Best Hybrid Shafts

Best Hybrid Shafts

Selecting the best hybrid shaft for your game is not as easy as it may initially seem. This problem is further exacerbated by the simple fact that you do have so many shafts to choose from on the market, and that means taking time to work through your options wherever possible.

Getting the correct shaft for your hybrid club can completely transform how it plays. So, we have sought to find some of the best hybrid shafts out there on the market, and this is what we have come up with.

Aldila Tour Green NXT Gen MLT Graphite Hybrid Shaft, S Flex.370 Tip, 86g
  • Available in more than one flex

  • Available at weight of 85g

  • Made from graphite keeping the weight down but still strong

  • Contains a balanced point that stays close to the grip end of the shaft

  • Contains micro laminate technology for increased durability

First up, we have the Aldila Tour Green hybrid shaft. Now, Aldila have made a real name for themselves in the last few years for producing quality shafts, and it’s nice to see another one coming off the production line. 

Here, we have a shaft that weighs in at 85g, so that’s not going to pose a problem for most people. Also, it’s crafted from graphite, so that gives you that much required strength while it also keeps the weight down at the same time.

To help with the durability aspect, Aldila have used their micro laminate technology on these shafts. That just means the different layers that make up a shaft will be bound more closely together giving this shaft added strength over a longer period of time.

Finally, it does come in more than one flex, so you should be able to get something to fit your own personal preference. Also, it has a balanced point in the shaft, so it doesn’t throw off your balance through the club resulting in a smoother swing.


  • The shaft has a very smooth feel to it
  • It is highly durable and will last for a considerable length of time
  • It only weighs 85g, and that is not going to pose any problems with your swing
  • Coming in more than one flex makes it easy to select the perfect shaft


  • It doesn’t look the best, but if it helps your game, then who cares about that?

Overall Conclusion

This is basically everything you want from your hybrid shaft in that it is light, durable, has the right flex, and feels balanced.

You can attach this shaft to pretty much any hybrid out there, and there’s no doubt that it will boost your game by adding more confidence to your hybrid shots. 

As there’s nothing bad to say about it, aside from perhaps the color, then it’s impossible to take any points away from this particular shaft, so full marks here.

2. Best for Adding Distance - Graphite Design Hybrid Shaft

Graphite Design Hybrid Shaft Tour AD DI Hybrid 75 S (Stiff)
  • Offers a stiff flex to help get more distance on your shots

  • Available at different weights to allow you to personalize your experience

  • Made from premium carbon fiber

  • Offers a mid level of spin to your shots

  • Highly durable and will last a lifetime

Next up we have the Graphite Design hybrid shaft, and this shaft is going to make a real splash out on the course with its bright orange coloring. However, there’s a whole lot more to this shaft than how it looks.

It’s manufactured from premium carbon fiber, and that does reduce the weight as much as possible. However, it does come with four different flex weighting options, so you should be in a position to find something perfect for your needs.

From a usage perspective, then these shafts on your hybrid are known to produce more of a mid level amount of spin with your shots, and that’s something to take into consideration.

Also, this shaft is going to come with a stiff flex, and it’s known that this is going to make a difference to the distance you can get from your shots.

That is the main difference with this shaft in that it doesn’t bother too much about anything else aside from giving you the potential to go ahead and achieve better distances with your shots.


  • There’s no doubt that this shaft gives you superior control over the distance
  • It will help a beginner struggling to get distance
  • It improves trajectory meaning a better ball flight
  • It produces some spin but not too much that it will negatively affect the shot


  • It’s pretty outlandish in the design
  • It can be tough to install, so get a pro to help you out

Overall Conclusion

This Graphite Design shaft looks the part, and if you have a slow swing speed and struggling with distance, then there’s no doubt that it can help you out in that department.

It will improve trajectory as well as spin on the ball, but as it is difficult to install to the point where you will need some help, then we need to remove a fraction of a point. However, this is still an impressive hybrid shaft.

3. Best for Seniors - UST Mamiya MP5H .370 Hybrid Shaft

UST Mamiya MP5H .370 Graphite Hybrid Shaft( FLEX: Stiff, LENGTH:41 Inches, COLOR:N/A, HEAD:N/A )
  • Available in a length of 41 inches

  • Available in a stiff flex

  • Adds power, feel and control to your game

  • Perfect for people with slower swing speeds

  • Contains advanced Micro-ply technology

Next up, we have this UST Mamiya hybrid shaft, and it’s aimed at one market in particular, and that’s senior players.

This shaft comes in a length of 41 inches, and that’s standard and nothing to be concerned about. Also, it has a stiff flex, but that’s going to be a real positive in this instance.

By providing you with a stiff flex, it means that there will be an improvement in the distance you can achieve. A stiff flex won’t  result in energy being lost in the shaft itself, so there’s a greater impact on the ball.

But it doesn’t only help with the distance side of things.

A stiff flex in this instance provides some real stability to your shots. It means reduced movement, and that then offers you better feel from your shots. 

Ultimately, this shaft is going to give you better feedback on what is happening and where your game is at with your hybrid. 


  • It comes with a lower torque to weight ratio, and that leads to better shots
  • It is lightweight, and that means better speed and more power
  • It is exceptionally easy to install
  • It comes with an advanced aero design


  • Due to the sense of control and feel, this shaft is more for experienced players

Overall Conclusion

This shaft is an excellent item, and it will improve your game by providing more power and distance on your shots. The stiff flex works well for every club, but it does give you a reasonable amount of feedback, and that could be a problem for some.

It’s for that reason, since not everyone is an advanced player, that we have taken off a fraction of a point as they have closed their market to a certain extent.

4. Best Spin Shaft - Tour Shop Fresno KBS Hybrid Shaft

Tour Shop Fresno TSF Certified - KBS Hybrid Shafts - .370 Parallel Tip - Choose Flex (R - 100g - Hybrid)
  • Available in both 100g, 105g and 110g weights

  • Available in both regular and stiff flexes, but check the weights as well

  • Provides you with a mid to high launch

  • Provides low to mid spin control

  • Comes in 43” length

Spin on a ball is going to do all sorts of things to your shot, and people have a tendency to look beyond the shaft as a potential source of things going wrong. However, if you have an issue with too much spin on your hybrid shots, the this could very well be a solution.

What we have here is a shaft by Tour Shop Fresno, and the shaft comes in three different weights starting at 100g and ending at 110g. Now that is heavier than you may see elsewhere, but that is where the spin control comes into its own.

Also, these shafts are available in different flexes, and that will then help you out with power and also distance. Knowing which flex is best for your game is important, so seek some professional advice if you are unsure.

It’s also worth pointing out that the shaft delivers mid to high launch, so you need to keep that in mind if you are already hitting the ball too high off the deck. Adding more height is not advisable since it will mean you are losing out on power and distance.

Overall, this shaft adds some weight to provide you with a greater sense of control over your shots, and that will then reduce the spin you are putting onto the ball via the club turning in your hands. It does a great job of this, so in that sense it works well.


  • The trajectory will help people struggling in this area
  • Reducing the spin leads to more control over the shot
  • It comes with a 3-flex system offering more options
  • It doesn’t break the bank for you to have a high quality shaft


  • The shaft is heavier than most, and that may be a problem for some people

Overall Conclusion

People forget about the role the shaft on their hybrid can play when it comes to producing spin. If this is an issue, then there’s no doubt that this shaft can make a real difference to your game.

However, it is heavy, and that could throw off your swing in other ways and you may struggle to get the sort of end effect you were hoping for. For that reason, we need to deduct part of a point.

5. Best Tour Level - Innovative Graphite 370 Hybrid Shaft

Innovative Graphite TD 370 .370" Tip Wood / Hybrid Shaft Extra-stiff Flex 46 "
  • Available in an extra stiff flex

  • Provides low trajectory

  • Comes with a high kickpoint

  • Long shaft at 46”

  • Crafted from premium materials offering a quality feel

The final option we have is the best tour level hybrid shaft out there on the market, and we have opted for the Innovative Graphite 370 Hybrid Shaft.

Innovative Graphite has produced this hybrid shaft to tour standards, and that does immediately eliminate so many people from potentially adding this shaft to their arsenal.

First of all, it does provide you with a lower trajectory, and when that’s coupled with a higher kickpoint, then it pushes the ball lower without it then sacrificing too much in the way of distance.

It is manufactured from high quality materials, but then you would expect that to be the case as well. It is a long shaft, since it measures some 46” in length, and that’s something else to take into consideration if thinking about buying this.

But this shaft offers precision with your shots and a whole lot of control. It’s not forgiving, and that’s something you need to think about as well.

Overall, this shaft is aimed at low handicap players. However, if this is where your game is at, then a shaft that improves trajectory and distance alongside a more precise shot is something to be welcomed.


  • This shaft is extremely light adding more speed to your swing
  • The low trajectory means the ball will travel further 
  • The long shaft can improve your swing by giving more room
  • The prevision this shaft offers your game is a huge bonus


  • The shaft is not for high handicap players

Overall Conclusion

This shaft is excellent if you are at the point in your game where you are looking to simply fine tune a few different aspects. It does allow you to hone your shot to such an extent that you can take complete control of your game.

However, on the flip side, it’s only for those players that are at this level in their game. Unless you are a low handicap player, then this won’t be for you, so by eliminating a lot of the market, then it drops part of a point.

Head: PXG 0317 17&19&22 Shaft: KBS TOUR HYBRID 85R Grip: Golf Pride MCC ALIGN

Why You May Need to Buy a New Hybrid Shaft

Now, most hybrids will tend to come with a pretty decent shaft attached, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best shaft for your own game. 

That is why you may need to look into other shafts that can be added to the club, and the results they may be able to achieve can be outstanding.

You see, when you buy a hybrid, they will have a shaft on the club that covers the majority of players. Also, a manufacturer is aware that people will tend to personalize things to a certain extent with their clubs, so they know the existing shaft will be taken off and replaced by something else.

So, the main reason why you would look at changing shaft on your hybrid is if the club is not coming up to your expectations. If you bought a hybrid because it claims to help in certain areas, but that’s not then the case, then you are looking at trying to change things up.

In golf, even slight changes in equipment can lead to major gains for your game. The problem is that most people will focus on the head of the club or even the grip when things aren’t working out quite right.

However, the truth is that the shaft can have a major influence on the outcome of a shot. It’s often overlooked, and with a club that is so important as a hybrid, this could prove to be a huge mistake.

How to Buy the Right Hybrid Shaft For Your Game

So what are the types of things you need to think about when looking at changing the shaft on your hybrid club? Well, there are several key points worth taking into consideration.

First, you need to understand your own game. You need to know where your game is letting you down and where a change in the shaft on your hybrid club may be able to help.

You see, different shafts can help with things such as swing speed, or the trajectory of the ball after impact. So, knowing if you are struggling with those areas will ultimately be a good thing.

What we recommend is along the following lines.

The Stiffness

For the stiffness of the shaft, you need to think about your swing speed. If it’s above 105mph, then you need to look at a stiff shaft, or even go for an extra stiff shaft. 

This is because a loose shaft will bend more, and when you have a fast swing speed, then it’s going to increase the chances of mishits and being off-line.

However, if you have a slow swing speed, then you need to reverse this. A slower swing speed needs the snap that comes with a looser flex in the shaft in order to generate a bit more power.

In saying that, you also need to think about control as speed only accounts for part of the shot.

The Trajectory

The shaft will also influence the flight of the ball, and that’s something you need to think about when contemplating changing the shaft on your hybrid club. 

In general, the more a shaft flexes forward through the swing, then the greater the dynamic loft of the actual clubhead. That increase in the dynamic loft will then increase the launch angle resulting in the ball going higher. 

So, if you struggle with getting height from your hybrid shots, then going for a looser stiffness on your hybrid shaft is going to make a huge difference. On the flip side, if you already send the ball sky high, then you need a stiff shaft to reduce the height accordingly.

The Weight

The weight of the hybrid shaft can vary a great deal, and this has an impact on the speed at which your going to swing the club.

In general, the stiffer the flex, then the heavier it’s going to be. You will often find stiff or extra stiff shafts coming in around 110g, while those shafts with more flex can be around 85g.

This still goes back to understanding your swing speed and where you are struggling with your game. A lighter shaft moves through the air faster leading to more power and, hopefully, better distances.

However, a lighter shaft can also mean less control and precision. That’s not a problem with the heavier shafts, and if you thought that something as little as 20g couldn’t do much, then you would be wrong.

What Not to Do When Buying a Hybrid Shaft

But while there are several things to take into consideration when buying a new shaft for your hybrid club, the same applies when thinking about the things that you shouldn’t do.

The main thing is to not fall into the trap of thinking that your fast swing speed can benefit from a shaft that is designed to increase speed and power. It may sound cool being able to get more power, but you increase the odds of making a mess of your shot.

Going to an extreme means you lose out on other areas. In the case of the hybrid, you can ruin your shot into the green, or even you layups, so don’t do it.

Instead, focus entirely on your weaknesses and use the shaft that will help in those areas.

Overall Conclusion

Out of the different options we have studied, there’s no doubt that the overall winner has to be the Aldila Tour Green Hybrid Shaft. In this instance, it is capable of being used by so many players, it feels well-balanced, and it ultimately provides a sense of consistency with your shots.

However, there should also be a worthy mention going out to the UST Mamiya shaft for seniors. This works well when your speed and power may be reducing, so the shaft will take some of that strain on your behalf.

But overall, give some thought to changing the shaft on your hybrid if you are not too happy with that club. You may surprise yourself when you see the difference it can make to your game.

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