Best Golf Tee Bag

Best Golf Tee Bags

Choosing the best golf tee bag for your needs is undoubtedly a game-changer, as it will help you improve your overall golfing experience in numerous ways. But, with so many great options, it can be understandably challenging to pick the right one.

These small pouches are invaluable within any game and should be on your golfing accessory wish lift. Stick around to find out which golf tee bags are considered the best variants on the market to improve your golfing adventures. 

Comparison Table:

Golf Tee Bag Model


Design Features

Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Golf Tee Bag

Waxed canvas and full-grain leather

Cinch closure

Rustic design

Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory Pouch

Mesh pockets and zipper enclosures

Multiple pockets


VGEBY1 Golf Tee Bag

Qualified nylon and lightweight zippers, with clip

Elastic golf tee holder

Anti-scratch and wear-resistant

FINGER TEN Golf Pouch Bag

Polyester, artificial leather, and zipper enclosures

Detachable clip

Large storage area

BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch

Polyester 600D, zipper enclosure, and clip

Great construction 

Simplistic design

Sportwaves Golf Tee Bag

Ripstop nylon, rubber, and zipper enclosure

7 golf tee slots 

Separate front pocket

Main storage area 

Crestgolf Fantasy Bag Golf Tee Pouch Bag

Nylon, elastic, zipper enclosure, and buckle

Slots for up to 6 golf tees of all types

Attachable buckle

Players Clover Valuables Pouch

Nylon 600D, velcro, and removable lining

Inner velcro pocket

Drawstring, adjustable clip

Why Do You Need to Buy a Golf Tee Bag?

Golf tee bags have constant use since these small bags can be used for much more than tees and can house many small golfing items you need to keep safe during play. They keep things organized, so you don’t have to fret about losing tees or finding golfing accessories in the middle of a game.

Best Golf Tee Bags

Fortunately, golf tee bags are relatively inexpensive compared to most golfing gear and equipment. There are quite a few good quality and well-functioning bags to choose from, all of which offer various design features and conveniences. 

1. Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket Hat

Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Golf Valuables Field/Travel/Tech/Board Game Dice Pouch Handmade Honey Bourbon

This stylish yet modest golf tee bag is perfect for anyone setting a vintage or rustic fashion statement while knocking out birdies. It's been handcrafted using a durable and aesthetically-pleasing canvas material. This golf tee bag has been topped with a full-grain leather cinch that looks great and will secure all your belongings when pulled tight.

This rustic waxed golf accessory pouch offers plenty of room for tees and other golfing accessories. It's just big enough to hold all your necessities while being small enough to fit in just about any golfing bag for easy storage. 


  • Use of natural materials
  • Decent size


  • The design is rather bulky
  • No additional pockets

Bottom Line

The Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Golf tee bag is a great choice for anyone seeking a rustic look to match their traditional gear setup. But, there may be limitations concerning its functionality over time, especially if you're planning to store many small items and golfing accessories. 

2. Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory Pouch

Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory Pouch, Sage Grey

The Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory Pouch is great for golfers who prioritize an organization, as this padded golf tee bag offers plenty of pouches secured with zipper enclosures. It boasts a multiple pocket system with three separate pockets for easy storage and can attach easily to golf bags for simple carrying while you traverse golf courses. 

It's a great choice for any golfer planning to store personal items in addition to golf tees and accessories. All pockets have been constructed with mesh, so it's easy to spot your belongings without having to dig through all your golf tee bag's contents. 


  • Detachable for easy storage
  • Mesh for easy access
  • Multiple pockets with zipper enclosures


  • Slightly oversized for many people

Bottom Line

The Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Golf tee bag would be an excellent option for anyone planning to carry golf accessories and essential personal items as well. It offers great organization and is durable enough for all your golfing adventures. 

3. VGEBY1 Golf Tee Bag

VGEBY1 Golf Tee Bag, Golf Tee Storage Pouch Zippered Golf Tee Ball Storage Bag Holder with Carabiner Golfing Accessories

The VGEBY1 Golf Tee Bag is made of quality materials boasting a minimalistic design. It's anti-scratch and wear-resistant to ensure extended longevity. It's topped with lightweight zipper closures, so your belongings are sure to remain shielded throughout your game. 

It features an elastic golf tee holder and enough room for other golf accessories to stay organized while playing golf. This golf tee bag comes with a carabiner, so it's easy to carry it how you'd like. You can carry it on your waist belt or backpack for extra convenience. 


  • Anti-scratch and wear-resistant
  • Elastic golf tee holder
  • Zipper enclosure


  • No additional pockets

Bottom Line

The VGEBY1 Golf Tee Bag is a great option for those seeking the essentials with a minimalistic and sleek design. It offers plenty of organization for golf tees, but storing additional golf accessories and personal items may be slightly less organized without additional pockets. 

4. FINGER TEN Golf Pouch Bag

FINGER TEN Golf Pouch Bag for Valuables Color with 4 Free Golf Pencil Pack, Zippered Pocket Gear Clip Hook to Bag (Blue Pouch Bag)

The FINGER TEN Golf Pouch Bag is made with quality polyester and is fitted with a clip for detachable storage options. This bag can be carried on your belt, backpack, or golf bag for easy and comfortable hauling throughout golf courses. 

It's an excellent option for golfers hoping to keep their golf tees organized but can be great for carrying additional items and golfing accessories as well. It features a large storage compartment with a zipper enclosure to keep all belongings safe and sound. 


  • Fairly good construction and quality materials
  • Enough room for golf accessories and personal items


  • No additional pockets
  • Not lined

Bottom Line

The FINGER TEN Golf Pouch Bag is a great choice for anyone seeking straightforward storage for golf accessories and belongings during play. Its simple design offers enough room for storage needs, but there is little to no organization within storage spaces. 

5. BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch

BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch, 5.62 X 6.87 Inch Professional Zipper Golf Tee/Ball Pouch Bag with Metal Lobster Claw Clip

If you're only looking for a pouch to store golf accessories and golf tees, the BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch may be the one for you. It's made of high quality and durable 600D polyester materials, topped with a zippered enclosure and a metal lobster claw clip. 

Most golfers use this bag to store tees, but it can be used to store accessories and golf balls. The clip enables a full 360-degree swivel, preventing tangles while keeping your golf accessories fixed to your golf bag. It comes in a wide range of colors, including navy, royal blue, hunter green, red, grey, and black. 


  • Metal clip instead of plastic
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Just the right size for golf tees and accessories


  • No organized storage areas

Bottom Line

The BuyAgain Golf Tee Pouch is excellent for any golfer wanting to store only golf tees and accessories. However, it's not easy to store multiple items in an organized manner with this pouch.

6. Sportwaves Golf Tee Bag

Sportwaves Golf Tee Bag (Black) - Store Your tees, Golf Balls, scorecard, and Pencil. Great Gift for Golfers!

If you're looking for a golf tee bag that can store all your golfing accessories, keep everything organized, and much more, the Sportwaves Golf Tee Bag may be the right choice. It's equipped with seven golf tee slots on the front pocket, a zippered enclosure for the main storage area, and is fitted with a scorecard and pencil holder for convenient recordkeeping throughout your game. 

The plastic swivel hook fixes easily to golf bags for quick and convenient access, and the storage space offers just enough room for golf accessories and personal items like phones and keys. It's super durable, as it's made with rip-resistant nylon and rubber.


  • Separate front pocket
  • Individual golf tee slots
  • Zippered enclosures
  • Tear-resistant and durable materials


  • Plastic swivel hook

Bottom Line

The Sportwaves Golf Tee Bag is a great option for golfers seeking quick and simple yet organized storage and convenient retrieval of golf tees. The main downfall may be the slots. Although they are convenient for most golfers, they may not fit every single golf tee type on a broad scale. 

7. Crestgolf Fantasy Bag Golf Tee Pouch Bag

Crestgolf Fantasy Bag Golf Tee Pouch Bag(Golf Tees for Free)

The Crestgolf Fantasy Bag Golf Tee Pouch combines the best of both worlds, with a minimalistic design and elastic slots for golf tees of all shapes and sizes on the front. It's made from durable nylon topped with a zipper enclosure and a buckle for attachment.


  • Organizational storage space
  • Zipper enclosure and buckles


  • Elastic may only hold tees for short distances

Bottom Line

The Crestgolf Fantasy Bag Golf Tee Pouch is great if you want quick and easy access to your tees, but the elastic may not always be secure. 

8. Players Clover Valuables Pouch

Players Clover Valuables Pouch - A Must Golf Accessories Bag - Safely Store Your Wallet Jewelry Watch Golf Tees Divot Tool and Golf Ball Markers (Green Clover)

The Players Clover Valuables Pouch offers organizational storage space that’s properly protected from the elements. This golf tee bag boasts an additional inner velcro pocket and enough interior space for golf accessories and personal items. 

It's been constructed with 600D nylon and features a dual-layer design, making it quick and easy to remove the lining and keep your golf tee bag clean all year round. It's water-resistant, stain-resistant, and tear-resistant, and is enclosed with an adjustable drawstring clip for security. 


  • Durable materials
  • Velcro inner pocket
  • Double layer and removable lining


  • Drawstring may not be completely secure

Bottom Line

The Players Clover Valuables Pouch is excellent all-around, as it offers many features all in one package. It may seem minimalistic on the outside, but there are plenty of beneficial features awaiting within its interior. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Tee Bag

Although there are plenty of variants with different construction styles and features, there are a few primary aspects to consider. 


While the overall design, use of material, and additional features will play a role in the price, the brand will as well. With a more generous budget, a custom golf tee bag would be another option if you want your pouch to be truly unique and match the rest of your setup. However, it's not always necessary, as many golf tee bags function well over time. 


Golf tee bags come in various styles, ranging from pull strings or fitted zippers for closures. Many of these design features are up to preference, but organizational features are always appreciated.

Many golf tee bags have multiple pockets and come in a range of sizes. While it's not essential, it will be advantageous if you're planning to store many different items such as pencils and ball markers and would like to keep them all separate while golfing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Golf Tee Bag Brand Matter?

High-end brands charge much more for their golf tee bags, although there is generally a good reason for it. Still, you don't have to go for some of the most expensive brands to get a quality golf tee bag and great functionality. 

In many cases, excellent golf tee bags can be purchased from less renowned brands, such as brands that don't make golf clubs. As long as it does the job well and is made with quality materials. 

Can I Store Golf Tees Without a Golf Tee Bag?

Having a golf tee bag is certainly not essential, as you could play golf without it. But, there are plenty of time-consuming tasks and inconveniences when playing without a golf tee bag. Such inconveniences can dampen the mood, which can affect your game. 

Final Thoughts

The Sportwaves Golf Tee Bag is one of the best options, as it offers a separate front pocket with a special spot for golf tees, additional space for golf accessories, and a fantastic blend between durability and functionality. 

The Players Clover Valuables Pouch is another great bag all around, as it offers many advantageous features and boasts an organized design. It's durable, resistant to water, stains, and tears for extended longevity, although it requires a higher budget. 

Far too many golfers have been stuck in a position where they're searching their pockets trying to pull a tee out or have forgotten to bring along a tee completely. While preferences may differ, understanding what kind of golf tee bag you should look out for will help you have an exceptionally enjoyable golfing experience overall.

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