Best Golf Travel Bags

10 Best Golf Travel Bags for the Ultimate Golf Club Protection at the Airport

If you think playing with rentals at your travel destination seems like a more convenient and maybe even more affordable option, then that’s great for you. But if you’re one of those golfers who simply can’t do without your precious, totally dependable golf clubs, no matter where in the world you are, then it’s time to have a look at the best golf travel bags.

Back in the days, these bags used to have a coffin-like resemblance. Plus, they were designed with pretty hard edges. So carrying a travel bag like this filled with heavy clubs meant straining your shoulders and arms. And that’s not how one wants to spend his/her time at the airport, or anywhere as a matter of fact.

Fortunately, thanks to brands like CaddyDaddy, Sun Mountain, OGIO, etc., today’s golf travel-friendly bags are packed with form and function. These are lightweight, sturdy, protective, spacious, and durable too. But then how do you go about choosing one that suits your personal needs and preferences.

Let’s find out!

Our Top Picks for The Best Golf Travel Bag

Best Value
Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag
Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

A very affordable and lightweight soft-sided travel bag that conveniently transports golf clubs and even stands upright on its own. You can also pack extra items in there (golf shoes, clothing, and more) – thanks to the extra room. [Full Reviews]

Premium Quality
CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover
CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

Premium quality takes the form of advanced-grade, weather-proof 1800D nylon. It’s three times thicker and more durable, so you can fly from one destination to another however frequently while your golf clubs are securely held together. [Full Reviews]

Best Hard Case
SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic
SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic

Long, hard-shelled storage for golf clubs means foolproof protection. And with a TSA locking system, your airport excursions with expensive clubs become even more secure and safe. [Full Reviews]

Best Golf Travel Bags

1. Hard Case vs. Soft Case

Needless to say, a soft case is more lightweight, affordable, and convenient to store and transport. These types of travel bags are also equipped with a greater number of organizational storage pockets.

On the other hand, hard-shell cases for golf clubs, no doubt, provide a higher level of protection. And that automatically implies that a bag of this kind is much heavier. Nevertheless, hard case golf bags for travel are more convenient to move around airports.

2. Material and Durability

A highly durable bag is one that is also outfitted with heavy interior padding to protect your valuable golf clubs. Especially at the top to keep those clubheads in pristine condition. So the chances of the travel bag, and the contents inside it, getting damaged because of rough handling by baggage handlers at the airport is less likely.

Apart from a hard shell and heavy padding, the material of the bag also determines how reliable it’s going to be. In soft case travel bags for golf clubs, the material used is either nylon or polyester. The former is stronger, hence comparatively more expensive too.

Then there are different grades of the same material. For example, 600D polyester and 1200D polyester. 1200 denier yarn has a thicker quality than 600D, right? So it’s only common sense to assume that a higher denier value is harder wearing and bulkier. But both 600D and 1200D polyesters are commonly used for travel bags, suitcases, luggage, etc.

3. Space

Does the bag accommodate more than just golf clubs? Is that even something you want to take into consideration?

The greater part of such travel bags for golfers is designed with 2-3 exterior storage pockets that provide additional space for other stuff. Such as golf shoes, balls, clothing, etc. More often than not, these are soft case bags. Hard-shelled ones, on the other hand, don’t offer this kind of extra storage.

4. Weight

Do you travel frequently? Have you any shoulder or back concerns that interfere with your mobility? Once again, the right answer here depends on your personal needs and preferences.

If there is some kind of a back problem or anything like that, then it’s only in the best interest of your health to choose a lightweight i.e. soft case travel bag for your already heavy golf clubs. It’s also a more suitable choice for more frequent travelers.

The weight of soft cases, by and large, is below 5-7 pounds. As for hard cases, these are often heavier, on their own, than 12-14 pounds.

5. Wheels

What does the whole wheel system look like? The one type of wheel that has popped up in the reviews section quite a lot is the traditional inline skater wheel. It’s a pair of two wheels that don’t let you down when it comes to smoothly rolling across both leveled and bumpy surfaces.

Then there are spinner wheels (4 wheels), which certainly make it more effortless for you to maneuver the bag across the airport.

6. TSA Locking System

Now here’s the deal with TSA Lock – it allows you to lock your travel luggage while, at the same time, permitting airport security to inspect it without damage. So that paves the way for easy, more relaxed airline travel.

7. Warranty

In the case of air travel, a thing like the warranty matters a great deal. You obviously would want the manufacturer to cover any potential damage that is often caused during transit. And some top brands do that you know. For instance, CaddyDaddy’s genuine, straightforward 1-year full bag replacement warranty.

Top 10 Travel Bags for Golf Clubs

1. Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Protection: 85 | Durability: 85 | Design: 85 | Quality: 85

Best value for money

Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag
Type Soft-sided travel bag with wheels
Material Nylon
Color Black
Weight 8.65 pounds
Dimensions 13 inches x 15 inches x 50 inches

Fairly new indeed, nevertheless it has garnered a huge bunch of positive feedback already (over 1,800 ratings on Amazon). This Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag, comparatively and logically speaking, offers the best value for the budget-friendly price you pay.

With an affordable wonder like this, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about handing over your bag to baggage handlers at the airport. Either way, you have nothing to worry about because of the generously thick padding. And it’s even more generous in the area where your golf clubheads are placed. That’s a heavily padded top indeed.

Furthermore, the handles and zippers are also quite sturdy. The bag is designed with high-quality, smooth roller-blade-type of wheels. It’s extremely impressive just how comfortably, smoothly, and effortlessly this bag rolls not only on airport floors but also across bumpy parking lots.

So why not make sure your precious, valuable golf clubs get some high-quality protection during travel! At such an affordable price that too.


  • Soft-sided bag with a thick padded top for clubhead protection
  • Made using durable nylon with reinforced stressed points
  • Smooth-rolling, high-quality inline skate wheels
  • Strong, well-positioned handles and curb rails
  • Many zippered pockets to store extra gear


  • Soft covers - not the most ideal for carrying a lot of clubs

2. CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

Protection: 80 | Durability: 85 | Design: 85 | Quality: 85

Best lower budget option

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover
Type Soft-sided travel bag with wheels
Material 1800D Nylon
Color Black/Grey
Weight 9.03 pounds
Dimensions 27 inches x 19 inches x 14 inches

You can buy and travel with complete confidence in the case of CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2, even though it’s a soft case travel bag. Primarily because the manufacturer is CaddyDaddy – a brand that has designed some really amazing premium golf bags and accessories for more than 15 years now.

And also because they have chosen to use a superior material for construction, which is advanced-grade, weather-proof 1800D nylon. The fibers here are way more durable and thicker in comparison to regular nylon.

So the whole material and construction are incredibly sturdy while also being sufficiently flexible in terms of travel convenience. The brand pays attention to other equally important characteristics as well, such as handles, webbing, zippers, wheels, etc.

One great example of the brand’s attention to detail is the CaddyDaddy warranty. They offer a genuine, straightforward 1-year bag replacement warranty. So if your golf travel bag somehow gets damaged in the first year of purchase, then expect a brand new bag without having to pay any extra money.

I know how all this sounds just too good to be true. Well, the warranty is FOR REAL indeed.

And just because the product is under $100, meaning comparatively inexpensive, doesn’t mean quality has to take a hit. In fact, this CaddyDaddy bag has a thick, durable material construction with reinforced seams and heavy-duty zippers. Even the handles are pretty solid as well as easy and convenient to grip.

One last thing – the top of the bag is quite heavily padded to provide all the cushioned protection your valuable golf clubheads deserve during travel. Even Ship Sticks, one of the most popular golf club shipping services, lists CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 as its top-rated, safe golf travel bags.


  • Soft case bag with a 1-year replacement warranty
  • Made with advanced-grade, weather-proof 1800D nylon
  • Thickly padded top and solid, lockable zippers
  • The collapsible design enables easy storage
  • Inline skate wheels for easy rolling on all kinds of surfaces


  • Since it’s soft-sided, you can’t carry too many clubs

3. SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic Golf Bag

Protection: 100 | Durability: 95 | Design: 80 | Quality: 95

Best for ultimate protection

SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic Golf Bag
Type Hard case travel bag with wheels
Material Plastic
Color Black
Weight 17.63 pounds
Dimensions 52 inches x 13 inches x 16 inches

If you’ve bought and ended up damaging, through no fault of your own, soft case golf travel bags, then maybe it’s time to switch to hard plastic. Especially ultra-high quality, molecular weight polyethylene. If you’ve not heard of this material before, then let me tell you that it’s the same that the American military force uses for manufacturing containers and cases.

So there’s just no refuting the fact that this model keeps your golf clubs safe, secure, and protected during transit. This includes the rough handling often done by baggage handlers at the airport. After all, hard covers are built to withstand that kind of abuse precisely. So expect this one to hold up against that, no matter how frequently you travel.

The design, on closer inspection, I found to be perfectly form-fitting and well-structured. The TSA locking mechanism, in particular, is the best part. So make sure you have TSA-compatible locks for securing your valuable golf clubs and other items.

As a frequent flyer, you’ll also come to appreciate the brand’s industrial-strength, exclusive latches as they keep unwanted elements like moisture, dust, and dirt out at all times. Plus, the latches create a secure, tight fit.

The brand here even demonstrates how to switch to TSA locking latches from a standard latch, irrespective of which SKB Case you’re using.

After every travel, just examine this golf club storage bag carefully and you’ll see how there’ll be zero scratches or dents with the handle intact and no broken clubs. That’s the beauty of hard-cover travel bags for golf clubs.


  • Well-built hard case made using high-strength plastic
  • Industrial-grade latching system for added protection
  • Valence bending system keeps away moisture, dirt, etc.
  • Very secure TSA-accepted locking system
  • Wheels offer ease of transportation


  • Heavier in terms of overall weight
  • The handle is not big enough

4. Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Protection: 85 | Durability: 85 | Design: 80 | Quality: 85

Best value bag for airport travel

Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag
Type Soft-sided travel bag with wheels
Material 600D Polyester
Color Black
Weight Less than 5-7 pounds
Dimensions 15 inches x 30 inches x 50 inches

For long and maybe even multi-state vacations, you might as well buy something that holds up well and accommodates more than just your golf clubs. This soft-sided Himal travel bag is the best display of what portability and multi-functionality should look like.

Getting into the details, don’t underestimate its soft cover. There is enough padding in here for protecting your clubs against damage, despite the padding being soft. The material used is durable 600D polyester. Now it’s no advanced-grade, weather-proof 1800D nylon that CaddyDaddy uses, but the material is still plenty heavy-duty and wear-resistant.

It’s thick with high rip-resistance as well, which is great because baggage handlers at airports are ruthless. Plus, the heavy top padding keeps your headcovers from bearing the brunt of rough handling.

The design of the travel bag also includes additional storage space for things like your golf shoes. Along with easy-rolling, quality wheels and Velcro carry handles across the bag. Just so you know, the stitching installed around the handles is pretty solid. Even after months of travel and use, this soft-cover bag manages to look brand new.


  • Soft cover with soft Velcro carry handles
  • Made of wear-resistant, premium quality 600D polyester
  • Easy-rolling, smooth wheels
  • Interior strap prevents abrasions and scuffs inside the bag


  • Poor quality zippers
  • A bit too large, thus slightly uncomfortable

5. Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

Protection: 100 | Durability: 100 | Design: 80 | Quality: 95

Best hard shell travel bag

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case
Type Hard travel cover with wheels
Material ABS Shell
Color Black
Weight 14 pounds
Dimensions 54 inches x 12 inches x 16 inches

The majority of hard-cover travel bags made for golf club storage are known to be quite cumbersome in terms of weight. But not this Samsonite Hard Sided Travel Bag. Its solid, durable ABS Shell is also lightweight, so you don’t have to lug around heavy stuff when at the airport.

Even though the case is designed with a padded interior and additional top cushioning for clubhead protection, the weight is conveniently manageable. Actually, you’re most likely to be surprised at just how the interior is so spacious yet lightweight. This means there’s room for all your things – golf clubs, golf balls, golf shoes, golf tees, and a lot more.

On top of being light in weight, these hard sides are also extremely tough and durable with only the slightest deflection against weight. Even the absence of latches is something you have absolutely nothing to worry about. All thanks to the zipper flexibility that paves the way for the hard case to move and flex each time it’s tossed around.

In fact, in the end, you’ll still have a bit of room left for maybe fitting in your clothing too. Just make sure to check the baggage weight limit of your airline.

And the final area that demands your undivided attention and praise are the two pairs of multi-directional spinner wheels. Together, these 360-degree swiveling wheels allow you to maneuver the bag however you like at the airport, that too in the upright position.

To be honest, this hard case bag is just what you need when it comes to pulling or pushing your luggage the most conveniently. Even Golf Weekly includes this hard-sided Samsonite golf travel cover case in its top recommendations.


  • Hard-sided case with multi-directional wheels
  • Lightweight, durable ABS Shell stands up against wear and tear
  • Padded interior and extra foam top/side cushioning
  • Reinforced side handles enable easy lifting
  • Ergonomically designed, padded, and removable shoulder strap


  • May not fit into small rental cars
  • The top handle is prone to ripping off

6. OGIO Savage Travel Bag

Protection: 85 | Durability: 90 | Design: 85 | Quality: 85

Best for golfers with lots to pack

OGIO Savage Travel Bag
Type Soft travel cover with wheels
Material Nylon
Color Black/Blue
Weight 7 pounds
Dimensions 50 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches

This OGIO Straight Jacket Travel Cover fits golf stand and tour bags. And it works as a hassle-free lightweight travel bag as well for your golf clubs. So each time you want to check in those expensive, beloved clubs at the airport, you don’t have to deal with any major anxiety because your golfing gear will be safe and protected.

But where does all this safety and protection come from? Firstly, the golf bag features a completely padded top for keeping golf clubheads from harm’s way.

Here the brand shows you how to properly cover your clubs…

The amount of padding this bag is equipped with is the primary reason for its popularity and effectiveness as a travel cover.

On top of that, it’s tip-resistant, so that’s another huge factor that takes care of preventing potential damage to your clubs during transit. Speaking of transit, it comes with smoothly-rolling urethane material wheels. So moving across the airport becomes an effortless task.

And when you aren’t using the wheels for transportability, there’s the Velcro handle for convenient carry. Even the large, cushioned shoulder strap is of huge help at such times.

You can adjust the strap by the way to make the experience more comfortable for your shoulders and back. Just don’t stuff too much in there in the case of long-distance carry. Although the large main compartment is indeed well-equipped for accommodating A LOT.


  • Tip-resistant travel bag with fully cushioned top
  • Smooth inline skate wheels are also shock-absorbent
  • Large main compartment with two extra outer pockets


  • Base of the bag shows signs of wear and tear pretty soon

7. Titleist Golf Club Travel Cover

Protection: 95 | Durability: 95 | Design: 95 | Quality: 95

Best overall travel bag

Titleist Golf Club Travel Cover
Type Soft travel cover with wheels
Material Ballistic Nylon
Color Black
Weight 11.5 pounds
Dimensions 51 inches x 16 inches x 19 inches

PGA Tour professional golfer Adam Scott has only good things to say about Titleist’s very popular Pro V1 golf balls. And it’s not just Adam Scott that the brand has taken under its umbrella; there are many other champions too on the Titleist featured players list. So it’s not a surprise to see the brand make an appearance here as well.

Tour-proven Titleist Golf Club Travel Cover, with its large capacity and zippered compartment, can fit almost every golf stand and cart bag out there.

Now it’s hard and even wrong to downplay the fact that the price tag is unreasonably hefty, but then you also get some superior benefits and features for sure. Such as the ballistic nylon material base reinforcement, which hands out full protection in the form of exceptional resilience and indestructible support.

Then there are high-impact, shock-absorbent inline skate wheels that pave the way for smooth, quiet carry not just on the leveled surface of the airport but also across bumpy parking lot ground.

Furthermore, the zippers are coated to repel water and the premium quality Nexus buckles are employed to secure your expensive gear. No doubt, this Titleist product, just like the brand’s revolutionary golf balls, clubs, etc., feels substantial with a lot more durability than any previous non-branded bag you may have ever used.


  • Soft travel cover with high-impact inline skate wheels
  • Ballistic nylon is used to make the base stronger
  • Water-repellent coated zippers
  • Premium quality buckles for added security


  • Very expensive indeed

8. Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover

Protection: 90 | Durability: 100 | Design: 95 | Quality: 100

Best for premium quality

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover
Type Soft travel cover with wheels
Material 1200D Polyester
Color Black/Cobalt
Weight 11.28 pounds
Dimensions 9 inches x 27 inches x 15 inches

You know the best part about extendable legs is that they’re a huge back saver. So that’s what you get with Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian. With its leg mechanism and pivoting caster wheels, pulling/pushing the bag is quite effortless.

It’s a pleasure is what it is traveling with this golf cover that you can very conveniently maneuver between any two points during your trip, including baggage claim, rental car, etc.

The thick foam padding at the top is perfect for protecting clubheads any time during transit. And protection in the form of strength is a very natural part of the bag because of the use of 1200D polyester. As a matter of fact, 1200D fabrics are highly recommended for manufacturing backpacks, suitcases, and travel bags.

Polyester fabrics with polyurethane coating offer a high-strength value for maximum loads. Plus, they have moderate-level water-resistant properties too.

What’s also very generous is that the travel bag folds into a conveniently compact size. So you see why it’s so highly recommended across so many golfing gear platforms!


  • Made using high-strength, water-resistant 1200D polyester
  • Thick foam top padding for clubhead protection
  • Retractable legs with pivoting caster wheels
  • Reinforced with vinyl in all wear areas
  • Full-length, two-way, heavy-duty zippers


  • No lock can be added to the main zipper

9. Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover

Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover
Type Soft travel cover with wheels
Material 600D Polyester
Color Black/Charcoal
Weight 7.4 pounds
Dimensions Fits 48-inch driver

You wouldn’t expect much from a bag like this, which is cheaper in terms of price and lighter in terms of weight than branded models. But then cheaper and lighter don’t necessarily pave the way for disappointments. And the proof of that is Bag Boy T-750.

Just like most of the brand’s other wheeled travel golf covers (T-10, T-460, T-650, etc.), T-750 is also made using 600D polyester. And do you know what that means? Generous amounts of thickness, durability, ruggedness, high quality, and heavy-duty performance.

What it also has in common with the others designed by the same brand is the impact-resistant PVC. This particular characteristic delivers maximum golf club protection. On top of that, there’s the extra-thick, padded top (all 4 sides) filled with high-density foam. Needless to say, extra protection is the highlight of the Bag Boy experience.

Here’s another reason why this soft-sided travel cover is so highly recommended. Because it fits both cart and stand golf bags. And also because your valuable golf clubs are sure to reach your final destination in their pristine condition.


  • Extra-cushioned, padded top offers clubhead protection
  • Extra-cushioned, padded top offers clubhead protection
  • Made using heavy-duty, wear-resistant 600D polyester
  • Smooth-rolling inline skate wheels
  • Convenient neoprene handle makes it easy to maneuver


  • Wheels are smooth but not quiet

10. Club Glove Last Bag XL Tour Pro Golf Travel Bag

Protection: 90 | Durability: 100 | Design: 95 | Quality: 100

Best soft shell travel bag

Club Glove Last Bag XL Tour Pro Golf Travel Bag
Type Soft-sided travel bag with wheels
Material Cordura
Color Black
Weight 11.2 pounds
Dimensions 55 inches x 22 inches x 19 inches

It’s a BIG bag indeed, thus perfect for you if you’re fed up of struggling with travel bags that are tight, thus not spacious or sturdy enough. In fact, Club Glove Last Bag comes with an extension to fit the tallest club, so it doesn’t get damaged in the process. Plus, you get extra space for your golf shoes and other add-ons you like to carry as well.

You may also like to know that Last Bag here has been used by many Tour professionals for LPGA, Champions, and PGA. Pro-grade golfers travel more times weekly than any other golfing enthusiast, professional or otherwise. So if they can place their trust in Club Glove, so can you. Don’t believe me, here take a look.

It is a highly durable product because of the natural long-lasting nature of Cordura fabric. No wonder Cordura is used for manufacturing luggage, bags, and packs. The maximum durability receives an extra boost from the extra-thick foam padding installed in the interior of the bag, which hands out exceptional golf club protection.

What also keeps your precious clubs out of harm’s way are the high-impact, shock-absorbent wheels. The base too is exactly like that for shielding and cradling your gear stored inside the bag.

As for the inline skate wheels, they make the whole task of transporting your golf clubs quick and easy. You can even lift the bag with the two-piece, fully integrated handle. And the icing on the cake is the large room that can accommodate a max. length of 49 inches.


  • XL-size Tour golf travel bag made of durable Cordura
  • Fully integrated, double-piece handle adds support
  • Extra-thick foam interior padding
  • Base is high-impact and shock-absorbent
  • Smooth, quick transport inline skate wheels


  • Might be too heavy to check-in at the airport

How to Pack A Golf Bag for Travel

Start with first deciding what goes into the bag. Apart from golf clubs, other items include golf balls, shoes, tees, markers, gloves, and things like that. In that case, the bag should offer extra room in the form of external storage pockets where these accessories can easily fit.

Moving on to your esteemed golf clubs, here’s how to pack them for travel...

  • Detach the removable clubhead of your driver and then place the club into your bag. But what if the head doesn’t unscrew? Then simply just put your golf clubs (driver and woods) inside upside down. You can instead place a sock over each clubhead for preventing scratches and other such damage.
  • Collect all the shafts sticking out by bunching them together and putting an umbrella in there too, which behaves like a splint to add more support.
  • Now it’s time to store your irons. The toes of your irons should face the shafts of the woods. Once again, bunch them together and use a towel for wrapping the whole bunch.
  • All clubheads tightly wrapped? If yes, put on the golf club cover.
  • If the driver’s head was detachable, place that into its cover or jacket and store it in the most secure pocket of the bag.
  • And finally, with the help of masking tape and cellophane wrap, bandage (for protection) your entire travel bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Airlines Charge Extra for Golf Bags?

As long as your luggage, whatever that may be, doesn’t exceed the weight limit of the airline, there are no extra charges whatsoever.

How Much Does It Cost to Bring Golf Clubs On A Plane?

Your golf travel bag is a second piece of luggage, right? In that case, the majority of American airlines charge a standard fee of $35 for the second bag. And anywhere between $75 and $150 for the third bag.

Almost all airlines accept golf equipment on their flights, so you don’t have to pay any extra charge provided weight limitations are not crossed.

How Much Should I Spend On A Travel Bag for Golf Clubs?

To be honest, it all depends on your budget. There are golfers who travel more frequently, so they don’t mind splurging on their golf bags for travel. Because superior protection comes at a cost, which is exactly what you get with hard-shelled bags.

But then, on the other hand, if you travel with your clubs just once or twice a year, it only makes sense to purchase a more affordable soft-sided travel bag.

Are Soft Golf Travel Bags Safe?

If by safety, you mean the safety and protection of your precious golf clubs, then let me bring to your attention that soft case bags are not as reliable as their hard case counterparts. But the best ones are designed with thick top padding and advanced-grade, tough materials (CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2) to keep your equipment safe.

Do You Need A Golf Travel Bag to Fly?

No, not necessarily. Meaning you can also pack your golf clubs in any other bag as long as it’s well-equipped in terms of accommodating the length of your tallest club. Along with sufficient padding, lightweight design, easy-to-maneuver wheels, etc.

Just don’t forget that airlines don’t allow over 40-50 pounds of luggage.

What Should I Put In My Golf Bag?

The essential items include your golf clubs, headcovers, half a dozen golf balls, at least one golf glove, and at least a dozen tees.

As for the accessories, consider adding a ball marker, mini Sharpie, divot repair tool, small and big towel, and protective pouch for valuable items.

Then comes the much-needed first aid kit (band-aids, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc.)

Now move on to items that prepare you for unpredictable weather. Such as rain gloves, rain hood (for the golf bag), rain jacket (for yourself), umbrella, and the like. And in the case of cold weather – winter gloves, wool cap, jacket, handwarmer packs, and more if you like.

Lastly, if you’re a techy person, then don’t forget to add your rangefinder, driving range training aid, and portable phone charger in case you need to access a golf swing analyzer app on your smartphone.


You obviously don’t need someone to tell you that it’s very important to think about safety and protection when traveling with golf clubs, right? But sometimes choosing the best bag for golf club storage and travel is not an easy task. And that does indeed require some guidance.

So, in this article, top brands and their top bags have been reviewed. So you can select any one based on factors like how often you travel, how many clubs you travel with, etc. Along with weight, space, TSA lock, soft or hard cover, wheels, material, and even budget and warranty.

No doubt, everything little aspect has been discussed at length for your better understanding.

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