Best Hybrid Golf Bags

9 Best Hybrid Golf Bags in 2022-Get the Best of Both Worlds

Golfers are constantly on the lookout for one singular golf bag that can fulfil all their needs. It can be a difficult balance to find between storage space and weight. This is where a new modern design could solve your problems, hybrid golf bags.

Hybrid golf bags are designed to fit halfway between a stand bag and a cart bag. Manufacturers are hoping this is the sweet spot for a golf bag that can do everything. Light enough for when you want to carry 18 holes, but with the functionality for easy cart use.

This review we will review the best hybrid golf bags on the market and discuss the pros and cons of this new innovative style.

OGIO 2021 WOODE 8 Hybrid Stand Bag, BLACK

Weight: 80 | Storage: 95 | Design: 95 | Style: 100

Best for golfers that do not like 14-way designs

Ogio is a well-renowned brand that has been making high quality golf bags for many years. The Woode 8 Hybrid combines the best of Ogio stand bags with cart bag convenience. It has soft foam molded double shoulder straps with Fit Disc self-balancing system to ensure a comfortable carry position, plus there are a total of nine front-facing pockets that offer easy access from the stand or cart position and plenty of storage.

There are lots of other modern touches that make the Ogio Woode 8 Hybrid one of the most complete hybrid golf bags on the market. They use a new 8-way Woode design that separates your woods from the rest of your clubs for better organization. There are two Rapid Access Snap pockets that offer secure but zipperless accessibility, plus a low profile Ball Silo and a Velcro glove patch.


  • Woode 8-way top is brilliant and even allows space for larger putter grips
  • Durable and well-made quality
  • Plenty of storage space with technology to make everything easy and quick to access
  • Colorways range from simple and classy to bold and modern


  • Not waterproof
  • Weighing in at 7lbs, it might be too heavy for some golfers to carry
  • No cart strap tunnel for secure cart usage

2. MacGregor Hybrid 14

MACGREGOR Golf Hybrid Stand/Cart Golf Bag with 14 Way Divider, Black/Blue

Weight: 95 | Storage: 95 | Design: 80 | Style: 80

Best lower budget option

The MacGregor Hybrid 14 is going to be a great option if you are shopping for a good hybrid golf bag on a budget. You might not find quite the same modern features of some bags on our list, but at a cheaper price the Hybrid 14 still has all the necessary functionality.

A 14-way divider system conveniently spaces out your clubs and there are eleven pockets to fit all your golf accessories and apparel. The base is a key lock design to secure the bag when using a cart and cushioned adjustable straps allow for comfortable carrying. Fabric outer material is made to resist wear and reduce slipping whilst in the cart. A towel clip, umbrella sleeve and Velcro glove holder are good features that you now expect in most modern golf bags.


  • Plenty of pockets to separate all your extra bits and bobs
  • Great value for money if you are on a budget
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Comes with all the features you need from a golf bag, especially for beginners


  • Looks noticeably less premium and also not waterproof
  • The 14-way dividers are not full length, so clubs can get tangled
  • Build quality is not as high as more expensive options

3. Datrek Go-Lite Hybrid

Datrek Golf Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag (Black/Slate/Royal)

Weight: 95 | Storage: 85 | Design: 85 | Style: 85

Best for golfers that want a lighter carry

Datrek might not be a brand familiar to many golfers, but along with their parent company Dynamic Brands they produce a number of good quality and affordable golf bags. The Go-Lite Hybrid golf bag is actually one of the lightest hybrid bags we reviewed, plus it has nicely cushioned shoulder straps and hip pad, making it perfect for golfers that still carry their bag quite regularly.

Top-Lok technology ensures that the bag also easily secures onto a cart and the stand legs are lockable to keep them out of the way. There are only six pockets in the Datrek Go-Lite, but it does feature a large cooler pocket and there will be enough storage to suit most golfers. The 14-way organizer features full-length dividers, which is an excellent feature that you do not always find at this price range. The driver and putter wells are both rubberized for additional protection too.


  • Full length dividers are a huge bonus
  • Excellent value for money compared with similar performing options
  • One of the lightest hybrid golf bags on the market
  • Non-slip stand legs are incredibly stable


  • Some reviewers have noted the stitching quality is a probably after significant use
  • Clubs can sometimes stick in the top of the divider cells slightly
  • Not waterproof

4. Nike Air Hybrid

Nike Golf Stand Bag - Air Hybrid, Sports, Lite - Unisex (AIR Hybrid - White (14-Divider))

Weight: 85 | Storage: 95 | Design: 90 | Style: 95

Best for Nike fans

Nike have had a stop-start relationship for golf products over recent years, but there will still be many golfers that remember a time not too long ago that, along with Tiger Woods, they were one of the heavyweight golf brands. In 2021, Nike released a small number of Air Hybrid golf bags. Although they stopped production fairly quickly you can still find them online and they are a decent option, especially for Nike fans.

The Air Hybrid has a 14-way full length divider system to keep your clubs separated. There are eleven pockets in total for storage, including an insulated one for food and drink. A cart-compatible base and strap pass-through ensures that it fits securely.

The Equa-Flex strap design used by Nike is an innovation design with loads of padding to ensure the bag sits comfortably when carried. The build quality is what you expect from a Nike product and the water-resistant rain cover helps to keep bad weather at bay.


  • Nike brand will still be a popular choice
  • 14-way full length dividers are a popular choice
  • Straps are removable for cart use, preventing them getting in the way
  • Plenty of storage room and inner-liner pockets


  • Not the best value for money compared with other options on our list
  • Weighing around 6.5lbs, it might be too heavy for some golfers to carry easily

5. Titleist Hybrid 14

Titleist - Hybrid 14 Golf Bag - Black/Black/Red

Weight: 90 | Storage: 95 | Design: 100 | Style: 100

Best overall hybrid golf bag

When it comes to golf brands where you can guarantee only the best quality of product, you would be hard pressed to find better than Titleist. The new Hybrid 14 golf bag has everything you would expect and looks great.

For when you are carrying there is a comfortable premium double strap and the weight is not an unmanageable 6.1lbs. There is a push cart rest to protect the stand legs and an integrated strap tunnel for secure cart use.

There is a 14-way divider for simple golf club separation, whilst the lower profile top cuff has extra handles making it easier to get off and on a cart. There are nine pockets that offer more than enough storage space, including nice bonus features such as a rangefinder slot and expandable apparel area.


  • The 14-way divider is the option favored by lots of golfers
  • Plenty of well organized storage space
  • Incredibly cart-friendly design
  • High quality and good looks you associate with Titleist
  • You can also get a completely waterproof StaDry design, but it will cost a little more


  • Only 0.2lbs weight difference from the Titleist Cart 14 golf bag

6. Izzo Versus Hybrid

Izzo Golf Versa Ultra-Lite Stand Golf Bag with Exclusive Features, Black/Gray

Weight: 90 | Storage: 95 | Design: 95 | Style: 90

Best for personalization and bonus features

Keen golfers will be aware of Izzo golf bags, best known for their innovative strap designs. The Izzo Versus Hybrid golf bag looks to combine the storage and organization for a cart bag with a more compact lightweight stand bag design.

There are plenty of modern features including two easy access magnetic pockets, an insulated bottle pocket, a Veclro glove holder, a metal towel holder with a built-in bottle opener and you can even personalize your ball pocket for free.

An 11-way club divider offers good club separation, whilst a durable leg mechanism keeps your bag upright and stable. A rubber non-slip bottom prevents slipping and allows for fitting onto golf carts. The Versus Hybrid comes with Izzo’s Sidewinder padded single strap that allows for effortless balancing and carrying.


  • An excellent and versatile all-round hybrid golf bag
  • Izzo Sidewinder strap is surprisingly comfortable and easy to use (also see cons)
  • Magnetic pockets are great addition and there is lots of storage
  • Durable and high quality design
  • Personalized ball pocket is a nice bonus


  • Single strap will not appeal to all golfers, but you could purchase Izzo double straps at an additional cost if you want this option

7. Birdie Babe Women’s Hybrid

Birdie Babe Womens Golf Bag Pink Tie Dye Ladies Hybrid Stand Golf Bag

Weight: 95 | Storage: 85 | Design: 85 | Style: 90

Best ladies hybrid golf bag

The Birdie Babe Hybrid might be a little niche with its bright and bold designs but it is actually one of the best hybrid golf bags out there. You could be forgiven for thinking it would be style over substance, but ladies will find a lightweight and functional design. Weighing just 5lbs, it is actually the lightest hybrid golf bag we reviewed and there is still a decent amount of storage in the seven pockets, including a large insulated cooler pocket.

A cart strap holder keeps the bag secure on a cart and the stand legs can be tucked away to prevent them getting damaged. There is a singular padded strap for carrying, which is also removable for when using on a cart. An 8-way top is designed to allow for the necessary separation between golf clubs. If Birdie Babe golf bags suit your style, you will love this hybrid.


  • Super lightweight is great for when you carry
  • Removable strap and foldaway stand allows it to easily sit onto carts
  • Fun and bold styles are a great idea, apparently the only tie-dye golf bags in the world


  • Expensive considering it lacks some of the innovation of other modern golf bags
  • Not all golfers like carrying with only a single strap
  • Is not waterproof

8. Mizuno BR-DX Hybrid

Mizuno BR-DX 14-Way Hybrid Stand Bag, Woodlands Camo

Weight: 90 | Storage: 100 | Design: 95 | Style: 95

Best premium hybrid golf bag

Mizuno’s latest 2021 line of golf bags features the BR-DX Hybrid, which is quite possibly the most versatile golf bag you can buy. Complete with 14 different pockets, featuring a large cooler pocket with drain holes, magnetic closure pocket, waterproof valuables pocket and full length apparels pocket. It has room for everything you need when packing for cart use, but comes in easily under 6lbs for when you want to carry instead.

Comfortable dual shoulder straps have quick release clips and the stand legs are ultra-wide for stability in windy conditions. The 14-way top cuff has full length dividers to keep all your clubs secure. The Mizuno BR-DX Hybrid comes with a premium price tag, but it does have just about everything you could want in a hybrid golf bag.


  • Superb amount of storage for everything a golfer would need
  • Versatile design is just as suitable for carrying as it is for carts
  • Build quality you expect from the Mizuno brand
  • 14-way full length divider design
  • Padded grip handles are good for easy maneuverability


  • High cost may put some golfers off, especially as it is not listed as fully waterproof
  • Not many style options

9. Founders Club Hybrid

Founders Club Golf Hybrid Stand Bag for Walking or Cart 14 Way Full Length Divider (Black Charcoal Red)

Weight: 90 | Storage: 95 | Design: 90 | Style: 85

Best value for money

Founders Club is a US-based company that will be familiar to many golfers looking for great value for money combined with good quality. The Founders Club Hybrid is a versatile golf bag. It is only 5.5lbs and weight-balancing padded double straps for pleasant carrying. It also has five different handles and a base designed for easily putting onto a cart.

There are ten pockets in total that offer a variety of useful storage. An insulated pocket keeps food or drink cool, a magnetic front pocket gives fast access to tees or balls, a long expandable pocket is great for apparel and the lined valuables pocket even comes with a free power bank. A 14-way top cuff has full length dividers and there is a separate front well for the putter that allows for oversized putter grips.


  • Performs superbly given it costs slightly less than alternatives on our list
  • Loads of storage and compartments for all your things
  • You can personalize a zip-off pocket panel
  • Lightweight for carrying and great on a cart


  • Not lots of variety in colors or designs
  • Not a waterproof golf bag
woman playing golf along side a hybrid golf bag

What is a hybrid golf bag?

A hybrid golf bag is essentially any bag that can be carried and has the functionality to be used on a golf cart.

Whilst most stand bags can be used on a golf cart, the pockets can be difficult to access and the stands get in the way. Cart bags are too heavy for most golfers to carry and they do not have a stand to allow easy golf club retrieval.

Manufacturers have recognized this and created specifically designed bags to be used for both purposes. Hybrid golf bags are light enough to carry and have a stand, but have more storage space and fit nicely onto a cart.

Who should get a hybrid golf bag?

You should look at purchasing a hybrid golf bag if you are a golfer that likes to both carry and use a cart depending on the situation. Maybe you only carry when playing 9 holes or during the winter months when carts are banned at your golf course.

One consideration is that the additional weight of a hybrid golf bag compared to a carry bag or lightweight stand bag might make it less appealing to golfers that carry the majority of the time.

What are my other golf bag options?

Carry/Sunday bag

Ultra-light design that is perfect for golfers that always carry, only want to play 9 holes or just carry a half-set.

Stand bag

Weight and styles vary, but stand bags are ideal for golfers that carry their bag the majority of the time. You have space for all 14 clubs and your accessories, but they are kept light for comfortable carrying and have legs to stand on for easy club and pocket access.

Cart bag

Cart bags, as you may have guessed, are designed to attach onto a golf cart and have lots of storage. They are not designed to be carried, but are perfect for competitive golfers with a push cart or golfers riding on a cart.

Staff/Tour bag

These bags are used by Professional golfers, so they are spacious enough to carry all of a Tour player's extra apparel and accessories. Not designed to be carried unless you are a professional caddie, but ideal if you want the full professional look.

What should I look for when choosing my golf bag?


You want to consider how much storage space you require as well as any specific pocket requirements. Modern golf bags can feature insulated cooler pockets, waterproof valuables pockets and even zipperless pockets. Consider how many things you like to take onto the golf course. Whether that is a rangefinder, waterproofs or even some cans of beer.

Hybrid bags can range significantly in storage space depending on the style the manufacturer has chosen. Even the hybrid bags in our review range from six to fourteen pockets.


Golf bags can range from having no dividers up to having fifteen. Most hybrid golf bags will have between five and fourteen, but what you choose should be a personal preference.

Fourteen dividers allow you to separate each of your golf clubs, which keeps your shafts protected and allows for an organized appearance. However, some golfers can find this all too much of a faff and would rather just throw their golf clubs into one of a few compartments.


The weight of your golf bag will be crucial if you plan to carry it at all. When carrying you will want your golf bag to be as lightweight as possible to put less pressure on your back.

How light your bag needs to be will depend how strong you are.

Additional features

Modern golf bags can have new innovative designs and use different technology to stand out from the competition. At the very least most golfers want an umbrella holder, towel holder, drinks holder and cart strap loop.

Strap designs will vary, but most important is ensuring there is adjustability so they will sit nicely on your shoulders. You also want to consider whether you would prefer a double or single strap.


A hybrid golf bag is either going to be your perfect all-in-one golf bag or probably seem like just a new pointless invention. It really depends on what type of golfer you are and how you use your golf bag.

Not as lightweight as carry or stand bags, nor as spacious as a cart or staff bag. Hybrid bags try to fit into the best of both worlds, but not every golfer needs this solution. However, if you are a golfer looking for a versatile ‘does a bit of everything’ golf bag solution then hopefully this review has helped.

The Titleist Hybrid 14 got our vote as the number one choice, but you cannot go wrong with any of the best hybrid golf bags we have selected.

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