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6 Illegal Golf Balls That Don’t Conform Just So You Can Hit Much Longer

If you don’t know what are the best illegal golf balls, you’ve certainly opened the right page. And to be honest, many golfers, both professional and amateur, don’t know that this kind of equipment even exists. So the short explanation – illegal or non-conforming golf balls are made for a single purpose only. And that’s DISTANCE.

After all, not every golfer out there is a Tournament player, right? So it’s completely okay then to include some non-conforming gear into your game to boost distance and, ultimately, your performance to make things more fun on the golf course.

So let’s get started right away then!

What Are Illegal or Non-Conforming Golf Balls?

For whatever reasons, a loss in distance is never a good thing. No wonder illegal or non-conforming golf balls are gaining so much popularity right now. More and more golfers, for non-Tournament play of course, are making the most of this unfair advantage.

These types of golf balls are not approved by the USGA simply because they don’t meet their official standards.

  • Smaller diameter
  • Fewer dimples
  • Larger core
  • Heavier weight

These are some of the non-conforming characteristics illegal balls are designed with in order to give you nothing but PURE DISTANCE.

More often than not, these golf balls also have self-correcting properties (once again, not in sync with USGA guidelines of course) that minimize the chances of slices and hooks. This means they have the ability to travel much straighter.

Should You Really Buy Illegal Golf Balls? (Are They Worth It?)

Yes, you absolutely can benefit a great deal from these golf balls if boosting distance is a priority. More often than not, this means if you’re a golfer with a slower swing speed and/or high handicap (beginners, seniors, women golfers, etc.). Provided that Tournament play is not a part of your golfing experience at any point!

On the other hand, highly competitive players usually stay away from any type of illegal golf product. This includes these illegal golf drivers as well, which also significantly boost driving distance, much like the non-conforming golf balls I’m currently talking about.

Top Choices of Golf Balls That Are Illegal

1. Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Construction 2-piece
Cover Surlyn
Compression Medium
Color White

This is a 2-piece Surlyn golf ball with the added benefit of just having a 2-piece construction and Surlyn cover. The former provides more resilience on impact, and that’s your distance potential receiving a boost that is greater than, for example, 3-piece construction.

As for the Surlyn cover, it’s definitely more durable. But then Surlyn is often preferred by more experienced players since it gives you more control. Also, even the 2-piece construction, since it produces greater compression, seems like a more fitting choice for higher swing speeds.

The brand’s exclusive dimple pattern combines with the Surlyn cover for perfecting geometric and aerodynamic symmetry.

Now moving on to the Super Reactive Core used by Bandit, which is the super-force behind the explosive distance Maximum Distance Golf Balls have the ability to generate. It consists of a blend of metals (for high-energy transfer) and polybutadiene synthetic rubber.

This particular core design allows greater energy transfer to boost ball velocity and distance. It’s the precise non-conforming or illegal technology that USGA doesn’t approve of.

So there’s no denying that these golf balls can travel over 400 yards. Just be careful because you might just end up denting the clubface due to the ball being heavy and hard, and also because of your faster swing speed of course.


  • 2-piece design for increased resilience at impact
  • Surlyn cover for lower spin and more durability
  • Greater control and softer feel for high swing speeds
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern increases roll and distance
  • Super Reactive Core maximizes energy transfer


  • Not for slower swing speeds

2. Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls

Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls

Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression Medium
Color White

Maybe your top priority is to eliminate hooks and slices to make your shots travel extra yardages. If you produce a solid strike with a flawless swing movement, all you want is for your golf ball to travel nothing but straight. If that’s what you desire, it’s time to make it come true with these Self-Correcting Golf Balls by Polara.

The brand claims that they minimize slices and hooks by at least 75-percent. So producing straighter shots is a task you’re bound to achieve. And all of these claims are 100-percent true. I don’t know about other self-correcting golf balls, but these surely work. And this YouTube video by golf influencer Rick Shiels is certainly proof of that…

Once you place limitations on the sidespin, which Polara does in the most seamless manner (thanks to the shallow, additional side dimples), the ball is allowed to self-correct during mid-flight. But this, unfortunately, occurs only when you line up the ball properly with the target. Meaning those shallow dimples have to be on the sides.

Needless to say, not good or legal for competitions and the like, Polara golf balls are made for recreational golfers, beginners, and high handicappers. Since they ALL struggle with too much sidespin. Obviously, they’re the best if you want to make your casual rounds of golf more enjoyable and less challenging.


  • 2-piece golf balls with a larger core for greater distance
  • Little aerodynamic lift reduces slices and hooks
  • Self-corrects in mid-flight to minimize sidespin


  • 2-piece design increases distance only when struck hard
  • You HAVE to know how to correctly line up the ball

3. Volvik Magma Golf Balls

Volvik Magma Golf Balls

Construction 3-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression High
Color White

In terms of technicality, 90 compression rating is high but then Volvik Magma offers a mid-compression performance on the course. And that’s what makes it such an appropriate choice for intermediate and also beginner golfers.

The distance potential is absolutely maximized because of the illegally heavier weight and smaller diameter, which generates greater roll and longer ball flight. The reduced size, in particular, limits drag force simply to boost flying distance while the increased weight takes care of boosting the running distance. And that’s how it’s done!

Then there’s the 3-piece construction, yet another very fitting aspect for mid-level golfers in terms of feel, control, spin, accuracy, and distance. Speaking of which, even the double core design paves the way for these overall benefits on the golf course.

Lastly, a highly resistant ionomer cover is used. And this combines with the special (and also non-conforming) dimple pattern to give you all the aerodynamic consistency and lift you demand as a golfer with a mid to slow swing speed.


  • 3-piece golf balls ideal for an average handicap and swing speed
  • 90 compression rating perfect for a moderately soft feel
  • Ionomer cover delivers high resilience at impact
  • High-energy Dual-Core generates an explosive distance
  • Dimples, with high trajectory potential, also boost distance


  • Not for extremely slow or fast swing speeds

4. MG Golf Balls Senior Longest

MG Golf Balls Senior Longest

Construction 2-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression Low
Color White or Yellow

As a senior golfer, even if you’re over 70 years of age, it’s completely normal to be a little skeptical about the claim that these golf balls boost yardage like no other. But then, at the same time, feel free to put them to the test off that senior tee, and even with irons as a matter of fact. Results in the form of an additional 20 to 25 yards are inevitable.

MG Golf Balls here are indeed the longest for senior and beginner players. At the least, you’re sure to gain 1 to 1.5 clubs longer distance. And that is indeed very helpful since drives start to get shorter as you grow older. So you can generate much longer drives into the middle of the fairway and score as many eagles as you like.

These are also the longest because of the lowest compression rating they have. And that would be 40. When the compression is so low, the softest feel is to be expected. You know what that means? A higher ball flight!

And to be honest, it’s one of the very few, even though non-conforming, distance golf balls that also take care of short game performance. Putting too feels a lot more solid with MG Golf Balls. But, obviously, the balls are non-conforming for Tournament play.


  • Senior-play golf balls fly longer and higher
  • Hotter feel off the clubface for more distance
  • Little to zero side spin minimizes the chances of hooks/slices


  • 2-piece construction tends to increase compression

5. SAINTNINE X Golf Balls


Construction 3-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression High
Color White

Now here’s a fairly new non-conforming set of golf balls that, even though fresh on the market, have become very popular because of their illegally heavier weight and smaller size. These two non-conforming characteristics are precisely what deliver more distance while also providing optimal spin (i.e. more or less based on what’s required).

One very important design characteristic of SAINTNINE X Golf Balls is the graphics. You get 4 options to choose from – Eagle (for Competitiveness), Crocodile (for Focus), Rhino (for Trust), and Elephant (for Calm). So you don’t really need a fellow golfer or playing partner to boost your confidence levels anymore. The golf balls take care of that themselves.

Moving on, the feel of SAINTNINE X is neither too soft nor too firm. But the sound at impact is slightly dull and quiet. But then that’s exactly what you get with ionomer covers. The surface, in this case, is very durable and also harder. Therefore, placing a lot more control into the hands of amateurs as well as beginners.

Another benefit of ionomer is less spin, and that too is nothing but great news for golfers new to the game. These may as well turn out to be the straightest and longest golf balls you may have ever hit. Pure Distance is indeed what you get – around 10 to 15 yards longer for sure.


  • 3-piece golf balls have a softer feel to shape shots
  • Heavier weight and smaller size increase distance
  • Dimple pattern minimizes air resistance
  • Soft ionomer cover maximizes control
  • Confidence-boosting, fun graphic options


  • High compression, thus not the best for slow swingers

6. Bandit SB Golf Balls

Bandit SB Golf Balls

Construction 3-piece
Compression High
Color White

These are Small Ball technology-equipped golf balls by Bandit that, much like Bandit Maximum Distance reviewed earlier, are also non-conforming. The difference is that the current Bandit has a 3-piece construction. But with the same high compression rating that, once again, is a more suitable choice for high-swing players.

The non-conforming smaller diameter paves the way for minimal air resistance and drag coefficient to increase both the flight time as well as the distance. Perhaps what’s unique in this one is the oversized, high-energy core that maximizes ball velocity during impact. Plus, it also improves spin control and feel.

But how much distance improvement can and should you expect? By 7 to 10 percent easily! For instance, let’s say your normal driving distance is 250 yards. That means you have 150 yards left for reaching the green (with your 5-iron to 7-iron). But with Bandit SB, expect your tee shots to travel as long as 275 yards.

But you don’t just get distance benefits; even putting performance receives a boost because of the smaller diameter. Sinking more putts becomes not only possible but also a lot easier.

All in all, Bandit is very proud of their game-improvement, high-quality golf products that are specifically engineered for making your round of golf much more enjoyable and fun.


  • Non-conforming smaller diameter extends flight time and distance
  • High C.O.R. Core maximizes golf ball velocity
  • Oversized core also improves spin control and feel


  • Hard as a rock, thus not suitable for slow swing speeds

Wrapping It Up…

The very small group of brands that manufactures illegal or non-conforming golf balls are popular precisely because they give you just what you might need the most as a golfer with a slower swing speed i.e. Pure Distance. Bandit comes to mind again, and so do other brands like MG Golf, Volvik, Polara, and more.

Now I see that I’ve not talked about the price at any point in the article. And the reason for that is that the price range includes affordable, mid-range, and expensive options. Much like traditional golf balls! So you can just choose based on how much you’re okay with spending.

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