carry distance. So it would only make sense to make sure that the driver shaft is made using lightweight graphite. Non-conformity itself here means a larger clubhead, which pairs up the most seamlessly with graphite shafts (since they also promote a faster swing and ball speed).

Then comes the shaft flex. Based on the swing you produce with this larger clubhead, choose the most suitable flex. The most common options are Ladies, Senior, and Regular.

3. Quality

It’s only common for drivers that are illegal to be manufactured by brands that aren’t premium. The simple explanation behind this – these companies don’t have the kind of financial resources that top brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, etc. do in order to perform advanced R&D. So it’s only natural that the quality is not very commendable.

But then you can always do the required research at your end. For example, choosing a driver from the ones I’ve shortlisted for you below.

4. Accuracy

If both distance and accuracy are your primary concerns, then make it a point to choose a non-conforming, offset driver. Because with an offset hosel, you can hit the golf ball not only farther but straighter too. Thus, eliminating the possibility of slices and hooks.

Top-Rated Non-Conforming/Illegal Drivers for Golfers

1. Illegal World’s Longest Custom Driver – Top Choice

Illegal World’s Longest Custom Driver

Flex Ladies
Shaft Graphite
Size 515cc
Loft 10.5 degrees

Standard drivers have a 460cc clubhead, but this one has a 515cc design and that means it’s specifically engineered with a generous sweet spot to be a lot more forgiving on mis-hits. This, needless to say, also means greater distances produced off the tee.

It’s a very good golf driver – now that would surely be an understatement. This particular golf club hits pretty long and, at the same time, resists slices. Although the possibility, however, of slicing or hooking the ball is not completely eliminated, the fact that your shots are bound to travel longer and straighter still means a lot.

Many users have also talked about the sound of this driver at impact. It’s louder than most, more like a highly satisfying pop sound that rings in the ears. On the other hand, I see how this can be slightly annoying for some who’d prefer some sort of sound dampening feature to be installed in the driver.

One more thing – the golf ball comes off the head faster. But then that’s something you’re surely going to get used to as you keep shooting longer, straighter drives with this workhorse of a club.

Along the same vein, let me bring to your attention that there’s a huge COR effect produced on the ball because of the explosive, advanced beta-titanium clubface. And obviously, this exceeds the max. limits set by the USGA.


  • Customizable shaft type and length
  • 515cc clubhead with a huge sweet spot
  • Super HOT forged clubface for highest ball speed
  • Loft is 10.5 degrees, thus better choice for amateur players


  • Clubhead is too loud at impact
  • List Element

2. Geek Golf DCT 551 Japan Hot Version Driver Head – Best for Beginners

Geek Golf DCT 551 Japan Hot Version Driver

Size 460cc
Loft 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees

Now I can see why this one’s a highly controversial golf driver. It’s built with a 460cc clubhead, which is what standard, USGA-conforming drivers have, yet it’s illegal. Why? Because of the non-conforming nature, in general, of the whole series of the brand’s 551 collection.

Due to the construction, the shaft is slightly pushed toward the center of the head, thus making the driver illegal based on USGA standards. You could say the same about putters back in the days but then adjustments were later made for making center-shafted putters more acceptable.

Geek Golf 551 DCT, nevertheless, has proved its worth time and time again. It has won many long-distance competitions that have been USGA-sanctioned by the way. On top of that, Mike Dobbyn produced the longest driving distance ever of precisely 551 yards with this club.

All thanks to the high COR effect it generates on the golf ball, which increases the number of yards to every drive. And that’s something newbies in golf (with their below-average swing speeds) are always on the lookout for.

Furthermore, there’s the forged, low-spin clubhead that adds weight right behind the golf ball. You also have access to the built-in energy slot, which produces power, on the two sides of the clubhead. And beta-titanium forging of the face provides greater assistance when it comes to boosting distance. Too hot indeed for USGA benchmarks!


  • Hot, high-COR adds driving distance
  • Energy power slot in the head evens out the weight
  • Higher loft perfect for slower swing speeds


  • 460cc i.e. standard clubhead size

3. Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw Non-Conforming Driver

Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw Non-Conforming Driver

Flex Senior
Shaft Graphite
Size 515cc
Loft 11.5 degrees

As a senior golfer, you’re most likely to not be a part of Tournament play, right? In that case, there’s simply no harm in using a not-legal driver then. Especially this one that is also designed with a lightweight graphite shaft as well as a Senior shaft flex.

The clubhead size here is 515cc, perfect with a sweet spot that’s nothing but highly forgiving each time you miss the center of the clubface.

Speaking of which, the face is built using beta-titanium, which obviously doesn’t conform to USGA regulations. And it’s added for increasing MOI and producing the perfect COR effect on the ball that compels it to travel longer off that tee.

In PGA Professional James Robinson’s own words…

Moreover, the offset hosel paves the way for you, a senior golfer, to close the clubface more naturally. So you can turn your slices into draws more easily. Offset golf clubs, in general, allow you to square the clubface during impact, right? This means you can generate a straighter trajectory to boost accuracy and also make your driving experience more fun.

Then the higher loft, 11.5 degrees, is also a huge benefit for senior golfers. After all, drivers with a higher loft are almost always advocated if your swing speed is slower.

And lastly, there’s the full-black design with the dark gray alignment arrow to make things less challenging for those struggling with accuracy as well.


  • Larger 515cc clubhead with a BIG sweet spot
  • Lightweight graphite shaft with Senior flex
  • COR effect exceeds max. USGA limits, thus explosive distance
  • Offset hosel for maximum draw bias and higher shots
  • Higher loft (11.5 degrees) is more forgiving on mis-hits


  • Not made for faster swing speeds

4. Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver

Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver

Flex Regular
Shaft Graphite
Size 520cc
Loft 10.5 degrees

With a 520cc clubhead size and forged hosel, this Intech Behemoth Driver is a force to be reckoned with. Needless to say, the extra 60cc exceeds max. USGA regulations. But, to be honest, you wouldn’t really care about the legality of it if your priority is to minimize the negative impact of frequent off-center strikes.

In simple words, the non-conforming 520cc clubhead forms a much larger sweet spot, which means it’s less punishing as far as mis-hits are concerned. And the larger sweet spot is also responsible for increasing the MOI to make the club even more forgiving.

And the fact that lightweight graphite is used for the shaft with Regular flex means maximum control over that extra-large head. But then what counts the most, in this case, is the offset hosel of course. With the offset feature, you can eliminate dreadful slices and gain maximum distances. So no more looking for golf balls in the rough.

Offset, in every way, lets you hit relatively straighter, longer drives for sure. And then comes the low CG positioning of the Behemoth 520cc Driver. If you don’t already know, low CG placement, when also combined with a sole-weighted design, gets the golf ball airborne more easily while also reducing spin.

Loft-wise, you can pick between 10.5 degrees and 12.5 degrees. Just keep in mind that the higher the loft, the greater carry distance you can obtain more effortlessly. That would be 10-20 additional yards off the tee with decreased chances of slicing or hooking the ball.


  • Supersized 520cc clubhead maximizes forgiveness
  • High MOI also makes the club more forgiving
  • Higher-lofted driver for extra carry distance
  • Lightweight graphite shaft made for slower swing speeds
  • Offset hosel produces not just longer but straighter shots too


  • Not a very high-quality product

5. #1 PGA Long Distance Integra Smasher Oversize 550cc Custom Golf Driver

#1 PGA Long Distance Integra Smasher Oversize 550cc Custom Golf Driver

Flex Customizable
Shaft Customizable
Size 550cc
Loft 9.5, 10.5, 12, and 14 degrees

The Top Choice on this list (already reviewed above) is by the same brand. And the current one differs from that in many areas. For one thing, it has an even larger clubhead, which is 550cc. And there are more customization options in the shaft flex, shaft material, and loft.

So there’s no doubt that Integra Smasher is a lot more forgiving and even more affordable than the other one. With its even larger sweet spot, you can hit farther and farther off the tee.

A common feature, needless to say, is the COR effect produced on the golf ball. And this common feature is the non-conforming beta-titanium clubface. So attacking your driving game aggressively each time is possible with extra forgiveness and confidence.

Now I won’t lie to you but there is a slight learning curve here. Meaning the oversized, illegal distance driver takes some getting acquainted with. But once that happens, you’re certainly bound to produce the longest shots you may have ever generated on your own. So it’s sad to know, in a way, that you won’t be able to use it for Tournaments.


  • More forgiving 550cc clubhead design
  • Beta-titanium clubface increases MOI to boost distance
  • Lower CG increases launch angle
  • Customizable shaft and loft


  • Not easy to use at first

6. Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver

Flex Regular
Shaft Graphite
Size 500cc
Loft 10.5 degrees

First off, do anti-slice golf drivers work when it comes to fighting common slices? The mistake occurs due to wrongly swinging more toward the left in the hopes that the golf ball will fly just the way you want it to. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. So, at such times, draw-biased drivers save the day.

An anti-slice driver like the Pinemeadow PGX minimizes the spin produced at impact to negate your slice (but not necessarily correct the outward-to-inward swing path). And of course, since it has a 500cc clubhead this means it’s non-conforming according to USGA standards.

With a larger clubhead, it’s definitely easier to not miss that sweet spot. PGX also features a low CG placement, which increases the launch angle and that also boosts the carry distance. Along with promoting straighter drives.

Moving on to the loft of this illegal/non-conforming golf club. The loft is 10.5 degrees here. But do you want a 10.5-degree loft in the first place? Well, as a matter of fact, higher lofts are the most beneficial for golfers with an average or below-average swing speed.

And now let’s talk about a factor that may not be as important as the clubhead size, sweet spot, or loft but is one that does get a certain bit of attention – the finish. Pinemeadow has incorporated a sharp, clean matte black finish. It’s easy in terms of address and also when you’re hitting the golf ball.

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc is most likely to be the best illegal, longest driver you may have ever used that’s under the $100 price range!


  • Large 500cc clubhead exceeds USGA limits for distance
  • Oversized sweet spot makes the driver extremely forgiving
  • Low CG elevates launch angle to increase carry distance
  • Clean matte black finish makes addressing the ball easier


  • Sounds cheap at impact
  • Not for those with a strong swing

7. Money Club High Launch 520cc Golf Driver

Money Club High Launch 520cc Golf Driver

Flex Regular
Shaft Graphite
Size 520cc
Loft 12.5 degrees

Think about it logically for a second here. When the driver loft is higher, 12.5 degrees in this case, you automatically gain extra carry distance. That means additional 10-20 yards with each shot off the tee. At the same time, hitting the golf ball higher means less chances of either hooking or slicing it too.

So please believe me when I say that a higher driver loft makes the club much more forgiving, which actually works in the favor of those with a slower swing speed. The 12.5-degree loft, no doubt, gives you the forgiveness and launch you desire, despite your shortcomings.

Money Club High Launch 520cc is indeed a non-conforming driver for producing longer, straighter drives the most effortlessly. The huge volume (520cc) makes sure your off-center shots don’t get severely punished.

And just like the others on the list, this driver too produces an optimal COR effect as a result of the beta-titanium clubface. It’s the very feature that’s deemed non-conforming by the USGA guidelines. So if it exceeds the maximum USGA limits, it generates explosive distances.

The cherry on the cake here, particularly for slow swingers in golf, would be the lightweight graphite shaft.


  • Non-conforming, incredibly forgiving 520cc clubhead
  • Beta-titanium clubface increases distance potential
  • Lightweight graphite shaft with Regular flex
  • 12.5-degree loft high enough for promoting draw bias


  • No accuracy gains whatsoever

Final Note

In the end, I would just like to say that regulations and limitations imposed on golf equipment are very, very important. And just because you want to produce longer distances doesn’t mean illegal is the way to go. For instance, these longest golf balls travel a great deal while also conforming to USGA standards.

But then non-conforming golf clubs exist for a reason. They have proven to be incredibly useful when it comes to hitting drives you never imagined could go SO LONG and SO STRAIGHT.

These illegal drivers certainly make your rounds of casual golf more enjoyable instead of stressing you out just because your swing speed is not as good as you think it “should” be.

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