Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers

10 Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers Reviews 2022

Just for the sake of it, let’s say you hit it pretty close within 100 yards. Meaning you’ve created an opportunity where your putt is more likely to be a huge success. And once again, just for the sake of it, let’s also assume that you’re likely to stiff your every bunker and chip shot. All these scenarios, by the way, are possible with the best golf wedges for mid handicappers.

You can have as many as 5 wedges in your golf bag. But none of them is going to do you any good if these clubs are not suited for your mid-handicap level. In that context, the right ones, no doubt, generate more ball spin and consistent strikes. These wedges also feature weighting in the proper zone for maximizing results.

So how about you through the reviews I’ve discussed below if you’re a mid handicapper aiming to break 80 on the golf course. And then comes the guide section. In there, I’ve talked at length about the classification of golf wedges in general. So you understand which ones and how many to carry for your pitching, chipping, approach, and bunker shots.

Wedge Lofts

Types of Golf Wedges

Wedge Lofts

It’s the most important factor when it comes to choosing the best wedges based on your handicap and skills. The loft is simply the wedge angle. And golf clubs feature lofts as low as even 9-13 degrees. Did you know that?

Moving on, mid handicappers, no doubt, benefit more from a higher angle i.e. a higher loft. But why is that? It’s because the higher the loft of the wedge, the easier it is for you to generate backspin on your golf ball. As a result, the ball travels higher off the ground. That is a higher trajectory but with a shorter distance.

Doesn’t this explain well enough how golf drivers are able to hit the golf ball farther in comparison to wedges? Drivers do indeed have a lower loft than wedges. Speaking of comparison, wedges tend to stop the golf ball faster. All thanks to the greater backspin they produce. Also, the higher the loft, the more the elevation of your golf ball.

So now you know why most golfers carry multiple wedges. Irrespective of their handicap. Because golf wedges offer just the loft you need for the situation you find yourself in. So for covering all territories, it’s best to purchase your golf wedges with different lofts.

Generally speaking, the gap between your different wedges should not be more than 3-5 degrees.

Wedge Bounce

Wedge Bounce

Wedge Bounce

Here’s another important factor mid-handicap golfers might want to take into account when buying wedges. What is a bounce? It’s the ability of the wedge to keep from digging into the ground during pitches and bunker shots. In simpler words, the bounce is that part of the club that touches the turf.

Bounce consists of many different components. This includes a leading-edge, sole angle, and sole. To avoid confusion, let me tell you that the right wedge with the right bounce depends on your style of play.

For example, do you sweep your golf ball? Or do you dig into the turf a little? If it’s the latter, then your style of play requires more bounce. While a lower bounce is more suitable for players who sweep the golf ball.

Now let me tell you that, based on wedge bounce, there are 3 different ranges. Wedges with low bounce offer 0-5 degree bounce. Medium bounce golf wedges provide 6-10 degree bounce. And then come to the high bounce wedges with a range between 10 and 14 degrees.

For getting your bounce angle, measure the leading edge angle to the club’s sole. The latter is the part that comes in contact with the turf.

Wedge Grooves

Wedge Grooves

The best golf wedges for mid handicappers are ones with deep grooves. But the USGA and R&A have eliminated deep-grooved wedges. Because they unfairly give you the upper hand when it comes to generating more backspin.

Grooves on wedges grip the golf ball to produce spin. And according to the current rules of the game, deep grooves are not allowed anymore. Limitations in terms of groove volume and even edge radius are imposed. So you don’t get the unfair advantage of creating more backspin.

Wedge Leading Edge

It’s the bottom edge on the clubface of the wedge. The leading edge matters the most during flop shots. It’s also very useful for blading or skulling your golf ball.

Wedge Shaft Material and Length

So there’s steel and graphite; the most common golf club shaft materials. As a mid-handicapper, both shafts are appropriate.

In terms of shaft length, shorter shafts tend to produce more backspin and height. And this is very useful in case you’re stuck in a sticky situation in the sand.

Best Golf Wedges for Mid-Handicappers - Top 10 Choices

1. Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX 4 Wedge

Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX 4 Wedge

The Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge is the best choice for mid handicappers. And in this review, this wedge has done phenomenally well. It offers great action. It’s a versatile wedge for both fairways and bunker shots.

These wedges work brilliantly. An upgrade from the previous Cleveland wedges for mid handicappers. RTX 4 has a better range and mobility. The progressive feel balancing technology ensures smooth control. This is good for improving distance as well as feel.

The first thing that will catch your attention about this wedge is the low price. It’s not super expensive and comes at a fair price. You can also buy it in a wide variety of styles. So you have the option to choose from mid-bounce, full-bounce, low, and X-low.

This, combined with the wedge’s V-shaped sole, enhances better shots. You can not only spin the ball with this wedge. But you don’t lose your confidence over it. Even if you’re a full-shot or crisp pitch shot kind of golf player.

RTX 4 has plenty of impressive features like this. It has a tour-grade design for precision and speed. It improves performance right off the bat, or club. And gives the mid handicapper more give and feel for every upcoming shot.


  • Authentic Rotex Face technology.
  • Great feel and give in short game control.
  • It produces plenty of spin around the greens.


  • None so far.

2. Callaway Golf PM Grind Wedge

Callaway Golf PM Grind Wedge

Mid handicappers are always looking to improve their short game. And to avoid getting stuck, the best choice is a set of backup “rescue” clubs. With quality wedges, like the Callaway Grind Wedge, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

The performance and feel are professional and effective. It can pack more than what you’re used to handling in a short game. And that’s a good thing because this wedge right here is a premier-level choice.

It brings you the same power and spin of premier short game players. With a tough exterior, it boasts of a soft feel and great feedback. The “PM” stands for Phil Mickelson which is an upgrade from 2015’s original wedge.

So this Callaway wedge is everything the previous wedge wasn’t. Though the signature look of both is mostly the same. Everything else is different and that’s great!

So what’s changed?

These are soft wedges for mid handicappers. The ball impact feels light but firm. It improves every knockdown shot while also balancing gravity. This new and improved wedge boasts of a higher toe and increased offset.

The higher toe enhances the center of gravity. While the increased offset makes it more effective on the player to improve his stance. Overall, hitting better and tighter shots is a guarantee.

You’re buying these best wedges for more than its looks. It produces an exceptional spin. And it offers better control over your speed and distance. A must-buy for short games after all. But also for elevated greens and flop shots.


  • Impressive ball flight control.
  • Great feel on impact.
  • Ideal for practice and competitive play.


  • It’s rounder than a standard wedge.

3. TaylorMade Golf Milled Grind Wedge

TaylorMade Golf Milled Grind Wedge

This functional grind wedge is available in a variety of styles. You can choose any one based on the right angle of attack. Starting from 50 to 60 and from low to high bounce. There’s also a standard bounce wedge in a variety of configurations. So it makes picking one for yourself easy.

One good reason to consider configuration and bounce is setup. As a mid handicapper, you can never play the same forever. This also extends to playing with more than one wedge. With versatile configurations, you can accurately decide how you want to play.

The wedge that’s the best of them all, for mid handicappers, is this milled grind wedge. It enhances trajectory so you’re less likely to get stuck in the mud. It’s a high-quality and premium brand. You can see it for yourself.

The CNC machined sole geometry is precise and cutting-edge. It suits and accommodates all types of turfs. So you build more confidence in your game where you are.

For backspin, this wedge is the ultimate choice. All thanks to its new and improved ZTP-17 groove. If you’re tired of using mediocre wedges for building backspin. Then you can retire and buy this premium choice instead.

The carbon steel has a soft and great feel around the greens. With more give, this best golf wedge offers lower launches. Low launch, high spin. This is exactly the right combination for mid handicappers.


  • Lightweight and steep groove design.
  • Better launch and flight control.
  • Impressively versatile and accurate.


  • It can look worn out easily.

4. Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 4 Wedge 

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 4 Wedge

You can buy this smart golf wedge in steel or graphite. For mid handicappers, though, I recommend steel. It’s one of the top-ranking golf sand wedges for players. Optimized for better performance and confidence around the greens.

The 2-tiered sole and feel balancing technology are impressive. You will start to feel a significant transformation in how you play once you get used to this wedge. And it’s all for the best because it enhances turf interaction.

The 58-degree loft is a great addition to your club. It gets the ball out of the mud faster. So you waste one less shot each time. This is why it’s the best golf wedge for mid handicappers. It gets you out of the bunker faster than you think.

This will give you more accurate shots without fail. It’s one of the most consistent golf wedges on the market. At a reasonable price, you can improve your golf game tremendously.

Though it’s heavier on the front, near the clubface. The center of gravity on this is tighter which also improves weight distribution. Promising better shot-dispersion, launch, and flight angles.


  • Great for getting out of the bunker.
  • Balanced and firm weight distribution.
  • Impressive three-tiered technology.


  • Takes a while to get used to it.
  • Not that great at maximizing spin.

5. Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

On the first impression, the four medallions on the head catch your eye. These four medallions on the back of the head of the Callaway Mack Daddy are also ports. They are not only edgy and superior. But they also improve overall golf performance.

The grooves for which this wedge is also popular are sharply designed. They’ve increased the elevation for better control, grip, and spin. In between the grooves are also micro-positive grooves that have surface tension.

So what these wedges do is increase the volume, roughness, and stability of the shot. It offers more friction, which for mid handicappers, accelerates spin. Going by the grooves of these best golf wedges for mid handicappers alone. The Mack Daddy is a stellar pick.

The wedge is constructed with carbon steel. So it has a firmer center of gravity with a soft, impactful feel. You can select the loft angle from 42 to 52 degrees. This slight variation, which is uncommon for wedges, makes the Callaway superior.

It’s a better choice if you’re looking for fuller shots. Also for increasing player feedback like a tour pro golf player!


  • Soft and firm feel.
  • Consistent and effective spin.
  • Compatible with a variety of shots.


  • Not the best choice for fairway shots.

6. C3i Wedge Premium Sand Wedge

C3i Wedge Premium Sand Wedge

The C3i Wedge is considered a “commercial” purchase. This means it’s all over the infomercials for being the best golf wedge for most players. But is it good?

But this is not one of those gimmick golf equipment you see late at night. It’s actually good for mid handicappers. It’s incredibly fun to play with. It’s innovative. And it’s good for a beginner golfer and a more advanced player.

The C3i can easily be misunderstood because of its loud features. It has an eye-catching and bold design. It’s not round, but it’s squared so it provides better balance. The wide sole combined with its solid sandblasted face is superior.

Because it initiates better impact at every swing. If you prefer a low center of gravity, this should help you too. It increases confidence instantly with every swing. You have more control over your spin. And this, which is necessary for every golfer’s toolkit, creates more accurate shots.

The sandblasted face improves alignment and spin. The accelerated spin is better handled with a sandblasted face than anything else. You can launch higher with a more fundamentally accurate flight. More importantly, your golf game is more consistent that way.

This is a special kind of sand wedge for the mid to high handicapper. And it’s the right set of features to improve your golf game. It’s not every day you find a golf wedge that elevates your performance.


  • It saves shots per round on the bunker.
  • Firm and enhanced shots.
  • It’s easier to hit sand shots with.


  • It needs a lot of practice.

7. Tour Edge Men’s TGS Grind Sole Wedge

Tour Edge Men’s TGS Grind Sole Wedge

The Tour Edge TGS Grind Sole Wedge is a basic but reliable choice. It’s a tour-level choice for those of you who want to improve their short game. For many players, their short game is the worst enemy.

Getting it right from the start can seem intimidating. But for most golfers, what they’re missing is the right club. With this grind sole wedge, you can shoot lower scores. It’s lightweight and less challenging than some other beginner-level wedges.

But for the mid-handicapper, it has incredible bounce and loft angle. The milled grooves and classic pear-shaped design are impressive. It doesn’t feel too tight or all over the place either. The triple grind sole, which also offers fluid play, maintains proper stance.

So from the heel and toe area, it improves the way you take a shot. During the shot, the impact feels soft but has a solid noise with no vibration. And after it, it gives you a better center of gravity for taking more consistent shots.

This is, overall, a solid pick for its classic design and value. For the affordable price, its functionality is more qualified than other cheap golf wedges.


  • Extremely affordable and valuable.
  • It produces plenty of spins.
  • Solid impact and it dampens vibration.


  • None so far.

8. Cobra Golf King Black Wedge

Cobra Golf King Black Wedge

If you’ve never heard of Cobra before, that’s probably right. Cobra Golf wedges aren’t all that popular. But the Cobra Golf King Black Wedge has many perks that make it superior. It’s one of the best golf wedges for mid handicappers. And I’ll tell you why.

For starters, this comes in a wide variety of configurations. So you can pick what suits your golf skills the best. Even if they’re fluctuating, you can always fall back on these versatile wedges.

All the wedges have milled grooves. Equipped with carbon steel construction, it’s highly resistant to wear and tear. And it’s the carbon steel shine that also makes the wedge look premium.

The grooves are also what make this wedge revolutionary. It improves accuracy while maximizing spin. Since the grooves are shallow, not deep, they have an all-round effect. This is where Cobra Golf ranks as one of the best.

Taking the not-so-traditional route for improving performance. The shallow grooves deliver more consistent launches and trajectories. No matter what loft you pick, you can always find your way around the greens.


  • Progressive spin technology.
  • Optimizes spin, great feel, and better bounce.
  • Versatile wedge grinds available.


  • Costlier than most other wedges.

9. Pinemeadow Wedge

Pinemeadow Wedge

Even though this is a best-seller, the Pinemeadow Wedge may not suit everybody. This applies to mid handicappers who shoot in the 90s or so. Having said that, it does have some incredible features that put it on the list.

For starters, it includes the basic loft angles that most mid handicappers need. In fact, it includes one extra loft angle of 68-degrees. If you know golf wedges, you’ll know that this version is very, very hard to get.

The wedge has different configurations in the loft and the kick point. You can select from low to mid to high. Making it a versatile choice for beginners and intermediate players.

The wedge is made from Pinemeadow steel which is durable. It has a wider and broader front. And with the various loft options, it’s good for practicing. In my research, it was also considered as one of the best choices for women golfers.

It’s not too expensive. And you will see instant results in your game if you’re an intermediate player. It adds loft under where you need it. The oversized front face is that sweet spot for taking better shots. And lastly, it’s the best choice for playing the short game within 50 yards or so.


  • Lightweight and solid construction.
  • Designed for entry-level players.
  • Many lofts are available for practice.


  • It only suits 50 yards or less.

10. Callaway Men’s Sureout Wedge

Callaway Men’s Sureout Wedge

The Callaway Men’s Wedge is another one of my favorites. It’s a high spin and versatile choice. Given its design, you can say it’s one of the best golf wedges for backspin. The full-face grooves and enhanced-camber make it so.

This wedge has the most aggressive geometry and that promotes better play. It’s so accurate and solid that even on off-center hits, it feels right. You can select between lightweight and heavier options. Such as stainless steel and graphite. Both promote a better response and feel.

If you want a better distance on higher, loftier shots, go for this one. It hits clean, maintains bounce, and is consistent with every swing.

For a mid handicapper who’s a bit more experienced, this is perfect. The versatile loft angles, this best golf wedge for mid handicappers is just as advertised. And you won’t regret buying it even as an impulsive buy for a good golf game.


  • Reliable and accurate distance control
  • Great backspin for advanced users.
  • It helps you get out of the sand quickly.


  • The front is a bit bulky.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Many Wedges Should A Mid Handicapper Carry?

If you wish to lower your golf handicap, then 4 wedges should do the trick. This includes all four; lob, gap, sand, and pitching.

Carrying all the four golf wedges gives you the freedom to choose an appropriate loft angle for your particular shot. That means you get the wonderful opportunity to approach your different shots in the most beneficial manner around the green.

How to Lower Golf Handicap?

Time to get serious and incorporate these tips one by one into your golf game…

Get properly fitted when it comes to shaft flex. Because a too flexible or too stiff shaft lowers your chances of success on the golf course.

Did you know that you can actually improve your golf handicap simply by wearing a glove on your non-dominant hand as well? Golf gloves, after all, strengthen your golf grip. Thus, minimizing the possibility of the golf club slipping from your hands.

Before striking any shot, prepare yourself mentally. Visualize the desired result and step up to your golf ball with confidence.

Instead of sinking every putt beyond five feet, why not double-putt every green?

When putting or chipping, make sure your golf clubs land the ball as fast as possible. And for that to happen, go for lower lofts.

Always align yourself in tandem with the target. When you place yourself properly before swinging the golf club, your chances of shaving off 1-2 strokes are much higher.


The best golf wedges for mid handicappers are great replacements for lowering handicap. And for improving the way you play on the golf course. Just remember that golf wedges are the second-most favorite club. The first, no doubt, is the putter.

Playing with confidence, needless to say, matters a lot. With or without the right set of golf clubs! But there’s no denying that an appropriate set of wedges boosts your shot-making capacity. And that’s precisely why I’ve reviewed so many golf wedges in this article. And also why I have created such a comprehensive and informational buying guide.

As for what is the best wedge for a mid-handicap golfer, here’s the answer. It’s none other than the Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX 4 Wedge. All thanks to its Tour Zip grooves that generate more spin. And also because of the wedge’s V-shape sole. It produces crisp pitch shots and enhances full-shot performance.

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